Hiiiii guys i am sry i know u all r angry with me for not posting it but i wanted to tell u one thing. I hav wrote it two days ago but it is not getting posted. i swear guys i hav tried atleast 40 times a day to upload it but i think my luck is very bad. Ok leave all that guys lets proceed with the story. I am sry for everything.

Recap – sanskar saw swara laughing and misunderstood her that she is happy leaving him hurt. so he went from there angrily. Laksh saw sanskar scolding swara
. Laksh explains everything and sanskar feels guilty. Swara reveals her past

Here we go

Swara and mohit reaches the restrnt
sanskar and laksh too reaches there but sits at a place where he can see and hear swara but swara cant see them.
Swara and mohit sat there
just them mr.malhotra came there
swara sees tge watch and says
swara – u r late by 15min mr.malhotra so u hav to bear the punishment too
mr.malhotra – swara mai….
swara interrupts him
swara – mrs.maheswari… call me mrs.maheswari or dr.swara. but dont call me swara. Give respect and take respect
sanskar and laksh are shocked to see her this side
laksh – bhai mai toh bhabhi ko sweet and cute samajhtha tha par ab mai apna opinion badalna chahta hu
sanskar – lucky shut up. focus
they again concentrate on them
mr.malhotra – itni bhi nafrat mat karo mujhse
swara – oh common mr.malhotra who r u to
me that i will hate u. I dont even care for u
mr.malhotra – then y did u help me
mohit – di already informed u about this that we want a return favour from u
mr.malhotra – wats that tell me ??
Swara – its simple i want to meet ur son.
mr.malhotra – what (shouting)
Swara giving a glass of water to him says – calm down mr.malhotra.hav some water.
Mr.malhotra – no i cant make u meet him.infact i will make sure that it doesnt happen
swara gets angry but controls it
mohit – wat r u saying just tell us about him.
swara – listen mr.malhotra i am not here to listen to ur nonsense. Just tell me about

mr.malhotra – noo i dont and i will not
swara gets up and hits the table hardly
it makes a big sound.
Laksh gets afraid as they are nearer to them and says – bhai dar lag raha hai chaliye lets go
he makes very funny faces
sanskar – lucky plzzzzz
laksh – ok bhai
They again focussed on them
mohit – di relaxxxx calm down he hav to tell us. He hasnot left with any other option than this
mr.malhotra – wat will u do if i hav not told
u ??
Swara – it will take me a second to destroy ur everything. Think mr.malhotra
all three are silent.
mr.malhotra thinks – no swara if i say u
where he is. ur life will get affected and i dont want that for u. Anyways he will be with us after few days so its better to lose my everything than to put u in troubles and i also know that u will never ever let anything happen to my company
finally he spoke
mr.malhotra – ok do watever u want. U wanted to destrou our company na ok do it. And ha ALL THE BEST swara sry MRS.SWARA MAHESWARI
and he leaves

mohit gets up in anger and about to hit the table with his hand but swara holds his hand and says – calm down mohit just a few min back u hav told me to relax then y r u being hyper.
Mohit – di how can u be so cool after listening him
swara – thats the reason y i am staying calm
mohit – matlab ??
Swara – matlab he doesnot want me to
know about his son not even at the cost of losing his company. it doesnt make any sense until….
mohit – until ??
swara – until something big has happened with him and i hav to find it. Ok for now lets hav lunch
they both hav lunch and leaves.
sanlak too leaves from there
sanskar drives fast as he should be at hotel otherwise she might doubt him.
he reaches and sanskad goes to his room and laksh goes to his
swara came in to the room
she saw sanskar playing in the phone.
She sees the ac and fans off
swara thinks – I know sanskar u r so hurt. (Actually swara is thinking that sanskar is lost in his thoughts that he hadnot even lut on the ac
swara – sanskar wat is this u hav not even switched on the ac. Y ?
Sanskar thinks to himself – sanskar u r so dumb how can u do it ?? (Actually sanskar after reaching the hotel hurriedly and ran
towards his room and sat on bed Acting that he was already there)
Swara – i know u were hurt but to this
extent that u dont even want to see me or talk to me i dont know
sanskar – no swara wo..
swara goes near him and sees him sweating (due to running)
She wipes his sweat from his face with her dupatta and she on’s the ac
swara again comes and sits near him.
Swara places his hands on his shoulder but he jerks it
sanskar – swara plzzz leave me (acting to be angry)
Swara – no i willnot leave u becozzzz I
LOVE U and i cant see u punishing urself for my mistakes.
sanskar – ok dont leave i will only leave
swara again holds his hand and she stands up and goes to his front and sees into his eyes. He too sees.they had a cute eyelock.
swara then moves towards him and kisses
him on his cheeks tightly expressing her guilt in hurting him and for lieing him and showing her love towards him
sanskar is shocked by her sufden
movement. And also very happy
swara again sees into his eyes. Her eyes are watery indicating that she is about to break. Sanskar saw this and thinks “i think i hav over reacted and acted too long now i should tell her the truth”

sanskar – swara i am sry
Swara with a question mark experssion – y r u sry sanskar. I should be sry forr….
sanskar – shhhhh (placing his fingers on her lips)
Sanskar continues – actually i hav forgiven u along ago but i hadnot told u. I am sry for scolding u without knowing the truth.
Lucky told me that all happened in hospital. I am so sry swara. U r worried for me and i was angry with u
Swara – wat do u mean sanskar a little bit angry and confused
sanskar – wo i am pretending to be angry with u swara actually i hav forgiven u completely after listening to ur past and reason
swara broken – sanskar that means u played a prank on me. u played with my feelings. Do u know how much i was worried for hurting u. How can u do this sanskar ??saying this she is moving backwards
Sanskar – swara ruko plzzz
swara – its ok sanskar i am a fool. I think
everyone like to fool me.
Sanskar – swara its not like that.Iisten to me
swara – sanskar mujhe akele rehnedo thodi der keliye plzzzz. She goes from there controlling her tears
sanskar goes back of her
sanskar holds swara in the middle of the corridor
swara – sanskar wats all this ?? Everyone is watching us.
Sanskar – so wat ?? u r my wife
swara – sanskar leave me
sanskar – toh maaf kardo mujhe
swara – noooo leave me
sanskar – Nooooooooo
swara – sanskar…..plzz
sanskar tightend his grip he drags her more closure
swara – sans…….(she cant speak more as he is holding her more tighter and they are too close that they can hear their heart beats)
Sanskar – tell me dat u forgave me
swara – leave me plzzzzzz
sanskar – noooo i will not leave u as i love u and he goes near her and whispers sorry in her ears
her eyes are filled with tears
sanskar cups her face and says – swara i thought to tease u. I want u to stay with me Always. U know i was about to tell u dat i forgave u but u told that u were ready to do anything for me so i thought to …….
and kisses her forehead
swara blushes listening to his confession
swara – sanskar leave me (blushing)
Sanskar – so u forgave me ??
Swara – ha now leave me and she smiles
sanskar – phir toh bilkul bhi nahi chodungaaa and winks at her naughtily
swara – sanskar….
mohit and laksh coughs – ahem ahem
sanskar sees them and leaves swara. Both gets embarrased
swasan together – tum dono
laksh – not only we see how many are watching u
Mohit – di u know u hav changed alot. U dont like to open up in public but wats all thus
swara innocently – mohit i havnot done anything
suddenly mohit and laksh laughs hardly
Swara – mohit lucky i wont leave u both and she starts to run behind them
sanskar – lucky u r finished today
laksh – acha then try to catch me
all four runs and finally they reach their room and all four enjoys themselves.
after that swara sends some videos
to show them to bade pappa.
those are their family videos. Doctors starts to play them in swara’s absense and bp started to recover more and more.
but he couldnot talk and he is kust moving his hands thats it. Swara plans a big thing to make bp fine completely

Precap – bp getting consciousness.All four are happy. But bp asks swara about sanskar. All are tensed how to tell him the truth.

I am sry guys i hav made u wait for so long for the last update. I dont know whether this part gets submitted or not but i will keeo trying. Tanq frndzzz and soon i will be posting a promo on uocoming chapters

Credit to: sam

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