Hiiii frndzz i thought to write it afyer completion of my exams but i thought u might be waiting for my ff so i am writing this only for u.

Recap – swara getting embarassed. adarsh sanskar parineetha and uttara tease laksh. Swara supports him.Swasan romance and entry of swara’s cousin Rithik. He is trying to disfame himself in swara’s eyes. And swara breaks wen she knows that he actually came for sanskar as his frnd but not for swara. Later rithik calls swara a fool with sanskar and sanskar gets angry and asks him to leave the place.
(I gave recap too detailed becozzz it is being a long time i wrote the previous part so i gave a detailed recap hope u like it)

Here we go

swara and mohit at sunshine hospitals
@swara’s cabin

Swara – y is he doing this ?? Wat happened in these 3 months ??
Mohit – di relax we will find out u dont worry
swara – how can do that mohit. He can say me directly na how can he insult me actually how can he act to hurt me which he cannot do
when swara gets shocked seeing rothik’s behaviour she observes rithik trying to control his tears. At that time swara gets doubt so she acts and goes along with mohit to tell him about rithik’s strange behaviour

mohit hits the wall
mohit – di how can he talk to u like that ??
Swara – mohit he is acting
mohit – wat ??
Swara – ha and swara explains the whole thing
just then rithik comes out and then swara and mohit hide then they hear rithik’s phone conversation with his father.
then they understood that he is doing everything to keep swara away from the truth.
fb ends
mohit – di dont think too much. We will find out as soon as possibl
swara – ha bachooo we hav to do it i cant see him in pain.
mohit – and i cant see u both in pain
they both hug each other and console

Dp – sanskar who is he ?? How can he talk like that about swara .
sanskar – badepappa actually he is swara’s cousin and i too know him. He is my frnd. Wen i went to join swara’s bp in hospital at london. me and laksh are coming outsids the hospital after completing the formalities of bp’s admission,i met with an accident with rithik’s car. He took care of me for many days Untill i recover completely. We became very gud frnds. I thought him to be a nice person but he turned like this.
sanskar also tells about swara’s mamu betrayal and swara searching for her cousin in london.
ap – bechari swara she cares for everyone but y did her cousin avoiding her. How will she bear everything
sanskar – ma dont worry swara will be fine
rp – sanskar take care of bahu


Rithik comes to gm
sumi sees him and comes to him and hugs him
all comes there seeing sumi shouting.
bp sees him abd gets angry
bp – u rejected my ma na then y did u come here ??
Rithik moves towards the hall where everyone gathered sumi also follows him.
rithik – so u want my answer na bp ??
Bp – dont call me that only my ma can call me like that.
rithik – chill uncle today i wanted to tell u the biggest truth and biggest betrayal of ur life.
all are shocked
sumi – rithik wat r u going to tell. Plzzz stop come with me lets go inside and talk
rithik – bua how can u support ur daughter in this ha ?? She is cheating on her bp whom she loves so much sry acts to love him
shekhar – bakwas mat karo rithik i think u too are influenced by ur father.
rithik – yes ofcourse i am influenced that time i did a blunder by supporting u people leaving my father alone.(acting to be rude)
Bp(in strong belief) – wat r u saying y will my ma cheat on me r u in ur senses

swara and mohit return to mm
sanskar – swara u just went 1 hour ago na u came so early r u fine ??
Swara – ha sanskar i am fine i thought to spend time with u all as i am leaving tomorrow.
mean while wat r u doing here ?? I thought u would be in ur ofc
sanskar – ha actually i hav no meetings today
mohit – ohhh woww then lets njoyyy together
laksh – yes gud idea
uttara – hmm but how will we njoy ??
(she thinks by keeping her fingers on her head)
Mohit – wat r u doing by hitting ur head with ur fingers ??
Uttara – hooo dont u know this also by hitting with fingers on our brain we will get ideas
mohit – if that so i think u should hit there(showing her foot)
uttara – hoooooo wat do u mean does my brain exist in my foot
mohit – u know wat i like this quality very much u accept the truth by urself
everyone laughs
swara – mohit stop teasing my nanand
sanskar – swara let him do this work. we anyways cant do that
mohit – hahaha jiju ur sister is making u the great business tycoon sanskar maheswari afraid
sanskar – business tycoon tho bahar mohit at home i am her prey
laksh – true bhai mohit u dont know we r suffering alot with thus mental case
all laughs at uttara
mohit – but its a gud sign
sanlakswa – wat ??
Mohit – ha actually the person who came to see her i mean my frnd he too has some mental so after marg both will join together u know they will give concession for two people.
Uttara – how dare u ?? And by the way i am not going to marry ur pagal frnd
swara – are uttara u told u need sometime na u dont mind his words i know rahul is very good
uttara – no bhabhi i know mohit is joking but i dont like rahul i mean we both r different.
swara – acha ok if it is ur decision then we wont force u
sanskar – ha uttara u hav complete right on ur life and we will give u complete freedom
uttara – tanq bhai
mohit – party tho bantha hai ??
Swara and uttara at the sane time – for wat ??
mohit – are di my frnd is safe. I am very happy about him so i need a party from him
uttara runs behind him he too runs
bp – i need an answer rithik
rithik closes his eyes and thinks – rithik u hav to do this if u do this then swara starts hating u then she will never get to know the truth she will be far from u and sge will be happy
rithik – uncle i rejected swara becozzz she is already married
bp shouts – wat ?? R u kidding me ??
rithik – no uncle she is married to sanskar maheswari and if u want u can ask ur family members
Bp remembers the scenes where swara praises sanskar. Ragini asking swara if she is thinking about jiju. Sanskar calling sumi and shekhar as ma papa. Laksh calling swara as bhabhi
bp collapses on chair
shekhar and dadi and dadaji ragini goes to him. Gives him water.
sumi slowly – wat hav u dont rithik y did u do this ??
Rithik – this the right thing to do bua
bp – no u r leing my ma cannot do that
rithik – if u dont believe me ask ur family
bp looks at everyone
all bows their head
bp shouts in full anger – is this true ??
All gets afraid
ragini gains some courage – ha badepappa it is true but di did this too….
Bp – shut up i dont believe u All
rithik – ok if u dont believe us then go and see by urself she is in mm her sasural
bp – wat ??
Rithik – haa
bp grabs the car keys. No one has the courage to stop him
bp turns at the door and says – i know it is a very big lie but the circumstances are making me confused but i am telling one thing to u all. if ma really got married then i will break all ties with her

Everyone are shocked listening to him including rithik
bp while driving – ma wat if it is the truth y did u do this sometimes i am feeling that its a lie but everything is clear to me. i cant bear it. U r the reason for me to live i fulfilled all my dreams on u. I have many dreams about ur marg I cant even think that u will do this. Starting from clothes to ur career u left everything on me every decision on me but y did u this ??

Precap – bp’s anger and sanskar laksh and mohit supporting swara.

I know u must be thinking that bp is selfish and all after reading precap but think from his point of view how is he feeling that the person whom he gave him each and every right on him has hid a big truth the person who left every decision on him took a decision by herself. Bp is used to decide things for swara.

I am thinking whether to keep a slapping drama or not. I mean bp slapping swara but it depends on u. I mean wat do u feel a person who treats his daughter as his ma respecting her but as a father he has that right so i was thinking about that it depends on u

Ok bye guys my next update will be on 22nd of thus month
bye frndsss

Credit to: sam

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