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Swara – TRUTH ??
mr.malhotra – haa beta plzzz i want to talk with u alone
swara – see mr.malhotra aapko jho bhi kehna hai aap yahi kahiye plzzz its a request.
mr.malhotra – shona i know that i did a very big mistake by separating my conpany and left ur family my own sisters family to
suffer but i hav a reason. I was blackmailed.
swara looks shocked
mr.malhotra continues – yes i was blackmailed by ur mami.she always wants
to go away from u becozz she is jealous that i and my son loves u and sumi more than her. but she supressed her feelings becozzz we cant go away becozzz our companies are interlinked. But wen mr.arnav gadodia is declared dead and shares fell down she started asking me to leave this company and separate my shares but i refused to do so then she told that she will attempt to suicide and she will blame u both. I know that she will not die but attempt is enough to get u both arrested thats y to save u both……i did this. I am sry beta but i cant leave u alone like that so i asked rithik to go against me and
support u.
swara is in tears.
but she wipes those.
all mf are spell bound to see their love
towards swara.
swara – but y did u slap my mom mr.malhotra
mr.malhotra – beta i dont hav any other option sumi is not believing me that i did this. But if this continues i am feared of losing u both so i did that to make her believe.
swara – does ma knew about this ??
Mr.malhotra – haaa just now i went to her and told everything. she forgave me.
swara – but i cant. U know i hate the persons who raise hand on women. I
forgave u but i cant keep any relation with u. So if u r done with this then u can leave. Saying this swara runs to her room.
sanskar is about to go but mr.malhotra
stops him
mr.malhotra – sanskar beta right now she is crying fir not able to forgive but u plzzz console her.
sanskar leaves to his room.
mr.malhotra turns towards the family and joins his both hands and says – i am sry amd tanq dp ji for allowing ur sanskar and
swara to help my son.
dp – are its our duty and ur son too saved my dil.
mr.malhotra – tike abb mai chalta hu. And
he leaves
after he left
sujatha – jiji swara shouldhav forgiven him. See he did this just to protect them but
swara still not ready to forgive him.
ap – u r right sujatha but we cant say as we didnot bear the pain.
everyone leaves

@swasan room
swara cries and sanskar goes and hugs her tightly.
swara holds him and cries more.
sanskar calms her and makes her drink water.
after she became calm.
sanskar – swara y dont u forgive him.he deserves ur love.See how much he loves u.
Swara (crying) – sanskarrr i cant forgive him.thats the problm na ??
Sanskar – plzzzz dont cry yaar. I cant see u crying. First stop crying.
he kisses her forehead
swara stops crying.
swara – sanskarrr i am not able to forgive him. U know i hate those men who…
Sanskar – who raises his hand on women yahi hai na ?? I know
swara looks at him
sanskar – swara but he is urrr…mamu
swara – no sanskar i cant forgive him.now leave this matter here itself
sanskar cups her face and tells her – swara listen to me carefully. I am with u in ur every decision but i cant see u hurt. So make a decision that u never hurt ok ??
Swara nodes in yes
sanskar kisses her on her forehead and hugs her.

After sometime they come down and have their breakfast and leaves to their respective places.

@maheswari ofc

laksh is on call

laksh – ragini i will come to pick up u at evng. So dont go home. We will go out
ragini – laksh i hav to ask papa i mean…
laksh – ragini dont worry i will ask papa
from ur behalf
ragini (happy).- tanq laksh i love u
laksh – so be ready to be mrs.maheswari
ragini – lakshhh there is a lot of time for that.
laksh – haa i know ok bye. I hav to go for a meeting
ragini – ok bye
she cuts the call
then laksh calls shekhar and asks his permission.shekhar gives permission
after the call
shekhar goes to bp
shekhar – bhayya….
bp – ha shekhar bolo
shekhar – bhayya i think we should do ragini and laksh’s engagement. we decided that marg will be after her studies but atleast we should do engagement na ??
Bp – ya ok i too think the same then i will talk to ma and tell u.
shekhar – bhayya u decide it na. Swara is still younger. We elders have to decide it.
bp – shekhar my ma may be younger to us but she is more mature than us. So i will ask her.
shekhar (sad ) – ok bhayya
and he leaves


Swara comes home.
sanskar too comes home. Mohit is also present there.
all are sitting in the hall. Swara looks at mohit. Mohit asks her to tell everyone.
swara – badepappa i want to tell u all something
dp – ha beta tell
swara – actually today bp called me and told that they wanted to do raglak engagement. He told me to ask ur opinion
on this.
dp and ap and all are happy
dp – are beta its really a goid idea. We dont hav any problm with this.
ap – ha beta we can do the engagement as marg will be aftr ragini’s studies.Kyu sujatha
sujatha – ha jiji
swara – i am so happy badepappa.Tanq so much
dp – arre isme tanq kehne ki kya baath hai beta. Its really a very good idea. I will talk about this to shekhar ji and arnav ji
swara – ok badepappa
mohit gets up and says – ok uncle i will
leave now. Bye di
swara – bye mohit. Take care.
mohit – bye jiju and he is about to go but a girl comes running from the entrance and hugs sanskar.by calling his name louder
swara is shocked.
sanskar breaks the hug
sanskar – misha…
misha – ha misha do u remember me ??
Haaa u completely forgot ur best frnd ha ??
Sanskar – arre its nthng like that. Acha tell me how come here ??
misha – hooo sanskar u r too rude. I came
here for u to see my best frnd aftr years and u r asking me like this.
in all this conversation swara is burning
with jealosy With her closeness
ap – are misha how r u ??
Misha – fine aunty and how r u all ??
Ap – fine
mohit observes swara being jealous. He feels bad to see his sister like that. He goes near her and hugs her and says – dont be so jealous she is just a frnd.
swara – i know.
Mohit breaks the hug and says – bye di bye jiju pointing to sanskar
misha – jiju
sanskar – ya actually he is my brother in
law and she is my wife dr.swara sanskar maheswari(Pointing towards swara)
Misha (upset) – ohhhh sanskar u really
broke my heart yaar. U know i..
sanskar interrupts – hahaha misha stop ur comedy acha u go and take rest ramu kaka plzzz take her luggage to guest room
mohit bids bye and leaves giving last look to his sister who is acting to be fine for her brother.
swara gives u-r- dead-look to sanskar while he gives i-dont-know-anything look
swara leaves to kitchen.
Sanskar – hey bhagwan kaha fasa diya aapne mujhe. ye lucky kaha mar gaya Ab.
i know this misha loves me from clg days but i thought she forgot me but no i am wrong. Huuu

laksh and ragini are having a wonderful dinner
meanwhile laksh’s phone rings
laksh – ha bolilye bhai
sanskar – kaha mar gaya hai tu
laksh – kya ??
Sanskar – tell me where r u laksh ??
Laksh – bhai i am with ur sali
sanskar – hmm here i am in tension and u r enjoying there ha ??
Laksh – wat happened bhai ??
Sanskar – misha came here yaar
laksh who is drinking water spills it out.
laksh – wat ?? Wait is she the one who used to love u ??
Sanskar – ha wahi hai and do u know wat she did ?? Sanskar tells everything how she hugged him and swara got angry
laksh laughs
sanskar – i thought u will help me but u r useless chiii and he cuts the call
laksh – are bhai listen to me bhai hello …..helo.
kaat diya
ragini – wat happened laksh ??
Laksh tells everything to her.
ragini – laksh here my jiju is worried and u r laughing at his situation. Huuu ok i am done now come lets leave u go home
laksh – ok ok come i will drop u.
laksh drops swara and leaves to home.

Laksh comes home and sees swara cooking with angry face. And sanskar trying to calm her.
sanskar is trying to talk to her but becozzz of ap and sujatha and parineetha he couldnot talk to her.

laksh comes to his bhai.

Ap – sanskarr i asked u wat r u doing here ??
Sanskar – wohh maa i hav to talk to swara
swara looks at him and gives an angry look.
laksh laughs
all understands
pari – sanskar u go talk to her later. here we r cooking cant u see.
laksh – woh kya hai na bhabhi right now he cant see anything except swara bhabhi.
and laughs.
sanskar gives a death glare to laksh and leaves frok there.

Precap – sanskar convinces swara and later swara gets to know that misha loves him.

I think this part is bad. I will come with better part tomorrow.bye frndzzz

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