Hiiii frndzzzz i am writing it again as my brother deleted this part so i am frustated writing the whole part again.so if its not good then plzzzz dont bash me


Here we go

At evng
@swara’s room

Sanskar – swara how can u leave ur husband alone and go to the hospital now. U promised me that u will be at home the whole day but see u r breaking ur promise
swara wearing her ear rings
and says
Swara – sanskar stop it. U r behaving like a 2 year old kid who cries wen his mothere goes away
sanskar – ha toh mai hu na kid. i am ur kid and going to become father of ur kids in future and winks at her
swara – sanskar….stop it. U will never change. (and she shows fake angry)
Sanskar – wah ye acha hai yaha mai naaraz hu tumse aur tum mujhpe gussa hore ho kaisi biwi ho tum ha ?? (And he keeps an angry face)
Swara comes near him and sat beside him
swara – so u r angry with me right ??
Sanskar – haaa And turns his face
swara holds his face and kisses him on his cheek
swara – now ??
Sanskar doesnot respond
but smiles inside
swara again kisses his cheek but sanskar doesnot respond.
sanskar thinks to act more
sanskar – its not enough to reduce my anger
swara continuosly kisses his cheeks and stops after sometime
swara – is this enough ??
Swara too blushes and sanskar is shocked at her.
sanskar smiles naughtily and says – ye gaal khali hai (thus cheek is free swara)
Swara sees his husband and gets that he is acting
swara – sanskar…… and she beats him with pillows
sanskar stops her and says – acha ok ok sry
swara – ok i forgave u this time but next time dont act like this
she becomes emotional
swara holds his face in her palms and says – wen u r angry with me na then i cant think anything i will become mad. I didnot know wat is love till now but after getting u i realised it. the thought of going away from u will make me die..
sanskar – shhhhh swara plzzzz dont say that. And ha i promise i never be angry with u from today
now plzzzz smile my love
swara smiles and hugs him
he too hugs her
swara breaks the hug
swara – sanskar i hav to go
sanskar – ok shall i drop u ??
Swara – no mohit is coming actually bp is going to ofc today as he has some work so they both will go to ofc after dropping me
sanskar – acha ok but take care
swara – ok bye
swara leaves


Bp comes with fury eyes.
mohit comes from behind and says – badepappa atleast listen to pappa once
Before saying anything to him.plzzzz ghar pe jiju aur laksh hai plzzz dont do this today
but bp dont listen
Everyone come to the hall including sanlak
sanlak are shocked seeing his anger
shekhar – bhayya wat happened ??
Bp throws some paper on shekhar’s face and asks him – wat is this ?? Haa (he goes on shouting )
Shekhar picks up the papers and gets shocked to see them
bp (shouts ) – y r u silent now answer me ??
Shekhar – bhayya plzzz lets talk later. Not now ??
Bp – how dare u To do this ??i was not here from two years so u believed that i was dead and thought that u can do anything na ??
Shekhar – bhayya nthng like that plzzzz listen to me once.
sumi comes and sees the papers and gets shocked
sumi – ha bhayya plzzz listen to him once. He is not at fault
bp – sharmishta u keep ur mouth shut. i am already angry with u for telling truth to maa now dont increase my anger.
sanlak are getting shocked again and again with his behaviour
sanlak goes to mohit and asks them wats the matter ??
mohit – jiju i am getting tensed. Only di can control him But di is in operation theatre.
sanskar – but wats the matter ??
Mohit – wooo
they are interrupted by bp’s shout
bp – shekkar how can u cancel the donations which we give to all the orphanages in the city. And how merciless u became ?? U took back the 10% shares of our company which i used to spend it on our old aga home and orphanage which is my ma’s dream
u became so greedy for money that u dont even think about ur own daughter. U know how much ma will get hurt wen she knows about this.
Dadu (fears) – ar..arnav listen to ur brother once beta.
bp – papa u dont involve in this or else i will forget that u r my father.
sanlak are dumbstruck
sanskar reminds of swara’s words.she told him that even dadu is afraid if bp.
shekhar – bhayya plzzz ur bp is increasing
Bp – let it be. Nthng is important than my ma.

@ hospital
swara finishes her operation soon and so she decides to give surprise to them. So she leaves in her scooty as it is parked in her hospital itself
So she drove to gm
she was shocked to enter her home. She couldnot understand anything so she just stood there and listened to their conversations
bp – so now answer me y did u transfer 10% share of our company to ur name ??
Swara listening this got clear picture of wat has happened till now
so she went there and said calmly – wats happening here ??
Bp – ma woh…woh… how to tell u. U will break down.
mohit – bp ma knows about this and….
bp – wat ma u know it ?? I know u r so hurt
swara – no i am.not hurt but listen to me first
bp – no maaa mohit i trusted that u took care of ur di in my absence but i was wrong. U too are same like anand.
hearing anand’s name swara and mohit both got angry but swara controlled but mohit couldnot.
mohit – badepappa dont compare me with that bastard.
ragini shouts – bus bhayya i cant even listen anyone talking bad about him.
bp – shut up ragini how dare u raise ur infront of me and y do u love him so much. Dont u know wat he did ??
Ragini bows his head down in fear but swara is getting angry by listening ragini’s words against her brother but she controlled as she has to control the matter.
bp – mohit y did i not compare u with him ?? Even u couldnot save ur sister from suffering.
swara now gets on angry mode she couldnot control herself anymore – ENOUGH and haa bp there is a difference that man is the reason for my suffering but my mohit is the reason for my happiness and he never let me go through any suffering. and ha coming to ur answer pappa did this on force.
bp – FORCE ??
Swara – ha force. Someone forced him to do so. And i dont want to say anything more but pappa is not at fault and one more thing bp i am donating the money to the orphanages from hospital income and i also gave 17% of shares to our orphanages And old aga home.
sanlak are shocked and proud at the same time
sanskar is smiling at her beautiful eife who is looking more beautiful in anger.
bp – but who forced him ?? Shekhar u couldhav told me na ??
All are surprised to see him cool and also realised that its a common thing for them as only swara can cool him.

swara – how will he say ?? Ha hav u given a chance to explain ?? Nooo u went on scolding and shouting at him That too infront of his son-in-laws
bp keeps an innocent face and tells – toh mai kya karta maa i thought their blessings are the reason for ur happiness today. See u got married and u got such a good husband. And i feared that they will curse u
swara – hmmm bp first stop reacting unnecessarily and stop shouting at everyone. Hav u seen ur bp ??Its increasing day by day.
bp – maa dont worry i will be fine.
swara smiles and says – acha ok ok u go and take rest i will come and give u tablet
bp – ok and he goes to shekhar and apologises him and goes to his room
swara looks at ragini with full angry eyes. Ragini understands this and ready to go
ragini – maa i hav some project work i am going
laksh to himself – wat she told that sge us completely fee today
swara – wait ragini
ragini to herself – bhagawan bachalenaa plzzz. I shouldhav controlled my mouth atleast infront of di.
ragini turns and keeps her both hands on her face as she feared that swara will slap her
swara goes near her and says – u dont even know ur di. I dont slap anyone or scold anyone for small things and even if it is a big i will never ever slap but if i did then they did avery big mistake
ragini – without removing her hands – di i am sry i wont say anything to bhayya from now
swara – ragini dont even dare to do that warna agli baar bolne keliye tum nahi rahogi.hope u understand.
and one more thing mohit is ur elder brother so atleast give respect to his age.
saying this she went to mohit’s room.
after sometime swara comes out and goes to her room. Sanskar is sitting on the bed.
swara goes near him and says – sanskar i am sry. We came here to njoyy but see wat happened. I am sry on behalf of my family.
sanskar (hurt).- swara i always thought it as my family but u always separated me i am hurt swara
swara – sanskar i dont mean that ok i am sry its our family and y should i say sry as it is ur family too u hav to bear the pagalpan of this family.
sanskar smiles.

swara – ok i willchange and come
sanskar nods
swara goes and freshen up and comes in a t-shirt which is tightly fitten not too tight and she is wearing a 3/4th pant.
sanskar is shocked to see her.
she comes near to him and sits.
sanskar – swara u r looking hot in this dress.
swara looks shocked and surprised – wat ?? Sanskar u became mad. This is night wear and its a casual
sanskar – toh kya hua come i will show u how hot u are ??
Swara – sanskar.. stop it (she blushes slightly)
He takes her to the mirror and makes her stand infront of mirror.
sanskar – see this girl (pointing her in mirror)
See her dress can anyone look so beautiful and hot even in night wear hmm tell me ??
Swara smiles
sanskar – no one na ?? Except my wife (he leans towards her ears)mrs.swara sanskar maheswari
swara blushes and hugs him.
Sanskar – acha swara now come lets sleep. Tomorrow we hav to start our plan na ??
Swara – ha chalo
they both soon sleep holding eachother

Precap – plan execution

I am sry guys as the part is deleted i didnot get time to write the total part again so i couldnot write the plan execution today. I am really really sorry

Credit to: sam

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