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Shekhar continues the reason

Shekhar – actually i and sharmishta loved each other in our clg days. But i am sure that my family doesnot agree for our marg. So we married secretely. after 2 yrs bhayya got to know about our marg. then anand is 1 year old. Bhayya convinced ma and papa and we r officially married. After 3 yrs swara was born. Untill then no one knows about anand but due to fear of our respect we havnot introduced anand. Later even though we told more people doesnot knew him Becozz he preffered to stay away from us in hostel. Even though he came for vacation. he never talks more. He never smiles.He only smiles wen swara cries. (Saying this shekhar smiles and swara too smiles)
Shekhar continues – actually these two were the naughty among the four. Anand and swara used to fight alot. They used to pray pranks on each other. He never talks so much with any of us except swara.
Swara (smiles).- papa correction. He never used to talk to me. He used to scold me.
shekhar – hahaha right beta.but i dont know y he did this…..

swara(interrupts).- actually no one knows more about him as he wants to stand on his own feet. So he refused to join dad’s business. we used to live like a happy family. Hmmmm but all good lasts for a short time. 2 yrs back he died.
sujatha – kaise swara ??
Shekhar and swara (lost in thoughts) – pata nahi
sujatha – wat ??

Swara – nthng mom…leave all that. Past is past.
swara to shekhar – papa u came here na so u hav to do lunch with us.ma ki tension aapat lijiye. I will talk to her.
shekhar(happy) – ok ok
swara is about to go. Shekhar holds her hand and stops her.
shekhar – swara tikh toh ho na ??
Swara (smiles).- mujhe kya hoga papa ??
Shekhar – tum janthi ho
swara (smile slightly fades but covers it) – i know u r there to protect me.
saying this she goes.
all are surprised to see shekhar and swara this much close Specially sanskar.


Bp – maa papa i hav an important work so i am going.
dadaji – but wat important work.
bp – i tokd u na some important work ok mai nikaltha hu.
he goes in a hurry.

after some time he comes and rushes to his room with something hiding his back

dadi and dadaji are shocked to see his behaviour.


All are having lunch.
shekhar – swara brinjal curry is perfect. U know i missed ur hand made food these days.u will prepare food much better than ur mom
swara – papa i hav recorded ur words. I will show it to ma. Hahaha
shekhar – badmaash how can u do this to ur own father.
swara – papa don’t try to blackmail me emotionally. I am not going to fall in ur trap
all laughs
shekhar keeps an angry and sad face
swara – acha papa sry. See i deleted it..now change ur mood
I cant see it. (Showing her mobile)

Shekhar sees her wall paper. It is the pic of swara mohit and bp. He gets sad.
Just then side button got pressed and screen gets off. Swara on it and there it was their marg pic with swasan along with shekhar sharmishta mohit and ragini.
shekhar gets happy.
then again all starts eating lunch.
just then bp calls swara.she picks up
swara – ha bp boliye
bp (tensed).- maa where r u ??
Swara – i am having my lunch. But y r u sounding so tensed.

bp – nthng i will ask u some questions answer me.ok ??
Swara – ok
bp – r u happy in ur married life ??
Swara – ha ofcourse but y r u asking…
bp – ma plzzz listen to me. Plzz dont hide anything from me.
swara – y will i hide bp. U know about san..
swara sees all are staring at us so she excuses herself and goes from there.
swara – bp u know how sanskar is ?? He is so caring and so loving. I am very very very lucky to hav him.my sanskar loves me alot
.but y r u asking these qiestions.

bp (happy ).- i am very happy ma.i am so happy to know that u r happy . Ok bye.
he cuts the call

Swara gets puzzled.
swara goes to dining table
Sanskar – swara y did badepapa call u ??.and y is he tensed ??
Swara – nthng sanskar. He is fine.
all finishes lunch.
shekhar – shona how is ur work. R u still going on odd hours ??
Swara – papa luckily after my marg all my operations are scheduled before 10pm. So there is no need to go to hospital at odd hours but if there is emergency i hav to go.
sanskar will accompany me then.

shekhar – hmm nice. ok beta i will leave now.
swara hugs shekhar and says – papa take care.
shekhar (very happy) – ofcourse my cute baby
swara smiles
shekhar – durga prasad ji i will leave now.namaste ram prasad ji. Sanskar beta chalta hu….
shekhar bids bye to everyone and leaves.
after he leaves swara asks for forgiveness for not informing about anand.
swara – i am sry. I havnot informed about anand. but..
laksh – bhabhi forget everything. I know u. U don’t want to sadden all of us. Ok now plzz don’t ask for sry. I can’t see u asking sry.
swara – lucky u too are becomimg like mohit.

laksh – hahaha is that ??
swara – haaa
swara and laksh masti mode continues. but soon all leave to their respective works.


Swara in her cabin

Swara to herself – i am very confused. y did bp ask that suddenly ?? Wat happened to him all of a sudden.
her chain of thoughts are disturbed by a phone call to her land line.

Swara – hello who is this ??
person – don’t u remember me ?? I thought after today’s shock u will only remember me
Swara – shut up vatsal. How dare u do this ??
Vatsal – and how dare u call alive person dead
swara – he is not alive vatsal. He is dead and that is the truth. I don’t know about the world but for me and my family anand was dead.
saying this swara cuts the call.

At night
@swasan room

Swara is sleeping on sanskar’s chest.
swara – sanskar…. wat r u doing ??
Sanskar(smirk).- nthng but if u agree i will do many things.
swara beats him on his chest playfully.

sanskar – ouch kya galat kaha maine ??
Swara – sanskar tumhara romantic mood hamesha on hotha hai na ??
Sanskar – hamesha nahi jab tum pass hothi ho sirf tab….
swara – do u hav any meeting tomorrow. I mean do u hav to leave early in the mrng ??
Sanskar – no but y…
but to his shock his wife placed her lips on his lips and started kissing him.
and she started unbottoning his shirt.
sanskar first shocked but later proceeded with the flow. Soon they both got into one comforter.


Swara – sanskae get up na… we hav to go to aarthi.
sanskar – who is aarthi. Is she beautiful ??
swara hits him hard – don’t ever try to flirt with another girl.
sanskar – mazak kar ra tha
Acha listen today u hav to come to my ofc.
swara – y ??
Sanskar – actually today we r going to sign the project with mr.anand.
As it is a big project all the share holders must sign. And as u are a share holder in both the companies u have to come.
swara – both the companies ??

swara – sanskar wats the need to give me shares in ur company ??
Sanskar – madam u hav 40% of the shares in karma grp of companies.
swara (shocked) – sanskarrr pagal hogaye ho ?? Wats the need for that. Just transfer everything back on ur name.
sanskar pulls her by waist – i could hav written my whole company on ur name but to run the company i need some shares na ?? And madam dont u dare to say that again. Anyways i am not going to change anything. leave this topic
seeing him getting angry she cuts the topic

swara – acha ok ok wen should i come.
sanskar – the process will start at 10 and it starts with the major share holders in each and every company. So u can come by 11.
till then ur bp and badepapa and me will finish sigining.
Swara – ok

Soon they both get freshen , have breakfast and leave for their respective places.

Precap – all gets to know about something which shocks everyone.

dont think too much about the precap. Its not so important. I mean it is important but its not wat ur thinking.
hehehe sry for confusing

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    1. no yaar i mean mohit cooked up some story in order to hide the original truth i think i hav mentioned it in that part.

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