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Here we go

Sanskar comes to gm.

Sumi – sanskar wen did u come ??
Sanskar – maa i just came now. I came to take swara.
sumi – ok beta but before that u both hav dinner and then u can go
sanskar – no ma woh..
sumi goes near him and says – sanskar beta i want to cook for my beti and feed her with my hands today. plzzz beta
Sanskar – ma i am sry. Ok we will hav dinner and then we will go.
sumi hugs sanskar.
sumi – my beti is so lucky to hav u.

sanskar breaks the hug and says – no ma i am lucky to hav ur beti.
sumi – acha ok ok now come lets talk for sometime and then we will hav dinner.
all sit there.

Swasan are sitting beside each other. Shekhar comes there and sits beside swara.
mohit bp comes there. Just then ragini too comes from clg.

all are sitting in sofa’s.
shekhar goes in middle and announces
shekhar – attention plzzz
all look towards him.
shekhar – u all know today’s special. god gave me my life’s biggest gift today. My daughter. So i want to celebrate this happiness
swara – papa wats this. Plzz stop. U know me.

shekhar goes towards swara and says – shona till niw u were not celebrating ur birthday for four years. We understand. But the man who is sitting beside u. Ur husband will hav many expectations for celebrating ur birthday. U dont hav any right to dissappoint him.
swara looks at sanskar.
sanskar smiles – ha papa u are right. I hav expectations. i wanted to celebrate my wife’s birthday very grandly. I wanted to invite whole kolkata but wat is the use if the main person is unhappy. If she unwillingly celebrate her birthday then i cant be happy. Infact we cant be happy seeing her sad.

shekhar – sanskar beta u r so understanding. Swara is really lucky.
swara suddenly hugs sanskar.
all looks at them.
sanskar (whispers).- swara i know i am handsome but u should control urself infront of family. See all are seeing.
swara realizes and breaks the hug.

swara is embarrased while others are laughing.
to change the situation
bp – acha now one by ome give gifts to my ma.
swara – bp stop it. I dont need anything
shekhar – but i hav something to give u.
swara – papa..
shekhar goes inside and brings some property papers And gives them to swara.
swara – papa wat is this ??
Shekhar – u urself see.
swara opens it and gets shocked And gets teary eyed.
swara – no papa i cant take this noo this is not right.

all looks at questioningly.
bp – shekhar wat’s that ??
Shekhar – bhayya u remember we used to hav a farm house and shona used to love it.
bp – ha but it was occupied na ??
Shekhar – ha bhayya but i bought it again from those people by giving extra money and registered it on swara’s name.
bp gets shocked.
bp – noo this is not done.
shekhar – par bhayya….

swara – haa pappa this is not done.
bp – atleast u cpuld hav asked me na ??
shekhar – bhayya i wanted to do something for my daughter. wat’s wrong in it.
bp for sometime gets shocked listening shekhar rising his voice.
swara – papa try to understand bp. Wat he is saying.
shekhar – ok u all think that i did wrong right ??
Sumi – no shekhar atleast listen to bhayya once.
dadi and dadu – haa right. Listen to him once.
shekhar – i dont want to listen anything.
shekhar leaves.
bp sits in the sofa.

swara goes to him and talks to him
bp – maa i thought about other people too. u r not the only child he have na ?? He should think about his other children too na ??
Mohit and ragini – but we dont hav any problm.dii if u accept we will be very happy
swara – shut up.u both dont know anything.
bp – haa sanskar beta dont take me wrong.
see mohit ma is settked. i mean she has hospital on her name. She has comany shares. I know she has less share but she has na ?? And also sanskar has his own company and also has family businesses maheswari companies.
so in every way she has a secured life.

sanskar beta i am saying again dont take me wrong. U know we dont value money but this is important to say.
and ragink is getting married to laksh. She too has everything but she cant be dependent on laksh for everything na ?? So she should hav something.
mohit – but we dont hav less na badepappa. We have our company.
bp – ha i agree. U hav a company with u but if u get losses.

See mohit think practically. Now there is no need of this farm house to ma.
swara – ha exactly. U are absolutely right bp. Even i too am thinking the same.
bp looks at sanskar – beta woh…
sanskar – badepappa today i realized that how wrong i was in thinking about u.
bp(shocked).- beta..

sanskar – no badepappa till now i used to think that u oy care for swara. U always think about her.but today u proved me wrong. U r just awesome. I dont hav any words to explain u. u r such a good hearted person and ur thinking is just awesome. I must say i am really proud that i am ur son in law.
bp smiles.
Sanskar and bp hugs each other.
dadi – this mattee is solved but who will talk to my another son ??
Bp – i will make him understand. I will go and talk to him.
swara – no bp u will not go.
bp – ma relax i am fine. I know u are afraid that if shekhar says anything to me, then it will hurt me. But trust me i am not so weak.
sanskar – badepappa if u dont mind can i talk to pappa ??
All looks confusingly
swara – ha sanskar u go.i completely trust u. U will definetly convince papa.
sanskar smiles at her.
sanskar goes and talks to shekhar and they talk for one hour.

(I will reveal the conversation later)
Finally sanskar convinces shekhar. They all hav dinner together.
While having dinner together, shekhar tries to feed swara but bp feeds her. no one notices shekhar except sanskar.
shekhar feels bad.
Later swasan were about to leave.
Swara comes to mohit
swara – bachu i got to know that u r not eating well. Plzzz eat well if something happens to u. Ur di will die. Plzz
mohit closes her mouth – di dont talk such words ever.
sanskar (angry).- swara stop ur useless talks. Atleast not today.
Swara – acha ok sry but mohit plzz take care of ur health.
mohit – ok i am taking care of myself. Who told u ??
Swara – its none of ur business

mohit sees sumi
sumi – ghoorna band karo. I am not scared.ma hu tumhari
Swara – hahaha ok maa i am going. Stuff everything into his moutg. If he doesnot then call me.
sumi – i can make him eat but u doesnt like my way and then u fight with me.
swara – maa (swara goes and hugs sumi)
later swasan leave to mm.


Swasan room

Sanskar and swara are sitting on bed.
Sanskar gets up and takes a packet from hus wardsrobe and gives it to her.
swara – sanskarr wat is the need for this ??
Sanskar – its nthng just open it. I thought to celebrate very grandly But..
swara – becozzz of me u hav to cancel all ur plans naa ??
Sanskar – pagal hogayi ho ?? There is nthng like that. i am very happy. I dont need any celebrations to prove my love for u. Samjhi
now madam open this.

she opens it.
she finds a beautiful platinum ring , a platinum chain and platinum bracelt and diamond necklace.
They are so beautiful that swara keeps on staring them.
swara – sanskar they are soooo beautiful. Tanq so much
sanskar – not more than u madam.
she blushes slightly.
sanskar suddenly comes very near to swara.
sanskar – i told h not to blush. Ur blush makes me crazy.
saying this he kisses her and soon they both get intimate.

next mrng

sanskar is getting late for the ofc.
they both woke up late becozz of lack of sleep.
sanskar – swara hurry up. plzzz give my files.
swara – sanskar if u know u hav to go early the next day then y dontbu sleep early.U always get romantic in the wrong time. Yesterday too…..
(She stops and realises wat she is going to say)
Sanskar pulls her towards him and holds her by waist.

sanskar (in husky voice).- kya karuu. U r soo tempting….
swara – shut up.
she realeses herself.
Soon she finds all his files but one falls down.she picks it up and suddenly she sees a name.
swara reads it – ANAND…
Sanskar – ha give that file. It is important.
Swara – sanskar ye anand kaun hai ??
Sanskar – swara we r dealing with his company and…
just then his phone rings.
sanskar – swara hav to go. Bye and tanq for searching this file.

@vatsal’s house

Vatsal looking into the mirror

Vatsal – swara u are telling everyone that anand is dead na ?? See i will prove u wrong. GET READY TO MEET ANAND swara gadodia Sry sry now swara sanskar maheswari. U will get the shock through ur husband itself.


Swara thinks – no he cant be my anand. My anand had died and this is the truth and he will never come back.

She goes to hospital

in sanskar’s ofc

Sanskar is in call with anand.
sanskar – ya mr.anand. ok yes i am ready to make a deal with ur company.I like all ur ideas.
anand – ok then lets start the process.
sanskar – no before that i wanted to meet u. I cant start the work without even knowing ur face.
anand – no its not possible mr.maheswari…
sanskar(angry) -ok then lets cancel the deal. remember one thing u r dealing with SANSKAR MAHESWARI
anand – ok then lets meet mr.maheswari but i hav only two days. Tomorrow and day aftr tomorrow.
sanskar – but tomorrow and day after tomorrow are weekends. No Ofc.
Anand – actually i too am a busy business man u know my tight schedule. i know u r more busy than me…
sanskar – ok mr.anand lets meet at my home.
anand becomes very happy but acts
anand – but mr.maheswari i think its not good to talk about business at home.
sanskar – no its ok
Actually i am calling u just becozzz for interaction as it is really a big contract. We should know about each other very well.
anand – ya ok then i will come tomorrow.
he hangs up.

Anand (smiles) – from tomorrow the game starts

Here swara is calling sanskar to inform that rithik is leaving.
but his phone is busy. Later it gets connecteD
swara – sanskar kisse baath karre ho ??
I am calling u from half an hour.
sanskar – i am talking with some client. tell me y are u calling me.
swara – i called u to tell u that rithik is leaving to london. I mohit and ragini came here to give him send off. I called u to ask u if u can come ??
Sanskar – y is he leaving so suddenly ??
Swara – he got some cases. Acha tell me r u coming or not ??
Sanskar – swara i am little busy. Telk him that i will call him later.
swara – acha ok i will tell him.
Sanskar – how will u come home ??

Swara – in my car. we came here in my car only. So after dropping ragini and mohit i will come.
sanskar – dont take too long. Come as early as possible. Come before 9 pm as u are alone.
swara – ok bye and ha..
rithik – oyyyy i am leaving here and u kept on talking to him. He is ur husband u can talk to him life long…
swara – ok baba acha sanskar this rithik na..
Sanskar – i heard it swara. Ok u talk with him. i will hand up. Take care
swara – ok bye..
all four talks for sometime…. later rithik leaves to london.

@ sanskar’s ofc

Sanskar is thinking about his and shekhar’s conversation

sanskar’s pov

I went to papa’s room to convince him but wat i saw has shocked me. papa is crying very badly.
i soon went to him and hugged tightly. I calmed him. after sometime he calmed himself. I gave him a glass of water. He drank it in a go. for a second i remembered a child seeing Him.
“Sanskar do u feel the same” he asked
i dont know wat to say
“do u think that i did wrong ?? Giving my daughter a gift is wrong ??” he asked again
this time i broke my silence
“Papa i dont know that. In my way no one is wrong. U are thinking to give a birthday presentation to ur daughter and badepappa is thinking about others too” i tried to explain my view
“Wat do u mean ??” he asked with a frown
“I mean he is thinking about ragini and mohit too” i said to calm him.
i thought to tell him the whole incident but wen i saw hatred in his eyes i stopped myself. But the thing i couldnot understand is the person whom he hates. Then i got the biggest shock by listening to him
“Bhayya always does this to me. He always needs attention. See now u too are supporting him. Some times i hate him.i hate him” he said.
I was literally shocked. Then i saw another thing which shocked me. alchohal…”ohh noo if swara gets to know about this she can’t bear it.
y is he doing this ??” i thought to myself. I wanted to ask him but i think he already understood me. He smiles at me.

“U are wondering y i took this wen i know that my beti hates this the most but wat shall i do i dont hav any other option. I committed a very big mistake. And i still repent for it but now i amnot repenting. I think i did the right thing. I did to get my daughter’s love” he said
though i couldnot understand wat he said i understood his pain.
“Bhayya always took my place in swara’s life. I couldnot fulfill any of her wish becozz bhayya used to do that. That is y i thought to gift her favourite place on her birthday but that too he snatched from me” he continued.
i understood the situation. no ome iscat fault but right now the only thing that is important is to take out papa from this alchohals effect.

“Papa leave all that swara is waiting for u. Do u want to dissappoint her. If she gets to know that u were drunk then u know wat will happen right” i said
he asked me not to tell anything to her. But for that i put a condition.
“My condition is u will hav a shower now and also brush ur teeth and u will meet swara as we r leaving now” i said.
he nodded and went to bathroom.
i sat on the bed and removed all the bottles and throwed it in dustbin.
i cleaned my hands with a hand wash.
and i sat on the bed. I was shocked with papa’s behaviour. I thought about wat mistake he committed but i couldnot get anything in to my mind. I thought to explain badepappa’s point of view to papa wen he comes out. Thank god he has not drunk fully. I think he just took one sip.
“Sorry sanskar” papa’s voice disturbed my thoughts.
“u neednot be sry papa” i said

“i dont drink sanskar but wen i am upset i will hav a little. Actually i started drinking recently i dont drink…” papa tried to explain but i cut him off
“plzzz pappa dont give any explanations. i understand. I dont want to interfere in ur matters but today badepappa was not wrong” i started
then i explained badepapa’s view.
i can see guilt in his eyes.
“I am sry i did hurt u all by walking away like that, plz dont say to swara about this”
He said.
“I wont but if u promise that u dont drink again” i told him strictly.
he simply nodded

We came out

Sanskar pov ends.

Sanskar is going to home.
Sanskar to hinself – papa is feeking insecure towards swara thats y he loves ragini more to hide his pain. i hav to do something to make him understand the things. badepapa was not wrong at his place. He sacrifised his complete life just for swara. Wat should i do bhagwan…

Sanskar reached mm

All have dinner and sleeps.

Precap – swara sees anand in mm And shocks.

Sry frndzzz if its not good

Credit to: sam

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