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Chapter 57

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@mm in mrng

swara wakes up due to sun rays falling on her. she sees sanskar beside her sleeping keeping his one hand on her waist.she is about kiss him on his forehead but she remembers the previous day’s conversation and gets teary eyed.
she removes sanskar’s hand gently and places it on the bed so that his sleep doesn’t disturb.she goes to washroom and gets freshenup.
she comes out and puts sindhoor and gets ready and she is about to go out but sees sanskar who is still sleeping as he slept late the previous night.
swara to herself – omg it’s 7:30 now and he has a meeting at 9. y is he sleeping till now today. but how should i wake him up. i dont want to talk to him right now.but wat should i do now ??she gets an idea
swara calls him through her mobile.
sanskar wakes up due to his phone ringing. he doesnot notice swara he sees the caller id and thinks y is she calling him.but swara seeing him awake cuts the call and goes down.
sanskar sees her going down and realises that she did that to wake him.
sanskar to himself – even though u r angry with me u remembered about my meeting.i love u swara and i hate myself for hurting u but don’t worry i will make everything fine till evng.
sanskar too gets freshen up and comes to breakfast table. everyone sits while ap and swara are serving.
swara – badima u too sit and hav breakfast. i will serve
ap – its ok beta we both can have breakfast together
swara – no badima u too sit and after that u should take ur medicines na so u eat
ap gives up and sits. sanskar smiles at his wife’s care
dp – swara beta laksh told me that he is not coming as he has some important work here. so who else r going
swara – badepappa this time mohit too will not come as he has some meeting.
hearing mohit’s name sanskar remembers that mohit asked him to tell swara to call him as sson as she is awake
sanskar – swara yesterday after u slept mohit called u. just call him after breakfast.

swara doesnot talk anything but just nodes her head.sanskar gets sad
everyone gets suspicious about her behaviour but ignores it.

dp – swara beta as only u and sanskar are going to london with rithik i have something to tell u.sanskar u too listen
swasan – ji badepappa boliye
dp – u both are not coming to india immediately after solving the hospital problm
swasan gets puzzled
dp continues – u will stay there for one more week and spend some time together as u both have not gone to anywhere aftr ur marg.
swara is about to say something but dp interrupts her – ha beta i know u both went to london but i know u went there for some purpose and u couldnot enjoy then so we have planned this.and i will arrange everything for u both to njoy
laksh – wowww papa ur idea is superb u planned honeymoon for bhai and bhabhi superb.
sanskar smiles listening the word but soon gets sad listening to swara

swara – tanq badepappa aap ne itna sab kuch socha hamareliye but i am sry. i have many operations to perform here after my return and i cant stay there for more time as i dr.batra will be taking my place here only for 2 days. i have to return after that.sry badepapa maaf kar dijeye. i will be back after talking with mohit.
swara leaves immediately as she cant able to control her tears anymore.

sujatha – sanskar did u do anything to her. she is upset from mrng. she didnot talk much.
rp – ha i too observed it but sujatha y r u blaming my son for this. i think may be she is tensed for her cousin
sanskar remains silent and he gets teary eyed remembering his words and how he hurt her.

swara’s side

swara cries remembering his words but composes herself and talks to mohit. though mohit is suspicious about her behaviour he had not forced her to tell him becozzz he understood that she will never tell him. he made sure that she is fine and made her laugh. then she cut the call and went towards the table.her eyes are red due to crying but she tried to smile and served them food
sanskar felt more bad seeing her. laksh being her lovely devar went towards her and whispered in her ears
laksh – bhabhi y r u in a so hurry to come back. i know u miss me but its ok spend some time with him otherwise he will keep a bad eye on our relation just like ur sister.
swara laughed hearing him. laksh too laughed and both gave hifi to each other.
sanskar felt happy seeing her laughing and thanked laksh through eyes.

soon they all left to their offices.sanskar is about go to his room for a file but swara gave him.
sanskar – tan…..
but without listening to him she left. as its an important meeting he left planning somethimg in his mind.


mohit comes to the hospital and waits for swara in her cabin

after some time swara comes to her cabin after her operation. she is surprised to see mohit.
swara – mohit wat r u doing here at this time ?? there is still some time for lunch na ??
mohit – ha still there is time but i thought to spend some time with u as u r leaving tonight and i will not be able to see u for 2 days
swara hugs him but he feels different this time. more than love he is feeling that his sister is hurt deep.but he knew that she will never say but still he asks
mohit – di wat happened ??
swara – nthng bachu its just that i too will miss u na thats y
mohit – oh then shall i cancel the meeting and then we can go together
swara – no bachu there is no need for it.
mohit – ha ha i understood that u want to spend time with jiju na ??
swara istening this becomes sad and avoids the topic but mohit understands that its a problm between a wife and husband but he is confident that his jiju never hurt her intentionally so he stays calm and cheers her up. and spends time with her.
at 5 swarra completes her work and reaches home.as she need to pack the things.
swara reaches the room and sits on the bed tired.just then sanskar comes to their room.
seeing him swara is about o leave but sanskar holds her hand
swara – wat is this sanskar ?? leave my hand
sanskar – no never haath chodne keliye nahi pakda hai (saying this he pulls er towards him)
swara – dont think that these dialogues will effect me (teary eyed)
sanskar – swara i am really sorry i said those in anger plzzz forgive me
swara – is that so simple for u sanskar. do u hav any idea how much u have hurt me ??
sanskar – swara plzzzz listen to me once
swara – noo plzzz i am afraid to talk to u sanskar. i really dont know how will react for my words. i cant take ur words.it hurts very badly. raising a doubt on my character (saying this she cries, sanskar closes his eyes and clinges his fist tightly to control his tears later swara wiped her tears and continued)no sanskar i cant bear it anymore. plzz leave me alone and plzzz dont try to talkto me.
saying this she left.
sanskar to himself – she is hurt badly yaar. i hate myself patanahi kya hogaya mujhe i told her those things to her.kuch ada sochna padega
swara went to kitchen and prepared some snacks to divert her mind

all r sitting in the hall.
swara gives snacks to everyone.just then parish too comes there.
swara – bhabhi dr.priya gave me ur reports today and there is nthng to worry about it. i will give u the reports later as they are in our room.
pari – its ok swara keep it with u anyways u will be there with me for my every checkup na
swara nods in yes.
sanskar too comes down after sometime.


ap – swara wen is ur flight beta ??
swara – badimaa at 11pm
ap – oh so done with ur packing ??
swara – ohhh shit no badimaa i totally forgot about that.i will go now badi maa
she rushes to her room.by talking to herself – this is all becozzz of sanskar. to avoid him i came to hall and stayed back here shit…. just then she feels a strong arms pulling her inside

@swasan room

sanskar closes her eyes.
swara – wat the hell is this sanskar
sanskar(smiling) – ohhh i am impressed mrs.maheswari u recognized ur husband without even seeing him.
swara talks to herself(slowly) – i am angry with him and instead of impressing me wo khud impress horaha hai mujhse huu
sanskar hears her and smiles
sansakar takes her to the balcony and opens her eyes.
it is beautifully decorated with red and yellow roses.
swara is impressed but her pain is dominating her.
swara (angry) – wat is ths sansakr ??
sanskar – swara dont u know these ?? without knowing about these how did u become a doctor ??
swara – sanskar…
sanskar – these r roses swara.
swara – i know that i am asking wat is this for ??
sanskar – tume manane keliye
swara – sanskar this is all a waste of time and money.i am not interested in any of it so plzzz let me go. i have to do packing.
sanskar – swara plzzz stay with me. our flight is at 11 and it is still 8:30. air port is nearer so we can do packing in 30 min and we can leave. dont worry i will help u.
swara – no sanskar i dont need ur help. waise bhi jho help tumne kal kiya hai abhi tak bhul nahi paayi hu now i cant take ur help more.u have done a big help by understanding me. tanq very much for that(in a taunting way) and she goes from there and starts packing.

sanskar feels bad for that.he goes inside the room and takes his clothes from cup board and wen he sees in suitcase he finds his clothes already present there. he feels happy that his wife gave first preference to him and also the clothes she kept are exactly according to his taste.she also kept all his necessary things and even his present project file containing the details and his laptop.
sanskar smiles seeing her where as she is busy in selecting her clothes. sanskar goes near her and stands too close to her.swara is about to jerk him but he holds her more tighter and whispers in her ears – tanq swara and sry for yesterday.i didnt mean to hurt u.
swara cant react as he is too close to her and both can hear each other,s heart beats.
swara – sa..san..s.kar plzzz leave me (breathing heavily)
sanskar sees her blushing. he couldnot control himself and he kissed her on her both cheeks.
swara suddenly realized and jerked him and continued her packing
sanskar sitting on the bed and says – madam itna gussa teek nahi hai
swara gives an angry glare and leaves to fresh up.
swara takes yellow and white chudidar but sanskar takes it from her hand and places a red and white sari in her hand
sanskar – wear this wifey
swara – its journey and i willnot be comfortable in sari so plzzz give me my dress back.
sanskar nods in a noo and says – i will make u feel comfortable and winks at her
swara stamps her foot and leaves
sanskar chuckles

after that sanskar too gets fresh and both leave for airport

precap – rithik gets to know about their fight and reason and gets very angry on sanskar

Credit to: sam

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