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Chapter 59

Here we go

@london rithik’s house.

Swasan finished their packing and are standing in the hall with their luggage.

Rithik comes down holding his head and closing his eyes

Swara – sar dukhra hai ??
Rithik – haaa wohhh
swara gives death glare to him
swara – nahi nahi aur piyo na u will feel good. Ur headache will vanish if u drink more(Angrily)
Rithik – maaf karde yaar sry i willnot drink next time
swara – idiot dont consume alchohal. Its not our culture.
sanskar – exactly it effects our health very badly
rithik – baap re baap plzzz stop ur lecture already my head is spinning. And for ur kind information i will drink occasionally
swasan – shut up
swara takes some pills and gives it to him
swara – take this and sleep for sometime.u will feel better.we r leaving.
rithik – ok i will drop u to airport.
sanskar – no need if u drop us then definetly we will reach but not airport but hospital.
swara laughs and hives hi-fi to sanskar
rithik – hey wait wat am i seeing ?? i think she is angry with u.
sanskar – she forgave me.
rithik – ohhh thats great bro congratss and he hugs sanskar.
swara – ok rithik we will leave now.
rithik side hugs swara and says – take care shona
swara – excuse me did u just call me shona ??Are nooo u should maintain limits with me got it ??
Rithik – sry shona i thought not to create problms in ur married life. Thats y i told like that sry shona
swara – ha its ok but next time dont talk like that.
sanskar – swara see the time yaar. We r getting late
swara – acha ok ok. bye rithik take care and ha i will send some pictures. Select one of them. I want u to get married asap
saying this she runs
rithik too runs but swasan sit in the cab and leaves.they wave bye to rithik.

Soon swasan boards the flight.

They come to india


Dp – i am proud of u both. U both did a very gud job.
swasan – tanq badepappa but it is our duty.
ap – ok now u both go to ur rooms and take some rest. I will prepare dinner and will call u.
sanskar – no maa we r tired and we had it in outside. So we will sleep
swara – ha badimaa
ap – ok then ramu take the luggage and put it in their room
while they were leaving
laksh drags swara to a side and sanskar too follows them.
laksh – kya bhabhi is everything fine between u both ??
Swara – ha lucky
sanskar – ha everything is fine and if u leave us then it will be more fine as i want to spend time with my wife.
laksh – ohoooo bhaiiii u became too romantic after marg ok bhabhi bye
and laksh leaves
swara beats on his shoulder
swara – sanskarrr wats the need to say him like that. I know u r tired butttt……
sanskar – ohhh madam i am not tired i told him the truth today i want to take our marg to next step.
swara blushes – sanskarrrr wat r u saying ??
Sanskar pulls her towards him and asks her seriously – swara do u still need time ?? I will not mind. U can tell me.
swara (blushes).- but says nthng
sanskar understands by her gesture that she is ready.
they both go to their room.
swara enters the room and she takes some night wear.
sanskar goes near his cup board and takes a red sari (super net) And gives it to her.
sanskar – wear this.
swara – sans….
sanskar – shhhhh…. just wear it.
swara nods and leaves to wash room.
in the mean while sanskar decorates the room.
swara comes out and gets surprised to see all the decorations.
sanskar sees her and getd mesmerised to see her in red sari. She is so beautiful. He couldnot take of his eyes from her.
sanskar comes near to swara.
swara – sanskar yeh sab kab kiya hai tumne ??
Sanskar – abhi
swara – itni jaldi
sanskar – haaa madam u took so long to wear thus sari that i did all my works and winks at her.
swara shies and hugs him.
sanskar breaks the hug and kisses her forehead.swara closes her eyes he kisses her eyes. Then her nose tip. he kisses her cheeks and then he stares at her lips. Swara gives a positive signal by closing her eyes.They both kisses each other passionately.
later sanskar carries her to bed and they consummate their marriage.

Next day mrng

swara wakes up due to fall of sunrays on her.
she sees sanskar sleeping on her.She kisses his forehead and she wears his shirt and about to go but sanskar pulls her holding her hand.
swara – sanskar r u awake ??
Sanskar – noo but i oke up wen ur lips touched my forehead and madam if u dont know then learn from ur husband how to give a gud mrng kiss.
saying this he leans towards her lips But she pushes him
swara – koi zarurat nahi hai. I dont want to learn anything. I have to go now leave me sanskarrrr.
sanskar – no way i cant leave u my dear wifey. By the way u r looking hot in my shirt.
swara blushes – sanskarr plzzzz chodo na. I hav to attend so many cases today.
sanskar – hmmm u r too unromantic swara. Thats yyy we shouldnot marry doctors. Always busy busy.
swara smiles and goes to freshen up but before leaving she pecks his lips.and runs to washroom
sanskar – mrs.maheswari this is not fair. Provoking ur husband and then u r leaving him in this state Huuuu
swara shouts from bathroom
swara (shouts) – everything is fair in love and war mr.maheswari.
he smiles.she comes out from washroom. He goes in and wen sanskar comes out he couldnot control himself seeing swara with wet hairs.
sanskar goes and back hugs her wen she is drying her wet hairs. He dugs his face in her neck and start pecking her neck.
swara – sanskar plzzz stop na i beg u.
but sanskar doesnot listen her but they hear a knock at the door. Its uttara
sanskar murmurs – yeh uttara ki bachi ko bhi abhi aana tha kya ??
Swara smiles and gies to open the door and sanskar gets ready for ofc.
swara opens and asks uttara wat happened ??
Uttara – bhabhi ur mamaji came and badepappa is calling u and bhayya to come down.
listening to his name swara’s face went pale.
swara – ok we r coming uttara u go
uttara – ji bhabhi
and uttara goes
swara (shouts ) – now y he came ?? I dont want to see his face. I hate him.
sanskar comes near her and says – swara relax lets go and see y he came
swara nods
they bOth leave.
as soon as mr.malhotra sees swara he goes and hugs her.
swara breaks the hug and says – mr.malhotra wat is this ??
Mr.malhotra – beta plzzz call me mamu. I am dying to listen that word from ur mouth.
swara – i dont hav any mamu. u only broke all the ties with me and my family and u even raised ur hand on my mother just for money.now wat happened that u wanted me to call u m..nooo that will never happen
mr.malhotra – shona i hided this truth becozzz i dont want u all to suffer but noww i want to tell u the truth.
swara – TRUTH ??

Precap – mr.malhotra tells the reason for his behaviour is his wife. Swara forgives him but doesnot call him mamu. sanskar sees that how much swara hates the men who raise hand on women.entry of sanskar’s frnd and swara’s jealosy

i cant complete everything in the next part but the precap is not for tomorrow but for the next few episodes.

Credit to: sam

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