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Chapter 67

Here we go

Swara’s room
both sanskar and swara got freshen up.
sanskar talking on phone with ap.
sanskar – maa actually i am in gm. As swara went and i….i..
(He doesnot know wat to say as he cannot say the true reason)
Ap (smiles).- acha its ok sanskar. U stay there. later u can come along with swara. I will send u ur clothes.
sanskar – noo need ma actually last time i left some of my clothes here. So i have them
ap – hmm prepanning ha ?? (TeaseS)
Sanskar – maa…
ap – acha ok bye
sanskar – bye and love u.
sanskar hangs up
swara came and sat behind him
sanskar entwinted his fingers with her
sanskar – wat are today’s plans mrs.maheswari ??
Swara (dull ) – nthng attending master’s barsi.(Teary eyed)
Sanskar – shhhh nooo dont cry. Yesterday u cried na ?? See ur face how pale it is. Now come on be a good girl and smile.
swara smiles at his childish talks.
sanskar – thats good
swara – acha ok i will go down and help ma in kitchen.
sanskar – swara i am thinking to change our bedroom to kitchen
Wat do u say ?? Or ur cabin in ur hospital.
Swara – hooooooo kyun
sanskar – dont act so innocent. U dont even hav time for ur husband. Always staying in the hospital or if u are at home then u will be in kitchen. So if i set our bedroom there it will be more comfortable.(pout)
Swara – sanskar i am sry. Ok tell me wat shall i do now to please u.
sanskar shows his lips
swara – noooo wayyy.
sanskar – y
Swara – not now sanskar.
saying this she is about to go. But sanskar pulls her. Both falls on the bed. But soon… their moment is disturbed by rithik’s shout.
rithik from hall (shout) – SHONAAA
both swasan composes and go down.
swasan hug rithik.
rithik – how is my surprise ?? (Looking towards swara)
Swara – hmm nice.
rithik understands the reason for her sad face. Just then mohit too comes there. Mohit jumps on rithik and rithik holds mohit as he is holding a baby and swirls.
mohit – i missed u darling.
rithik – even i too missed u darling.
sanskar looks surprised.
swara – these two will never change. Sanskar u know these two behave like a perfect couple. Once upon a time i thought of these two getting married.
mohit – diiii (still in the same postion)
Swara – first get down u will fall
rithik – so madammm first of all i wish u a very…. (stops seeing sanskar)
Mohit signs that sanskar knows
rithik continues – wish u a happy birthday
swara – rithik plzz atleast u undetstand me. I dont want anyone to wish me…
rithik – ya i know but i will never stop wishing u. Acha leave all that. I need to talk to u. Come with me.
swara – no need tell here.
rithik – did priya call u ??
Swara – noo till now she has not called me.
just then priya calls them and informs them the place of conducting barsi.
swara hangs up the call. She tells the adress to rithik.
sanskar – swara can i come ??
Swara wanted to stop him but she doesnot how then bp interrupts.
bp – beta u cannot go as its not been a year since ur marg so u cannot attend such type of functions.swara too cant but she willnot listen. But atleast u avoid going there and dont worry about swara we all will be there.
sanskar (unwillingly) – ok badepappa.
(turning to swara ) ok then i will leave to ofc.after coming home u call me. Ok ??
Swara – ha ok but hav ur breakfast and go.
sanskar – ok lets hav together.
mohit – no jiju di willnot hav anything till evng. Not even water. Every year on this day she does this. She will hav food after completition of barsi.Atleast u tell her jiju To eat something.
sanskar – swara U cant do that. Hav something
swara – no sanskarr let me do this. It will be good for his soul. Some one told me.
sanskar – parr…
bp – beta leave it. She wont listen
Sanskar hav breakfast snd goes to ofc.
swara – papa where is ragini ??
Shekhar – she is sleeping beta.
swara – ok then we will leave for the place. Chalo mohit.
rithik bp mohit and swara goes in car.

In car

rithik – shona who is doing the barsi ?? Anand ??
Swara – how many times i hav to tell u that anand died (angry)
Rithik – acha ok ok vatsal is he doing the barsi ??
Swara – haa I am feeling very helpless. The person who is responsible for master’s death is doing his barsi. And i am just seeing it.
mohit – di we cant do anything. He has the right and he is doing it.
swara – hmmm (leans to car window and cries silently)

Soon they reach the place.

All sit there at the place folds their hands and sees everyrhing.
Pandit does some rituals and swara was remincing the past and crying. she is fuming with anger seeing vatsal doing all the rituals. At the same time feeling helpless.
priya cries hard.
Swara and all console her.
priya – swara we both lost our father. Y did he do this to us ?? Y did god do this to me ?? Y ?? It is all becozz of me.
swara – nooo priya nthng like that. control urself.
vatsal seeing priya in that state wanted to console her but he goes from there.

Later they all go home.
in all these time. Sanskar is calling swara for every 1 hour to know whether she is fine or not.She is frustated seeing sanskar’s call again
mohit (teases).- dii y is jiju missing u so Much ??
Swara – stop it.
she lifts it and before he could speak
swara – sanskar i am fine and i just had my prasad. Now i will go and hav my food. I am on the way and i am totally fit and fine.
she says it in one go
sanskar smiles – ok u know me very well.ok take care. Have ur food and be ready. I am coming to pick up u.
swara (smiles) – ok

Precap – shekhar and sanskar’s conversation and swara seeing anand.

I am sry for the short part but i dont hav time to write.

And from tomorrow onwards revealations will start but not to sanskar but to u. I think u have got some idea about vatsal by today’s episode. Anyways the whoke mistery will be revealed to u soon.

Credit to: sam

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