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Here we go

all are in parineetha’s room

Swara is checking her
adarsh – swara is she fine ?? She is suffering from vomitings frequently and she is feeling dizzy too
swara – bhayya how can u ignore it. U
should hav met doctor na ?? if u tell me once i wouldhav checked bhabhi na ??
Adarsh – are swara i am telling her to
consult u but she told that it is a normal weakness and as u came for 2 days she doesnot want to trouble u.
sanskar – bhai wat r u talking ?? Its not trouble it is swara’s responsibility.
Swara – exactly its my responsibilty. Anyways let me check bhabhi.
parineetha – swara it is not needed i am
swara – bhabhi let me do my work.
swara checks parineetha.
Swara asks some questions and
parineetha answers
swara slowly – bhabhi periods miss horahe hai ??
Pari – ha swara but y ??
Swara smiles
sanskar sees this – ohh madam y r u smiling ??
Swara gets up and says – gud news hai
ap and sujatha – we r so happy swara. We got doubt by seeing her symptoms itself
sanlak – will anyone tell us ??
Parineetha – swara but its not confirmed. I
mean tests hav to be done
swara – ha bhabhi tests are needed to confirm but hum doctors ko pata chal jata hai
sanlak – swara bhabhi…
adarsh understood and went near pari and hugged her
sanlak gets confused
swara – are idiots u both are going to become chachu’s
sanlak – wat ??
Laksh goes and hugs parineetha
but sanskar hugs swara tightly that too infront of everyone.
everyone smiles at them
swara smiles first but notices everyone.
swara – sanskar leave me
sanskar – no way u know u gave me a very gud news
adarsh laksh and parinnetha thougjt to tease them
adarsh – beta sanskar pregnent meri biwi hai teri biwi nahi jho usse hug kar raha hai wo bhi tightly
parineetha and laksh laughs
laksh – are leave it na adarsh bhai i think another news is on the way and laughs
swasan gets embarrased.
sanskar comes and side hugs pari and congratulates both of them
swara – bhabhi u take rest now.Tomorrow we are going for confirmation.i mean tests are required. adarsh bhayya we 3 will go to hospital tomorrow. now i will talk with our hospital’s gynic staff and fix bhabhi’s
adarsh – ok swara
all says good night to them and leaves
@adarsh room
adarsh – i am so happy today pari tanw so much
pari – haa adarsh i am also very happy. Hav u seen swara’s care for me. She is really caring like my own sister. Finally i got my sister adarsh
adarsh – haa pari inspite of her own problms she will control everything. Sanskar is really lucky
parineetha – mera devar kam thodi na hai ?? He is the top most business man of
kolkata and he is handsome and more than anything he loves her unconditionally
adarsh – yes u r right. Both are made for
each other.

@swasan room

Swara calls sharmishta and informs her.
sharmishta is so happy and asks swara too to give a gud news
swara – maa u know wat pari bhabhi is pregnant.
just then sanskar comes inside the room.
swara is talking to sumi while taking his
and sanskar’s night wears.
sumi – wiw its really a very gud news beta. Tomorrow we will come to ur house to congratulate them
swara – ok maa but before u come call me actually we r going for pari bhabhi’s check up
sumi – ok and ha listen u too try to give gud news as soon as possible
swara blushes hardly and says – maaaa plzzz
sanskar is seeing hus beautiful wife talking and smiles at her cute expressions and her blush.
swara doesnot notice sanskar
sumi – kya plzzzz i dont want to listen anything.
swara – ma i hav some work i will call u later
she cuts the call
swara blushes and talks to herself – abb ma ko kya hogaya hai. Unne potha chahiye kya mere pass kam bache hai jho ek aur
aakar add hoga iss list me. Sanskar laksh and mohit are not less than kids.
sanskar smiles at her
sanskar – sooo wat one more will come and
i know u can handle them easily
(he is coming from back towards her)
Swara is shocked to see him
swara – sanskar…. tu….tum kab aaye ho ??
Sanskar – wen u r talking to maa and blushing at her wish and wat did u say ?? We three are not less than kids haa then ok hav one more actually i am planning to hav twins wat do u say (by holding her waist
and pulling her towards him)
Swara – sanskar…plzzzz leave me see its
late and we hav to sleep na then i hav….
sanskar – ha exactly i too am telling the same lets sleep and winks at her naughtily
swara – sanskar leave me plzzz tomorrow we hav to go to hospital naa so plzzzz
sanskar doesnot listen to her. He hugs her and kisses her neck romantically.He carreses her neck and kissed her forehead then her cheeks and then…..
swara stopped him
swara – sanskar…plzzzz naa
sanskar sees her pleading and holds her
face in his palms and says “i am sry swara i just….”
Swara – shhhhh sanskar u hav not dine anything wrong but the thing is i need
some time.
sanskar – i understand swara its ok and i promise i can wait through out my life for u
swara hugs him and says – i am lucky to hav u sanskar.
Sanskar – no i am lucky to hav u. She smiles and goes to freshen up.both gets freshen up And then swara calls mohit.
mohit – ha di we reached home just now.Acha tell me how is bhabhi ??
Swara – she is fine. Gud news is bhabhi is pregnent.
mohit – ohhhh woww di its really a gud news.


both swasan gets ready.they both come down and do breakfast With the whole
swara – badepappa i and sanskar wants to go to gm for this day.i mean after pari bhabhi’s checkup we will go to gm. We will return till tomorrow mrng.can we go ??
Dp – are swara beta wats the need to ask me. Ofcourse u can go. sanskar so no need to come to ofc today. U can enjoy in ur sasural.
sanskar smiles.
laksh – bhabhi i miss u.
swara – even i too miss u lucky
sanskar gets up and puts his hand around
her shoulder and says
sanskar – ohhh meri pagal biwi he is saying about ur sister. He is acting if he say like that u will say him to come with us
swara and laksh – aisa kuch nahi hai
laksh – bhabhi u know me na ??
Swara – ha lucky i know u and i dont believe anyone and mr.maheswari dont dare to say a word against my devar.
sanskar – dekha ma and mom see how…
are where is ma and mom
sanskar turns and find no one behind. He
sees laksh and swara laughing
sanskar – ha ha that is wat i am thinking ki how can u warn me infront of ma and mom. U want to behave as a adarsh bahu
na ??
Swara – lucky see who is talking.Wen he noticed badepappa and pappa going he kept his hand on my shoulder as if they will
kill u for touching ur wife.
swara and laksh laughs hard.
sanskar – u both are impossible.
sanskar – swara i dont know that u r this
much naughty and i thought u to be a silent girl and reserved but see i am totally wrong.
swara – ha ha thenn who said to think like
that ??
just then mohit comes
mohit – u r right jiju
swara – mohit y did u cime here i told u na
we are coming there. Y to take stress bachu
mohit – di its not matter of a stress
and ga coming to the point jiju u r right di is
silent and reserved only she hided herself under a cover from four years. I thought that she will remain like this forever but now i am getting a hope that my poorani di
will come back.
saying this he hugged her.
sanlak – 4 yrs ??
Swara breaks the hug and says – woo woo
sanskar its 2 yrs mohit got confused
sanskar – ohhh
swara – acha u tell me y did u come here ??
Mohit – actually i asked dadi and dadu they accepted that they acted that day but they too dont know the reason.
swara – wat ?? But how can they do like that without even knowing the reason
mohit – they told that rithik convinced them
and so dadu told that he is unwell. Rithik told them that it is for ur betterment and uts not safe for u to stay there.

swara – wat
mohit – ha di
swara – from this its clear that he wanted to
protect me from something but wat is it ??
Sanskar – acha swara come we hav to go to hospital na i think bhabhi and bhai are also
swara – ok
mohit u and laksh go to gm and wait for us
we will come in an hour till then u three discuss
mohit – 3 ??
Swara – ha ragini bhi
mohit – par….
Swara – thats final
mohit – huu ok
swara sanskar adarsh and parinnetha goes from there.

Laksh – i saw u being happy and njoying
with ragini in bhai and bhabhi’s marg.
then wat happened now ?? (Little bit angry)
Mohit – i just acted for di becozzz she is doing so much to unite me and ragini so i
acted to keep her happy atkeast till her marg becozzz i cant do that my whole life
laksh – wat ?? Yaar how can do this to ur own sister. If bhabhi gets to know about
Mohit – no laksh she shouldnot get to know about this she will be hurt.
Laksh – how can u discriminate between ur two sisters.
mohit – i am doing thus on my own. Ur fiancee made me helpless.ok now i dont
want to talk about this anymore
mohit leaves. Laksh too goes to gm.

@ sunshine hospital

gynacologist dr.priya cabin.
first swara enters.
sanskar adarsh and parneetha are coming
as soon as dr.priya sees swara she hugs her.she doesnot notice sanskar and parish
dr.priya – swara how many days u took to
meet me ha ?? I am coming daily to hospital but u never hav time to meet me and wen i come to ur cabin u asked ur receptionist to tell me that u r busy.
Madam i know u r a cardialogist and u will be busy but ……(stops looking at them)
In all thus time swara is trying to cool her
down and tell her about sanskar and parish coming behind but she is not at all listening
dr.priya – aap log ??
Swara turns back andcsees them
swara moves far from priya and says
(professional) – dr.priya this is sanskar maheswari my husband and they are my bhayya and bhabhi adarsh and parineetha maheshwari
dr.priya – ohhh nice to meet u sir giving
handshake to sanskar.
Aap sab log beithiye.
swara – i am sry dr.priya we came without informing but i called u yesterday night but
u didnot pickup.
dr.priya – ya i am sry mam i was busy yesterday
sanskar thinks – just now she is scolding
swara but now she is calling her mam. Wats wrong with her ??
Swara – ya its ok. Actually we came here for checkup. I think my bhabhi is pregnent.

I want u to check her and confirm and also do all the necessary tests
dr.priya – mam if u hav confirmed it then there is no need to check but i will do it.
swara – ya ok

dr.priya goes inside with parineetha
sabskar – swara just now she is scolding u as if u both are close but as soon as she saw us she called u mam
swara murmurs – ohh shit sanskar ne dekhliya
adarsh – ha swara even i too noticed it
swara – actually she is my frnd but infront of others and in hospital we will be like this thats y she is calling me mam. I dont want anyone to say that i am giving her more importance to her as she is my frnd

adarsh – ohhh thats gud.
sanskar – hmmm ya u r right.
just then parinnetha comes there
swara – bhabhi where is dr.priya.
adarsh – pari wat did she say ??
Dr.priya came and said – mam u are right
she is pregnent. I hav done all tests reports will come later. As soon as they come i will personally let u know.
swara – ya thats ok by the way dr.priya can i give u a small suggestion ??
Dr.priya – yes mam
swara – watch ur surroundings completely before u react and as a doctor u should know that anger and frustation kills us.
(swara looks angrily at priya for not noticing sanskar and also for reacting angrily)
Dr.priya – s…sorry mam

swara leaves from there
sanskar and parish also comes from there.
sanskar – swara u r saying anger is not gud u too reacted the same way.
swara – sanskar yes i was angry but i didnot show it i just said in an calm way.
adarsh – swara thats ok y did u tell her all these. only we know na and we wont tell anyone
swara – exactly bhayya it is u all who came
in wat if someother person comes inside anyways lets go
sanskar to himself – she always takes things easily but y she reacting like this to
such a small matter. Is it really a small matter or something else. May be i was thinking more.
they all went to mm
swara packed sanskar’s clothes and they started to gm
in car

Sanskar – hav u packed everything
swara – ha baba i packed each and everything which belongs to u. I even kept ur files.
sanskar – wat about ur things
swara – wats the need for my things. I hav my dresses and all my things there.by the way we r going only for one day
sanskar – acha ok ok


All welcome them aa after their marriage they came to stay there for the first time.
bp comes there. Swara shows attitude. she ignores him
all family understood that swara is angry with bp.
after sometime they all came to mohit’s room

@mohit room

Ragini – di i am so happy to see u. i can spend time with u now.
swara – ha waise bhi u r talking daily on phone na and madam i went there 2 days back.
mohit – di dont believe her she is acting.
ragini – i am not like u.
mohit – that is y i am saying becozzz mohit gadodia wont act.
ragini – acha shall i tell u one example how many times u acted to get di’s attention
mohit – there is no need to seek di’s attention as she will always be there for
me. There is a need for u
ragini – hoooo bhai…
swasanlak – shut up………..
swara – omg u both will never change na
fighting like a tom and jerry
Laksh – ha bhabhi its really difficult to handle these both at a time. hadsoff to u for handling them.for these many years.
sanskar – ha swara lucky us right. u r really great.
ragini – hooo jiju u too changed ur party na ?? And laksh wat r u saying ?? U r praising
ur bhabhi na ?? Even she used to fight with anand like this only Infact more….
mohit stops her by holding ragini’s hand
swara becomes dull.
sanlak notices this
they remember that swara saying anand was dead.so they decide not to as her
sanskar – ok ok but pehle jis kaam keliye aaye hai wo puri karle ??
Laksh – ha bhai come lets eat
sabskar looks him with fake anger
laksh – wat y r u looking at me like that. We actually came here for eating na ??and
everyone too laughs.

Ragini – so di u think that he did something
to save u which troubled him later.
swara – ha ragini
sanskar – swara did u contact that patient ??

Swara – no sanskar i will call them now
swara calls on that number
swara – hello is this mr.raichand speaking
person – no i am his wife tell me ??
Swara – actually i am dr.swara who
performed an operation to him. I wanted to ask about his health.
mrs.raichand – ohhh wow now u remember about his health. U will never ever be haply by cheating us.
swara – eccuse me wat r u saying
in the meantime
raichand’s son asks who is on the line and his mother says that it is swara who has
done the operation.
immediately he grabs the phone from her and says
raichand’s son – i am sry doctor actually
mom is little bit frustated and ha our dad us fine. All thanks to u. thanks for ur concern
swara – ya its my responsibility and i need a help from u.
raichand’s son – sure mam tell me
swara – i think ur father got discharged after a week of operation na ??
raichand son – yes mam
swara – so i think mr.rithik malhotra attended ur father for whole week right ??
Raichand son – yes mam
swara – ok can u plzz remember if u see him tensed or any changes in him
raichand’s son – no mam he is fine i didnot notice anything
swara – ok tanq
she cuts the call
sanskar – kuch lata chala ??
Swara nods in no
mohit – its ok di we can contact hospital staff
mrs.raichand – y did u lie that ur dad is alive and y did u stop me from scolding her.
raichand’s son – becozzzz she is innocent
infact dr.rithik is also innocent. Actually the neighbouring hospitals plotted against dr.rithik to get him arrested so they killed our father.doctors did their work very well and even operation got successful. I know u r not believing but wen he showed me all the proofs i believed him.and u know after dad’s death dr.rithik only gav a job in his father’s company and also cleared all debts.
in return he asked me not to inform anything about dad’s death or his arrest so i did that
mrs.raichand – ohhh noo we
misunderstood him i told very bad about him. he beared her punishment. I think HE LOVES HER SO MUCH
raichand’s son – ya i too think the same.


Swara calls hospital staff but everyone say the same answer

swara – sanskar he managed everyone now i dont hav any other option except accepting my defeat.

sanskar – no jab tak mai hu u will not loose anything
mohit – haa di swara gadodia never looses her challenge.
sanskar – mohit now ur di maheshwari man
mohit – oops sry jiju bhul gaya
ragini – ha ha memory loss patient hai na
Mohit is about to say something but swara stops him.
laksh to change the topic
laksh – so wats the plan ??
Sanskar – swara u said that ur mami told that her son was away from her just becozz of u.
swara – haa but..
sanskar – if she told this then she will only tell the remaing part too
swara – but how ??
Sanskar – if she feels that u r responsible na ?? So she definetly will be angry with u.
swara – not angry she hates me
sanskar – then it is easy to findout
swara – wat ??
Sanskar – if she feels that u r going to harm her son then she will definetly react.
swara – wat should i do ??
Sanskar – nthng u should go to her home. Talk to her. In the mean time we will make her hear ur conversation to destry her son.
rithik acted bad to krep u away from truth na ?? Now u act to go nearer to the truth
swara – wowwwww sanskar ye dimag ya kuch aur omg itne saare ideas kaha se aate
hai ??
Laksh – bhabhi ofcourse my bhai is talented. Thats y he is the top business man in the city
swara – ha woh toh hai
mohit – dii mujhe bhook lagrahi hai
swara – ha chalo chalo lets hav lunch

All come down stairs
they see so many items
swara – maa itni saari items ??
Shekhar – haa beta becozzzz my lovely daughter came here for the first time with her husband to stay here na so i asked ur maa to prepare something special.
swara goes to shekhar and kisses him.
swara – tanq so much papa i love u
shekhar feels happy as his daughter is becomimg normal just like she was before
4 yrs.
shekhar gets happy and hugs her tightly and says – i love u too beta and kisses her forehead.
they all have their lunch
bp calls swara
bp – maaa
swara – ha wat ??
Bp – till how many days u will be like this ??
Swara – i dont know
bp – i said sry na ??
Swara – but i hav not accepted na ??
Bp – ok wen will u accept ??
Bp holds her face with his palms
swara is about to remove his hands but sees his right hand burnt with which he slapped her.
swara gets teary eyed
swara – bp wat is this ??
Bp – nthng ma wooo actually at night i
thought to prepare coffe then i burnt my hand
swara – Abb sach sach batayie. Tell me the truth
dadaji – actually beta….
bp gives an angry look to him he stops
swara – daadu no need to be afraid of anyone tell me (angry)
sumi- (fears but still wanted her to know the truth) – swara bhayya intentinally burnt his hand
sanlak – WAT ??
Swara cries and says – y did u do this ?? U know na how much it hurts me wen something happens to u. Haaa she shouts at him
bp gives an angry look to sumi
bp – maa nthng like that i just got hurt thats it
swara keeps his hand on her head and
says – tell me the truth aapko meri kasam
bp – maa (tries to remove his hand but she holds tightly)
swara – tell me (firmly)
Bp – wen i did my life’s biggest mistake with this hand then i should punish this hand na thats y i did this
dadi – swara woh toh acha hua moht time pe pahunch gaya warna poora haath jal jaata
mohit signals dadi to keep quiet but she doesnot stop
swara turns to him and says – y did u hide this from me wen u know it ?? So u started hiding things from me ok then she is about to go but mohit holds her
swara goes
sanskar realises bp’s love for swara and
gets teary eyed
he immediately goes and hugs him.
sanskar – i am sry badepappa i misunderstood u. Today i got to know that
how much u love her. I was angry at u wen u slapped her thats y i talked rudely i am sry.
bp gets happy to see his love for swara
bp breaks the hug and holds sanskar
bp – sanskar beta i am happy seeing ur care and love towards my maa. I always wanted a person like u for her.see it happened
sanskar – badepappa u dont worry she is ur daughter first and my wife next. I will never come in between u both.
bp hugs him
mohit comes keeping a puppy face
mohit – huuu waha di mujhse naaraz hai aur yaha u both are smiling huu
oyyyy old woman cant u keep ur mouth shut wats the need to tell to di that i too know it
dadi – are i tried to praise u that u saved him but how will i know that she will get angry with u. Shall i help u in patch up
mohit – no need of ur help. bus do one favour
dadi – bolo beta
mohit – shut ur mouth
dadi – hoooooo Huuuu
mohit – badepappa only u can help me plzzz help me
bp – acha kal jab mujhe tumhara madat chachiye tha tho tab tumne kiya nahi na ??
wat did u say ??
Haaa i remembered
“Di leave him he is not our badepappa who taught us good values , he is someone whom we dont know” yahi kaha tha na if u dont know me how r u asking me for help ha ??(holds his ears)
Mohit – aa badepappa chodiye naa is this the time to discuss all this taane mat maariye plzzz help me
just then swara comes and aplies ointment on his hand
swara – dadi apply this for every 2 hours
bp – ma did u forgive me ??
Swara – ha but if u do again kike this by burning ur hands i will only kill u
sumi – swara how are u talking ti him. He is elder than u
swara – he is my son ma i can say anything
bp – ha dont involve in this. She has every right on me.
mohit – diiii aap mere jaan ho naa plzzzz di sryy i thought not to inform as u will get worried
swara – ha thats wat i am feared for wat if anything big happens and u hide it from me just thinking about me.
mohit – di sryyyy
sanskar – swara maaf karde bechare ko
swara – hmm ok
mohit – hehehe tanq jiju i love u
Mohit winks at bp
mohit – badepapa wen i asjed ur help u r showing attitude na see my jiju helped me
bp – help chahe baap kare ya beta kya faraq padata hai
Sanskar – yah right badepappa
swara – ek minute ye kab hua dono ke beech mai baap bete ka rishta kab ban gaya ??
Laksh – just now bhabhiii a few minutes before. Naya naya rishta hai
all laughs

Precap – sanskar and laksh gets shocked to see bp angry avatar. Swara comes and handles him.they start their plan to know the truth

Credit to: sam

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