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Here we go

Outside the shopping mall


mohit – di u did u stop me. I would hav taught them a very good lesson. Now u understand y i hate her.
swara – ok go. Go and fight with him. Then sanskar and laksh will get to know about the truth. then lets celebrate our victory. Ok (sarcastically)
mohit – Sry di i hav not thought in that way
di wat if jiju asks about vatsal ??
Swara – ha mohit i too am afraud of that. I cant lie to him. At the same time i cant tell him the truth. Already he wants to know about vatsal and his enemity with me. But as we both are busy in our lives. He forgot it but now i…i am afraid (about to break)
Mohit hugs her – shhh di relax i am here na ?? I will manage. I will tell jiju something. I will cook some stories so dont worry.
swara – but…

mohit – no buts and ifs. I will manage now come lets go.
swara nodes and both go.
swara silently sits in the car.
all reach mm.
mohit and ragini too come to mm.
sanskar – swara i need to talk to u. come to our room.
swara looks tensedly at mohit. Mohit is about to go but uttara stops him.
swasan leaves.
mohit (tensed).- uttara let me go
uttara – are wait give some privacy to them. Y will u always disturb them in theur romance ?
Mohit (little bit anger) – uttara let me go
uttara – noooo no no a very big nooo
mohit’s anger reaches peak level.He shouts at her but no one listens as all are busy in their talking and teasing raglak.
mohit (anger) – uttara shut up. Stop ur nonsense and let me go.
uttara is in tears she leaves to her room
mohit goes to swasan room

@ swasan room

Swara ignores sanskar and goes to dressing table and removes her ear rings and puts simple ear rings.
sanskar – swara i need to talk to u
swara (fumbles).- no..no i mean i hav lots of work.not now.
swara is about to go. Sanskar stops her by holding her wrist.he pulls her baCk.
sanskar – y r u avoiding me ??
Swara – n..nthng like th..that.
sanskar – ok let me ask straightly. Tell me about vatsal. Wat is his enemity with u. And wat confused more is i can see pure love in his eyes for ragini. Then y does he hate u and wanted to destroy u.
just then mohit comes.
they both separates.
mohit – wohh sry for disturbing. But dii dr.anitha called me that u hav an emergency. U go. And sighs her to go
swara immediately goes.
sanskar senses something wrong.

sanskar too comes near mohit.
sanskar – come mohit lets go down
mohit – yes jiju but before that i want to talk to u.
sanskar – ha bolO
they sit on the couch.
mohit – jiju plzz dont ask di about vatsal.
sanskar – but y ?? He tried to slap my wife. Tried to spoil her career.y should i stay silent. I need to know about him.
mohit (thinks).- sry jiju for lieing to u but i dont hav any other option. I cant break di’s promise. Di challenged that man that watever may be the situation she will never reveal the relation between them. she promised on herself.I hav to do it.

mohit – ok jiju i will tell u. Actually vatsal is di’s frnd. Infact they both are very close. Best frnds. but one day he mis understood that di is the reason for thr problms in his marital life. his wife left him. So he wanted to trouble di. Thats it. di doesnot want to talk about him. So she is avoiding U. And coming to ragini actually vatsal treats ragini as his own sister so he lives her alot. And also our rival hospital belongs to vatsal. So to destroy our hospitals he tried to defame di.

sanskar – ohh ok. its really a mis understanding. But y did swara not try to clear those.
mohit – its not possible jiju. Their fights extented to peak level. Acha leave all these.dont raise this topic infront of di. Plzz jiju.She will be upset.
sanskar – acha ok mohit and if it hurts swara then i will never talk about this ok.
mohit smiles – tanq jiju. U r the best.
sanskar – haha now come lets go down
they both reach down.
sanskar sees swara.
sanskar(teasing).- are swara u r still here. Dr.anitha called mohit and told its emergency but u r still here.

mohit laughs and swamoh understands his prank.
swara – haa woh…woh..
sanskar – acha ok ok mag be someother doctor is treating right ??
Swara – ha yes
sanskar smiles.
they all sit and chat for sometime.
mohit gets up and says – dii i will leave now.
dp – mohit beta sit for some more time. U hav dinner and then go.
mohit – no uncle actually i hav some work so i hav to go warna how can i leave a chance to spend some time with di.
dp and rp – ya thats true. i think its really important.
mohit – ha very important Uncle. Now i will leave.
ragini – bhayya wait i too will come.
mohit(shouts) – nahi..

all looks at him
mohit (calmly) – i mean u spend some more tine with laksh. becozz i am not going to our house. I hav some other work.
Laksh can u drop her home after sometime if u dont mind.
laksh – ya ofcourse.
mohit goes.
ragini – mai abhi aayi. Wo mujhe bhayya se kuch baat karni hai.
ragini goes.
swara too tells some excuse and goes.

@outside mm

Ragini – i know where u r going. Do the preparations very nicely becozz its the first tine after her marg.
mohit – i know
ragini – i wanted to help u thats y i told i will come with U.
mohit – but i dont need ur help. Badepappa is helping me.
swara from behind – wats going on here.
mohit (fumbles) – wohhh…wohh di nthng just..
swara – i know mohit u r planning for my birthday but u know that i dont celebrate birthdays. I stopped celebrating four yers ago.

mohit – ha di but from 4 yrs u r celebrating with us. I mean me ragini and u Bp. From 2 yrs bp is not there but still u agreed for our happiness then wat happened this time.
swara – becozz now i am married and i dont want sanskar or anyone to know about it. I dont want them to wish them.
mohit – dii but i dont agree. I will take care of that. No one will get to know about it. Bp told that something bad will happen if we not celebrate our birthday. Our life span will decrease. So u hav to celebrate thats it.
swara – acha ok. Now stop arguing. I will but neither sanskar nor family should get to know about it.
Ragmoh (happy).- ok di
swaragini goes inside whereas mohit goes out.

After dinner all are sitting and talking

swara texts mohit “dont stress urselfs too
much,i dont need any arrangements just go home fast From that place”
Mohit reads and texts her back
“Diii plzzz its our day. The only thing u hav to do is come there at 11:50 pm tomorrow after ragini’s engagement”
Swara texts “par sanskar ko kya bolu ??”
Mohit doesnot see this as he is busy in preparation.

All finishes talking.
laksh goes to drop ragini.

@swasan room

Swara goes to washroom

Just then swara’s phone pops up.
sanskar is about to tell swara but sees starting of the msg. So he reads the rest

Mohit “di dont worry about jiju. after the engagement u come to gm. U tell jiju that u wanted to stay with us that night.and from gm we four can go to our secret meet and dont worry jiju will never get to know about it”
Sanskar gets shocked.
wat is she hiding ??
He reads the previous messeges.
sanskar to himself – y did mohit want swara to come at 11:50 tomorrow night. and wat is day after tonortiw. And y did ssara want me not to know about this. should i ask her ?? No if i ask her she will definetly lie to me. i will follow her. I am sure she is hiding something very big.

Just then swara comes out from washroom.
sanskar gives the phone to her
sanskar – swara take ur mobile mohit messeged u.galti se khul gayi.
swara – no problm.
swara reads the msg

swara to herself – acha hua sanskar ne nahi pada.hm anyways i hav to delete all the messeges.
she deletes all the messeges.
later they sleep.

Next day

Raglak engagement.

Gadodia mansion is full of relatives and all are busy in preparations.

In mm there is more hurry as the engagement is going to take place there Itself.

its evng all gadodia family arrived.

Swasan in room

Swara gets ready in a pink colour lehenga which her bp selected.
sanskar comes and applies sindhoor in her hair.
sanskar kisses her forehead – u r looking beautiful.
swara – u r not less patidev (smiles)
Sanskar pouts
swara – wat happened ??
Sanskar – ur compliment is soo dull
swara – acha then how should i give u.
sanskar – see i will show u.
saying this he runs his hands through her bare back and kisses both her cheeks. Kisses her for head and about to kiss her but swara stops him.
swara – sanskar… now stop it.
sanskar – hav u understood (winks)
Swara (blushes).- haa
sanskar – then do it (Showing his cheeks)
Swara kisses him on his cheeks and goes.
sanskar too goes.

Swara comes down. all her relatives see her.
one lady – shona u hav done ur marg but y didnt u invite us ??
Second lady – ha shona do u know we missed ur wedding. Waiss how is mohit ?? Is he happy with ur wedding ??
Swara couldnot speak anything as they are indirectly taunting her. Just then sanskar comes there.
sanskar – sorry aunty actually our marg happened in a hurry that we dont hav enough time to arrange a grand wedding.but we too missed u all. Hai na shona ??
Swara smiles and nides in yes.
sanskar – and u wanted to know whether mohit is happy or not right then u just ask him. I will call him.
ladies (afraid) – no no need
sanskar – are wait aunty mohit mohit come here.
mohit comes theRe.
mohit – ha jiju tell.
sanskar – actually these aunties hav some doubts regarding our wedfing and u. They r asking whether u r happy with ur di’s marg.
mohit (angry) – aap logo ko koyi air kaam nahi hai kya ?? That is y we hav not invited u to my di’s marg. now also we dont want to invite u but ragini needs more guests so to increase the number we called u. So plzzz hav ur food and just leave.
the ladies leaves.
sanskar – swara how can they talk like that ?? If they were not ur relatives then i would hav reacted in another way

mohit – jiju they r not our relatives. they are our neighbours in our native place. We just told them. We hav not expected them to come herd but they came.
Swara – ha sanskar our relatives never talk to me like that.
sanskar – if i would know this better i would hav showed them their original place.
swara – relax sanskar. Now everything is fine na . Lets go

Soon raglak engagement starts. Mohit and swara stands besids ragini where as sanskar and adarsh stood beside laksh.
both exchanged the rings. First they took blessing of dadi and dadajim then dp ap bp shekhar sumi rp sujatha …..
swara hugs laksh and sanskar hugs ragini.
swara – congratulations lucky.
laksh – tanq bhabhi
sanskar – congrats sali sahiba
ragini – tanq jiju
sanskar – now officially u got the right to torture this lucky idiot.
ragini – hahaha right jiju.
swara – stop it both of u. My devar is the best. U both are idiots. And raagu dont even dare think of torturing him. Unddrstand ??
All laughs. Soon gadodia family leaves except mohit.

Precap – mohit asking permission to take swara to gm and follows them.

Credit to: sam

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