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mohit is talking with swara. Just then sujatha comes to swara
sujatha – swara hav u seen uttara ??
Swara – no mom i think she is in her room.mom wat happened ?? Any problm ??
Sujatha – no swara but she is looking verh dull. Wen i tried to ask her. She went without replying. Now she is seen no where.
swara – mom u dont worry. I will search her. Sujatha leaves.
swara – mohit u wait i will searcg for uttara.
mohit – dii i will search her. U go and talk to jiju.
Swara – ok
swara goes
mohit tries to call her but her mobile is switched off. So he goes on searching The whole house.
mohit (thinks) – wat hav u done mohit ?? Idiot uss bechari pe chilladiya. U bursted out ur anger on her huu now search her.
mohit searches her finally he finds her at terrous. She is sitting on floor hiding her face in her both legs.
mohit sees her and feels bad as its because of her
he goes near him. He calls her name. But she doesnot see him.
he keeps his hand on her shoulder. By this she cries more. He sits near her and makes her face him.
uttara – y did u come here ?? Go away. I dont want to talk anything.
mohit – uttara i am sry actually i am little bit worried thats y i hav shouted on u.I hav to talk to jiju urgently thats y. I am really really sry.
uttara wiping her tears – ok for this time i am leaving next time if u shout on me i will not forgive u.
Mohit – ok madam now come lets go down. Ur mom is worried about u.
uttara – ok
they both go

@swasan room

Swara – sanskar i wanna talk to u.
sanskar – ha swara bolo.
sanskar is sitting on bed and working on his laptop.
swara – not like that . Look at me
sanskar – acha ok
he closes his laptop and sees her expecting her to say the truth.
swara (fumbles) – i…i want to go with mohit to gm for this night. Can i ??
Sanskar gets dissappointed as she didnot tell him the truth.but hides it
sanskar (smiles).- swara wat is there in it to ask ?? Ha ?? Ofcourse u can go. No need to ask me. U can just inform me. i am not that type of husband who wants to control his wife.
swara – ha i know but still i dont know y but i thought to ask u.So u will be happy if i go ??
Sanskar – haa
swara (sad).- dont u miss me ??
Sanskar looks at her as she is seeing him with those cute and innocent eyes.
sanskar pulls her and makes her sit on his lap.
sanskar – i will miss u very badly. But i understand that how much u miss ur family. And i also know that u will miss me more than i miss u.
Saying this he kisses her cheek.
swara smiles – sanskar u know u r soo understanding. i love u.
Sanskar – no swara , i am not understanding.
saying this sanskar bows his head.
swara holds his face by her palms.
swara – sanskarrr wat r u talking. Its ok. Plzz forget about it.
sanskar – no swara let me speak today. i really dont know how those words came from my mouth about u and rithik. I just hate myself for hurting u. I am really sry.i cant forgive myself every for saying such words. But i dont mean it swara. I know u love me. it just came from my mouth. I didnt mean it. Saying this he hugs her tightly.
swara (teary eyed) – sanskarr plzzz na i cant see u like this. I know u dont mean those words. I can understand u.
sanskar – and i again hurt u about that blo*dy project. Swara trust me that project us nthng infront of u. I can leave a thousads of projects just for u. But i dont know wat happened to me That i shouted at u.
Swara – sanskar past is past plzz leave about those things.
sanskar – no swara let me tell u. U know i feel very hurt wen i see u hurt. It hurts me very badly. And one morething. If there is any problm u just inform me ok ?? I will be there for u always. Dont think that i will be worried. And ha u know i love u so much than i can even die..
suddenly swara hugs him tightly.
Swara (cries) – sanskarr dont even say like that. I cant live without u. i love u and we will live with each other and for each other.
sanskar (smiles).- haa
swara – now promise me that u will never remember about the past things. I forgot about that. U too forget. Ok
sanskar – ha i will try but will u do me a favour.
swara – ha bolo
sanskar (naughtily) – plzz get up from my lap. U r so heavy swara.
swara – sanskarrrr…
she pushes him. He falls on the bed. she too falls on him.
swara beats him without realizing their closeness.
swara – am i heavy. U duffer idiot …
sanskar suddenly captures her lips with his. Swara widens her eyes.she doesnot reciprocate as it happened suddenly. Later they break the kiss.
Sanskar smiles naughtily.
swara hugs him And blushes
sanskar – mrs.maheswari if u blush like this i will not be able to control myself. Then dont blame me for not able to go with ur brother.
swara gets up immediately – haaaa i forget about it completely. tanq sanskar for reminding about that. ok i will go and change now. Mohit will be coming here any time.
sanskar – ha he will wait but u dont rush. Be careful bathroom is slippery.
swara – mr.maheswari bathroom will always be slippery. Dont u know that (laughs)
Sanskar – oh no then how can i send u alone. U will fall na let me come inside.
swara’s laugh vanishes. She immediately rushes to washroom.
sanskar laughs hard.
just then mohit comes there.
mohit – jiju y r u laughing ??
Sanskar – ur di is really funny hahahaha
mohit too laughs seeing him laughing.
mohit – arre batayiye toh sahi.
sanskar – nthng acha u wait for sometime. She will come.
Mohit – ok jiju And jiju wait u seems to be very happy. Wats the matter ?? (Teases)
Sanskar – ur sister thinks that u r too innocent. But she doesnot know that u r not so innocent as she thinks.
mohit – haha jiju thats not funny.
mean while swara comes.
Swara – y r u both laughing ??
sanskar – nthng now get ready fast ur brother is waiting to take u home.
swara – ha ok i am getting ready na. Give me sometime.
sanskar – wat u r too slow swara.
saying this he goes and majes swara wear everything. Mohit sees this and says “romance karne keliye ek bhi moka nahi chodthe Aap ”
Swasan gets embarrased. They forget that mohit too is there.
mohit – i am going now. Di come fast.
saying this mohit goes.
sanskar – soo shall i continue.
swara – nooooo leave me and let me go.
sanskar – acha ok go.
saying this he kisses her forehead.
swara goes but turns back and runs to him and hugs him tightly.
swara – i miss u baby.
sanskar smiles and says – baby and all hmm not bad mrs.maheswari
swara – woh.. ok shall i go Now.
sanskar – ok but i miss u too babyyyyy.
both smiles at each other and swara leaves
Sanskad thinks – i am sry for following u swara but i want to know the truth.
sanskar too gets ready.


shekhar and bp both see swara coming to gm.
shekhar is going but bp goes and hugs her.
bp – maa i am so happy to see u.
Shekhar feels bad
swara goes and hugs shekhar.
shekhar smiles.
shekhar – beta i am so happy that u r staying here on ur birth….
swara – papa plzzz
shekhar – acha ok ok i will not say anything
sumi hugs swara tightly.
sumi – shona do u know how much i missed u.
swara – mee too ma.
dadi – swara hav u took ur inlaws permission and wat about sanskar. Did he.
bp – maa how many question u will ask her. Let her take sone rest.
swara – ha dadi i took their permission and sanskar too told me to go
dadi – ok then. First u come and have something.
swara is eating. All are feeding her and asking her to hav something. Sumi prepared so many dishes for her. All are showering so much of love on her.
swara is in tears
dadaji – y r u crying shona ??
Swara – nthng daduu
dadaji – apni hi dadu se jhoot bol rahi ho ??
Swara – woh nthng just i am feeling so happy today. I know u all love me so much but u never showed me. But today i am feeling so happy. Dont take me wrong i am not hurt about u all. I know about u all.
shekhar feels very sad and he goes from there and cries very hard.
shekhar to hinself – i am sry shona. As a father i couldnot give u the love and affection but wat shall i do. i always tried to give u fatherly affection but always bhayya came in middle. So i couldnot be able to get so close to u. So i gave both ur and ragini’s love to ragini.

bp – maa dont be emotional. I know u r very strong.
swara hugs him. All smiles.

after sometime at 11:30 pm

Bp swara mohit and ragini silently went to their car. They started going. sanskar too came there at 11pm. He was waiting for their car to move. As it moved he too started following keeping some distance.

soon swamohrag bp reached a open place which hav tents above them.

its 11:58 wen they reached there. Sanskar came out of the car and hided as he can hear their talks.

Its about to get 12. All starts counting numbers. Sanskar gets surprised.
After coming to 0 ragmoh bp shouts.
Sanskar – kyaa aaj swara ka birthday hai and i dont know. Wenever i asked about it she used to change the tipic and on that day too ragini and mohit told their birthdays but swara didnot tell. Wat might be the reason.
he again concentrates on them.
all asks her to cut the cake.
bp – maa cut the cake.
swara – no bp i cant. I just came here becozz i cant hurt u. But y do u bring this cake wen u know i dont cut the cake.
mohit – acha ok ok plzz accept our gifts atleast.
swara – hmm if i say no then wat will u do.
ragini – we will not agree. We will make u accept it. So its better to accept it before only.
swara – acha baba tike.
ragini bp and mohit handover her a cover.
she opens it.
swara – wat is it ??(shocked)
Sanskar is still observing them.
mohit – paris tickets for u and jiju.
swara – mohit u know i hav a tight schedule..
bp – woh sab mai ne sambhal liya hai. I hav talked to dr.james. he is coming from us next week to handle all ur cases
ragini – di now u dont hav any excuses to tell
swara – wat about sanskar ?? Wat will u say that u all gave me my birthday gift ha ??
Mohit – no di hum kuch aur sochlenge.
swara (serious) – agar kisi ko kal ke baare me kuch bhi pata chala toh…
sanskar comes there and says – TOH KYA SWARA ??
all four gets shocked.
swara – SANSKAR..
Sanskar comes near her with angry face. Suddenly hugs her and says – HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY…
swara breaks the hug and says “sanskar woh mai…i am sry ..”
Sanskar – swara yes i am angry with u. But i can understand that u dont do anything without a reason.
Swara – sanskar i hav a request. Plzz dont tell anyone thaf today is my birthday. I dont want to celebrate it.
bp – maa jho bhi hua usse bhul jayiye. We cant do anything for it.
swara – kaise bhul jau mai bp. I lost one if the most important person in my life. Wo sirf mere teacher nahi the. He is my god….
swara starts crying. She cries so hard.
Sanskar and bp trues to console her but in vain.Mohit sits there in a chair with tears in his eyes.
ragini goes near him and keeps her hand on his shoulder.
he hugs her and cries hard.First time sanskar sees mohit breaking. Then swara too sees him And immediately rushes to him.
swara – bachu plzz dont cry…
immediately mohit hugs swara And cries.
mohit – diii i miss him. I miss our master. He is such a kind hearted person. He is soo good. Sometimes i feel he is a god becozzz no human can be soo good as him.(sobs)
Swara – shhhhh no u shouldnot cry. U should be strong.If he sees u crying then he will not be happy becozz u r his favourite student na ??
Mohit – and u r his favourite daughter.
Sanskar comes to them and calms them both.
bp thinks to tell sanskar atleast about swara’s master.
bp – sanskar beta actually 4 yrs back. Swara’s master died. He is swara’s teacher from childhood. More than a teacher he is swara’s god. He is very good at heart. but good people never stay for long time. Becozz god too needs them
swara – he..he died on this day. Whenever i see this date only his death will come into my mind.
swara folds her both hands and says “sanskar i beg u plzzz dont say to anyone about my birthday. I just hate this day.plzz”
Sanskar hugs her and calms her – shhhhh plzz stop crying. i promise i will never tell about this ok.”
all gets calm.
mohit – par jiju how did u come here ??
Sanskar tells everything.
swara – ohh so u read my msg.
sanskar – ha. U couldhav told me.
swara – sry sanskar i cant even able to say anything. It became 4 yrs fir hus death but still i dont want to believe the truth that he is no more. (Cries but soon controlls)I dont want to say this to anyone. sryyyyyy
sanskar – swara its ok. i understand u. I dont want u to tell me everything but tell me the thing which hurts u so that i can make u feel better.
swara hugs him – tanq..sanskar tanq so much.
sanskar – swara its ok.by the way are u happy ??
Swara looks questioningly.
sanskar – for our honeymoon.
ragini and bp smile where as swara and mohit are still in sad mood.
bp – ofcourse she is happy beta and ha here r ur flighg tickets. U r going next week.
ok ??
Sanskar – badepappa i want swara’s answer. Swara tell me if u dont want to go then we can cancel it.
swara wipes her tears – no sanskar we will go.
and smiles.
all smile Except mohit
ragini – bhayya wat happened ?? R u not halpy with this. Di agreed to go.Ohh ok i understood that u dont want di to go as u cant stay without her right ??
Mohit – shutup nthng like that.
swara – mohit forget everything. I know it is difficult for both of us but lets try.
mohit nods.
sanskar – ok then i will leave now. Swara take care.
swara – sanskarr can u come with me to gm.
sanskar – par swara…
swara goes near him and tells him in cracking voice which is full of pain – plzzz….i …need ….u
sanskar agrees. They all go


Shekhar goes to mohit’s room to wish swara but he doesnot find her.he goes to swara’s room and everywhere in the house. But he finds her no where.
just then he sees swara and all coming with sanskar. by their talks he understands that sanskar got to know that its swara’s birthday. He wants to wish her but he doesnot wish her. He goes to his room and sleeps.

@swara’s room

Swara – sanskar u sleep.i will go and check mohit.
sanskar – swara if u want u can sleep with him.
swara comes near him and sits besids him keeps her head on his shoulder
swara – no sanskar i should be strong infront of mohit. I cant cry. U know from 2 yrs i am controlling my tears. If bp would be there then i used to share my pain with him but from 2 yrs i became alone. itne saare log hone ke bawajuth bhi mai akeli hogayi hu.
today i wanted to share my pain with u. Can i ??
Sanskar – swara y r u asking ha ?? U can tell anything.
he kisses her forehead.
sanskar – now go and see mohit whether he is fine or not ??
Swara – ha ok.
swara goes and checks mohit. He is sleeping. So she kisses his forehead,adjusts his blanket and leaves.

@swara’s room

Swara share her memories with her teacher. How he used to teach her everything.
swara – sanskarr do u know who he is ??
Sanskar – noo
swara – u know dr.priya na ?? Who is treating bhabhi
Sanskar – ha i know
swara – he is her father.
sanskar – wat ??
Swara – haa sanskar master is priya’s father. U know though priya ischis daughter he never showed any difference between me and her. He loved us equally. If he brought anything for her. He used to bring the same for me. I feel blessed to spend my time with him. all my values are given by him and bp. U know they both are frndzz.
sanskar – ohhh
swara – haa
swara talks and talks and finally fall asleep on his shoulder.
she makes her sleep properly. Then sanskar hugs swara and sleeps.

Precap – rithik comes to india and barsi of swara’s master.

Guys suggest some names for him yaar Including surname.

Tanq guys plzz forgive me if u dont like it.

Credit to: sam

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