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Swasan comes down with their bags
they take blessings from elders and tgen swara removes one report file from her bag
And gives it to pari
swara – bhabhi these r ur reports if u feel any pain or weakness then u consult dr.priya. i hav sent u her contact.and u can call me anytime ok.
pari – ok swara u dont take tension for me i am fine. U take care. Sanskar take care if my swara.
sanskar smiles and looks at swara lovingly.
but she turns her face and bids bye to everyone.laksh sees this
dp asks adarsh to drop them but laksh tells that he will drop them.

In car

Laksh sits on driver seat. Sanskar is about to sit beside him in front seat lajsh stops him
laksh – bhai plzzz u sit back na i want my bhabhi to sit here.
sanskar – bhabhi ka chamcha
laksh – hahaha watever
Swara sits beside him and sanskar sits at back

While driving
laksh – bhabhi y r u upset with bhai ??
Swasan are shocked
laksh – dont see me like that i observed it. So just tell me.
swasan – nthng like that lucky (at the same time)
Laksh smiles listening them.
laksh – acha ok ok i understand its ur personal but i can say one thing bhai u only hurt bhabhi na ??
Sanskar – wah mera bhai how can u trust ur brother so much
laksh – becozzz i know u from childhood. U cant control ur anger and coming to bhabhi she cant hurt anyone becozz she is soo sweet.
sanskar – ha thats right i cant control my anger and see i am bearing the punishment.
laksh laughs but swara keeps silent.
laksh – bhabhi plzzz dont be sad i cant see u like that.
swara – lucky i am fine dont worry but i need some time to become normal thatsall.
laksh – i know bhabhi bhai ne…
swara – no lucky its not his fault. Dont think wrong about him.
sanskar feels soo gud that she is still supporting him.
in the mean while mohit calls
mohit – ha di hav u started to airport ??
Swara – ha bachu i will u after reaching london ok ??

Mohit – ya di and listen i am coming to airport
swara – No bachu u no need to come. U are tired as u attended so many meeting today so u take rest and its not my request its my..
mohit – order hai na ?? I know it ok then i cant oppose u. ok bye take care call me as soon as u reach there ok
swara – ok bye u too take care and inform bp. And everyone.
mohit – ok bye di.
he cuts the call.
after sometime they reach the airport.

rithik comes there and informs them that the flight is delayes for 2 hrs.
swasan ask laksh to go home and take rest. swara insists laksh to go back. He goes after so much of discussion.
they all sit at the seats waiting for the flight.
rithik sits beside swara and swara is sitting in between rithik and sanskar.
rithik – shona ??
Swara – hmm
rithik – shonaa ??(Little bit louder)
Swara – yahi hu mai y r u shouting ??
Rithik – u r present here physically but ur mind is somewhere else. Wat happened y r u so dull.
swara – its nthng like that. I am fine.
Saying this she leaves.
sanskar too goes behind her.
rithik sits there thinking that it may be a problm between wife and husband.

@swasan side

Sanskar holds swara’s hand

Swara – sanskar leave it is airport not our room.
sanskar – ha i know its airport and it doesnot change our relationship na. Though it is a airport or a bus stand or a railway station or our house u r my wife and it is a fact.
swara – sanskar i dont want to talk to u. Plzzz dont irritate me. let me live like this.
sanskar – no swara i cant see u like this. Dull and inactive.
swara – ya right so u want to see my tears right ?? But u hav already seen those yesterday na ?? Then u want to see me more while crying or this time u want to see me dead.
sanskar closes her mouth with his hand and says
sanskar – swara wat r u saying ha ?? Plzzz never repeat this. I know i did a mistake but plzzz dont tell like this next time.
swara removes his hand and says
swara – i too dont want to talk like this mr.maheswari but u hav left no chance than this.

@rithik side

its been a long time they went i think i have to search for them. He goes and searches them.he finds them and wen he goes nearer to them he hears something after which he couldnot able to talk to them.

@swasan side

Sanskar – swara i agree that it is my fault to talk like that but wat should i do ?? Wen i am angry i dont understand anything. I will keep on talking wat ever comes to my mouth.
swara – sanskar i couldhav adjusted wat ever u told as u were in anger but u raised doubt on my character.
rithik just came there and froze for a second listening those words.
swara continues as she doesnot notice rithik
swara – u think that i love rithik. How could u think like that ?? I hav told u many times that i love u but u never ubderstood me.
she stops seeing rithik.Rithik too sees swasan
sanskar sees him.
rithik comes near to swara and says
rithik – so this is the reason u were upset for ??
Swara – its..its nthng like that. I am fine u go i will come.
rithik – shona u dont have more options just say yes or no.

sanskar – rithik just stay away from this matter.
rithik – i wouldhav stayed away if it is a matter between u both but its about me so i can speak here.shona i asked u something.
swara – rithik sanskar is right. u stay away from this. Its a matter between us.
rithik – u know wat swara u will never change. I miss my old cousin who would never tolerate a word against a girl or her character.i miss the person who did so much for a girl and who even fought with her own…..

khair chodo nthng will effect u.mai bhi kisko bol raha hu. Its waste of time. tum apni poori zindhagi sabko explanations dete raho tike.it suits u better. but keep one thing in ur mind. U can tolerate anything agaibst u but i cant
and listen mr.maheswari ….
he interrupted by swara
swara – u hav the right to scold me but not him. He is my husband and he has complete right on me. So leave this here only.

rithik leaves angrily from there.
swara feels bad for hurting him But she is helpless.sanskar is soo happy to see her love but feels bad. Swara is about to go but sanskar holds her wrist and turns her towards Him.
swara – now wat ??
Sanskar – y do u love me so much ??
Swara – …….
sanskar – i know u are angry with me but still u supported me and stopped laksh then and rithik now saying something against me. Yy ??
Swara – becozzz it is a matter between us. I never want anyone to know about this and wat ever may be the situation is the fact is u r my husband and i am ur wife.
saying this she left and after walking some more distance she came back and told him
swara – plzzz dont say anything to mohit. I didnot tell him. now come its getting late.
she leaves saying this.
sanskar is overwhelmed with her care and love towards him.

sanskar to himself – i know u r hurt again becozzz of me u have to hurt rithik and i know u r feeling bad for it. I really have to control my anger.
they board the flight.
swasan sit beside each other. And rithik behind them.
swara tries to talk to rithik but he doesnot talk to her. Sanskar tries to talk to swara but swara ignores him.
air hostess comes there and asks swara to put the seat belt but swara is in her own thoughts.Sanskar tells hostess that he will keep and then she goes.
sanskar keeps the seat belt and also touches her belly. Swara comes to senses by his touch and removes his hand.
But sanskar became complete asanskari.
so he again kept his hand on her bare belly which is exposed due to sari and touches it romantically.
swara – sanskarrr wat r u doing ??

Sanskar – i am helping u with seat belt.
swara – u already kept it so stop now and she removes his hand.
sanskar keeps a pout.
swara ignores him.
swara turns back and says – rithik sry
rithik – swara plzzz i am feeling sleepy so let me sleep.
swara – swara ?? Y r u calling me swara u always call me shona na ??
Rithik – swara i dont want to create problms in ur married life so plzzz maintain some distance and be in ur limits.
swara is hurt by his words and gives an angry look to sanskar.
Sanskar feels bad as her relationship with her cousin is getting worse due to him
rithim goes to washroom and cries hard

rithik – y god ?? Wat hav i done that u gave me this much pain ?? I am in jail for 3 months but i am very happy that i saved my shona. Yes it is true that i love her. And i will always love her but i never wished u that she should love me in return. i never asked u anything for me.i always wished for her happiness but y will u do this to her always. First u snatched her guru whom she thinks as god. After that anand after that badepappa whom she loves the most but wen u gave him back u r creating more troubles to her. Y r u doing this to her. She married i am happy for that but u r creating trouble even in her married life that too through me. Noo god plzzzz i always want her to be happy. Plzzzz i dont ask u anything but plzz make sanskar understand her situation.she loves sanskar unconditionally.
as its long time he went to washroom swara got a doubt and she knocked the door.
then rithik came out with swolen red eyes.
swara – did u cry ??
Rithik – no and he leaves.
she too leaves.
the trio reach london after a long journey.
swara informs everyone that they reached safely.

sanskar tries to convinve her but she keeps on ignoring him.
they reached rithik’s house got fresh and started their work.
they three went and met the persons who are witnesses and also recorded their statements without their knowledge. they collected all the proofs.
swara – rithik we hav all proofs but still they can prove us wrong the only way left is the witnesses should admit themselves that they did this
rithik – but he will never let this happen swara
swara – shona its shona
rithik – no its swara
swara – go to hell.
rithik – first u go i will follow u
sanskar – stop it guys dont fight like kids.

rithik – ha right ur wife is really a kid.
sanskar – she is ur cousin before my wife.
rithik feels gud but doesnot show it.
sanskar – anyways we hav to do it today itself. We can bring the witnesses becozz he is not in london today. I hav kept an informer on him and he informed me he will reach tommorow night so he cannot do anything so we can complete our work today itself.
swara – tanq sanskar
sanskar – swara y r u saying this its my duty.
swara goes without responding.
rithik taps hus shoulder and says – ohh heroo i know u are feeling very bad by hurting her but kya kare galti tho tumse huyi hai.
sanskar – did u forgive me ??
Rithik – sach kahu toh nahi yaar but u r my frnd and i know about u. U cannot control ur anger.but i can only say u that there is nthng in between us. We cousins are really close. Try to understand. We r cousins thats it. but u r her husband. She loves u. Dont break her trust.
sanskar hugs him and says – sry yaar rithik. I hurted both my best frnd and my wife.
rithik – no sanskar i am not hurt i know u r really very gud at heart. shona is very lucky to have u. U r the best that is the reason she loves u so much.it happens in between any couple so chill and think about how to make her forgive u.
sanskar – ha thats ok. I very well know how to convince ur cousin and winks at him.
they three go and complete the hospital matter.they show all the evidences and finally the hospital gets permission.

Swara and sanskar are staying one more day in london.

they all come home
rithik – yeahhhh todayyy i am so happy i want to celebrate this day. Shona with ur permission i want to have a drink.
swara – shut up no u will not drink and thats final.
rithik – shona sanky…u both are made for each other.
swara – sankyyyy
Rithik – haa his nick name dont u know ??.
Swara understands that he is drunk. she sees sanskar
sanskar whispers – wen we r coming back he had….
swara – sanskar i hate persons eho drink.
sanskar – even i too hate but he is so happy today so i couldnot stop him.
rithik – i told u na u both are made for each other. shona same like u he also doesnot consume alchohal i mean he hate it.

swara smiles a little. They both make him sleep in his room.
swara goes to their room but sanskar doesnot come. She gets panicked. She again goes down and searches for him but she doesnot find him.she gets afraid and starts shouting his name
swara – sanskar….sanskar…..
sanskar – swara… y r u shouting.
swara seeing him goes and hugs him. Later she realises and breaks the hug. But sanskar kisses her on her lips tightly. Swara is shocked.later he breaks the kiss.

swara is about to go but sanskar holds her and pulls her by waist.
sanskar – swara i know that u are hurt badly but i am feeling really bad for saying u such things to u. I dont know how much u r hurt but i can say that not more than me. From the minute i said u those things till now i am hating myself i feel like dying…
swara – shhhh shut up dont talk like that. i cant even imagine my life without u. Becozzzz i love u. and hugs him
sanskar – i know and i love u too and i promise u i will never repeat my mistake again and i have decided one thing.
swara – wat ?? (Breaking the hug)
Sanskar – i will go to yoga classes
swara laughs hard.
swara – hahahaha sanskarrrrr yoga and u but yy ??
Sanskar feels very happy seeing her laughing
sanskar – are to control my anger.

swara – achaa no need for it
U already struggle urself by ur ofc work. Now this yoga nooo
sanskar – are but if i shout at u next time and if u got angry with me then how can i live without talking to u ??
Swara gets teary eyed and cups his face
swara – no sanskar from next time onwarfs i will never become angry with u and i will never leave u and listen to me no need of yoga classes ok ??
Sanskar – ha butt…
swara – ok if u want i will teach u on sundays.
sanskar – wat ?? U know yoga ??
Swara – ha i know yoga. i will teach u if it is necessary now come lets sleep.
sanskar – ok madam
they both leaves

Precap – thry both come to india and swasan romantic momemts

Credit to: sam

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