I am sry guys i hav prepared the next episode but the data is deleted i am sry once again
from this episode flash back starts and revealation starts so njoy frnds if possible i will post two updates today

Here we go frndzzzz
@coffee shop
swara is in deep thinking whether to tell sanskar or not
sanskar – ooo swara where were u i am asking u to tell the reason y ur brother hates ur sister
swara – no i cant tell u why r u asking this stupid questions if u cant solve then tell me
sanskar – can u treat the patient without
knowing his problem
swara understands his words and tells
swara – no but
sanskar – then how r u expecting me but still i am thinking ok i hav an idea
idea is muted (guys please dont expect me to join ragini and mohit with this one idea it takes time )
swara – sanskar will this idea work ??

sanskar – lets try swara i cant promise u to unite ur brother and sister with this one idea but believe me it works as u r a doctor i think u know to hav patience
swara – ya sanskar i hav patience and i am not asking u too make them unite immediately i know it is difficult i will apply this idea tonight
sanskar – ok and he is about to talk but swara’s phone rings
dad ka phone hai
swara – hello dad is everything fine u hav just called me half an hour ago
shekhar – no swara ur dadaji got a mild attack
swara – wat she almost screams
sanskar worriedly asks swara wat happened
shekhar hears his voice and feels as he heard that voice somewhere but didnot pay attention
shekhar – swara u come immediately
swara- dad relax nothing will happen it takes an hour to reach there so u admit dadaji in the hospital i will talk to dr.anitha dont worry dad everything will be fine
shekhar – ok beta u come fast
swara – ok dad take care
sanskar i have to go my dadaji got a mild attack
sanskar – swara wait i will drop you swara refuses
and she hurries from there seeing her in
tension sanskar thinks to himself”she is in a hurry uf she drives fastly and something happens to her ,then”

The thought itself is painful to sanskar so he decides to follow her
swara followed by sanskar both are struck in a trafic she is very near to sanskar bus she didnot see him but he can even hear her voice
swara says to herself “omg i was struck in this traffic it takes minimum an hour to get cleared “and she calls to mohit
mohit – di where r u ??
swara – mohit i am on the way but i got struck in the traffic it takes time for me to reach how is dadaji
mohit- di just relax He is fine just a small pain and this old man gave tension to all of us
swara – mohit stop it u shouldn’t say like that
mohit – acha ok baba i am sry but i think u hav an important work right u finish that and come ok i will take care here
swara – no need of it i am coming and till then u update dadaji’s condition time to time
mohit – ok di fine take care
mohit to himself wat to inform her he is absolutely fine and getting treated but there di is in tension
shekhar – mohit Where is swara ??
Mohit – di is coming she is on the way but got struck in the traffic but why did u inform her after she came u can inform her no if she drives fastly then ??
Shekhar – mohit stop ur extra care ur dadaji needs her that is why i hav called her and goes from there
ragini in phone call with uttara
ragini – i think i cant come to college tommorrow my grandfather got a mild attack
uttara – its ok rags but take care dont worry about the classes i will give u the notes
laksh who hears their conversation asks what happened ??
Uttara tells him everything

laksh – ohhh nooo and keeps a worried face
uttara u should go and support ur frnd
uttara – uttara laughs and says bhai wat happened to u it was her grand father not ragini who is not feeling well and even he is fine now u r saying as if he is very serious
laksh realises and tells -ok ok i thought for ur frndship and u r taunting me in return and goes to his room
swara think the traffic will not get cleared easily wat to do and suddenly she sees one woman with torn clothes and begging
she remembers something

A man of 50yrs old swara calls him bp and he calls swara ‘ma’because she looks like his ma and born on the same date details about the man will be revealed later its just the starting of flashback
bp- ma where r we going ??
Swara – bp just relax today is ur 50th birthday so i am going to give a surprise
bp- but we can go in a car na why this scooty
swara – bp its fun and u know na i love scooty
bp- ha i know that’s why i too love this but see na as i am famous buisiness man all are watching me
swara – dont keep over expectations on u i know u r a very big buisiness man but no one knows u expect that buisiness channel followers they r looking at u becozzz ur size and scooty size they r worried for my scooty

bp – kya ma u always taunt me na
swara – ok sorry bp u know na i love u so so so much
in the mean while bp and swara both see a mad woman with torn clothes
swara stops her scooty at that woman and goes near her that woman is feared of her bp also gets wants to help her
swara – bp give me ur wallet
Bp – gives it to her
swara takes a hundred rupees note from that and gives it to bp and asks him to gome home and she takes that mad woman with her in her scooty and takes her to some where
flashback ends
swara comes back to normal and thinks to help her she goes near her and parks her scooty side and talks to that woman
sanskar sees her surprised as if “wat she is trying to do ”
swara removes her swetter and gives it to her and asks her to sit on her scooty
sanskar who was observing this was shell shocked ” people will never even allow them to touch but she is making her sit on her bike may this is called humanity which only exists in common people”as sanskar thinks that swara is a common middle class doctor)
when traffic gets cleared they move sanskar follows swara while thinking “how can she manage everything at the same time at one side she is managibg her dadaji and calling all the doctors and another side she is helping a woman she is really a super woman”
they reach the place swara finishes all the formalities and asks them to take care of that woman(it is swara’s place its a home where all the orphan people live made by swara and her bp)
While sanakar reaches there
swara is surprised to see him
swara – sanskar wat r u doing here
sanskar – i am following u
swara – wat ??
Sanskar – dont think too much as ur grand father is not feeling well and u r too much tensed so i thought to follow u

swara – ohhh shit i hav to go to my grand father and she again hurries
they both reach hospital
she calls mohit to know his grandfather’s ward number
Swara – mohit wat is dadaji’s room number
Mohit – thankgod di u came
swara – y wat happened
mohit – nothing its room num 14 u come from the backside if anyone sees u they will scold u for coming late and i cant tolerate that
swara – acha ok i will come bye
swara tells sanskar thanks but sanskar insists her to see her grandfather they bith go but they r stopped by ragini’s voice
ragini – di stop why r u coming now
swara – ragini lets talk later about this now i hav to see dadu
ragini- oh so u remember him u r so irresponsible di u just see ur selfish ness and ur brother’s happiness nothing else
sanskar gets angry and speaks up
sanskar – hey u why r u scolding ur sister she is not at fault she talked to every doctor and she managed everything better than u even if she is not present here
swara – sanskar please stop it she reauests him
sanskar stops and turns his face in anger
ragini- oh so u brought a person to defend u and even though i say u r irrespobsible and careless u r unfit for dictor’s proffession

sanskar is about to turn and reply her but they hear a scream”SHUT UP RAGINI ”
Its mohit
Mohit – if u utter a sinfle word against my di i will kill u here only
swara – mohit stop it it is a hospital lets talk about this later
Ragini – she is my di even i hav the right to scold her when she is wrong
mohit – u hav lost the right that day itself when u… leave it u will not change and one more thing dont call her ur di becozzz by destroying her happiness u lost ur rights on her
swara gets teary eyed and says – please mohit chalo i hav to see dadaji
mohit – di please i cant see u like this ok lets go abd they go
sanskar is shocked and thinks “wat’s the matter”
@dadaji’s room
swara – dadu how r u feeling now ??
Dadaji – fine beta don’t worry its nothing there to worry these people unneccesarily panicked
mohit – ha i hav told u before only that this man will not leave us so easily
swara – shut up jab dekho mazak karta rehta hai
all laugh even though all r angry with swara everyone cools down seeing swara’s concern
all are having dinner
swara thinks to start the plan and makes mohit sit beside him leaving no chair left for him now mohit is between his two sisters
all are done with their dinner and went from there only ragini swara and mohit are left
swara mixes something in curry and tells mohit to eat it
she excuses herself as she has to attend a phone call
sanskar on line
swara – i cant see my brother in pain but i hav done this as u told
sanskar – relax swara its just causes a a small irritation in tongue that’s it
swara is talking to sanskar and at the same time watching her siblings from a distance
both are not talking to themselves
swara – sanskar why they r not talking
sanskar – hey madam that’s not our plan did ur brother eat the curry
at the sam time they see mohit finishing his dinner both gets tensed but ragini says “di told u to eat this”in rude manner
mohit remembers and thinks to thank her but will not thank her
he eats the curry
mohit is coughing swara is about to go but sanskar’s voice interrupted her
sanskar – swara control urself

swara is almost in tears sanskar feels that and asks her to do commentry on the scene
she laughs and does it
mohit coughs and ragini immediately gets worried and makes him drink water while rubbing his back he feels much better
ragini – bhayya how r u feeling now ??
Mohit – fine thankyou
and dont tell this to di she will be panicked
ragini – ok but on one condition u hav to drop me at clg tomorrow u or swara di or both
mohit – u are too intelligent na ok we will come together and laughs
swara becomes emotional seeing this and becomes so happy
swara – sanskar tanq so much this is all becozzz of u
sanskar – oh hello no sry and no thanku in frndship
swara – but we r not frnds
sanskar feels awkward listening to her
swara – but lets become frnds
they both smile
they hear mohit’s voice “di”
Swara – i will talk to u later sanskar bye
sanskar unwillingly says bye
swara – mohit r u fine ??

Mohit – ofcourse di but y r u asking this ??
swara – nothing felt like asking
ragini is about to go but swara stops her
mohit – wat happened now
swara – u go i will come
mohit – ok come fast and he goes
swara – ragini i can understand ur concern for dadaji and i am happy that u became so mature but i really hav an important work
ragini – nahi di i am sry u hav arranged eveeything that is necessary for dadu’s treatment but i told u what not i am sry di u r elder than me i should not say that i am sry please mujhe maaf kardo
swara – pagal no need to say sry u r my cute sister and i cant be angry with u now go and take rest u hav to go to college tomorrow right
ragini – nods and goes
@swara’s room
(Mohit cant sleep without swara he sleeps in swara’s lap everyday swara is like a mother to him)
mohit -di hav u asked ragini a sorry
swara -mohit stop it yes i asked becozzz its my mistake

mohit – diii and about to say something but swara interupts him
swara – mohit please not today i am stressed already
mohit – ok di come i will massage ur hair
swara – no need u sleep
mohit – why were u late today
swara – tells everything about that woman but doesnot tell about sanskar
mohit – i know di u are really in an important work that’s why u came late
i also know that u hav done this for bp and ur satisfaction
Sanskar thinks to call shekhar informing about their meeting about the deal
sabskar – hello mr.shekhar gadodia i am sry to disturb u but i called u too inform about our meeting tomorrow at 10:00AM
shekhar – no no its ok mr.maheswari we will be there bye
sanskar – bye

Precap – shekhar and mohit coming to sanskar’s ofc where swara is also present will sanskar gets to know about swara being swara shekhar gadodia ??

* i am sry frnds i know it is little boring today but i will try to make interesting the next episode

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