I am really very happy with ur response frndzzzz thankyou very much for ur support
the details about bp will be revealed some what in today’s episode

Here we go guys

@gadodia mansion
swara’s room
swara is carresing mohit’s hair and thinking”today i am so happy mohit finally after a long gap u and ragini were together for sometime i am so happy but this is all becozzz of sanskar i should thank him”and she is about to call but sees the time and stops as it is very late then her phone rings its sanskar
she gets happy and immediately lifts the phone and goes outside to talk
sanskar – hav u not slept till now
swara – no actually i am so happy today so i am not feeling sleepy y did u cal me ??
Sanskar – to talk
swara – wat about wat

sanskar – i was thinking to tell about our love matter at our home says sanskar tauntingly
swara – wat ??with shocking voice
sanskar – then wat else we hav to talk about ofcourse its about ur brother and sister
swara – laughs unwillingly and says ok
sanskar – i hav a plan u meet me in my ofc we can discuss further
swara thinks to refuse but
sanskar tells wat r u waiting for u remember now we r frnds so
swara – no need to explain i will come
both smiles and tells gud ni8 and cuts the call
@swara’s room swara lays down on bed and closes her eyes
swara comes home

bp – ma where r u ??u told me that u will give me a surprise but
Swara – bp relax i am fine and i came home na
shekhar – swara aaj tumhare bade pappa ka bday hai and u came late u r becoming irresponsible
bp – shekhar tume itni himmat kab se aagai ki tum mere hi samne mere hi ladli ko daatogi
everyone becomes silent as everyone is afraid of raising voice infront of bp even his mother and father (bp is elder brother of shekhar and badepappa of swara and he loves swara alot everyone fears to talk to him but only swara can talk to him freely he is unmarried he is just living for swara and his name is arnav gadodia )
Shekhar – bh bha bhaai i am sry but she came late
arnav – she didnot come late we hav started party early and it finished infact she informed me and she went from there with me only but ma where did u take that woman ??
All are surprised and thinking about wat they are talking

swara – i am sry bp i couldnot give u surprise actually i hav planned a surprise for u but we saw that woman na i felt very bad about her so i took her to our place where u made the home for the orphan i told them to take care of her and her health i am sry bp
arnav – nahi ma u hav done a very good thing infact i will not get a best gift than this if we do good to the people we will get good in return
swara – bp can i ask u something
arnav – u no need to ask u can order
swara – the house which we arranged for the orphan became small as there are many members in that house so can we extend that in to another building
shekhar – swara wat r u saying it takes much money

swara – but papa they are uncomfortable there
arnav – ma we will start the work from next week itself ok i will talk to our manager
swara goes and hugs arnav and tells “tanq bade pappa u r the best and i love u ”
arnav – i love u too but wat is bade pappa cal me bp cutely
swara – ok bp aaj kal tho aap bahut naughty ho re ho u want nick names and all ha
everyone laughs
arnav – ma promise me u will not change ur habits u will be like this forever when ever u see anyone in need u will help them like this only
swara – i promise u bp
arnav – that’s like my girl sry my ma
all smiles
flashback ends

swara says to herself i am happy that i didnot change and i helped her as per ur wish and swara sleeps
next day morning
sanskar’s room
sanskar gets ready and looks into the mirror while combing his hair
laksh comes there and sees sanskar and says
laksh – kya baat hai bhai aaj aap bahut handsome lag rahe ho kisi ladki ko pata liya kyac??
Sanskar – shut up lucky i am not like u ok i hav an important meeting with mr.shekhar gaad..
laksh interrupts him
laksh – chii bhai aap is type ke ho i didnot expect this from u bhai u r getting ready for a male and now i got it that’s why u r refusing for marriage as u r interested in men chi i hav to say this to ma papa and chacha chachi
sanskar – lucky chodunga nahi tujhe lucky tu rukho
sanskar chases laksh
everyone in their home becomes happy seeing their bonding
laksh hides behind parineetha bhabhi

sanskar – bhabhi hat jayiye varna aapko lag jayegi u will get hurt bhabhi please move
laksh – if that happens then adharsh bhai will not leave u
all laughs and enjoys the movement
laksh comes and asks sorry from sanskar
sanskar laughs and everyone does the breakfast
uttara comes there
uttara – bhai will u drop me at the college ??
Laksh – do u think i dont hav any other work other than dropping u made ur bhai as ur driver
dp – uttara driver will drop u u go
laksh refuses to go as he knew that ragini is not coming as he heard their conversation the previous night
uttara’s phone rings its ragini
uttara – ha ragini bolo na
laksh turns his head when he hears ragini’s name
sanskar notices this
ragini – hey uttara i am so happy today as my both brother and sister are coming to drop at the college
uttara – but u told that u will not come today
ragini – no i am coming as my dadaji is fine now
uttara – oh i am so happy that u r coming as i will get bored without u
laksh thinks “oh no she is coming but i hav refused uttara infact scolded her now what shall i do
uttara cuts the call and ready to go but laksh stops her
laksh – hey uttara wait i will drop u
uttara understands and tells

uttara – no need of it driver will drop me
dp – let her go laksh u hav work at ofc right
laksh – i know that driver drives the car so its not safe
sanskar understands everything and thinks to himself “no doubt this lucky is going for uttara’s frnd only “And thinks to tease laksh
sanskar – wo jaise bhi chalata hi laksh par tumse tho acha hai na
laksh gets angry
sanskar goes to him and says tit for tat
laksh whispers in uttara’s ears “if u allow me to drop u then i will give u wat u want”
uttara gets happy and tells
“I want laksh bhai to drop me as he knows my seniors well and if they see me bhai they will not rag me ”
dp- ok laksh u drop her
laksh gets happy and goes with her
@gadodia mansion
shekhar comes to swara’s room and swara is seeing some patient’s files
and shekhar sees mohit sleeping
shekhar – mohit get up he shouts
swara – papa u wat r u doing here wat happened let him sleep papa still there is time for ofc right
Shekhar- swara just becoz
of u he is becoming lazy

day by day we hav an important meeting today in ofc
swara – he didnot tell me papa
shekhar – becozz he too don’t know i hav not told him actually yesterday night i got a call from mr.
just then mohit wakes up and says
mohit – di please uss shekhar ko chup karwadijiye kitna bolte hai see he is shouting in the hall and i am hearing as if he is standing here
swara controls her laugh and says
swara – mohit get up papa came here to talk to u
mohit – wat and gets up
shekhar is angry but swara signs him to be cool
shekhar controls his anger and meanwhile swara leaves from there
shekhar – today we hav a meeting with sanskar maheswari today so be ready at 9 o click we hav to leave and be there at 10
mohit – dad i hav finished all the work regarding the deal but i will late
shekhar – why no need to drop swara today she will go by another car
mohit – u know i wont allow di to go alone and by the way i forgot to tell u that i and di promised ragini that we will drop her at the college
shekhar – becomes happy and says ok i will manage till u come
mohit and swara drop ragini
swara gets down from the car with ragini at the same time laksh comes there with uttara he sees ragini and feels happy
ragini also sees them and waves
they all come there

ragini introduces uttara to swara
ragini – di she is my best frnd and he is laksh her brother and she is my sister swara a doctor
swara says hi to all at that time mohit presses the horn signalling swara to come inside
swara – i am happy to meet both of u but i hav to go as i hav some important work
ragini – but di lets hav a cup of coffee with my frnds
swara – no ragini i hav to leave i am sry someother time
ragini – u will always do this to me
And ragini goes from there angrily
swara – uttara take care of my sister and bids bye to them
laksh goes in search of ragini
mohit drops swara and says “di i hav an important meeting so u take ur lunch dont wait for me ”
swara thinks about sanskar
swara – even i hav an important work mohit i was about to say then u told ok bye take care hav lunch in time and swara goes inside
mohit to himself “why i am feeling that di is hiding something from me ”
@hospital swara goes inside and takes her scooty keys and informs the receptionist to call her if there is an emergency
@sanskar’s ofc
sanskar – mr.shekhar gadodia i am very impredded with ur work its my pleasure to work with u
shekhar – yes same here mr.maheswari and all this work is done by my son he will come now actually he went to drop her sister in college

sanskar – its ok mr.gadodia its a brother’s responsibility i can understand
mohit was struck in traffic
they were waiting for half an hour
shekhar calls swara
shekhar – swara where is ur brother he didnot arrived yet
sanskar is surprised to hear swara’s name but he thinks that she can’t be my swara becozzz she is studying and my swara is a doctor
swara – papa relax i hav just talked to him he is in traffic
swara is also in traffic going to meet sanskar
swara reaches earlier than mohit
she calls sanskar and says
sanskar – ha swara bolo where r u ??
Swara – i am here outside ur cabin
sanskar is shocked “u came”
Swara – yes i came i am punctual mr.sanskar maheswari
ok wait i will come there and take u in
and cuts the call
shekhar – swara ! Even my daughter name is also swara

sanskar – ya she is my frnd
and mr.gadodia if u dont mind can u please wait in that room till ur son comes pointing towards a room
i hav an important work with my frnd
shekhar – ya fine mr.maheswari i will wait
he goes but swara and shekhar will not see each other he goes and sanskar comes and takes her in and makes her sit
swara sees the whole cabin and says
swara – hmm sanskar i must say ur choice is too good interior designs are very nice
sanskar – thankyou What will u take tea coffee juice
swara – no no i dont need anything lets discuss about the plan and i will leave as i hav to go
swara’s phone rings and its her father
shekhar – swara where is ur brother
swara – papa wat r u saying he told me that he will reach there in 15 min till now he didnot come ??
sanskar asks her wat happened
shekhar listen’s sanskar’s voice and thinks i hav heard this voice somewhere
shekhar – swara Where r u ??
Swara – i am in hospital dad (swara feels guilt for lieing to her dad but she has to do this for her brother and sister)
Dad leave that please inform me when mohit reaches there
shekhar – ok and then mohit comes in
wait wait swara he came

swara senses bit relaxed – huuu ok dad take care and all the best
sanskar – omg why r u so tensed for ur brother he is not a kid i hav seen him he is so matured
swara – ya i know but he is a kid to me always
meanwhile shekhar and mohit knocks the door
sanskar says come in
shekhar gets shocked to see swara there while mohit says”di aap yaha”
And sanskar looks in shocking

Precap – what will be shekhar’s reaction on seeing swara there ??

How will mohit reacts when his sister is actually hiding something from him
wat is sanskar’s reaction knowing that swara is actually Swara shekhar gadodia

* i am sry frndss for having the same precap from last episode but i am sry i ll make it clear in the next episode thankyou frnds

Credit to: sam


  1. awesome.I Just wait to read your ff updates around the clock.Keep it up.You are a great writer and day-by-day your writing and creative skills are improving.Waiting for your next update.Please load it soon.:)

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