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Recap – swara seeks permission from bp
and leaves to mm.total MF becomes happy
to see swara. Swara does all
arrangements .and later she gets to know that the groom is none other than rahul that is mohit’s best friend.

all are doing dinner
bp – i am missing ma.mohit did ma call u ??
Mohit – no badepappa i think she is busy in preparations
bp – wat preparations she went to see the wedding if she works like that she will be

@swasan room
sanskar is sitting on the bed with his laptop
swara is infront of the dressing table removing her jewellery
swara – sanskar…
sanskar – hmmmm
Swara – i am guilty for lieing to bp. To come
to my own house i need to lie to him. If i want to talk to u i want to treat u as a frnd. It is really difficult for me. i am feeling very bad for hiding this from bp.u r my husband and see i am being an outsider to u infront
of him
sanskar comes and back hugs her and
smiles(becozzz he is happy with her
Sanskar – swara relaxxx everything will be fine. I will make everything normal as soon as possible.
swara – hm sanskar still i couldnot get any
information about my cousin. I am really worried about him.he used to call me everyday atleast once since i visited london 3 months back
sanskar – y did u go to london ??(making her sit on the bed and sits beside her)
Swara – sanskar actually i went to meet him
as it has been a long time since i met him. So i went there. he called me once after i reached india.later he sent me a msg that he is going for world tour for 3 months and
he couldnot be able to call me .
sanskar – swara if he said like that then y r u worrying. i am sure he will be fine.
swara – no sanskar the main point is wen i asked about rithik.mr.malhotra refused to
tell me anything and i threatened to destroy all his business but still he refused to tell.
sanskar – ha so ?? May be he doesnot want u to meet his son ??
Swara – ha sanskar exactly but he could even say that he went to world tour. if this is true then he could hav told that na but he didnot say this means …
sanskar – this means ur cousin lied to u That he is going to world tour and he hadnot informed his father about this lie thats y his father had not told u about
world tour.
Swara – yes u r correct.
sanskar – hmmm manna padega my wife is tooooo intelligent and sanskar smiles.
swara hugs him.
sanskar too reciprocates the hug

@malhotra’s side on phone
mr.malhotra – rithik swara has threatened me that she would destroy my company if i didnot say about u. I know she willnot do anything like that.
rithik – so dad wat did u tell her.
Mr.malhotra – nthng i said i will not tell.
rithik – ohhh shit daddd how can i be soo
mr.malhotra – wat happened ??
Rithik – dad i sent a msg that i am going to world tour for 3 months and i forgot to
inform u. i think swara got to knew that i lied to her.
mr.malhotra – oh noo abb kya hoga she will affect her married life thinking about u. Do something i want my shona to be happy at any cost.
rithik – dont worry dad.tomorrow i amcoming to india. I will make sure that
she hates me And from then she completely breaks relation as she did with u.
mr.malhotra – but wat about u.wat about ur
rithik – ussne mere liye bahut kuch kiya hai.its time to return back to her.
mr.malhotra – ok make sure that she
doesnot suffer through any pain.
rithik – i will try dad but i cant promise u becozzz thodi si dard toh sehna padta hai to get lifelong happiness.
@swasan room
swara calls bp.
bp keeps it on speaker as everyone can hear.

swara is talking and sanskar sits behind her hugging.
swara – bp hav u taken ur medicines ??
Bp – ha ma i hav taken
swara – bp did mohit had has dinner ??
mohit – ha di i ate now stop talking to us and njoy the…… wedding with J…sanskar
sanskar hearing this gets a naughty idea.
sanskar pecks her neck slowly.swara feels ticklish.
swara closing the phones speaker
swara – sanskar wat r u doing ?? Let me speak plzzz
sanskar – tum apna kaam karo mai apna
bp – ma r u there ??
Swara – ha bp (suddenly sabskar bites swara’s neck)
Swara – aahh
bp – ma wat happened r u fine ??
Mohit and others understands so they kept calm
bp is surprised to see everyone calm after hearing her scream
swara – ha bp i am fine woh something hit my leg but its ok now.
ok bye i will talk to u later. Bye mohit take care bye ma papa and ragini. Dadi daadu
take yr medicines.
she cuts the call and beats sanskar.
swara – sanskar wat do u think of urself ha ?? everyone got to know about this.how embarrasing it is ha ??
Sanskar – relax madam everyone knew that i am ur husband and i can do anything
And kisse her on her cheeks.
swara – sanskar u r becoming tooo much now come lets sleep its being late.
sanskar – swara wats so hurry. U will be leaving day after tomorrow na lets spend
some time together.sanskar gets sad.
swara to gets sad and hugs him tightly.
swara – sanskar i will come to this house permanately after few days dont worry.
sanskar kisses her on her shoulder.they
both sleeps.swara on sanskar’s chest.

in MM
sanskar wakes up and he doesnot find swara. He goes on searching her. He finds her in the kithchen.
sanskar -swara itni subhe subhe kya kar
rahi ho yaha ??
swara – sanskar wat type of a question is this ?? I am making breakfast and by the way will u hav coffee ??
Sanskar – i hav not even brushed my teeth. By the way y r u troubling urself. Its late u slept na so u can sleep for few more hours na ??
Swara – sanskar i am not feeling sleepy. U go and get ready i will bring coffee for u.
sanskar – ok
sanskar goes and gets freshen up and gets ready in his formals.swara comes with a cup of coffee.
swara – sanskar first hav this.
sanskar drinks the coffee.
sanskar goes near her and holds her hands
swara – sanskar subhe subhe shuru hogaye
sanskar – wat shall i do ?? U r temting me in every way. with ur beauty. With ur goodness.with ur dressing and finally he kisses her palms and by ur cooking
(Swara blushes a little but soon composes herself)
Swara sanskar comes down for breakfast.
everyone does breakfast. After the breakfast laksh is busy in talking with ragini
laksh – ragini u know i am so happy that bhabhi will stay here even today.
ragini – laksh r umaking me jealous by saying that my di is with u ?? Ha ??
laksh – are nahi my dear ragini i am just sharing my happiness with u but if u r sad then i too will be sad u know na so comeon cheer up. U and ur di will be together forever once our marg happens. U know i am eagerly waiting for our marg.
ragini blushes – me too
laksh hears some sounds of laugh he turns back.
swara sanskar adarsh parineetha uttara are laughing at his talk
laksh gets embarrased and cuts the call.
ragibi too hears their laugh and understands.
adarsh – agar itni hi jaldi hai toh abhi karwadu shadi ??
Laksh – bhai nthng like that
pari – acha then wat is it ??
Sanskar – ha we all heard ur conversation with my saali
uttara – ha wat was that u used to make plan to tease sanskar bhai na ??
Laksh see swara innocently
swara – are are stop it guys how much will u tease my devar ha ?? He is talking to his fiancee wat’s wrong in it ??
Sanskar – loo aagai devar ki bhabhi now we cant say anything

everyone smiles
laksh – ha my bhabhi is very nice not like u.
bhabhi do u know i really missed u.
swara – i know lucky see thats y i came back
laksh – but wats the use u will go back
swara – lucky i will come permanently once bo gets to know the truth
just then swara’s phone rings
swara – ha mohit bolo
mohit – di i am coming to mm to drop u to the hospital ok be ready with all ur stuff. I will come in half an hour
swara – ok bachu have u had ur breakfast ??
Mohit – no di i will have now
swara – come here for breakfast
mohit – no di actually today its upma here so i can manage
swara laughs – acha ok

they cut the call
swara – sanskar mohit is coming here so i will go and get my files. U stay here i will bring ur stuff too
sanskar – ok
everyone disperses and sanskar is about to go wen he heard a voice.
sanskar – are rithik tuuuuu
rithik – haaa yaar mai
they both hug each other.
sanskar – u here
rithik – ha yaar just today i came from london i came directly to u to meet u meet my best frnd
sanskar – acha u hav not even called me
after i came back to india and u r calling me best frnd
rithik – are yaar i am little busy with my cases so i couldnot call u
swara comes down with all the stuff but seeing the person she drops everything and goes and hugs him.
sanskar is shocked while listening the sounds of dropping things uttara comes and picks the things and keep them on table and goes near them.
swara after breaking the hug – finally u came u know how much worried i was
sanskar blank – swara do u know him ??
Swara – sanskar dont u know wat he is to me ?? I mean i saw u both talking so i thought that he told u.
sanskar – swara he is best frnd rithik he came for me from london
swara – wat ?? She looks with teary eyes but still doesnot believe him
swara – no sanskar i think u r mistaken. He came for me right rithik ??
Rithik – swara tum yaha kya kar rahi ho ??

Swara is shocked to hear such a question. She is stepping back wards in shock
swara – it means sanskar is right ?? u vame for him. U dont even care for me ??
Just then mohit comes he sees swara in that condition and immediately rushes to her.
mohit – di wat happened
(he didnot notice rithik)
Rithik is controlling his tears
sanskar goes near swara and says – swara wat happened ??
Swara is still looking at rithik
mohit turns and sees him.
mohit gets excited and hugs him bit he realises swara’s condition and goes to swara
mohit – di finally it happened. U should be happy ki our rithik…
swara – correction mohit he is not our rithik Now he changed. He didnot even remember us. He came here as ur jiju’s frnd. He doesnot even know y i am here
Mohit – wat ?? (Shocked)
sanskar – swara mohit will anyone tell me wat is happening here ??
Rithik – woh actually sanskar…
swara – kehne kelite kuch nahi hai sanskar he is ur frnd thats it. Mohit come lets go i hav some cases today.
just then sanskar remembers swara saying that her cousin name is rithik too.
sanskar – swara is he ur cousin whom u r searching for ??
rithik – swara is it true ?? R u searching for me ?? But y swara i informed u na that i was going to world tour. Ha i know now u will ask me that y didnt i called u after coming back but u know i am not interested to talk to u.
mohit is getting angry – rithik do u know wat u r saying ??
Swara – mohit let it be come u drop me at hospital
they leave
sanskar – rithik y r u behaving like this with swara ?? She told me that u r very close to her.
rithik – ha close the par hai nahi sanskar leave all that by the way y us swara here ??
Sanskar – becozzz she is my wife
rithik – wat ?? Did u marry that loose ?? U know she has some mental
and laughs
sanskar gets angry and says – just shut up rithik not even a word becozzz of u my wife is hurt today. i saw tearscin her eyes. I will u if u make her cry another time. Just leave from my house.
rithik leaves silently.
outside the mm
rithik – dad my first step is done swara started hating me ?? Niw my second step will start after that she will hate me completely and there is no need to tell her the truth
mr.malhotra – ok but be careful
he cuts the call
rithik to himself – i am sry shona but i hav no other option i hav to do this for ur happiness. I cant let u know the truth
sanskar calls swara and asks if she is fine.
he also tells her that rithik is a bad person and asks not to care about him.
swara simply says yes and cuts the call.

Precap – bp gets to know about swara’s marg truth

Credit to: sam

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