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Recap – swasan mohit laksh reach india along with bp. All are shocked and happy seeing bp alive but sad to know that he doesnot know about swasan marg

Here we go

Swara – bp abb batein hogayi hai toh will u go n rest
Bp – ji maa i am going
swara – mohit take bp to his room , ragini i told u to clean it na hav u done it ??
Ragini – ha di
shekhar – but wen did u do that we hav not noticed ?

ragini – sry pappa actually i hav done it at midnight after u all slept
shekhar goes near ragini and kisses her forehead and says – no need to say sry beta u hav given a very big surprise to ur pappa
mohit (taunting) – ha ha u r right everything is done by ur so called daughter ragini
bp is confused but he thinjs that its a small fight between them as it happens everytime
swara – mohit now stop ur bakbak and take bp to his room.
mohit – ha di
bp before going – once again tanq beta no one wouldhav done wat u hav done to me
laksh – no uncle i shoul be sry for wat i hav done to u
bp – no beta u hav not done anything intentionally infact u hav saved me by taking me to hospital inspite of being afraid of being arrested
swara – u r right bp hope everyone think like u (looking towards ragini )
And ha u go n take rest

bp – ok i am going but come to my room ma i want to talk to u
waise bhi koi jaldi nahi hai u will be always with me
swasan feel sad listening to his words
mohit takes him
ragini is in deep thinking wen laksh went near her
laksh keeps his hand on her shoulder
ragini feels it and hugs laksh tightly and cries
ragini (crying) – i am sry laksh if possibke plzzz forgive me i hav behaved very badly with u. I made u feel more guilty by cutting ur calls. I am sry i should thank u becozzz u hav admitted badepappa in hospital. I realised my mistake plzz forgive me
laksh – shhhh ragini dont cry i can understand ur feelings. Its ok lets forget about the past and start afresh
ragini nodes in a yes

they were still hugging
swara – ahem ahem my deae behna and pyaare devarji u r not alone see we r here so control ur feelings (laughs)
Sanskar – dont dare to tease my saali ok
swara – acha ji kya karloge ??
Sanskar – u will regret it swara
swara – hahaha very funny mr.maheswari
shekhar interrupts their talk
shekhar – swara u shouldhav told bhayya about ur marg na
swara – no papa u know how possesive he is over me. He cant take it that i married without his permission
(tears fall from her eyes)
Sanskar placing his uand on swara ‘s shoukder says – ha papa i too am with swara and tells his plan
sumi – ur plan is nice beta but wat if it doesnot work
swara wiping her tears – no ma it will work becozzz my husband is soo cute that everyone will love him

all her family is shocked as swara never talked like this before
swara realised wat she said and sees sanskar smiling and says – i mean he is so good that….
ragini – ha ha we understood di u no need to explain (laughs )
Swara went from there saying some excuse
swara – wo ma i am hungry so i will go abd freshen up and i will hav lunch. She is about to go but sanskar stops her
sanskar – wait swara i want to talk to u he too goes behind her
everyone laughs seeing them
@swara room
both enters the room
sanskar locks it and he comes forward
swara – sanskarrrr wat r u doingvand wat do u want to talk ?? (moving backward )
Sanskar – swara…..
actually kya hai na
she hits the wall and sanskar comes near to her and
he blocks her way as she cannot move.
Both are very close as they can hear eachother’s heartbeats
swara – sans ..

sanskar keeps his hand on her lips
sanskar – shhh dont tell anything and let me do my work becozzz u r going to stay here until we tell him the truth and i will miss u badly (saying this he has tears in his eyes)
Swara sees this and says – sry sanskar becozzzz of me u r suffering
sanskar – swara there is nthng like that. he is not only ur badepappa but mine too. I kniw u would do the same if u were in my place
swara hugs him tightly and says – i live u sanskar
sanskar – i love u too
they break the hug
sanskar kisses her foehead then her both eyes and then both cheeks and he is staring at her lips.
He is about to kiss her but they both here a door knock
it is bp
bp – maa open the door
swara (shocked) – sanskar wat if he sees u i am very afraid
sanskar u hide in this cupboard
sanskar – wat ??

Swara – ha plzzzz
sanskar – no swara i will go dowb through ur window
swara – no its not safe i wont allow u plzz hide here
bp knocks more hardly – maa open the door r u fine ??
Swara in tension tells him to hide
sanskar sees this as a time and says – ok if u give me a kiss then i will hide (pointing towards his lips)
swara – sanskar is this a time to….
she is interrupted by bp’s voice
bp – maa r u there
swara in tension gives him a peck on his lips
Swasan are shocked
sanskar hides
swara opens the door
bp – ma r u fine ?? Kisses hee forehead
swara – ha bp i am fine y did u come here i told u to take rest na (panicks)
Bp – i just came here to talk to u but y r u behaving weird ??
Swara stammers – w.e..ird ??
There is nthng like that actually i am tired bp i will freshen up and i will talk to u later ok
bp – ok ma he goes
swara opens the door and sanskar comes out

swara is blushing but sansjar goes near her and says – now i got ur weak point, wenever i need my energy drink i will call bp
saying this he leaves the room making swara more blushing
Sanlak leaves to mm

swasan are sad but composes themselves for each other
sanlak enters mm
ap and sujatha run and hugs their sons
uttara too hugs her both brothers.
Adarsh parineetha everyone are happy to see sanlak
dp – sanskar where is swara ??
Sanskar – woh actually bade pappa woh..
laksh – bhai its ok i will tell them
laksh tells everything
all are shocked but happy for theur son’s maturity
dp – i am so happy that u took a very gyd decision huding ur pain. I am proud of u sanskar and laksh by going to london with sanskar and helping them u rectified ur mistake
laksh – ha pappa even ragini too forgave me
sujatha – sach…

laksh – ha chachi
sujatha – yeh toh bahut achi baat hai
ap – ha right but first of all u both go and freshen up i will make ur lunch ready
sanlak – ji
they both gets freshen up abd have their lunch and the day passes like that

Precap – sanskar misses swara and he goes to gm. Later bp brings a proposal for swara which shocks everyone

Credit to: sam

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