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Chapter 56

Here we go

Mr and mrs.malhotra leaves from there

Rithik – shona look at me
but swara goes and sits in sofa and cries.
sanskar and mohit go to her and try to console her.
in tge mean while sumi cones to rithik and says
sumi – sry beta i misunderstood u
rithik – bua y r u asking me sry ?? Plzz dont say that. U r the one who gave me motherly affection. My mother left me after my birth and went to her maternal house just becozzz she had a fight with dad. U r the person who took care of me. Me and shona are of same age but still u took care of us equally.
sumi – no rithik not only me u too treated me as ur mother but this is not done beta how can u break ur ties with ur mother.
Swara (crying) – mom leave him. He will never think before doing anything. Bus gusse me kar deta hai. Paagal
rithik – ha tanq and same to u.
swara wipes her tears and says – how dare u cal me pagal. U monkey
rithik – madam if i am a monkey then u too are a monkey becozzz i am ur cousin. Remember that.
swara – hooooo mai…
swara looks around all are lookinng at her with surprise. Just now she is crying and now she is fighting and here sanskar is fuming with jealousy.
swara – actually I am angry with u na ??
Rithik – Haa tho ??
dp – Rithik beta today we are shocked to see ur cousin’s bonding. How can a person be so selfless. Really I appreciate u for this. Swara is lucky to have u as her cousin.
swara – badepappa don’t praise him like this he will think as if he did a very great job.
Rithik – no no uncle I am like this because of her.she only taught me to think about others before yourself And now she is only scolding for following her.
swara – shut up Rithik. I didn’t tell u to bear the punishment unnecessarily.u could have called me na ??
Rithik – ha ha Kyu nah I if I have called u then they would have arrested u too. Then we both would have been playing coco kabaddi hai na ?? Shit how much fun we have missed.sry shine
swara – don’t make fun of me.Chale no problem Whatever has happened leave that. Now I have to make everything fine.
Sanskar Wat do u say ??
Sanskar (in mind) – Wat is there to say. U and ur cousin are there to decide na ?? And this Rithik I just hate him.
Sanskar – ya swara we have to solve everything.
Rithik – pa a gal hogaye Ho tum dono. Swara they will try to harm u and I can’t let anything happen to u. So u better stay away from this.did u get that ??
swara – hav u gone mad ??how can i leave u and ur hospital like that ?? I know how much hardwork u did to get approval for that hospital.
Dp – ha beta swara id right ??
Bp is silent as they can do anything to swara if she helps rithik but he cant even ignore rithik’s love for that hospital.
rithik – bp u tell her how much risky it is. She is not listening to me.
sanskar – rithik we all are together na then nthng will happen to her and we all together will save ur hospital and ur reputation.
mohit – ha rithik jiju is right.
rithik – bp u say i will agree to u wat ever may be ur decision is ??
Swara – bp then make him understand na ?? Right now he is acting like a jerk.It is necessary for me to do this. If not i will suffer with this guilt my whole life
bp – rithik i support ma in this.
swara jumps and hugs bp.
rithik – but badepappa u know how dangerous they are ??
Bp – i know u dont try to make me afraid. Wo log itna bhi dangerous nahi hai. By the way u r fighting for justice so god will be with u.
durga prasad ji abb hum chalte hai.
shekhar goes towards swara and says – take care beta i am afraid wat if something hapoens to u ??
Swara – offo pappa its not so dangerous. If it is dangerous then will bp agree to this no na ?? U know that he loves me the most.
shekhar gets jealous but controls and goes from there.

@swasan’s room

All are in the room i mean swasan,raglak,parish,mohit,uttara and rithik.
swara – bhabhi hav u taken ur medicines ??
Pari – ha swara i took my medicines
rithik – waise madam from wen did u change ur department from cardialogy to gynic
swara – shut up i am jyst asking her as i too hav some knowledge. By the way lets start our planning.
rithik – madam its not as easy as to know the truth from my mother. U cheater tricked her and got to know about this.
swara – ohooo dont cover ur mistakes. U lost the chalkenge and i won.
rithik – haa u took tge help of this vanara sena na ??
Swara – idiot its my husband’s idea. And u know no one can win over THE SANSKAR MAHESWARI.
rithik – ha thats wat i am thinking how csn u get those ideas as u dont hav brain itself.
swara – how dare u call me brainless.
rithik – shona its..
raglak – enough….. enough
ragini – dekha laksh that day u and jiju praised di na now hav u seen her fighting like a kid.
swara – sry but this man is irritating.
swara turns to sanskar but he is lost in his jealousy.
swara puts his hands on sanskar’s.
sanskar turns towards her
swara (slowly) – wat happened ??
Sanskar nodes in nthng.
they all plan yo go to london for two days.
laksh doesnot come as he has an important meeting. Ragibi has college. Uttara too has college.this tine mohit too couldnot come as he has an important meeting.
mohit – di dont worry i will cancel the deal.i will cone with u.
swara – no bachuuu its ok sanskar us there na ?? I will manage u carry on.
finally its decided that swasan and rithik will leave to london the next day.
rithik leaves.

(note – i will not drag this part in london i will finish it mostly in next part)


Swara – sanskar wat happened ?? Y did u became so dull suddenly.
sanskar holds her by waist and pulls her towards him.
sanskar (little bit angry and jealosy) – u r only mine and i love u no one has the right to love u other than me.
swara – ohooo now i understood sanskar its nthng like that. He is just my cousin and we cousins are more than siblings. so we are really close. Thats y everyone thinks like that.
sanskar – but u cannot ignore the fact that his marg proposal came for u.
swara (smiles).- sanskar its my bp’s decision.we both are against it. So niw stop thinking about it and lets sleep.
sanskar is still unconvinced.
swara – ok wat do u want me to do ??
Sanskar – stay away from him
Swara – wat ??
Sanskar – ha swara y cant u do this for me ??
Swara – sanskar i can do anything for u but i cant go away from rithik just becozzz u r not comfortable. I cant hurt him sanskar. He did so much for me.
sanskar – thats wat i am telling. No one do this just for a cousin.
swara – wat do u mean ??
Sanskar – i think he loves u
swara (angry) – sanskarrrr i thought u will understand our relation but u totally misunderstood him. now i am telling u plzzz dont say that. I cant hear anything against him. I know him from childhood
sanskar(shouts) – i know him i know him i know him thak chuka hu mai ye sun sun ke.why do u feel bad wen i talk anything bad about him ?? I think u too love…
sanskar stops and realises wat he said
swara is in tears.
sanskar – swara i didnt mean to say that i am sry..
swara moving back wards – its ok sanskar jho baat tumhare dil me tha woh aaj bahar aagaya. Tanq for ur trust on my love.
sanskar – swara its not like that….
swara cuts him off.
swara – kaafi raat hogayi hai tum sojao.i am leaving tomorrow night.
sanskar – wat do u mean by u
swara – it means that i amgoing alone. U no need to take stress to help my cousin mr.maheswari. i can take care of that so u plzzz continue with ur work here.
sanskar (angrily) – no swara i dont send u alone i am coming.
swara – no mr.maheswari i will not allow u to come with me.
sanskar (sarcastically and angrily and also he doesnot hav another option) – y if i come u dont get time to spend with ur cousin ??
Swara (broken) – kyaaa ??
But she doesnot want him to know that she is broken
swara – ok mr.maheswari u too come and spy on ur wife.
and before sanskar could speak anything she rushes to washroom.
sanskar is angry on himself for talking to her like that.
swara comes out after 30 min.
she changes to night suit.
Sanskar tries to talk to her but she sleeps on bed and covers her face with blanket.
sanskar doesnot sleep. Her swolen eyes are showing him tgat she cried alot in the bathroom.
he is ashamed of himself
sanskar inner voice tells – wat is her fault ?? U scolded her so much ?? first thing is u r not sure about his cousin’s feelings for her.
And the second thing is if he lives her also wat is her fault ?? Ya its her fault that she loves u.
sanskar feels very guilty for hurting her.
sanskar removes her blanket.
her face became red due to continuos sobs.her nose became pink. her tears are dried.
sanskar is hating himself for her condition.
sanskar to sleeping swara – i am sry swara i made u cry. i know ur brother loves u so much and he never trusted anyone in ur case but he trusted me and believed in me that i will never let u suffer but see i broke his trust.
just then swara’s phone rings
sansjar immediately lifts it without disturbing her sleep.
its of mohit
mohit – hello di r u fine ??
Sanskar – mohit its me
Mohit – oh jiju sry for disturbing but i dont know y i am feeling that di is not fine so i called her (sanskar is feeling guilty)
sanskar – no mohit she is fine. She is sleeping.
mohit – oh ok sry jiju for disturbing.
sanskar – its ok mohit by the way i am not sleeping.
mohit – oh ok jiju. Tell di to call me as soon as she wakes up
sanskar – ok bye gud ni8
Mohit – bye gud ni8 jiju
sanskar to himself – i am sry for lieing mohit. But i cant make u tensed.

Precap – sanskar tries to convince swara but swara will not get convinced and their trip to london again

sry guys i think u r bored with this london trips but this tine u will see some swasan romance.
and one more thing i cant write romantic parts so plzzz firgive me for that.
But i will try it for u

Credit to: sam

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