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@mm swasan room

Swara and sanskar are sleeping in each other’s embrace.
suddenly swara gets a dream and gets up. Due to the sudden jerk sanskar too gets up.
Sanskar sees swara sweating
Sanskar(worried) – wat happened swara ?? hav u seen a bad dream.
swara nodes and hugs sanskar tightly.
swara (in fear).- sanskar never leave me. i cant live without u. Plzzzzz
sanskar – shhh swara calm down. Wat is the dream about ?? Wat did u see ??
Swara is not able to say anything. Sanskar hugs her more tightly to give her strength.
swara – u were leaving me. U were going away from me. U….u… were hating me.
sanskar – shhhh swara its just a dream and u know that never happens. And u also know how much i love u.
swara – hmmm
saying this she hugs him mors tightly.
Sanskar – swara its late. So leave me. I hav to get ready.
swara (cutely) – nai…
she cuddles herself in his arms.

sanskar smiles – acha ok sleep.but ha we hav to wake up within half an hour. As mr.Anand is visiting us today.
swara suddenly gets up listening the name.
swara (shocked) – w…whooo ??
Sanskar – are swara i told u that day na ?? About our partner anand. He is coming here. y r u shocked.
swara covers – n..nthng. i am not shocked. I thought to go out with u but u suddenly changed ur plan. So..
sanskar pulls her to him and says – so u want to go out with me right ??
Swara – hmmm but its ok. We will go in the evng.
a few strands fall on her face. sanskar tucks them behind her ear and touches her romantically all over the face.
swara closes her eyes.
Sanskar is about to kiss her but ap knocks the door.
they both come to senses.
swara and sanskar compose themselves.
sanskar opens the door.
ap – sanskar ur badepappa wanted to talk to u about some business deal. So come down fast.
Sanskar – ji maaa
swara – badima sry aaj late hogayi
ap – are nahi beta there is still sometime. See its just 6:00 actually ur badepapa wants to talk to sanskar so i came to call sanskar.
Ap smiles and goes
Sanskar – mrs.maheswari dont be tensed. Anyway u r not late madam. So just chill.
swara – hmmm ok go down. I will take bath and come.
sanskar – no first me.

Swara – ok baba go fast.
later they both freshen up and come down.
all sit there. Swara gives chai to everyone.
all are drinking it.
Dp – sanskar i want to talk to u
Sanskar – ji badepapa boliye.
swara – badimaa mai jaake nashta ready karti hu.
dp – swara beta u too hav to listen this.
swara – ji badepappa boliye.
dp – sanskar u r making a deal with mr.anand na ??
Sanskar – ha badepapa
dp -……. (he doesnot know how to say)
Rp – bhai saab boldijiye. Sanskar wont mind.
sanskar – ha badepapa boliye na
dp – i want u to share the projectvwith maheswari and gadodia companies.
swara and sanskar are very happy.
sanskar – omg badepapa this is a very gud news. I am really happy. Sry badepapa i havnot thought about this.

dp (shocked) – i thought u will be upset.
sanskar – y badepapa. It is a happy news na ??
Swara – ha its a happy news. all our family companies will work together now. Its a happy news.
dp – i thought u will be upset as we are asking a share in a very big project.
sanskar – badepapa kaise baatein kar rahe ho aap. all are our companies Only. I hav no differences in my mind.
dp – i am proud of u beta. I know u wont deny me but i didnot expect that u will be this much happy to share this with us. the main reason for this share i want to develop our family companies and i wanted to remain in the top positions.
sanskar – ofcoursw badepapa. By the way i told u na mr.anand is coming today. I will talk to him today itself.
swara – i will prepare Breakfast.

laksh – bhabhi i want dosa.
ap – stop it laksh. Swara no need to prepare dosa. U prepare something easy.
swara – no badima i will prepare dosa only. Ok
Laksh – tanq bhabhi. Love u.
swara smiles and goes.
swara prepares dosa and arranges the dining table.
she serves all the breakfast.

Man – sry i think i hav come at the wrong time.
all turns back.
swara’s heart beat raises fast listening to the voice.
all turns back.
sanskar is also seeing him for the first time.
sanskar – mr.anand ??
Anand – yes
sanskar is about to come but anand interrupts
anand – no no we should not get up from the food. U all plzz hav breakfast.i will wait.
Meanwhile anand looks at swara who is not turning towards him.
swara – omg this voice is of him only. But y dont this sanskar or anyone react.they seems to be normal
thinking this swara turns.

swara is shocked to see him.
a person with long beard and moustache.
as soon as he recognised him. A bowl in her hand drops and breaks resulting in a huge sound.
all family is shocked to see swara.
swara (murmurs) – anand….
sanskar runs to swara and caresses her.
sanskar – swara tum teek toh ho ?? Lagi toh nahi ??
Anand too comes there and about to touch swara becozz of concern but he stops himself.
swara – nahi sanskar mai teek hu. Sry actually it slipped.
anand – be careful mrs.maheswari
swara looks at him with teary eyes.
all looks worried
swara soon composes herself – sry sry plzzz hav breakfast all of u. Badepappa Hav the breakfast.
dp – tum teek toh ho na beta ??
Swara – ha badepapa i am fine.
dp – mr.anand u too join us for breakfast.
anand refuses but all insists him
so he does breakfast.
anand (in mind) – i missed ur hand made food swara. Today i got a chance to eat this. I am so happy.Today u urself will tell that u know me.
he continues eating.

after finishing breakfast all sit in the hall.
sanskar is still worried for swara.
they all are sitting.
sanskar tells his wish that he wanted to share this project with maheswari and gadodia company.
anand gets very happy.
anand(in mind).- woww i just thought to shock swara but the whole gadodia family is going to get the shock. Nice and interesting.
anand – ok mr.maheswari i dont hav any problm infact i am happy that i am working with the top mist three companies of kolkata.
swara – no this will not happen
sanskar (shocked) – swara wat r u telling ??
Swara – sanskar i am tellling that i dont want gadodia grp of companies to involve in this.
anand (smirks).- can u plzz explain y u dont want to involve gadodia grp if companies mrs.maheswari ??

Swara looses her temper – becozzz if they see u….. (she stops)
sanskar stands up – swara wat will happen if they see mr.anand and i also saw ur reaction wen u saw him. Wats going on ??
Anand (in mind ).- thats it swara now u hav to answer. And the only answer u can see is u know me.
swara (stammers).- ha sanskar.. woh actually he looks like anand.U know i told u. My family misses anand (seeing anand)
Sanskar – swara this is silly.. i dont understand….
anand – ek minute mr.maheswari… swara ji y do ur family misses anand ?? Does he look like me ?? Who is he ?? (Asks purposefully)
Swara too understands him and decides to be strong and make her family too strong.
swara – ji ha. He looks like u. they miss him because he died. Mar chuka hai.
anand gets shocked but composes himself.
sanskar understands that something is wrong with swara but he decides to ask swara later.
sanskar – i am sry mr.anand but we will tell our decision later.
swara understands that she is being very foolish. She shouldnot involve personal and professional life.
swara – i am sry everyone. I became emotional. I dont hav any problm in involving gadodia grp of industries.
anand leaves with a heavy and dissapointed heart.

After he left

Dp – swara beta today i want to ask u something. I hav heard about anand many times. And i also know who he is ?? But i wanted to know from ur mouth.
sanskar – badepapa do u know him ??
Swara – badepapa i am sry but i cant tell him.
ap – swara beta just tell us. Who is he ?? I mean we saw ur pain wen u r saying he is dead. So just tell us.

Just then shekhar enters there.

swara – papa uuuuu y u came here ??
Dp – swara beta actually i called Him for the business deal.
shekhar comes inside.
shekhar hugs swara and whispers in her ears – now its time to tell the truth. But dont worry he is dead now.
swara (whispers) – but u know he is the one whom u r going to deal with.
shekhar – i guessed it.
shekhar breaks the hug and says – i am sry i hav hidden this truth from u all but i thought its not necessary to tell u as he is dead but today i will tell u.
swara closes her eyes.

Maheswari family is shocked.


a tear falls from her eyes but soon wipes it.

Shekhar – i am sry i hav not told about this becozzz he was dead.
dp – ya i heard that gadodia family has an elder son but he was not seen outside. I dont know the reason.

Precap – reason continues

I hav revealed the major part. Soon all the revealitions will be out. And story will continue.
i think this part might be not so good but this is how i thought. I hav another alternative but it will include too much suspense. So i ended up in writing like this.

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