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Recap – swasan mohit and laksh went to the meeting. Swara and mohit tried their best to leave the place as soon as they got to know about the meeting being organised by mr.malhotra but people there recognised them. mr.khanna insults mr.malhotra but swara goes and reveals the truth that she is his sister’s daughter and they all are with him. Sanskar gets angry with swara for hiding it from him.

Here we go

Sanskar and laksh are going near car. Sanskar sat and about to start the car
laksh – bhai lets wait for bhabhi and mohit
sanskar – wats the need lucky. She has many known persond here
lets leave
just then swara calls
swara – sanskar wait
he stops they get into the car.
Swara – sanskar wo actually …
she is interrupted by sanskar’s words
sanskar – lucky i hav an important work. I will drop u 3 in the hospital. U visit badepappa and come ok

laksh – ok bhai
laksh looks at swara helplessely and signs her that sanskar is very much angry with her
swara – sanskar u too come with us
mohit – ha jiju by the way wat work u hav ??
Sanskar – its important mohit. I cant come u three go
mohit – jiju actually di…
swara stops him with her hands
mohit stops
swara – sanskar…
just then swara’s phone rings
swara – hello
person – y did u help me ??
Swara recognising the voice – how did u get my num ??
Mohit sanskar and laksh sees her
person – u wouldhav thought that its a big punishment for my sins and for wat i hav dont to and ur family u should hate me but y did u save me and my business
swara – see mr.malhotra (yes its her mamu mr.malhotra) u hav to understand these things. Its a pure business deal.i hav helped u just expecting a return favour so u hav to do it. if not i will destroy ur company. I think u dont need that
sanskar is shocked to hear such words from swara
he applies sudden breaks.
All three stares at him
but he stares swara

mr.malhotra continues the call
mr.malhotra – wat do u expect from me ??
Swara – i will tell u directly. I will inform u the place.
and she cuts the call
all four are silent
sanskar wants to ask her but his ego stops him As he is angry with her
finay laksh breaks the ice
laksh – bhabhi i am shocked to listen such words from u
swara – ha actually its strange for me too but i hav to do this lucky
sanskar starts the car and he drops them at hospital. He immediately goes from there.
swara intentionally forgets her phone
sanskar goes
they trio went inside and they spent sometime with bp. His condition is recovering. He is moving his fingers slightly and all parts his brain started to work

All are spending time together.
Swara is thinking about sanskar
swara – where is this sanskar. according to my plan he should come to return my phone. I know he doesnot hav any important works. I think i didnot get any calls. So he doesnot know that my phone is in his car only.
She takes mohit mobile and calls to her phone
sanskar went to a lonely place and he sat in the cad itself
he heard swara’s ringtone and got to know that swara’s phone is here. He sees mohit calling and thinks “y is mohit calling swara. they all are at the same place no ?? He lifts the call but swara cuts the call and panicks.

Sanskar calls to mohit she didnot pick up. Then sanskar calls laksh.
laksh – are bhai ka call he is about to lift the call swara stops him.
she tells them all her plan
in the meanwhile sanskar calla to mohit as laksh is not picking up( he gets worried for swara)
Mohit picks up and says – ha jiju
sanskar – is swara alright y did u call to swara mobile
mohit – ha jiju di is fine actually di has to make some important calls but she is not finding her mobile so i called to her number. We r searching for it. Jiju if u are not busy can u bring the phone here. Plzzz its urgent
sanskar – ok
he cuts
all sighs a relief
swara – waise mohit from wen did u become so intelligent ??
Mohit – diiiiiii
swara – hahaha ok ok sry

they laugh
laksh – bhabhi how will u comvince bhai. Infact i too am angry with u. U hav hid such a big fact and wen bhai asked u. U lied to him u know how much bad he felt.
swara – wat ?? but how did he know that i am lieing ??
Laksh tells her that sanskar heard somepart of her talk with mr.malhotra
swara gets teary eyed and says – i am very bad lucky i couldnot become a good wife. I hav hurt such a good person who loves me alot
sansjar i am sryyyyy
Laksh and mohit go near her
both hugs her

laksh and mohit – u r the world’s best person and a good wife. Becozzz u love him so much
laksh – now bhabhi plzzzz stop crying and smile
they three laugh
sanskar just comes and sees all laughing
sanskar sees swara laughing and he gets more angry he keeps the phone in her hand and leaves immediately.

Swara runs behind him
swara – sanskar plzzzz stop sanskar…
sanskar goes
swara also goes behind him
sanskar reaches the hotel. Swara too reaches there.
Sanskar sits in the room locking it
but swara has a spare key so she opens and comes into the room
sanskar is very angry and hurt. Seeing him like that she feels his pain
swara goes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder. But he jerks it.
swara goes and sits infront of him
sanskar is about to get up but swara holds him and makes him sit
he turnd his face
swara – sanskar i am really sorry. But i hav a reason plzzz listen to me
sansjar doesnot give any response
swara – sanskar plzzz dont be calm plzzz talk anything if u ignore me i cant take it. Plzzz sanskar its hurting me

sanskar gets up and says – its hurting u ?? Do u think that how much it hurt me swara that u hav hidden such a thing more than that u lied me do u know how much i was upset then. And now u are enjoying with laksh and mohit laughing.
Swara – sanskar…
sanskar – just shut up swara now plzzz dont cover up ir mistakes. I saw with my own eyes
he goes from there
laksh hears everything
swara is crying vigurously
laksh got very angry at his bhai
he leaves (mohit didnot see as he went to park the car)
Laksh goes to sanskar
laksh – bhai wat did u do ??(full on angry mode)
Sanskar – wat did i do ??
Laksh – y r u behaving like that with bhabhi. I know u r hurt but she is hurt too
sanskar – hurt my foot i saw her laughing with u both
laksh – oh stop it bhai. Till then she cried thinking that she hurt u just then a few seconds before u come we made her laugh

sanskar – wat ??
Laksh – ha bhai exactly (laksh tells everything to sanskar)
Sanskar feels bad for scolding her
he goes to their room again and see swara crying
sanskar feels bad for her- swara…

swara seeing sanskar gets happy and hugs him
swara breaking the hug – sanskar i am sry actually ….
sanskar – i want to know the reason y u lied me
swara – sanskar ours and mr.malhotra’s families are very close. He is my mom’s brother. We used to love him alot. Even our businesses are combined and we used to hav more shares but bp thought to give mr.malhotra equal shares as he will be feeling low infront of us if we hav high shares. But wen the news of bp death revealed our company shares fell low then mr.malhotra thought about himself and separated from his company without thinking about us. Wen dad confronted him he insulted dad and our family very badly. That too i can tolerate but he raised hand on my mom. HE SLAPPED MY MOM sanskar. I hate the man who raises his hand on a woman. I just hate them. Thats it dad and me has broken every relation with him. Two years ago, those days were the most painful days in my life. That is the reason y i hid this from u
sanskar – then u were saying tat u need a return favour from him. Wat was that ??
Swara – i want to know about his son. I can feel that he is in some trouble.
Sanskar – oh ur cousin ??
Swara – no sanskar frnd. He was my cousin. But not now becozzzz i dont hav any relation with mr.malhotra. Sanskar do u forgive me ??
Sanskar is in deep thinking so he didnot hear that
swara a little bit louder – i know sanskar u will not forgive me so easily. So i will do watever u want ok ??
Sanskar is about to say that he forgave her but a naughtt idea struck his mind
sanskar to himself – wah beta wat a brain. Now she will do watever u want. thats gud now lets start the acting

swara – sanskar speak something damn it
ur silence is killing
sanskar (acting) – swara i am sorry i cant forgive u so easily. U hav hurt me. I am sry .
swara goes and back hugs sanskar
sanskar feels so melting but ignores his feeling
sanskar is about to leave but swara holds his hand. She places her hands on her ears and says sorry he turns the other side and smiles
sanskar to himself – omg she is soooo cuteee. How can i control myself. But u hav to mannn u hav tooo
sanskar goes and sits on the bed. She too goes and sits beside him. He moves she also moves finally he comes to an end.
sanskar trying to act irritated – swara plzzzzz dont irritate me now just goo
swara gets hurt little bit – ok sanskar take ur own time i am going out ok take care
sanskar – where r u going ??

Swara – to meet mr.malhotra
bye hav ur lunch. We too will hav there so dont worry.
Sanskar turns his face and starts thinking due to confusion but swara thinks that he is still angry with her. She feels bad. but leaves
sanskar thinks “i hav ti follow swara and find out about her cousin,she is worried for him. I hav to find him.”(Frnds for now sanskar is not jealous but is worried for swara thats it . Jealosy track is ahead with a suspense but dont worry i dont want to separate swasan and i will not do that)

Precap – swara and mohit meets mr.malhotra and swara is talking in a formal manner as she is having a deal and wonders. Swara still on her mission “manao sanskar” lets see hiw will she react after getting to know that sanskar is just acting

*i am sry guys i couldnot give a long update to u and i cant update regularly as my exams are nearer but i will try to be regular. Once again sry

Credit to: sam

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