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Recap – swara tells bp that sanskar is very important for her. And also swara tells bp the whole truth

Here we go

Sanskar books the tickets and soon all reached airport.
sanskar is dying to spend time with her beloved wife but she is busy with her bp and ber brother
sanskar to himself – i pray to god that no husband faces a situation which i am facing right now. My wife is so nearer to me but i cant even say that she is my wife and i am standing far away from her.
he goes on staring her
mohit notices this
mohit – di i needed something i informed about them to sanskar plzzz ask him whether he bought it or not
and he signs swara to go to him
bp – apni behan ko kyun takleeg de rahe ho tum khud puchlooo
swara – no no bp actually i too hav some work with sanskar so i will go
Bp – ok ma
swara – lucky do u need anything ??
Laksh – no bhabhi
bp – dekho beta i know u r calling just for fun but everytime its not funny right ??
laksh (feels bad) – ha uncle sry
swara feels very bad but she doesnot hav any other option
swara says sry with eyes
laksh too says its ok with eyes
swara goes to sanskar
swara – mr.maheswari come with me i need to talk to u
sanskar – wat where ??
Swara – acha just now u r thinking to spend time with me but wen i am asking u , u r reacting like this ha ??
Sanskar – how do u know wat i am thinking ??
Swara – biwi hu aapki i can understand wat u want
sanskar (naughty) – acha then u can understand wat else i want ha ??
swara – sanskarrrr tum na
Acha come with me here bp can see us lets go there
swasan goes to some other place where bp cannot see them
sanskar – toh tum kya keh rahi thi ??
Swara – kya …keh rahi ..
sanskar pulls her towards him holding her waist
swara – sanskar wat r u doing ??
Sanskar – dont u know wat i am doing ??
Swara – sanskarrr plzzzz leave me
sanskar – acha then if u wanted me to be away from u then y did u bring me here (angry)
Swara – sanskar i wanted to talk to u And i also wanted to spend some time with u but not in public
sanskar leaves her and is about to go
sanskar – ok then i am leaving
then swara holds his hands and says – r u angry with me ??

Sanskar – swara leave my hand
swara – no first answer me
sanskar – ha yes now happy
swara goes infront of him and hugs him tightly and says – sanskar i am really sry plzzzz forgive me.
sanskar melts by her act and says – its ok swara now lets go.its getting late
they all board the flight and reaches india
ragini knows that they are coming so she is in hurry and very busy
all are shocked that she is making every thing ready as if some celebrity is coming
just then a car arrives
sanlak mohit and swara gets down
ragini runs towards them
all family members are also went behind her
ragini shouted – badepappa kaha hai
all family members are shocked
shekhar – wat is ragini talk…
just then a man of 50’s gets down from the car
all are shocked to see him
shekhar – bhayya…
dadu – arnav..
dadi – betaa
sumi – bhayya
all are shocked

swara and mohit asks bp to be outside
swara – bp u be here we will manage them as they are in shock
bp – ok ma
swara goes towards gadodia family and tells them about how bp is alive all are still in shock but shekhar gained his senses and went to bp and hugged him and cried
shekhar – bhayya i am so happy to see u alive.
Bp – shekhar relaxxx i am fine
all one by one wished him
they took him inside and all sat
bp – i am alive today becozzz of these two persons (pointing towards sanlak)
Shekhar – sanskar i am very thankful to u beta And laksh u too tanq
sanskar – its ok papa no need…
bp – papa ??
Swara – woh bp actually sanskar is so close to me and as he is my best frnd he too calls ma papa as ma papa
shekhar sumi – frnd ??
Swara goes near them and says – ha ma frnd u know na and whispers – ma papa plzzz bp doesnot know about my marg
both are shocked
swara manages dadaji and dadi too

Precap – swara staying in gm and sanskar missing swara and ragini forgiving laksh

I am sry guys i know its very short update but i am really busy and as my exams are nearer i am goimg to take a break soon so plzz forgive me

Credit to: sam

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  1. Awesome..pls yaar dnt seperate swasan pls..nd update nxt soon..

  2. Pls make a scene as though sanskar met with a minor accident and make swara tell the truth to BP . when she hears the news BP should tell her not to go but she should tell him that her husband and I want to see him now . plsssssssss

  3. Nce….more swasan scenes plzz

  4. plz united swasan. will plz fast bp come to know truth swara sankaar marriage

  5. its nice but plzzzz don’t separate them yaar

  6. All the best sam for ur exam
    Update asap

  7. wow lovely Sam…

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