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Recap – ragini forgiving laksh. Swasan romance. Bp comes to their room. Sanskar hiding in cupboard. Swasan first kiss.

Here we go

in gm

All are having dinner
swara is lost in thoughts. She is thinking about sanskar and how she pecked him on his lips. She is smiling unknowingly. Everyone notices this. they keep calm as they knew the reason for it.
mohit goes near swara and whispers in her ear – diii dont think aboit jiju too much. He might get hiccups and he laughs
swara gets out of her thoghts and says
– bachuuuuu its nthng like that
ragini forgot about bp and shouts
ragini – di jiju ko miss kar rahi ho kya ??

All are shocked
bp shoked
bp – jiju ?? Ragini jiju kaun hai. Beta jab swara ki shaadi hi nahi hui hai toh jiju kaha se ayyenge

Ragini stammers – wo wo badepappa i am saying that she may be thinking about her future husband.
bp – acha bilkul sahi kaha.
Swara – no bp nthng like that i was just thinking. .
bp – maa i want to tell something to u actually to everyone
shekhar – ha boliye na bhayya
bp – i want swara to get married
swara suddenly coughs badly
mohit gives water. All get tensed specially bp. He gets up from his seat and rushes to swara.
Bp – ma r u fine.
After coughing badly for sometime she gets fine
swara too stands infront of bp
swara thinks – no i should stop bp and as soon as possible i should tell him the truth
bp – ma wat happened ??
Swara – bp i dont want to get married
bp – shhh ma plzzz dont say that again. I know u cant stay without us. i too cant stay without u but ma u r 26 now u should get married plzz listen to me. Think it ae a last wish of mine.
after listening such words she silently goes to her room.
mohit too follows her.

All are sitting and spending some family time after dinner.
but sanskar is lost in hus own thoughts.
parineetha comes and gives him juice.
sanskar – tanq swara
parineetha – swara ??
All too realised that he is missing swara
uttara and laksh winks at each other and decides to tease sanskar
uttara – bhai wat swara where is swara bhabhi i too want to see her. Where is she ??
Laksh – are budhu swara bhabhi is visible only to bhai. And swara bhabhi is in his heart (laksh goes and shows sanskar’s heart)
Sanskar – lucky uttara shut up ok. Its nthng like that. Galti se bol diya
sry bhabhi
parineetha – its ok sanskar (saying this she sits beside him )
Parineetha places his hand on shoulder and says – sanskar how will this happen. how will u both say truth to swara’s badepappa. i think it takes time. Till then how can we stay here without swara. Not only u but everyone are missing her.
Sanskar – i know bhabhi but we dont hav another way.we hav to do this
adarsh – sanskar dont worry everything will be fine
ap and sujatha – ha beta dont worry we are all with u.
in the meanwhile sanskar recieves swara’s message. He gets excited. He opens it and reads it. It was written “sanskar ask badepappa and papa to take tablets without fail.i used to msg to bhabhi every night wen i was in london but now my husband is there near them i dont need to worry so i am messeging u. By the way dont miss me we will be back together soon”
Sanskar smiles seeing her msg
sanskar – badepappa papa hav u taken ur medicines.
dp and rp are surprised as sanskar never asked them. They kniw he cares for them but nit for small issues
parineetha understood that swara instead of msging her she msged sanskar and thinks to tease him
parineetha – acha toh swara ne tume msg kiya hai mujhe chodke. She has more trust on her husband than me. Ok (acts like she is hurt)
Sanskar – bhabhi nthng like that. She thiught not to disturb u thats it.
Parineetha laughs at his tensed face
sanskar (pouted) – bhabhi u made fun if me ha ??
All laughs.

After sometime everyone goes to their rooms.
sanskar is missing swara badly. There swara too is tensed about bp’s words.
Sanskar calls her. She gets happy to see his caller id. She picks up immediately
swara – hello sanskar
sanskar falls on the bed and listens to her voice but doesnot talk
swara – sanskar sanskar r u there ??may be galti se lag gaya hoga and she is about to cut the call
sanskar – no swara ruko
swara – sanskar jab mai baat kar rahi hu then y r u not responding ??
Sanskar – swara relax i loved my name wen u call it. Really its really sweet to listen from ur mouth
swara blushes and says – sanskar….
sanskar – heyyyyyyyyyy i love u swara. And its really difficult to stay from u
swara – i love u too and its difficult for me to stay away from u
sanskar – no need to lie. I know u are very happy to be with ur brother and bp.no need to hide ur feeling from me as i know it and i know u prefer to stay there(says angrily as he is really bored and missing swara badly)
Sanskar realises wat he said after saying
Swara is in tears but composes herself
swara – tanq sanskar for understanding me soooo well (tauntingly)
Sanskar – swara i am sorry woh…
swara interrupts – i ll talk to u later bye
and she cuts the call.
sanskar to himself (guilty) – sanskar how can u talk to her like that ?? U know that she is missing u
just then ragini calls him
sanskar – ha ragini tell
ragini – jiju u know di is missing u soooo much and she tells him the dining table incident except bp marg proposal
sanskar laughs but feels more guilty for his talk.
ragsan talk for sometime and later ragini cuts the call.
Sanskar calls swara but she is not liftimg the calls
swara to herself – i hav called him to tell about bp’s words about my marg as i was rensed but he is thinking that i am happy here. Why doesnot he understand that i too am missing him ??
Just then mohit comes. She hides her tears and sleeps turning to other side
mohit to himself – di toh mere aane se pehle hi sogayi. Aisa toh kabhi nahi hua
mohit calls her slowly to check whether she is awake or not
mohit – diii
swara wipes her tears completely and gets up
swara – ha mohit
mohit seeing swara understood that she is crying.
Mohit hugs her and says – di y r u crying ??
Swara – i am not crying woh actually something went into my eyes
mohit – di dont tell excuses i know u r crying. Wat happened ??
Swara – nthng bachu acha listen i am thinking about mr.malhotra and how to find about his son
mohit – di u hate mr.malhotra not his son right so call him by hus name. U remember how he stood by us and against his father wen he is divinding our company
swara – ha bachu i was saying normally.ok but i am really tensed for RITHIK (mr.malhotra’s son’s name is RITHIK MALHOTRA and swara’s cousin)
Mohit – di relax he messeged u na that he is going for world tour and he will be not reachable for 3 months
Swara – mohit r u believing in that stupid msg ?? just think he used to call me every day and talk with me atleast once in a day but suddenly he thought of world tour and he went away. No mohit something is fishy
mr.malhotra ke liye toh his company is more important but he didnot say a word about rithik. He is ready to loose everything but doesnot want to tell anything
mohit – ha di i agree with u. ok first lets solve ur marg issue later we can think about it . Acha jiju ko bataya aapne ?? About ur marg discussion
swara listening about sanskar remembers his words and nods in a no
swara – mohit i am feeling sleepy. Lets talk about this later
mohit – ok di (susoiciously)

@ sanskar’s room(MM)
sanskar is not feeling sleepy
sanskar gets up and says – swara tumhari aafat hogayi mujhe i hav to go to her and make her fine
sanskar goes to gm
sanskar climbs through the pipe and reaches mohit’s room
he sees swara awake through the window
sanskar to himself – acha toh madam ko bhi neend nahi aarahi hai
and he jumps in to the room and goes near swara
as swara is in deep thoughts she couldnot hear his foot steps. But wen he comes near her she is about to shout but sanskar shuts her mouth and shows her his face with the light in his phone. Swara gets calm seeing him but is very angry.
But she doesnot want mohit to get disturbed. So she whispers to sanskar – come with me
and saying this swara drags him to her room through the connecting door for mohit and swara’s room.
swara turning her face – y did u come here ?
Sanskar – becozzz i am missing u
swara (hurt) – but i am not missing u mr.maheswari i am happy here did u see me i was peacefully sleeping and u disturbed me just go from here
sanskar feels bad he hurted her
sanskar – swara listen to me i am sry. I told u in anger as i was missing u badly
swara doesnot talk anything and turnd to the opposite side
he back hugs her and says – i am sry i ll never say such words. I didnot mean it swara. I know u too miss me becozzzz u too love me as i do.
swara turns to him and hugs him tightly and says – sanskar i love u but plzzz dont say such words to me. I am already guilty for troubling u in my personal issues
sanskar(angrily) – dont dare to say that again ?? Ur personal issues ha ?? Seriously swara ?? U r nthng to me ha ??
Swara – sry but …
sanskar – no buts and ifs ok. we will solve OUR personal issues together. Did u get that ??
Swara breaks the hug and nods in yes
sanskar kisses her cheeks and says – do u know swara u look really cute sometimes like a kid
swara smiles
sanskar – swara y did u call me u sounded tensed. Everything fine ??
Swara hugs sanskar tightly but weeps silently as she doesnot want him to know but sanskar feels her tears on his shirt
sanskar breaks the hug
sanskar – swara y r u crying (wiping her tears)
Swara tells everything
sanskar – wat badepappa is searching grrom for u ??
Swara – he didnot say anything but he talked about my marg. I know him sanskar if everything is ready then only he will tell me so i think he already found a match for me (cries)
Sanskar – swara plzzzz dont cry. Everything will be fine. Do u trust me
swara – yes
sanskar – then leave everything on me i will sort out
swara hugs him. after sometime they break the hug
swara – sanskar i will open the main door for u. U go from there as everyone is sleeping.
Sanskar (naughty) – kaisi biwi ho tum ha ?? U r trying to send ur husband at this time ha ?? Dont u know its dangerous to drive a car at this time ??
Swara – sanskar apni ye drama company band karo
sanskar – hooooo swara do u think i am doing drama ok then i am going bye(acting)
But listen i am feeling sleepy i cant drive properly if something happens to me then..
swara slaps him but slowly
sanskar is shocked as well as happy as his plan worked
swara holds his collar and pulls him closer and says – dont dare to use such words. next time i will not stip with one slap
sanskar smiles and holds her by her waist – ok madam sorry
swara feels that they r too close so she leaves his shirt but sanskar still holds her
swara – sanskar leave me u are getting sleep na ??
Sanskar – i was getting sleep but not now let me spend sometime with my wife. Dont disturb me
swara – sanskar stop this and sleep (strictly)
But of no use
sanskar nods in a no and leans towards her neck and kisses it.
Swara pushes him. And she removes a blanket and gives it to him.
Swara – sanskar now sleep
sanskar – ok but one condition u will sleep with me
swara – Nooooo wat if someone sees i am going to mohit’s room
sanskar – swara u r my wife ok so chup chap meri baat maanlo
swara – acha ok ok let me bring my blanket
sanskar(naughty) – no need of that let us share it
swara – sanskarrrr…… and she blushes
sanskar – i thought not to disturb mohit
swara – ha right ok
they both sleep on the bed. They both sleep opposite sides
sanskar – swara u r sleeping as if u doesnot even know me ?? come here
swara to herself – i know if i come nearer wat will u do
but sanskar hears her and pulls her closure and holds her tightly
sanskar – dont worry i will not do anything until bp accepts me and kisses her forehead.
Swara smiles and says – i love u
sanskar – not only in words u hav to prove it by actions showing his lips.
Swara kisses him on his both cheeks and tells him to sleep.
both sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace

@next day early mrng
bp in phone – so u reached india ??
Person – yes we reached mr.gadodia.i came with my wife my son is busy so he couldnot come
bp – its ok i already told u that its going to be the best match for ur son. U both come to gadodia mansion for seeing ur future daughter – in – law.
Person smiles and says – ok and cuts the call. Just then swara and sanskar come from swara’s room
bp – ma sanskar itni subhe subhe ??
Swara – woh woh bp actually sanskar came here as we are going for walk.
Sanskar – ha uncle actually we will do walking together everyday
bp – ohhhj gud but ha ma come early as ur future in laws are coming to see u in few hours
swasan shouts – WHAT ??
bp is surprised seeing sanskar too in shock. He expected the reaction from swara but sanskar’s reaction shocked him.
Bp – ma i told u about marg yesterday na??
swara – haa but bp how can u say that they r my future in laws
bp – becozzzz i know u will definetly like them infact love them and coming to the groom u know him very well. And u like him and in future u will love him.
sanskar – no that will not happen
Bp – but y and y r u worried ??
Sanskar – i mean uncle u know about swara right thats y i am saying
bp – ok ok ma u go for walk and come fast.
Swasan leave from there with a dissappointment

After sometime bp comes and informs them that the groom’s family is arriving.
bp – ragini sharmishta go and make ma get ready
sanskar is also there. he thought of a plan to send them so he is relaxed.
Sumi seeing sanskar so calm thought that only he can calm down swara
sumi – bhayya eanskar is very close to swara. He is her best frnd. U know in ur absense sanskar and mohit took care of swara so i wanted sanskar to talk with swara and make her understand and rahi baat tayyar karne ki toh swara already tayyar ho chuki hai
bp – ha tike sanskar beta jao
sanskar – ok uncle
mohit is very furious so swara asked him to sit in his room as he will spill the truth seeing her condition.
Sanskar goes to swara’s room without knocking and bolts the door.
Swara – sanskar wat r u doing here ha ??
Sanskar – tumhe tayyar karne aaya hu
swara is still in her normal chudidars without dupatta.
Swara – duniya ke pehle pathi hoge tum jho apni hi biwi ko tayyar kar rahe ho for her….
sanskar kisses swara tightly on her lips
swara is shocked.
sanskar releases her and she hugs him
sanskar – i hav a plan dont worry i will make sure that they themselves say no to this marriage. Ok ??
Swara – sanskar how can i go infront of them as an unmarried being a married and i cant play with anyone’s feelings
sanskar – swara dont worry i will make everything fine.
Now come i will make u ready.
sanskar gives her a lehenga and she goes to change it.
mean while sanskar is selecting her jewellery
swara comes out.
She is looking very beautiful in that lehenga.
sanskar goes near her and kisses her forehead.
Sanskar – u r looking very beautiful wifeyyy
swara – tanq Sanskar
sanskar sees her mangalsutra.
sanskar – swara how will u cover this now ?? (Pointing towards her mangalsutra)generally u will cover with ur dupata but how will u cover it now ??
He sees the necklace.
he comes near to swara and makes her wear necklace and ear rings.
he hides mangalsutra under the necklace while touching her neck swara feels goosebumps in her stomach as she is feeling his touch.
sanskar finally makes her ready.
Sanskar – chalo lets go and he turns to go but swara holds his hands
sanskar turns back and asks – wat ??
Swara – ek important ornament bhul gaye ho tum
Sanska looks confusingly
swara takes sindhoor bottle and shows to him
sanskar smiles and puts sindhoor in her hair. Then swara puts a part of hair on it and she wears a bindi.
They both go down and sees their family’s shocked faces.
Swara turns to see the persons and says – UUU

Precap – marg gets cancelled and uttara gets a marg proposal and to see the arrangements swara goes to mm to fulfill her responsibilities as a bahu telling bp that she is going on a tour.

I hope this is a long one and i hope u njoyed it. My next part will be on april 4th.
i am thinking to reveal the truth in 2 parts and then a new entry takes place as i have mentioned in the spoilers

Credit to: sam

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