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Here we go

Swara is in her hospital treating patients.sanskar came there. Swara’s assistant saw him.
swara’s assistant – sir u here ??
sanskar – ya i want to meet swara. So could u plzzz tell her that i came.
swara’s assistant – sir actually mam is busy in a case as it is serious. i cant disturb her at this time. Could u plzzz wait in her cabin.
sanskar – ya thats ok. I will wait here itself.
swara’s assistant – no sir mam strictly ordered me to make u sit in her cabin whenever u come here. She doesnot allow anyone except u and mohit sir.Plzzz sir mam will not spare me if she sees u here.
sanskar smiles – ya ok.
assistant opens the roon lock and allows sanskar to go in.
asistant – sir wat would u like to hav ?? Tea coffe juice or cold drink…
sanskar – nthng tanq
she goes.
sanskar(monologue) – soo madamm this special treatment is only for me and ur brother haa ?? I am happy that u r giving me equal preference as mohit. I never thought that u will love me to this extent.I dont want u to love me as much as u love mohit but it happened. i think i dont deserve ur love.
As it became late sanskar is roaming in the room and seeing the paintings. he saw a big photo frame of swara mohit and bp.
sanskar to himself – my swara is looking so beautiful. But i never noticed this picture till now. I think she recently kept it.
slowly sanskar moves to her chair. There he saw his picture. Only his. He is looking so handsome in that pink shirt. its written “i love u sanskar” on that frame. Beside that there is their wedding picture.

sanskar always noticed tose frames from the otherside of the desk since after their marriage but never thought to see them. He was shocked. He carresed her face in their wedding pic and after that he touched the printed words on his picture “i love u sanskar”
he was so happy that there are no boundaries for his happiness. He understood how much she love him. His thoughts are broken by a voice.the voice which he was imagining in his dreams.hus belowed wife.
swara – sanskar…
swara saw him holding the two frames in his hand.
she immediately runs to him and snatches those frames and placed them in their places.
and she turned to sanskar and asked him
swara – wat r u doing here ??
Sanskar – wat do u mean ?? I sm ur husband i can come here at any time.
swara – no need to remember me everytime that u r my husband mr.maheswari.
sansjar felt bad but composed himself and thought to tease her.
sanskar – oh madam i came here to check about u and i got to know that u r cheating on me. See i saw this photo frame(holding his picture) wat is this ha ?? I love u sanskar who the hell is he ?? And y do u love him so much leaving ur husband.
saying this sanskar smiles
swara – dont u dare to say about him. Ya i love him. I love him from the bottom of my heart.u know he loves me unconditionally. My love towards him is nothing infront of his love towards me. He always understands me. he never misunderstood me.not even in his dreams He thought to hurt me. He cant see me in pain but now i am …i am missing him.i dont know where he went but i really miss him alot.i miss u sanskar
She gets teary eyed saying this. But soon composes herself and she takes her handbag and leaves from there.

Sanskar is still standing there. He is shocked to hear her. He didnot even recognise that he is changing Untill she told him.he remembered the days wen he loved her unconditionally. the days wen he was ready to cancel any deals and meetings just too see her and talk with her. He changed but no doubt his live her hasnot changed anf it will never change but the thing is his anger Is increasing distances between them which he couldnot bear anymore.
sanskar wiped his tears and washed his face. His eyes were red due to his tears. He us not crying but surely a few tears fell from his eyes as he couldnot stop all the tears from falling.
he went to his car and drove to mm after knowing that swara too went home.
swara ap and sujatha are in kitchen.
ap – swara u go and take rest beta. U r really tired today.
sujatha – ha beta listen to me.
swara – no badima even parineetha bhabhi is also not there. How can i leave the work alone on u. Infact u both go and take rest i am fine. And mom u both listen to me.
ap – no swara we r fine beta. Whole day we are taking only rest we r tired of doing that.
sujatha – ha jiji sahi kehrahi hai
swara – toh tike i will allow u only wen u listen to me.
sujatha – dekhraheho jiji our bahu is much more intelligent than we thought.
ap – haha right sujatha. We thought not to allow her to do work but here she is not allowing to do work.

swara – ha just becozz u both prepare lunch na ?? Badima mom i really feel bad that i amnot able to help u in lunch preparations due to my cases.
ap – arre beta y r u thinking like this. U do alot of work infact after u came here We became lazy
swara – mom this is too much
and they three laugh.
sanskar who is seeing and listening them is proud of her choice but at the same time is ashamed of his mrng behaviour. He went to the kitchen
both ap and sujatha are angry with him as he shouted on their belowed daughter in law.
sujatha (angry).- abb kya chahiye tume ??
Ap – sujathaaa he can take watever he wants. He has hands and he can do hus work.
sujatha – ha jiji if i trued to help him he will shout at me too as he did thus mrng.
swara feels very bad. Sanskar feels hurt and is about to go but swara stops him.
she gives him a water bottle and a cup if coffe.
swara (pretends to be normal) – sanskarrr wat is this ?? U couldhav called me na i will bring coffee there. wat is the need to come here.
She gives him coffe and also a water bottle.
he is shocked by her behaviour.

sujatha and ap are shocked – are beta u forgave him so easily. He shouted at u thus mrng…
swara – mom badimaa relaxx sanskar explained me the reason and how important this deal was to him. And mistake is mine. First he reacted normally then i made him irritated. Mistake us mine too so we comprimised hai na sanskarrrrr
sanskar is shocked (monolouge) – wat is she saying ?? Mistake is hers ?? Wen ?? And wen did she irritated me ?? I over reacted this mrng and we both know that.
swara presses his hands to respond to them breaking his chain of thoughts.
sanskar (hesitatingly) – ha ma
ap and sujatha – if u both are comprimised then we dont hav any problm
sujatha – par sanskar yaad rakho agli baar mari bahu oe chilaya toh hamse bura koyi nahi hoga.
sanskar nods. Sujatha smiles.
sanskar goes from there taking the cup of coffee and water bottle.
sanskar goes to his room

and drinks water
sanskar – how will she get to know so well about me. How did she know that i need water and coffe both at this time.
hmm anyways i have to ask her sry.
in the meanwhile swara comes there.
She directly goes to her wardrobe and takes her night wear and she goes to bathroom. Sanskar too follow her before she close the door he comes inside.
swara – sanskar plzzz go out.i hav to fresh up and go down.
sanskar – hm did i stop u from doing that.
Swara – sanskar…plz
sanskar – shhhhh
he places his fingers on her lips.
sanskar holdd her face in his palms.
swara – sanskar i am really tired i need to hav a bath so plzz go out.(She said as calm as she could)

Sanskar quickly presses the shower and water starts falling on them with a high speed.
they both get drenched completely within no time.
swara (angry).- sanskar Wat is this ??
Sanskar – ha exactly i want u to talk to me in this tone. I want u to scold me. I want u to beat me but i cant see ur this way of behaviour.u know na i hsv anger issues.i really dont know wat i say wen…
swara – i know but it hurts me sanskar. Y dont u understand me. She cries.
sanskar hugs her tightly and says – swara i am really sorry.
plzzz forgive me this time.
swara breaks the hug and says – i cant sanskar now plzzz u leave from here.
sanskar – no i willnot leave until u forgive me.
swara – is that so easy for u ?? Do u know sanskar i hav faced many problms in my life till now but no one scolded me till now. Not even shouted at me. in my house too i dont do any thing that makes my family blsme me or scold me. I will be in my limits do no one tells anything but i think i crossed my limits today. Thats y i hav to face this.
sanskar – its not like that swara
swara – let me finish sanskar. Its not ur fault that i dont know my limits. It shouldnot bother me whether u hav ur breakfast or not.so from today onwards i will be in my limits but plzz infront of our family lets behave normal as i dont want to hurt them.
sanskar – r u serious swara ??
Limits ?? Wen did we hav limits in between us ha ??
Swara – we dont hav till now sanskar but we should hav them. until then these fights will continue.
saying this swara pulls the shower. Water stops flowing.
sanskar holds her face with his palms – heyyy shonaa look into my eyes.Do u find anything except love in them.

i love u very much and listen dont u dare to talk about that limits again. We dont hav any limits between us. I am urs completely and u hav the equal right on my each and every thing.listen if i say anything to u next time in anger u just slap me ok ??
Swara doesnot respond
sanskar – r u listening ?? Acha ok i understood u r still angry with me.
swara – sanskar i already told u that watever happens between us should be in between these four walks but today u shouted on me infront of our whole family and ur frnd too is there.
saying this she cries
sanskar – swara plzzz dont cry yaar. I am sry. I know i did a mistake but i dont know that all are present there.
swara – ha u r tone is so big that there is no nred of a loud speaker. I thought a doubt that ma mixed some loud speakers in ur serlack wen u r small.
sanskar – is that true ?? My voice is soo large ?? (He asks innocently)
Swara – ha thats they came up as they heard ur shout.Huuu
sanskar – acha sry meri maa abb maaf kardo ok i will ask sry infront of thecwhole family and midha too ok ??
Swara – nooooo no need. Sanskar u r such a fool just now i told that i dont want anyone to know about our fights and i also convinced mom and badi ma that everything is fine between us.
Sanskar – hoo sry i forgot and madam y did u say so ?? Y did u lie them that u irritated me ??
Swara – becozzzz i cant even hear wen someone is blaming u thats y i told like that.
sanskar (teary eyed).- i am so lucky to have u swara. I am really sry for hurting u. I am really really sry

saying this he holds her hands and kisses them.
swara smiles – abb bahar cho mujhe nahanedo i am tired.
sanskar – if u r tired then shall i help u in…
swara – sanskarrr shut up now go and change ur clothes. U will catch cold gooo fast.
sanskar – ok madam
he goes till the door and comes back and asks her – by the way did u forgive me ??
Swara – noooo (and winks at him)
Sanskar pulls her closer and kisses her hard.
he moves apart after a few seconds and again asks her
sanskar – now ??
Swara – sanskar wat r u doing ??(blushes)
Sanskar – are this is my way of asking u sorry.Now tell me if u hav not forgiven me then i will ask u another sry.
swara (blushes) – i forgave u ok so now go
she pushes him.
she takes the bath and comes out. Sanskar too takes the bath and both changes to night wear. They both go down for dinner.


@ dining table

Bp – i am missing badly. Day by day my condition is getting worse. y cant we live together with her.
dadaji – arnav control she is a girl and she has to go to another house.
bp – thats wat i am saying papa ?? Y should girls hav to go away from their family.
shekhar – ha bhayya i too miss swara and now ragini
ragini looks confusingly and thinks – y is papa saying like that. There is still so much time for marg na ??
dadi – shekhar its just her engagement now.marg is after her studies.
ragini (shocking) – wat ?? Engagement ?? Wen ??
sumi – are raagu i forgot to tell u. We thoughg to do ur engagement. That u went out with laksh na ??that day we decide.Us it ok for u ??
Ragini – ha mai toh kab se tayyar hu(she replies fastly and later realizes wat she said)
All laughs
mohit comes there and says – mai bhi kab se tayyar hu ise ghar se bahar dekhne keliye
all gets angry but controls
bp – mohit dont spoil her engagement atleast. If u dont feel her as ur sister then atleast pretend infront of others. From tomorrow we should start preparations. Engagement is after 4 days. And as u r her elder brother u will see all the arrangements. Saying this he goes.
mohit too goes to his room
sumi – mohit hav ur dinner beta

mohit – i am not hungry ma
saying this he goes.
ragini gets tesry eyed.
sumi – shekhar i am worried about him. He is not eating properly. Wat if he falls ill.
shekhar(angry) – leave him sharmisha. He is not a kid.
they all finish dinner and go to their rooms.


Dining table

swara – badepappa wen shall we go for shopping ??
Laksh – shopping kis liye bhabhi ??
Swara – ohh shit sorry lucky actually we forgot to inform u that we fixed ur engagement date. Engagement will be held now and marg after ragini’s studies.
laksh (happy).- woww bhabhi y didnt u tell me before
he forgot that everyone are present.
he goes and hugs swara and tells her that he iscso happy
all looks at him to tease him.
swara whispers lucky we r not alone see y u reacted like this. See now all will tease u
laksh – ohhh shit sry bhabhi mai kuch zyada hi excite hogaya
sanskar – woww u r so happy lucky. bhaii i think soneone is so desperate for gettibg married ??
Adarsh – ha sanskarr i too feel the same.
rp – laksh y r u so excited. i think u r excited for facing the hell.
looks at sujatha and says like me.
sujatha – wat do u mean ??
rp – are nthng i am just giving some advices to him.
all laughs at them
sanskar – waise luckyyy…
swara interrupts
swara – dont u dare to tease my lucky. Now hav ur dinner. Lucky go and hav dinner. Sit u know i made ur fav dishes. See hav this.
laksh – tanq bhabhi u r the best unlike my bhai(looking at sanskar)
Sanskar – bhabhi ko dekhkhar kuch zyada hi uddrahe ho. I will see u later.
laksh goes silently and sits in his chair.
swara is serving all of them.
suddenly she remembers misha.
swara – badimaa misha kaha hai ??
Sanskar – ha where is she ??
ap – are i forgot to tell u. She told that she has an important meeting so she will see it and she will return after that.
swara (happy but doesnot show it) – ohh ok.

adarsh – swara u too come and hav dinner with us.
swara – no bhai i wil hav later.
ap – ye ladki nahi sudregi. Rehnedo adarsh she will not listen to us anyways.Pagal
sanskar smiles and goes to her and drags her and makes her sit beside his seat.
later he too sits there
swara about to get up – sanskar wat r u doing ??
sanskar – shut up u willnot speak a word now. He bends to her and whispers in her ear”if u speak anything or tried to get up then i will kiss u infront of whole family sochlena”
swara is shocked.sanskar smiles

Sanskar – Ramu kaka plzz come here
ramu kaka – ha baba boliye
sanskar – can u plzzx serve us ??
Ramu kaka – tike baba
ramu kaka serves and all hav their dinner.
sujatha – only sanskar can convince u swara. dekhrahe ho jiji how many times we told her to sit with us but she refused. Sanskar told one time and see her she is obeying him
swara murmurs – he blackmailed mom but how can i say this to u
laksh – maa chachi dont say like that. I think bhai blackmailed bhabhi warna bhabhi itni asani se nahi manegi.
swasan both gets cough hearing those words.
swara – n…n..nthng like that..
all smiles.
swasan gets embarassed.
dp – swara beta u all go for shopping tomorrow. Take ragini and mohit along with u. We should give clothes to bride’s siblings na. So take clothes for u and mohit also.
laksh – ohoo bhabhi double dhamakha ha ??
Swara smiles.
just then her mobile rings.
its mohit.
she picks the call. But speaker gets on
Mohit burst out his frustation unknown about the speaker – diiii i will kill this ragini for sure.
swara and all are shocked to hear this.

swara suddenly switches of the loud speaker and excuses herself.
swara – excuse me..
swara goes to the otherside.
dp – i dont understand mohit. y doesnt he behave properly with ragini ??
Sanskar – badepappa its not like that. Just normal fights between brother and sister. Whenever they both fights mohit calls swara and takes out his anger thats all.
(Sanskar tried to convince them luckily they got convinced. Even though they knew about how ragini sent swara to jail in the past but the understand that she thought for her betterment)
Dp – haa i know there will be some problms. Laksh talk to ragini she may be upset.
laksh – ji pappa.

@swara’s side
swara – mohit y cant u control ur anger bachuu. U know speaker is on and all heard u
mohit – wat ??
Swara – ha galti se speaker on hogayi aur..
mohit – di sry but wat shall i do. badepapa told me to look after all the engagement work. U know na di i cant even tolerate her for a few minutes. working for her its impossible.
swara – mohit i dont understand y r u doing this. Just forgive her and syart a fresh. Wen she goes away from u then u will know her importance.
mohit – ok ok i will try now u dont get angry. Had ur dinner ??
swara – ha tum ??
Mohit – ha…(tensed)
Swara – wen did u learn to lie to me ??I know u so go and hav ur food. Later i will talk to u.
She cuts the call.

she turns and gets startled to see sanskar.
swara – sanskar tumne toh mujhe darahi diya
sanskar – wat is he saying ??
Swara – nthng. roz ka hai
sanskar – u dont worry everything will be fine.
swara – i hav no hopes sanskar. i am trying for so many years but i couldnpt change his mindset.
swara gets teary eyed.
sanskar hugs her.

Precap – shopping

Sry guys i think u dont like this part. Some of u asked to make swara not to forgive him so easily but u will see that in the upcoming track. And one of my frnd asked to jeep an accident track for sanskar and that too will occur in the upcoming track but it takes some time. Hope u like it. In this track u will get to know about anand. But as i said it takes time for that track.

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