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Chapter 71

Here we go

@sanskar’s ofc

All are sitting and waiting for the process to start
bp(tensed) – sanskar , mohit where is swara ??
mohit – di told that she will come at 11 am.
bp – wat ?? But shs know na that it will start at 10 am
sanskar – ha badepappa but i only told her to come at 11 as till then the major share holders will sign and the major shars holders of all the thres companies are here.
bp – omg ma kaha rehgayi. (Tensed)
Just then anand comes.
All gadodia family gets shocked.
sumi gets teary eyed but shekhar holds her hands.
dadi and dadaji too gets sad but soon remembers his deeds and gets angry.
shekhar sees him and he gets emotionally effected And he wants to hug him but he couldnot.
sumi – shekhar i cannot control.
saying this sumi runs out.
ragini to herself – he is looking like the previous anand bhayya but y is he wearing this beard and moustache.
her thoughts are disturbed by anand
anand – ok mr.maheswari is there anyone still who wants to come.
sanskar – yes actually my wife. But u don’t worry. We will start with the major share holders na so till we finjsh sigining she will come.
anand – ok
first anand signs. Next the person calls
“SANSKAR MAHESWARI – major share holder of karma group of companies”
Sanskar goes and signs.
next the person calls
“DURGA PRASAD MAHESWARI – major share holder of maheswari group of companies”
Dp comes and signs the papers
Next the person calls


all gets shocked

Dadaji – u hav mistaken i think it is ARNAV GADODIA
bp closes his eyes.
shekhar – haa major share holder is my bhayya.
anand gets suspicious seeing bp’s behaviour.
anand (forgetting everything) – bp u did this ??
All again gets shocked to listen bp from his mouth and also for his sentence “u did this”
All maheswari’s look at him with confusion while all gadodia’s looks at him with anger.
anand (stammers) – i mean u all call him badepapa and bp is the short cut
So…. u know i love using shortcuts.
Sanskad gets suspicious but ignores it

again topic comes to shares.

Shekhar to the person reading names – dekhiye check clearly. It will be ARNAV GADODIA.
Person – no sir here it is SWARA GADODIA ONLY

bp – he read that right. I hav transferred all my shares on ma’s name except 5% of them.i think 5% shares are enough to stay as board of members right ??
Shekhar – but bhayya y u did this ??
sanskar – badepappa that u urself told that we should also think about mohit and ragini.But…
bp (angrily) – i hav no need to answer anyone.
Just then swara comes there.
swara – wat happened bp ??
all remains silent.
swara – sanskar wat happened ??
Sanskar too remains silent.
swara – mohit will u tell me wats happening here ??
Mohit – di woh….
anand (tauntingly) – nthng much mrs.maheswari ur badepappa transferred all his shares on ur name.
swara – kya ??
Anand (taunts as only swara can understand) – y r u shocked. Without ur consent this wont happen.
bp gets angry – nahi mr.anand i did this without anyone’s consent and my desicion is final and as ma is the major share holder make her sign the papers.
swara (shocked) – bp mujhe aapse baat karni hai
bp (angry) – first u sign the papers later we can talk.
swara understood that there must be a very big reason behind this. So she just signs.
Later everyone signs and leaves.
All are shocked by this sudden reveletion.

Mohit and swara are talking to each other.
swara – mohit u talk to the lawer. I will transfer this shares on bp’s name.
mohit – no di i hav already talked.U hav the power to utilise the money and everything but u don’t hav any right to transfer the shares.
swara – omg mohit y is he doing like this ??
Mohit – ha di that too uss insaan ke saamne. Man toh kar raha tha ki mu thod du.
swara – sh sh relax.
while swara and mohit are talking. sanlak ragini too come there.
sanskar – swara do u hav any idea about this ??
swara – no sanskar mai khud shock mai hu.
laksh – bhabhi par itni badi faisla woh aise kaise kar sakte hai ?? And 51% shares are not a small matter.
swara – ha lucky and bp wont do anything without any reason. I know he is hiding something.
sanskar – swara don’t worry. We will find out.
swara – ok
ragini – par di reason jho bhi hoo he is wrong.
swara – ragini i think we shouldnot judge him without knowing the actual reason.
ragini – di now u will say anything becozzz he gave shares to u na ??
Laksh – ragini yaar stop it.
mohit – ragini how can u say that to….
swara – rehnedo mohit.
Swara leaves.
Mohit – tum kabhi nahi badlogi ragini.
mohit goes. Ragini realises her mistake.
Ragini – sry jiju. Actually mai gusse mein hu.
sanskar – ragini i know u. But tume soch kar bolna chahiye na ??
Sanskar too goes from there.

@swamoh side

mohit – diii how can she talk to u like that ??
Swara – she is in angry mood. Aur tu toh janta hai usse. Gusse mein kuch bhi bol deti hai.
mohit (thinks) – ha di u r right but bahut jald i will teach a good lesson to her.
Sanskar comes and hugs swara.
sanskar – swara don’t take ragini’s words seriously. She just…
swara (smiles) – sanskar i know my sister. i am fine

In side the ofc
laksh scolds ragini and goes from there.
ragini is thinking to ask sry to swara. Just then someone pulls her to a side. She is about to shouf but seeing the person she stops.
ragini – bhayya….
(yes he is none other than ANAND)
Anand(angry) – kya bakwaas kar rahi thi tum waha ?? Ha ??
Ragini – bhayya woh gusse mein ??
Anand(shouts ) – kya gusse mein ??
Ragini starts to cry..
anand calms down
anand – dekho ragini u know swara very well. How gud she is ?? never say those words again.
Ragini – ha bhayya i am really very guilty. I will ask sry from di.
anand – very good. Now go
ragini goes

Anand to himself – i can’t see u hurt swara. I love u meri behna but i like to make u tensed. i like to make u cry. I like to win over u but wen someone says anything to u. I can’t bear
saying this he smiles and goes from there.

swara , sanskar and all go for their respective places.


Ragini and mohit comes there.
laksh doesnot talk anything to ragini.
ragini comes to swara.
Ragini – di i am sry. I shouldnot hav talked to u like that.
swara – no ragini i understand but plzzz control ur words. If u said something like this to out siders they wont understand u.
ragini – i know di and i am sry once again. I know u but still i told those words. I am sry
saying this she hugs her.
swara – its ok baba now stop this river ganga. Floods will come here.
ragini smiles.

later ragini goes to laksh’s room

@laksh’s room

laksh is standing in the balcony. Ragini goes near him.

Ragini – laksh i know i must not say all those words but u know my anger na ?? Laksh plzzz talk to me na ?? I am sry.
laksh – ragini u and sanskar bhai always have anger issues. But u know wat he is changing for ur di. Bhabhi is so good that he wants to change for her but u always taunts bhabhi. I am warning u ragini if u say anything to bhabhi next tine i willnot spare u.
ragini – laksh i know i did a mistake and i will never repeat it. I promise.
laksh sees her and finds guilty in her eyes. So he forgives her.
they both hug each other.

@swasan room
mohit uttara swasan adarsh parineetha all are sitting in swasan room. raglak too joins them.

All are talking and as usual uttara and mohit are fighting but slowly uttara develops feelings for mohit.
adarsh – swada do u know the reason y ur badepapa did this ??
Swara – no bhayya but i will ask him.
mohit – di u don’t take tension. everything will be fine.
Ragini – ha di everything will be fine.
mohit – ohh i forgot until u r here nthng will be fine ragini.
uttara – oyyyy y u always taunt ragini ha ??
Mohit – u shut up ok. Its a matter between us.
uttara – ohhh sir u shut up. i am her best frnd and i hav right to talk in her matters.
ragini – uttara bhai u both stop fighting. And uttara bhai is right. It is a matter between us.
mohit gets calm down. He feels the love and care for him in her eyes.
ragini – bhayya plzz forgive. I hav hurt di alot. She forgave me. U too forgive me plzzz.
ragini holds her ears.
for the first time mohit smiles at ragini.
all gets shocked.
mohit – chalo maaf kiya. And ha don’t dare to say a word against di.
ragini – omg bhayya is this true ?? U smiled at me and then u forgave me and then u said ‘di’ not ‘my di’
Mohit too notices the change.

Swara – acha ok ok its late now. Mohit and ragini u go to gm. bachu drive carefully ok. Call me after u reach.
sanskar – swara they r not kids.
swara -phid bhi sanskar.
mohit – acha di i will inform u as soon as we reach.
All goes to their rooms.

@swasan room.

Swara – sanskar…. r u sleeping.
sanskar – nai swara y ??
Swara – i am not feeling sleepy. I wanted to talk to u.
sanskar – ha bolo
swara – kya bolu mai ?? Tum kuch pucho mai jawab deti hu tike ??
Sanskar – ok then let me ask acha swara y do u always tell to call u after they reach.
swara – sanskar wat type of a question is this ?? Ofcourse i am afraid
sanskar – are u like this from ur childhood itself ??
Swara keeps her head on his shoulder
swara – no after master’s death. i became like this. And after bp’s accident i used to get very afraid wen i here about these accidents.
sanskar – swara listen if i met with an accident then u willnot panic. U will bs brave
swara (angry and teary eyed) – sanskar shut up. Y will u talk like that ?? Haa ?? I hate u.
sanskar – arre swara i was just joking. Ok don’t cry now.
swara – i am not crying.
sanskar – ha i can see.
swara without speaking anything turns to another side and sleeps.
sanskar – swara plzz come and sleep in my embrace. If u sleep away from me i can’t get sleep.
swara – no for talking rubbhish this is ur punishment.
sanskar – swara plzzzz yaar
he goes near her and holds her tightly.But still swara doesnot turn.
sanskar kisses her nape.but still she doesnot turn.
Sanskar – swara turn na ??
Swara – noooo
sanskar comes on swara and starts kissing her all over. Finally she gives up and hugs him tightly.
sanskar (smiles) – no one can win over sanskar maheswari.
swara – shut up and now sleep sanskar plzzzz.
sanskar – ok madam i am sleeping.
both sleeps in each other’s embrace

Precap – sanskar’s accident. And bp’s truth

I am sry for dissappointing u guys. i know this episode is really bad and i also know that u didnot like swara bearing all this but soon u will see wat u actually wanted to see.

Credit to: sam

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