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Here we go

After rithik leaves. Swara turns to all family members and asks sry

Swara – badima badepappa mom dad i am really sry. Becozzzz of me u hav to see all this. sry once again but i dont hav any other option. U all were thinking wrong about rithik.So to prove his innocence i did this. I couldnot bear ur hatred towards him.
so i did this to bring the truth before u. Once again i am sry.
while listening to swara’s words and her care towards her cousin is making sanskar burn in jealosy.
dp – swara beta no need to be sry. U did the write thing by bringing the truth out.
ap – ha beta no need to apologise
sujatha – waise swara about wat truth he is talking about ??
Swara – wahi tho pata karna hai mom but i am sure he is doing this becozzz i will get affected by this. I know him.
sanskar (jealous) – swara how can u say that ?? May be he is hiding his mistake
swara – no sanskar he never hides his mistakes infront him. Only thing which he hides from me is the thing which hurts me.
sanskar (anger and jealous) – ok then i hav some work i am leaving to ofc
swara – sanskar wat happened suddenly
sanskar – nthng swara i hav to go

swara – par…
without listening to her he went to ofc
swara looks worried
ap comes near her and patts her shoulder
ap – its ok swara i think it is really important.
swara – but badimaa its evng 6 now if he went now he will come very late and he will not eat anything outside.
ap – ha but dont worry he will come early
swara – hmm
dp – are arnav ji aap aayiye baitiye. I always wanted to meet u. I am really impressed with ur business skills and talent

bp looks at swara and then sits in sofa
dp and rp sit beside him.
dp – annapoorna today arnav ji will hav his dinner with us. So prepare for it
ap – ji
bp – i am sry dp ji. I shouldnot hav over reacted but wat to do i couldnot control my anger. without thinking i raised hand on my…

he stops he couldnot speak more as he is controlling his tears and sadness.
dp – plzzzz control urself arnav ji. I can understand ur situation
bp – no dp ji i did wrong
swara couldnot see his bp making himself low infront of others she tells him
swara – bp u hav sacrifised ur life for me. U remained unmarried to fulfill my stupid wish. Ur whole life u just thought about me so any person in ur place will do the same which u did
saying this she is about to go but bp stops her
bp – maaa
swara – haa

Bp – did u forgive me ??
Swara – i hav some work i hav to go
saying this she leaves
mohit comes to bp
mohit – badepappa aap hante ho na di ko so give her sometime
bp – no mohit i cant live without talking to her. Not even for a day. do u remember if she is angry with anyone if i say to talk to them she used to agree to me easily but now see everything changed just becozzz of my stupid anger
dp – arnav ji y r u worrying just now swara told that u were right at ur place and anyone wouldhav done that
bp – dp ji she told anyone but she didnot expect me to do that
anyways i will leave now
dp – but dinner ??

Bp – i will come someother time
swara hears that
swara comes there and tells
swara – mohit u r doing ur dinner here ok ??
Mohit – ok di
swara – and u r not going to home unless u finish ur dinner.is that clear(saying this she sees bp ) and says aap bhi
bp smiles seeing her care
he smiles at her and nods simply in yes
swara goes
mohit – badepappa i will go and talk to di becozzz we hav to findout about rithik’s truth too
bp – ok but first we will both go and talk to rithik first becozzz i am feeling that this truth will affect my ma’s life. So if it will hurt her then huding is the best option
mohit – but….
bp – no arguments
mohit silently nods
(U remember i said that everyone are afraid of him except swara)

@karma company
sanskar’s cabin

sanskar hits the table
sanskar to himself – how can she talk about another man like that and that too infront of her own husband
she knows him so perfectly. Bada i know him i know him bol rahi thi
just then his phone rings
he lifts the call as its his swara

sanskar (rudely) – hello
swara – gussa hoo
sanskar (shocked) – no y will i be ??
Swara – sanskar….. sryyyyy but u know we cousins are very close so i knew about him. And if u laksh is in rithik’s place and if u r in my place then wat would u hav done ??
Sanskar – swara woh toh mera bhai hai par….
ek minute did u just called him brother
sanskar sits in his chair happily and thinks – wow hehehe brother and sister relationship yaar sanskar u worried unnecessarily
just then he listen swara’s voice
swara – sanskarrr.. r u there ??
Sanskar – ha swara tell me do u call him bhai ??
Swara – wat r u mad ??

Sanskar(innocently) – y ??
Swara – sanskar he is not my brother but my cousin.how can u think so foolish ?? If i call him bjai then y will bp bring his marg proposal for me ??
Sanskar (dissappointedly) – yaaaa
swara – acha leave all this and come home early becozzzz bp is doing dinner with us so u hav to be here na ??
Sanskar – swara i cant control my anger by seeing him.his face will remember me about that slap. Ohhh shit how can i forget swara i am so sryyy tell me r u fine ?? Is it paining
swara – sanskar…. listen to me first. I am fine now and dont think wrong about bp. His love for me made him blind

sanskar – love seriously
swara – sanskar….. plzzzz r u coming or not ?? I know u dont have any work and now u r going to hit ur hand to the table
sanskar is shocked. He is exactly doing that
sanskar – i am not doing anything like that
swara – mr.maheswari i know u more than u know urself so stop acting and come home and i love u (smiles)
Sanskar smiles at her confession – i love u too mrs.maheswari
swara – tho ghar aajao
sanskar – ok i am coming
swara ap pari and sujatha are working in kitchen
laksh comes there
laksh – bhabhi mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hai
swara – ok wat do u want to eat ??
Laksh – anything made by ur hand
swara – i will make pasta
laksh – tanq so much bhabhi
ap – swara no need beta u r already making somany dishes for dinner no need to strain urself and laksh tum eat apple

swara – no no badimaa its ok i will make it.
she is cooking while mohit comes there and stands outside the kitchen and calls her as its not manners to enter into the kitchen in otger’s houses
swara – ha mohit andar aajaoo
mohit – no di u plzzz come out
Swara smiles at his brotger shyness and ready to go
ap – are mohit beta cone inside this is ur house too feel free see this besgaram he will roam all ur house wen he comes to ur home right ??and she hits laksh
laksh – mom isi liye toh dar raha hai bechara becozzz wen i am roaming in their house u r calling me besharam if he comes here and if he cones inside…
sujatha – laksh muh bad rakega todi der keyliye shanti chahiye maareko is ghar me
all laughs
swara takes mohit inside
mohit stands beside swara and he is helping her.
swara – mohit be away from it u will get hurt i will do it u stand away
mohit – di let me do it wat if u get hurt
all adores their bond
laksh keeping his hand on his stomach

laksh – bhabhi…..my paastaaa
swara – lucky finiished just wait
she gives him pasta
sanskar comes home
he goes to room
swara and everyone arranged dining table. As sanskar is calling her she was going to his room bp stops her
bp – maa plzzz forgive me plzzz
swara – bp…wohh..
just then sanskar shouts “swara…”
Swara – bp i hav to go sanskar is calling me
she goes bp feels bad

@swasan room

Swara – kya hua y r u shouting ??
Sanskar pulls her towards him and holds her by waist
swara – sanskarrr wat r u doing ?? Everyone are waiting. Go and freshen up goo
sanskar – let them wait even i too am waiting for u
swara somehow manages to free herself
swara – sanskar u r becoming naughty day by day.
sanskar – ohhh really then let me show u my full naught avatar
saying this he pulls her towards him and started kissing her nape.
swara – sanskar….plzzzz
Sanskar ignore her words but she pushes him.
and goes down blushing

@dining table

All are doing dinner.
swara sits in between mohit and sanskar
swara is feeding mohit and she is too eating
bp – mohit atleast learn now how to eat
swara(angry) – y ?? Jab tak mai zinda hu apni bhai ko mai hi khilaungi.
bp – ma i am just saying it normally. As u r married now i mean u hav ur own family and own responsibilities so he should learn to handle himself
swara – plzzzz bp i can handle my both the familes together.
bp – and wat if ur husband doesnot allow u to do so ??
Swara and sanskar both are shocked infact all are shocked
sanskar feels bad
swara understands this

swara – no bp my husband never does that infact he is the person who supported me and made me strong enough to handle both the responsibilites And u know y i came here ??
Uttara got a marg proposal so a dil of this house i should be here thats y i came here by lieing u. But u know wat he told me not to leave u amd also said that he will manage here but i insisted to come.
bp hears this and gets happy that his daugjter got the best person as her husband and also feels sad as he still thinks that she is going away from him
bp – i am happy that u got such a giod husband like sanskar.
soon they all finish their dinner and sits

Swasan mohit uttara adarsh parineetha and laksh are sitting together.
they are talking.
Mohit – diii u challenged him but how will u find out the truth ??
Swara remembers rithik’s mother saying her that becozzzz of swara her son is not with him today
(on the day wen bp gets rithik’s proposal swara talks with mr.and mrs.malhotra then mrs.malhotra says like that do u remember ??)
Swara tells everyone
Sanskar – but swara how r u responsible ??
mohit – exactly di how r u responsible ??
Swara – thats wat we hav to find. I think i am the reason for rithik’s disappearance these 3 months but how i am not getting it. Thats y rithik doesnor want me to know so that i shouldnot feel bad.
mohit – hmm di but how ??
Sanskar – swara u said that u went to london to meet him and after ur return from he had called u once and after that he left a msg that he is going to world tour right ??
Swara – ha sanskar

sanskar – ok then tell me everything wat all happened in london
swara – ok i went to london he recieved me i just stayed there 3 days.First day we went to shopping and then a movie and the next day we went to hospital
sanskar – ek minute hospital kyu
swara – sanskar even rithik is also a cardiologist so wen he got a case and needed an operation urgently but his one doctor is out of station so i performed it infact as the subject is mine i performed it thats all
and next day we were at home only and later wen i asked him to take me to the hospital to chech the patient he refused and he was in a hurry too.
mohit – hurry ?? y
swara – some urgent case i think
and then he urged me to return to india
laksh – bhabhi y did he urged u ??
swara – he told that he has some case and he is going out of station…..ek minute ohhh shit how can i be such a fool
sanmoh – wat happened now ??
@rithik’s side

rithik – abb tak toh usse pata chal gaya hoga dad. I know she will be thinking from starting of her trip to london and she realised that i lied her.
mr.malhotra – now wat will u do ??
Rithik – dont worry dad i told everyone there nor to inform them
rithik’s mom comes from behind – y do u both care for her so much ??
Rithik just becozzzz of her u are in JAIL FOR 3 MONTHS
rithik – mom its not becozzzz of her. Even i too performed the operation right ??if it went wrong then i should be punished
mrs.malhotra – but she is the main doctor and main doctor. And 3 MONTHS IMPRISONMENT IS HER PUNISHMENT WHICH U BEARED.
rithik – mom..plzzzz its my wish she didnot tekl me to do so. Its my wish to erase her name and wrote my name as a main doctor and its my wish to bear the punishment.
mrs.malhotra – she is fooling u beta by her innocent looks. She is very criminal minded
mr.malhotra and rithik together- just shutup
mr.malhotra – i am warning u dont dare u say a word against my shona.
mrs.malhotra – cries and says hmm thats y i hate sumi and swara becozzz of them u both are shouting at me

rithik – mom stop ur drama just becozzz of u and ur dhamki dad has to cheat bua’s family. Mom i am warning u if u said anything to shona then i will break all my relations with u
mr.malhotra – even i will do that then u alone njoy this money. Me and my son will go away from u.
mrs.malhotra cries and goes from there
sanmoh- wat happened ??
Swara – he lied me
sanskar – hiw ??
Swara – sanskar he told me that he went to world tour right but as the operation was done 2 days back. That patient shoukd stay for atkeast one weak in hospital under observation.
mohit – ha di so he didnot go to world tour and that we already know na ??
Swara – no mohit he urged me to return to india becozzzz he has some work and he is going out of station. And as mr.malhotra and mrs.malhotra too are not there so he doesnot want me to stay alone so i came back to india but the point is how can he leave the patient and go to out if station that means the problm started that day itself wen i was returning to india and thats y he is a hurry but wat couldbe the reason ??
Sanskar – swara now its simple to know the truth
swara – how ??

Sanskar – swara u told that doctor should be available for patuent upto 1 week right ?
Swara – ha then ??
Sanskar – so rithik must be definetly available to that patient so u contact the patient and ask him about rithik.
swara – wowwwww sanskar u r sooo intelligent and hugs him forgetting about the postion
adarsh and parineetha – ahem ahem we too r here
swara relaese the hug
adarsh – hmm swara mera bhai toh intelligent hai hi lekin tum ne aaj prove kar diya ki doctors dont hav brains
Swara – hoooooo bhayya this is too much. Y did u say like that ??
Laksh – aur nahi toh kya bhabhi wen ur cousin told u that he is going out of station then u shoukd think about that rule na ?? U didnt even realuse that he couldnot leave the patient for 1 week and go. And if u realise then and ask him may be u wouldhav got to know about the truth then itself
swara – ha right but i was in a hurry as i got a call from dadi that dadu is unwell so in tension i forgot
mohit – ek minute di daadu is absolutely fine then. But y did dadi lie to u ??
Swara – but mohit wen i came dadu is unwell na ??
Mohit – diiii wen u called me to pic u up and said that u reached airport at that time dadu fell sick not before that.
swara and mohit – iska matlab ha obviously dadi and dadu too know the truth
swara – we should ask them mohit

just then parineetha gets vomiting sensation and runs to her room
adarsh – ohhh nooo wat happened to her ??
All family too sees them

Precap – swara checking parineetha.and family happy times swasan mohit laksh and ragini detective avatars.

its a long part and hope u like it

Credit to: sam

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