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Here we go

Swara goes from there.
laksh stops her.
laksh – bhabhi wait
Swara(teary eyed) – ha bolo lucky
laksh – bhabhi wohh bhaiiii
swara – its ok lets leave that here only. I need a help
laksh – ha tell me bhabhi
swara – do u know the details about the timings of sanskar’s meeting.
laksh – ha bhabhi i know it. it is at 11 am. Bhai told that he should prepare a presentation. He told that he will prepare it after going to his room last night.
Swara remembers the previoys night. She gets that sanskar forgot about the presdntation and spent time with her.
swara – ok lucky then there is still time for the presentation na ??
Laksh – ha bhabhi there is but the problm is bhai has back to back meetings right from 9 am.
swara – ok.
she goes from there

@sanskar’s ofc

He is really very upset. He calls his pa
he tells her to cancel the 11am meeting but pa – but sir they told that the meeting has to be done today otherwise they will cancel the deal

sanskar (angry) – i dont care
Cancel it.
laksh comes there
laksh – listen u just shuffle the timings of meetings. i mean just post pone the 11am meeting to 2pm. And prepone the 2pm meeting to 11am
pa – ok sir
and she leaves
sanskar (angry) – lucky wat did u do ?? We dont hav time to prepare the presentation.then how can we manage.
laksh – i will see that u plzzz take rest. If u r angry then u can do anything. U do watever u want but dong shout at my bhabhi.
Sanskar – lucky now stop it i dont want to think about it.
laksh gets angry and goes out.
sanskar to himself – aremistake is hers. Is breakfast necessary. Y doesnt she understand that i want to crack this deal. She spoiled my presentation.
his inner voice – but she didnot do it intentionally and more over she cared for u but wat did u do. Hurt her ?? Actually it became a habbit for u to hurt her.
his thoughts are disturbed by his pa
pa – sir everything is ready sir. Meeting is gonna start in 10min
sanskar – ok i am coming.
he takes his laptop and goes to the meeting room.


Swara – dr.anitha plzz tell my assistant to cancel all my appointments and if possible tell her to arrange them after 2pm ok ??
Dr.anitha – ya ok mam wat y r u sounding so low ?? R u ok ??
Swara – ya absolutely ok bye i am busy right now
she cuts the call and calls mohit
mohit – hello di
swara – mohit r u busy ??
Mohit – no di i am free
swara – then come to mm

mohit – ok but is everythig fine ??
Swara – ya u just come thats it
mohit comes there and she tells him that she spoiled sanskar’s presentation and files. So she wanted to make it and she needs his help
swara – so will u help me ??
Mohit – di i will do everything u just gake rest ok ??
Swara – no mohit i wanted to this by myself
Mohit – kuch hua hai kya ??
Swara (smiles) – nahi bachu ok now help me
mohit – dii u know u r the best in making wonderful presentations and u also know about business very well as u too studied mba along with me and he laughs
swara too smiles(i told u that swara too used to study those to make her brother read during exams)
mohit – so u do the presentation and i will prepare this papers again
Swara – ok
swara starts working and at 1pm.she finished the presentation.
swara – mohit cone u hav lunch
mohit – i will hav it along with u
swara – i am not in a mood to eat so u eat and dont say no to me. I am aready tired.
mohit holds her face in his palms aNd asks her – di i am worried for u. Thats y i told u that i will prepare the presentatjon but u never listen to me.
swara – awws bachuu i am tired but not in that way. I mean i am not interested to eat right now.Now plzz dont argue

mohit (pouts) – ok and swara feeds him and he leaves to his ofc
swara goes to sanskar’s ofc
swara calls laksh there.She gives him the file.
swara – lucky see the presentation is ready in my laptop so just give this to ur bhai.
laksh – bhabhi par..
swara – lucky there is no time. Its already 2:05pm go fast

@meeting hall

Sanskar – listen mr.mehta i am sry to trouble u but the presentation is….
laksh comes there and says – is with me. I am sry bhai becozz of me u hav to ask them sry.actually mr.mehta presentation us with me. I mean i took bhai’s laptop.
mr.mehta – irs ok mr.maheswari and no need to ask sry its just a delay of 5min. And we are eagerly waiting for ur wonderful presentation.
sanskar – ya sure
Sanskar gives confused looks to laksh and he starts the presentation. Sanskar doesnot recognize it to be swara’s laptop as its dark and moreover he is tensed.
he gave the presentation
mr.mehta – excellent mr.maheswari. i know that sanskar maheswari is the best. Its my pleasure to work with u.

sanskar – tanq so much mr.mehta.
mr.mehta – so lets sign the documents.
sanskar remembers the mrng incident where documents are spoiled.
sanskar – woh actually…
swara comes there running – sry everyone to disturb u.
swara goes to sanskar and gives him the documents and she is leaves silently.
sanskar notices her but he understood that she made the documents ready for him.
they both sign the contract.
mr.mehta while leaving.
mr.mehta – who is that girl mr.maheswari ?? i couldnot see her face but her voice is good and polite
Sanskar – she is my……
laksh – she is my frnd’s sister mr.mehta. actually bhai told me to bring the documents but i forgot so she helped me.

mr.mehta – oh so nice of her.
he leaves.all leaves
sanskar – lucky y didnt u let me tell him that she is my wife ??
laksh – wife! seriously bhai ?? i dont think so
sanskar – wat do u mean lucky ??
Laksh – nthng bhai u unnecessarily scolded bhabhi. Its happened by mistake but..
sanskar – laksh stop this yaar. I am already tired thinking about her.Anyway thanq for preparing the presentation And..
laksh – no bhai i didnot prepare the presentation bhabhi made it. she cancelled all her appointments and worked for ur project just to make u win. now plzzz dont scold her for bringing the documents late(sarcastically)
sanskar is shocked that swara made such a wonderful presentation and shocked to see her love.
sanskar – lucky i over reacted yaar
laksh – hamesha app yahi tho karte ho.anyways i hav to talk to bhabhi. She came here so i will spend time with her.
Bye. He leaves.
sanskar to hinself – now how should i ask sry
swara and laksh are sitting in restrnt in ofc.
swara – lucky y did u ask me to stay here ??
laksh – bhabhi i wanted to spend time with u. U know these days u r too busy with ur husband not at all worried about ur devar. I think u completely forgot that u hav a devar who loved u soo muchhhh.
swara (laughs) – achaa oo dramebaaz stop it. Tell me how wast the presentation ?? Wat about the deal ?? Is sanskar happy ??
Laksh – ha deal is done. and ur sanskar is also happy..
sanskar comes there and interrupts him
sanskar – hoiiii jhut mat bol. I am unhappy right now. (looking towards swara)
Swara gets up and says – lucky i hav so many appointments so i am leaving
swara is about to go but sanskar holds her hand. She gets startled and her heels made a sound. All are looking towards them. all the staff are looking at sanskar and swara.
laksh smiles seeing this
swara – sanskar wat is this ?? Leave me see all r seeing us.
sanskar – i dont care
he shouts – dont u hav any work other than staring ur boss and hus wife ??
All turned their faces and starts eating
swara – ridiculous and she starts going.
sanskar too followed her.
Swara went to her and started the car but sanskar took the car keys.
swara – sanskar give my car keys.
sanskar – no i willnot give u. U only take.
He starts moving his hand up and sidewards and swara is jumping to get the keys.
she is really irritated now.
swara (serious) – sanskar plzz give me the keys. Patients are waiting for us.
sanskar – no.. and he is about to say something but swara called the taxi
swara – taxi…

taxi stopped at her.
sanskar tries to stop her but she sat in the taxi and it got started.
laksh sees all this.
laksh comes to sanskar and says – hahahaha acha hua bhabhi chali gayi. Kaisa lagraha hai bhai ??
Sanskar – lucky dont spread chillies on my wounds.
laksh – tben wat about her wounds. U always hurt her. Today is the limit bhai.u shouted at her and total family is present there and even misha..
sanskar feels so guilty for hurting her and he also reminds laksh telling how swara made this presentation and thinks to talk to her.

Precap – sanskar convincing swara. Raglak engagement talks.

Sry for leaving the part incomplete but i am really busy these days and i am writing it at midnight as i dont want to disappoint u frndzz.

Credit to: sam

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