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Recap – sanskar missing swara. swasan small fight and sanskar convinces swara. swasan sleep together. Swara’s marg proposal

Here we go

Both are shocked to see each other.

Swara slowly – mr.malhotra
(yes the person is mr.rakesh malhotra and his wife that is swara’s mamu and mami)
Mr.malhotra – arnav ji wen u called me i was very happy to get to know that u r alive. Then u asked me not to tell anything to swara that u met me. and u didnot even listen to me. u told that u selected a girl for my son and u asked me to meet her but i didnot think that it is swara.I was guilty that i was the only person who has hidden the truth from u
Bp – which truth ??
(Swara is getting tensed as if bp gets to know about her marg and her mamu’s betrayal he couldnot bear it)
Mr.malhotra – actually that day i was going to tell that after ur fake death news i…
he was interrupted by swara
swara is in confusion so she doesnot know wat she is speaking
swara – woh haa i forgot to tell u bp but leave all that. Its past. now u want my answer na then listen i agree for this marriage.
all are shocked espicially sanskar
sanskar – swara….
sanskar gets teary eyed but he again thought that it might be swara’s plan
bp comes near her and hugs her and kisses her forehead
bp – i am so happy beta. I know u will accept my decision.(swara feels bad listening to him)
i took this decision becozzz i know ur mamu loves u alot than his own son. She treats u like a daughter. I want u to be in safe hands we cant trust anyone
swara gives a disgusting look to mr.malhotra and says – ha bp we cant trust anyone not even out relatives.
leave all that i just wanted to talk to him(pointing towards mr.malhotra)
Bp – ha sure ma but before that i shoukd ask u mr.malhotra r u ok with it. I didnot ask u before becozzz u always wanted swara to be ur dil.
mr.malhotra is about to say something but swara interrupted him.
swara – aap aayiye mere saath.
swara took him to the room along with his wife
swara – i dont want any problms in my life. I already hav enough problms
mrs.malhotra – do u mean that we r creating problm for u but no u r a big problm for me and my son becozzz of u my son….
mr.malhotra – u just shutup and swara u didnt u inform him about ur marg and my…
swara – and ur betrayal right ??
No i didnot inform him. He cant take it.so i decided not to give him any shocks. And coming to my marg i and sanskar had planned something for it and its my personal matter.
mr.malhotra – ok then y did u call us here
swara – i wanted u to reject me
mr and mrs.mahotra – wat ??
Swara – ha u tell that ur son doesnot want me to marry him.
mr.malhotra – no i cant say like that
swara (angry) – y dont u do wat i say atleast for once in whole life. U dont want to inform me about ur son. Thats ok i will find out about him definetly. But plZzz do this favour
mr.malhotra – ok
he goes down and informs bp and swara too calms him.
they leave.
swara – its ok bp let it be. Waise bhi i believe in destiny. I know god has sent me a prince for me (looking at sanskar)
Sanskar smiles
bp – ha ma and u see i will search the world’s best husband for u
swara smiles.
They all have their lunch
mr and mrs malhotra reaches their place.
mrs.malhotra – y did u stop me from informing about rithik ?? Becozzz of her my son is away from me for these many days.my son is facing dufficulties becozzz of her
mrs.malhotra – u just shut up i know wat to do. i warned u not to tell this truth to Swara and ger family. Becozz of u i ditched my own sis and her family. Wen they need me the most and especially swara i loved her more than anything but becozzz of u she is hating me to the core. and if u try to tell them the truth i and my son will leave u and go away
mrs.malhotra – ok ji do watever u want. U r threatening me becozz of that swara na ??
Mr.malhotra – just shut up and go to ur room

After having lunch all are talking
sanskar gets a call. ap informs him that uttara got a marg proposal. So they are coming to see her and she wanted swara and sanskar to come there.
Sanskar after cutting the call – swara i need a small favour
swara – ha tell me
sanskar signs her to come outside
swqra understands and says – bp u all keep talking. me and sanskar hav small work
bp – ok ma
Swasan leaves
sanskar tells her about a proposal for uttara
swara – sanskar we should be there.
sanskar – u dont worry swara. I know u cant come now its necessary for u to be here so u dont worry i will manage
swara – relax sanskar i have to fulfill my duties. I will manage everything. Wen my inlaws can support me then i too shoukd know my duties na ??
Sanskar – thats ok but wat will u say ti badepappa
swara – that u leave on me
swara goes and says – bp i hav to go to my frnds wedding. Its important she is very important for me. I hav to go there for two days. Shall i go ??
bp – hoooooo maa y r u asking me permission. U r an elderly girl now. u hav ur priorities now
swara – kitna bhi badi hoo aapse zyaada mere liye kuch bhi nahi hai bp
bp kisees her and gives her permission.
she packs her bag and they both leave for mm.before leaving she goes to mohit and tells him.
mohit – di collect all the information about the groom. Take care of uttara
swara – y r u so concerned about her(smiles casually)
Mohit – di i am not concerned about her. I am concerned about the perspn becozzz ur nanad is a big mental
swara – Mohit stop it and she leaves

all are happy to see swara back
ap gets teary eyed seeing swara.swara too gets emotional.
sanskar – swara now please stop this emotional drama. Lets take blessings from all.come (laughs)
Both ap and sujatha beat him
sujatha – thare ko ye drama lag raha hai
swara smiles – see now my both mothers are supporting me.waise where is our uttara.she is the main character now.
uttara comes from behind and says – i am here bhabhi. Dekha aap sab ne my bhabhi came for me. Tanq bhabhi i love u (and hugs her)
Swara – love u too my dear
uttara – dont tell to me tell to bhai. See him how he is feeling jealous. Ohhhh buai i am a girl so no problm ok (laughs)
Sanskar (fake anger) – uttara now please leave us and concentrate on urself
all leave to their respective rooms.
before leaving ap calls swara
ap – swara beta
swara – ha badima
ap – be ready at 6pm. They told that they will arrive at 7:00. We yav to arrange the things na ??
Swara – badimaa u dont take tension. I will make everything ready for the function.u just come down at 6:45.
ap – par beta u too are tired Na
swara – no ma i am fine u go.
they both leaves.
sanskar sees all this.
when swara enters the room.
sanskar drags her and hugs her
swara – sanskar wat r u doing ??
Sanskar – i am really impressed by u swara. from these days u r really tired. But still u are doing all these.
swara – sanskar its my responsibility. I am daughter in law of this house.i should fulfill my responsibility na ??
Sanskar – acha madam u became dil of thus house becozzz u r my wife so first fulfill those responsibility.
swara – sanskar shut up.first let me freshen up and i hav to do the arrangements.
swara gets freshen up and does all arrangements.
she finishes it. at that time sanskar comes and sees swara. she is not at ready.
sanskar comes near swara and says to her – swara if they see u like this i mean in this attire they will definetly ask me if u r a maid for this house.
swara beats sanskar
swara – sanskarrr how dare u ha ??
Sanskar – then wat should i do ?? Ha look at urself. Ur hair is messed up.ur clothes are full of dirt.
swara sees herself
swara – i am sry sanskar now i will go and get ready
sanskar – ok but wait madam sorry kisliye. Meri behan ko apni behan maan kar sara kaam ki thi tumne isliye sry bol rahi ho ha ??
Swara – sanskar nthng like that. Uttara is mu sister too so i can do that
sanskar overwhelmed – i am so lucky to hav u
ap dp rp sujatha all comes from behind and says – we r all lucky to hav u beta and all smiles.
swara smiles and goes to get ready.
in the mean while
they all arrive.
they all are impressed by the arrangements
grooms father – we like the arrangements very well.
dp – ji our bahu did all this. I mean sanskar’s wife.
grooms father – oh where is she ??
Sanskar – actually she took care of all the arrangements so she went to get ready.
grooms mother – oh ok
sanskar aaks groom – so u rahul right ??
Rahul – ji ha
sanskar (casually) – so wat r u doing ??
Rahul – i completed my mba and handling my father’s business
just then swara comes down
groons’s family gets shocked to see her
groom’s mother and father – swara…..
rahul – swara di..
sanskar and all are surprised
Dp – ji do u know her ??
Swara – rahul tum ??
Rahul goes towards her and holds her shoulders and says – di how r u ?? And u here ??
Swara – ha rahul i am..
sanskar – she is my wife rahul.swara u know him ??
Swara – ha sanskar (she takes rahul holding his hand and makes him sit and she takes blessings from his parents.her mother hugs swara.)
Swara goes and stands beside sanskar and says – badepappa rahul is mohit’s best frnd. I know him very well. Infact i know their family very well.
dp – ohh ok
grooms father – but swara u didnot inform about ur marg
rahul – ha di even mohot didnot inform me about this.
swara – rahul leave all that. I am happy that u r the person who came to see uttara. Actually i didnot ask the details. So i dont know.
ap – swara patineetha go and bring uttara down
Adarsh and laksh sits beside rahul and kept on asking questions.
finally they see uttara and uttara and rahul talk and they leave.
dp – swara how are they ?? I mean their family ??
Swara – they r good badepappa vut decision is uttara’S
uttara – i want some time bhabhi
dp – ok uttara u take ur time and inform ur bhais or ur bhabhi’s
swara – ok sanskar chale (she meant that she wants to go to room but all think that she is going back to gm)
ap – swara beta ja rahi ho ??
Swara – ha badi ma actually we finished all the work and dinner too so i thiught to leave
laksh – but bhabhi we missed u alot stay here for few more days na ??
Swasan understood and laughs
Sanskar – are lucky ur bhabhi is telling that we r going to our room not her house. Actually she informed her badepappa that she will come after two days.
laksh becomes happy and hugs her.
laksh – i am so happy bhabhi
all become happy
they chit chat for sometime and leave to their rooms.

mr.malhotra on phone – rithik beta swara is asking me comtinuosly. I can see pain in her eyes for u. Plzzzz come and meet her. U no need to tell her the truth. But please meet her once
rithik – no dad if i meet her i cant hide the truth and moreover she is married now and she gas many distractions so she will forget me.
mr.malhotra – ok ur wish.

Precap – same as in spoilers.

Sry guys i wrote it in a hurry

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