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Chapter 55

Swara is shocked to know that her cousin suffered in jail becozzz of her.
sanskar takes her to mm.
Swara is not at all talking anything
sanskar made her sit on the sofa
all maheshwari family are shocked to see her like this
dp – sanskar wat happened to swara ??
Sanskar us not able to talk anything.
laksh – papa nthng its just that bhabhi got to know about the truth y her cousin went missing for 3 months.
Sanskar (worried).- swara plzzz talk something u r not at fault plzzz talk
mohit holds swara’s face in his palms and says – i know wat r u thinking about. But listen to me jho kuch bhi priya ke saath hua usme aapki koyu galathi nahi hai. And now also its not ur fault. Rithik did this without informing u
but in swara’s mind some scenes flashes like she and priya are running moving the wheel chairs and carrying two injured people. Swara cursing herself that its all her fault. Their death.
but listening to mohit swara stops thinking. Now her mind is empty.no thoughts are running in it.
then gadodia family enters mm
everyone sees swara in that condition
as mohit informed everything to bp on the way so they got to know about rithik.
bp – maa u cant be weak like this see ur brother and ur husband see how much they love u. See ur sanskar his eyes are red. It shows how much he loves u. U and mohit hav a blood relation so if he cries for u it makes sense but see this man and see his condition.
hearing about sanskar and listening mohit’s sobs she starts to speak
swara – sansk…..ar i …am..fine she too cries
sanskar hugs her tightly
meanwhile laksh tells everything to mf.
they all are shocked to see their cousin bonding.
@malhotra’s house
mrs.malhotra informs about the incident
mr.rakesh malhotra was about to slap her but rithik holds his hand
rithik – swara hates this dad first we have to go to her. u know her. We hav to leave immediately.
ek minute rithik drags mrs.malhotra too to the car
the trio reaches mm


Swara sobs – sanskar i dont want anyone to suffer for my mistakes. It kills me
sanskar and mohit and bp consoles her
just then rithik arrives there
Seeing rithik swara gets so much angry and goes towards him and slaps him hard

All are shocked
he saved her but sge slapped him
mrs.malhotra – swara how dare u slap my son he saved u …
rithik – mrs.malhotra (shouts) shut ur mouth otherwise i will forget that u r elder to me.
swara holding his colkar – r u mad hiw can u do that and u know that we succesfully finished the operation but y did u beared the punishment wen u were not at fault
and even u made them say that he is alive right ??
Rithik – haa i made them say like that becozzz i dont want u to know this. U know i solved their problms and i even gave a very gud job in our company. He knew that we didnot kill hus father and i showed him proifs sohe believed me and agreed to help me.
sanskar – ek minute if u hav proofs then y didnt u show to police ??
Rithik – do u think i am a fool sanskar ?? Those proofs do prove my innocence but they cant prove in court
swara and all – Wat ??
Rithik – haa becozzz it is a trap for me and those persons said the truth infront of the patient’s family but the rival hospitals eho have planned against us doesnot allow them to the court.
swara – but who r they and wat do they want ??
Rithik – my reputation. My hospital has a very gud reputation they cant tolerate it so they did this and now see my hospital reputation is gone.and within 2 months i hav to close it.
swara – WAT ?? R U MAD ??
Rithik – swara relaxxx i willmanage everything
swara – how will u manage ur licence is cancelled now
mrs.malhotra – haa and its all becozz of u. My son chose this path even though its tough leaving his father’s profession but u spoiled my son’s future.
sanskar and mohit are clinching their fists.
bp – dont talk rubbish about my daughter
mrs.malhotra – if u worry for ur daughter then i too hav a right to worry about my so..
rithik (shouts) – I AMNOT UR SON from today onwards ur son died
swara – rithik dont talk rubbish she is ur mother
rithik – no shona for how many years u will hear her stupid taunts not anymore
did u listen mrs.malhotra
mrs.malhotra (crying) – dont do this beta plzzz
rithik – dad take ur wife from here.
mr and mrs.malhotra take her away

Precap – swara decides to solve rithik’s problm and sanskar laksh and mohit helps her.

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