Wowww its half century frndzzz and all thanks to u. Tanq for loving my ff.

Recap – swasan mohit laksh uttara nokjhok
bp gets to know the truth.he started to mm

Here we go

Bp to himself – wqt if there is a reason behind this i know my ma cannot do this.
but his anger controlls him
again in anger
bp – wajhe jho bhi ho she mustnot hav done this.
he starts driving

Ragini calls swara

swara lifts the call
ragini – di badepappa got to know about ur marg
and ragini tells everything and wat badepappa told them that if it is true then he will break all ties with swara
swara drops the phone and she collapses on the floor
mohit sanskar laksh everyone rushes to her
swara is crying loudly
sanskar hugs her tightly but she doesnot stop
mohit – di y r u crying di wat happened ??
mohit too has tears in his eyes seeing his sister in that condition
sanskar is feeling as someone is stabbing hard in his heart seeing his love in that state
at last sanskar breaks the hug and asks swara wat happened
wen she is about to say she hears bp shouting
bp – maaaaaaa (shouting)
Mohit laksh sanskar swara and all maheswari parivar runs to the main hall

swara slowly – bp
bp sees swara coming towards him. Wen the distance decreases he can see the mangalsutra and sindhoor in her hair as swara is not covering them
tears flow from bp’s eyes seeing her.
bp (shouts) – so u got married ??
Swara is startled by hus scream aa it is the first time
swara – bp listen to me first.(Saying this she moves forward)
But bp slaps swara hard
swara falls on the floor
sanskar gets angry
mohit is shocked. He couldnot believe his eyes
sanskar (shouts) – how dare u ??
(Sanskar is raging with anger. His eyes are burning like a fire ball. He doesnot know wat he is doing )
Sanskar and mohit makes swara get up

swara is shocked. She is not crying she couldnot believe whether its a dream or true
laksh too gets angry he says – my bhabhi is not at fault she just thinks about everyone that is her biggest mistake and u know wat all ur family members thought that u are dead thats y bhabhi did this.
swara – lucky plzzz
bp – mr.laksh maheswari if that is the reasom then i would be happy that she got married as she thinks tgat i amdead but she knew that i am alive but still she couldnot wait. Actually mistake is mine i hav pampered her so much that now i am regretting
mohit – ha badepappa di knew that u are alive but its just her hope she used to feel that through heart but we hav no proofs that u r alive.
bp calms down slowly and his anger gets down slowly. he realises wat he did.
bp to himself – wat did i do now ?? Did i raised my hand on my maa nooo this cant happen. She hates men who raise hand on women nooo wat did i do ??
His thoughts are disturbed by sanskar’s voice

sanskar – u should be proud of her that she always thinks of others. Even this marriage too she did for the sake of her sister.
sanskar tells everything about ragini’s condition and hiw swara thought about ragini’s hapiness and all
bp regrets his behaviour.
just then everyone see swara falling down and getting unconscious.sansjar catches her and saves her from falling.
Bp tries to go near her but sansjar stops him
bp – maaa (he moves forward)
Sanskar – wahi rukh jaayiye dontvdare to come near my wife.
bp gets shocked hearing the word wife
bp thinkd that sanskar is separating his daughter from him
mohit too goes towards swara
sanskar places swara on sofa and sprinkles water on her.
swara slowly opens her eyes.
the first thing which came from her mouth is sanskar

swara – sanskar…. b…
mohit – di relaxx…shhh plzz dont talk he too cries
sanskar makes her dring water
bp gets heart broken
bp – my maa completely forgot about me.
Swara – sanskar… bp… where is he ?? How is he ??
By listening his name bp turns back to see her
sanskar still in anger – swara just take rest u r not fine plzzz
swara – no sanskar how can i take rest wen my bp is angry with me.
She stands up and trues to go but sanskar and mohit stops her.
bp comes to her.

swara seeing him – bp i know u r angry with me but i did this as i dont know wen will u return and i am not sure whether u will return or not. U know wen i heard about ur death news i was scared i too thought to die but i am just alive becozzz of mohit. But u completely misunderstood me.
bp realises his mistake – maa i am sorry how can i raise my hand on u i am sry ma plzzzz forgive mee

swara – no bp u very well know that i hate the people who raise their hand on woman. But i was shocked that person whom i love the most did the thing which i hate the most that too with me
(Swara is heart broken and crying)
Bp looks at mohit for support

but mohit instead of supporting him supports swara
mohit – diii leave him he is no more our badepappa who taught us good values. He is someone whom we dont know
sanskar – u know wat uncle on our engagement she missed u so moch that she kept the ring which u gifted her. Shekhar papa scolded her to remove the ring but she didnot remove it. He aaked her to put it in another finger but u know wat she said ??
Laksh – bhabhi told that every father is a daughter’s first love so she told that u r her first love and she didnot remove it. my bhai put the ring above ur ring
bp gets teary eyed knowing about swara’s love.

bp – maa i love u and hugs swara but swara doesnot reciprocate.
he can sense her anger.
so he broke the hug and kissed swara’s forehead
bp – ma i know u r angry with me but….
he is cut of by swara’s words
swara – bp i am very happy that u understood me and forgave me but i am sry i cannot forgive u.
Saying this she is ready to go inside but she hears a clap sound. She turns back.she sees rithik
swara – how dare u cone here again ??(acting)
(Swara knows that rithik only told bp about her marg as ragini informed it on phone)
Sanskar and mohit – oh soo this is ur work ha ??

Rithik – yes ofcourse but manna padega swara u changed tge whole game to ur side.i thought that once if i inform ur bp about ur marg then he will break all ties with u and u will be requesting him for his forgiveness but see he is asking u for forgiveness and laughs cruelly (acts)
Bp – how dare u ?? U are planning against my maa ?? But wat happened to u suddenly how u turned to be so cruel

rithik – i hav not turned in to cruel person but i am a cruel person but its u all who didnot notice it anyways i am happy that u slapped swara. maza aagaya seeing swara in such condition
mohit knows that he is saying all this that swara hate him so he kept quiet but sanskar doesnot know
sanskar goes and hits him hard
swara shouts – sanskar….
sanskar doesnot listen and holds his collar and drags him but swara runs to him and stops him
sanskar while dragging – how dare u do that ?? I will not leave u
swara makes sanskar leave him
swara makes rithik stand and holds his hand and again takes him to the hall.
all are shocked by her behaviour.
bp – ma wat r u doing ??

Swara – i want to know the truth bp y did he do this thats y i brought him here.

Precap – swara slapping rithik.Swasan moments and bp trying to convince swara

Sry for the short update.

Credit to: sam

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