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Here we go


All are getting ready for shopping

@swasan room

Swara while wearing her dar rings – sanskarr plzz call mohit and put in speaker
sanskar – swara u do it urself na see i am not yet ready
swara – sanskar u know u take alot of time to get ready more than me
sanskar – noo its ur fault u get ready too fast. Wat can i do. And u know other ladies need makeup so they take so much time but my wife is a natural beauty she doesnot need any makeup. (Saying this he comes near her and back hugs her ,they both are standing infront of mirror)
Swara smiles at his compliment.
swara – tanq for ur compliment mr.maheswari but now u go get ready i will call mohit and inform him.
sanskar – ok

Swara goes and sits on the bed. She is wearing a blue colur chudidhar looking stunning With blue colour ear rings.

Sanskar is staring at her while swara is busy in talking with her brother.
swara – mohit in engagement as u r ragini’s brother we need to buy a dress for u. So u too are coming for shopping.
mohit – noo di u know na i cant come wen ragini is coming. And by the way u only select all my clothes then this too u only select.
swara – nooo u are coming and that is final and it is ur sister’s engagement dont forget that.
mohit – di parrr…
swara(angry).- i dont want to listen anything mohit byee
she cuts the call in anger.
sanskar who is observing her expressions is adoring her beauty but suddenly he realised her anger.he went to the bed and sat beside her placing his hand on hers
sanskar – kya hua ??
Swara – sanskar i am losing my patience. Mohit’s hatred is increasing day by day. I dont understand wat to do. Y doesnt he forgive her.
sanskar – swara give sometime. Everything will be fine.
swara – i dont hav patience sanskar
sanskar – ohh noo sew who is saying this. Swara u know wat u hav a lot of patience more than anyone.
swara – ha sanskar but i cant wait more. See them they are fighting like tom snd jerry even they are better than my siblings.
sanskar – waise madam u know u got angry with mohit. For the first time i am seeimg ur anger on him.
swara (realized) – haa sanskar shit i talked angrily with him. I know he must be cursing himselves for this. Huuu
sanskar – nthng like that. U just call him and talk to him
swara – ok (sanskar is about to go but swara holds his hand) and says “u know u r the best husband”
Sanskar kisses her forehead and says – best deserves the best (and winks at her)
Sanskar goes and gets ready
swara calls mohit
both at the same time – sry di/ sry mohit
both laugh
mohit – di i am sry actually i am little bit frustated. I will come to shopping and i will also buy a dress and jewelery for ragini. Now plzz smile
swara – i am already smiling by listening to ur cute and innocent talks.
mohit – i love u di and ha i will hang up now
As i hav to get ready
swara – ok take care bye
the end the conversation
soon sanskar too gets ready and all comes down.
ap sujatha parish swasan and laksh.
swara – ma badimaa pappa aur badepappa kaha hai
ap – beta unhe koi kaam aagaya hai toh waha gaye hai.
Swara – then how will we buy clothes for them ??
Sanskar – swara dont worry we hav a family designer who designs our clothes. Badepapa and pappa never buys clothes in shops. They will get them designed so dont worry.
laksh – ha waise bhabhi who else r coming from ur family.
swara – ragini and mohit thatsall
laksh – ohh oK
pari – kyun laksh even if they all come we wont disturb u so u can spend time with ur fiancee.(Laughs)
swara to divert the topic – we r getting late. Come lets go
adarsh – sanskar teri biwi toh bahut intelligent hai. See how she is saving her devar.
All laughs

Just then misha enters
misha – hiiii everyone. where r u all going ??
Swara – agayi meri dushman (murmurs)
Sanskar hears this. He thinks to tease swara.
sanskar – arre mishaa we r going for shopping. U too join us na ??i will feel good if u accompany us.
misha – ofcourse sanskar i will definetly come.
swara is fuming with anger And jealosy. Sanskar turns the otherside and smiles.

All start for shopping.
Swasan misha and parish in one car.
ap laksh and sujatha in one car.
swara is about to sit beside sanskar but misha comes and sits. So she sits back with parish.
all reach the shopping mall.
mohit and ragini sees swara. Both rushes to swara.
mohit and ragini at a time – diiii
swara – ha woww raaguu i am surprised u are in time
Ragini – di not funny ha
Swara – haha ok ok come lets shop now.
misha comes there.
Misha – swara is she ur sister ??
Swara – ya she is my sister ragini. U hav met my brother that day right ?? Do u remember ??
misha – ya mohit. Ofcourse i do.
swara – ok lets start shopping. badimaa shall we start
ap – ha beta chalo all men go and shop. We will go to ladies section
mohit looks at swara. Swara looks at him and signals to go.
they leave.
all start shopping.
swara is selecting for ragini.
sujatha – swara u buy for yourself too beta.
swara – i will select with sanskar maa.
pari – ohooo kya chachiji. Aap bhi na leave these two love birds. They will select for each other.
swara – bhabhii plzzz
Acha mom i will go to mohit.he doesnot buy anything without me.
Sujatha – ok beta u go
swara leaves.
ap and sujatha selects clothes for ragini.parineetha is seeing her sarees.

Swara comes to mens section.

Mohit sees swara and takes her to the place where all are selecting for laksh.

Swara comes there.
Adarsh(naughty).- arre swara wat r u dking here ?? i think u came here to select for sanskar but he is already selecting.
swara – no bhayya i came for mohit. I only select clothes for mohit. And for md bp will select but this timd he didnot come.
bp from back sids – how will i not come if u call me ??how can i deny my maa
swara looks surprised
swara – bp and hugs him
swara breaks the hug but still holding him – u told u are busy.
Bp – i just told to surprise u. U know na i dont have any work important than u.
swara – ha ha i know. Ok first let me selsct for mohit ok.
swara select blazer and tea shirt and everything for him
laksh – bhabhi that colour will become light.
swara – lucky some combinations doesnot looks good wen we see but wen we wear it suits us perfectly.
sanskar – rehnedo lucky ur bhabhi’s taste is too bad
mohit – jiju its nkt like that. all my clothes are selected by my di only.
sanskar – r u kidding me mohit. All ur clothes are selected by ur di ?? Immpossible. See how bad taste she has
swara – bachu once go and wear this.
mohit goes silently and comes after wearing the dress.
sanlakadarsh are shocked while bp is smiling.
swara goes and says – my brother is looking dashing.
she kisses his forehead and gives a winning smile to sanskar.
laksh – bhabhi u r superb. U r right sometimes if we wear the dress it suits us perfectly.
mohit – so my shopping is over.
swara – ha ya i already asked to design a sherwani for u to wear in the function.so u just take casuals.
mohit – ha di ok
Laksh – bhabhi select for me too plzzz
sanskar – oyyy bhabhi ka chamcha u always ask me to help u then wat happened suddenly.
laksh – i realized the fact that u dont know the selection.(Laughs)
Sanskad pulls swara by waist and says – she is my selection. Dont forget that.
Laksh – ha this is the only best thing in ur selection and gives hi-fi to swara.
later swasan realize their position and separates. bp smiles and says “maa nkw come lets see ur dresses”
swara – ok bp come lets go
they continue shopping. Sanskar thinks to tease swara. Swara went back to ladies section.
sanskar follows her.
bp goes from there as he has an important meeting.
bp – maa i hav to leave. I selected for u na now rest of them u select and ha take my son’s help. His taste is very good.
swara – ok bp take care call me wen u reach there.
bp – ma i am not a kid.
swara – u saud the same two years back too. I dont want to repeat my mistake
bp – acha ok dont be emotional. Njoy ur shopping.anyways driver is with me. But i will call u. Bye
swara – bye
bp leaves
sanskar leans to swara and says – so madam shall i help u
swara – no need i can do it myself.
sanskar thinks of a plan
Sanskar takes a black top and he goes near the ladies. Swara thinks that it is for her.
He crosses swara. She gets shocked
sanskar stops at misha
sanskar – misha..
misha turns
misha – ha sanskar (sees the top ).Omg is this for me ??
sanskar – ha i selected it for u.how is it ??
Misha – its beautiful sanskar. It is very nicd. She takes from his hand and asks them to Pack it. Swara is seeing them and fuming with jealousy.
sanskar sees her and understands that its too much now and about to go but misha stops him
misha – sanskar can u plzz select for me ??ur taste is the best
listening those words he gives a winning smile to swara and starts selecting for misha.
he sees different tops and keeps on her. This makes swara more jealous. She angrily leaves to trial room.

@ trial room
swara – samjhtha kya hai apne aapko.huuu being a married man he is flirting with someother girl. I hate him.
she sees the dress which she brought with her.
Swara – ohh no i hav brought small size top. this is all becozzz of u sanskar huh
she opens the door to go out but sanskar closes her mouth and pushes her inside.

Swara removes his hand – wat r u doing here ha ?? Go and select clothes for that misha.
Sanskar – ha thats y i came here. Actually the top which u took is good for misha and its her size. Soo i came here to take it.
swara – hooooooo u udiot waste fellow i hate u i hate u. (she starts beating him while sanskar smiles)
Sanskar holds her hands and pinns them to wall and goes near to her. She breathes heavily.
swara – y r u doing this ??
Sanskar – wat am i doing ??
swara – dont u know wat r u doing ??
Sanskar – no i dont know. Now tell me
swara – u r flirting with ur frnd. That too infront of ur wife.
sanskar – so wat ?? I am doing that infront of u not back of u by the way madam i am not flirting i am making my wife jealous.
Swara – hooo kyu ??
Sanskar – becozzz she is not guving me importance. So thought to grab her attention.
swara – sanskarrrr……. she starts beating him again.he allows her to do si becozzz he knew that he did over action.after sometime she stopped beating him
swara – plzz dont do that. I cant see u ignoring me.
sanskar cups her face and says – i never do that. I cant even ignore u becozzz i love u more than anything And i am sry for today. I thought to tease u but…
swara – its ok lets leave now. first u go later i will come.see that no one sees u.
Sanskar – ok

All finishes shopping. As promised mohit buys a dress and hewelery set for ragini. Ragini hugs him and thanks him.
Ragini – tanq so much bhayya.
Mohit – its ok its my duty.
swara smiles seeing Them.
ap and sujatha also become tension free.
all leaves.
mohit swara and ragini are talking. Someone dashes ragini. Mohit gets very angry. mohit observes that he did it intentionally.
mohit hold his collar and beats him.
swara doesnot stop him becozzz she wanted to show her brother’s love towards her sister.
ragini – bhayya chod do dii tell him to leave him.
Swara – let him teach a lesson raagu. These rogues dont have manners. They dont know how to begave with girls.
that person – sirr galti hogayi sry sir leave me.
mohit holding his collar.
mohit – how dare u touch my sister. I will kill u Next time if i see u misbehaving with any other girl.
sanlak uttara see this. Sanlak gets happy to see mohit’s concern towards ragini but uttara gets attracted to his angry face and his values. She gets impressed.
they trio comes there. Mohit leaves him.
swara – uttara wen did u come ??u told that u r going for a mve with ur frnds na ??
uttara – actually bhabhi i too am seeing mve in the same mall. Wen i called bhai to pick up me he told that he was here so i came here.
swara – oh ok go and shop fast. We all finished ours and i have taken a few dresses for u but u too go and select some
uttara – no need bhabhi i know ur selection. I am sure they must be very good.
ragini goes towards mohit and asks him – y did u beat him ?? u hate me na ?? y did u react ??
Mohit – ek hi khoon hai. Behan ho tum meri
saying this he goes.
ragini is on cloud nine. swara is very happy she hugs sanskar and jumps like a child.
All smiles seeing her excitement.
swara – ragini hav u seen him ?? I told u na he loves u do much. But he is just angry with u. But soon it will too vanish.
ragini – haa di.i am so happy today.
they all start to move but suddenly someone calls swara.
swara turns back and gets shocked to see him.But the person doesnot see others.
swaragini are shocked to see him.
swara (hatred).- Aap ??
Ragini (love).- aap ??
Vatsal – how r u dr.swara. Wow u even find time to shop thats great but wat about hospital ??
Ragini – aap kaise ho ??(with so much of love)
Vatsal carreses ragini’s face – i am very good Raagu. How r u ??
Swara is afraid that sanskar will see him. As expected he saw him.
sanskar – how dare u call my wife and ragini y r u talking to him like that ?? Do u know wat he did with ur sister ??
Ragini – jiju kuch rishte aise hote hai jho khatam karne ka baad bhi zinda rehte hai.
sanskar – raginj wat r u saying and…
mohit comes and says – di wohhhh…
mohit too gets shocked to see him
he immediately goes to swara and holds her by arms.
Mohit – di chaliye.
vatsal – mohit dont show too much concern for her. She will be fine.
mohit – just shut up and go away Before i kill u.
ragini – bhayya u cant talk to him like that.
Mohit (angry) – ha i expected this. Only a criminal can support another criminal.
vatsal (angry).- how dare u say my raagu a criminal ??
swara – busss mohit chalo
swara takes mohit and goes from there.
sanlak are shocked
sanskar decides to ask swara about vatsal and y he wanted to destroy her.
Vatsal is fuming with anger.
ragini wipes her tears. Laksh goes to console her but vatsal hugs her. Ragini hugs him and cries. sanlak are shocked but gets relieved hearing a word.
ragini – bhayya plzzz calm down. dont get angry with mohit bhai.
vatsal – ok raagu i am not angry now u too wipe ur tears. U know na i cant see ur tears.
ragini wipes her tears and vatsal is about to go but she stops him
ragini – bhayya dont u meet my fiance ??
Vatsal gets very happy – shadi kar rahi ho ??
Raginj nodes
vatsal – then introduce raagu
ragini holding laksh’s hand – bhayya this is laksh maheswari my fiance and laksh this is vatsal my brother
sanlak – wat ??
Ragini – no..not own i mean he is like my brother Laksh.
laksh – ohh ok (laksh is angry as he tried to slap swara)
Vatsal – ok raagu i will leave now.
ragini – ok
he leaves
laksh – ragini how can u talk to him so nicely wen u know that he yried to slap bhabhi
ragini – laksh i am very close to him.he is like..like my own brother. di and him hav fights that doesnot mean i hav to break the relation with him. For me both are important.
saying this she leaves.
All return from shopping

Precap – raglak engagement and sanskar asks swara about vatsal

sry if it is boring. I tried to show swara’s jealosy. Sry if it is nof nice

Credit to: sam

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