Precap- sanskar asks swara fir forgiveness but swara refuses to do so and some brother and sister moments and mohit’s hatred for ragini

* i am sorry to the fans of ragini but there is a reason for his hatred that i will reveal in the coming episodes and also about the
person who was talking in the phone and
wanted to spoil swara’s reputatioN

*please suggest someone for mohit’s
i was thinkingbit to be mohit sehgal wat arevur views

Here we go frndzzzz

@gadodia mansion

swara gives a bunch of new books and
materials and everything necessary for her mba course and also gives her a new mobile and car keys as a gift for her
ragini gets happy and hugs swara and says
ragini – tanq di i didnot expect this from u
i thought u only love bhayya but u also
love me (actually ragini is hurt as she thinks her that botg her brother and sister doesn’t love her)

swara is hurt but she doesn’t show it
mohit hears everything he is about to say
something but swara sighs him to keep
swara -there is nothing like that ragini i love u don’t think like that
sekhar – yes beta ur di loves u alot don’t think like that
Ragini – if so then papa u ask her to accompany me to my college
shekar doesn’t know wat to say as swara will always be punctual in her hospital
timings but as ragini is pampered alot he asks swara to go with ragini
Swara thinks that she cant refuse her father at the same time she cannot get late
mohit-i am sry ragini but di and i hav

important works so we have to leave
saying this he takes swara from there
swara wants to say something but mohit takes her
ragini -hav u seen pappa di doesn’t love me she only loves bhayya saying this she
leaves crying
shekhar gets angry
sanskar is thinking how to apologise swara in the mean while he listens sujatha shouting “jiji jiji ”
Ap- wat happened sujatha y r u shouting
Sujatha -see here jiji our sanskar who used to go to ofc sharp at 9AM he is here
jiji is the clock fast
Ap – no sujatha it is 10 now

And it is the right time
but i think sanskar have some work
sujatha -pinch me jiji i can’t trust my own eyes
sankar – mom please dont over react ok i am having a small work as i hav to meet swara
Ap and sujatha at a time “swara ”
Sanskar – wo actually ma she is my doctor i hav to meet her as she told me to consult her
ap – sanskar is everything fine with ur health
Sanskar – yes ma i am fine don’t worry and
she is the best doctor while saying this he smiles
ap feels strange but doesn’t ask him as sujatha is also present there and sge
knows she will create a drama in the house so she kept queit and went
in the car

swara – mohit y did u do it i would hav refused dad see now dad is again angry with u
mohit – i just don’t care di i know u can’t refuse him as u love him alot but he doesn’t understan ur love becozz ragini means the world to him
swara – nothing like that every parent love their all children equally but some can’t show
mohit – di please lets change the topic
Swara – ok but no talking only eating
Mohit- eating ??

Swara – ha becozzz u hav not done ur breakfast so lets eat the tiffin
she starts feeding him he stops the car and they both finish their breakfast and goes to their respective places
sanskar came to the hospital and waiting for swaraas soon as he saw her he went to her cabin after her
swara is shocked to see him
he is abiut to say something but his inner voice stopped him if i say sorry then she will immediately throw me out
swara – wat r u doing here mr.maheshwari

sanskar – i i i …. i came here for checkup
she immediately calls nurse and tells her
to take him to Dr.anitha
sanskar gets into thinking “now who is this anitha i just wanted to talk to u ”
swara – as i said earlier i am ur doctor for that day as dr.anitha was in leave now u can consult her mr.maheshwari

sanskar- no no he screams
swara – wat happened
sanskar – i am feared of doctors u seem to

be a good girl so i just wanted ur treatment i am scared of injections
swara smiles on his childishness but hides it
swara – mr.maheshwari are u saying that i am a good doctor she reminses the
previous day
and feels sad
sanskar feels guilty to hurt her and thinks to talk to her directly
sanskar – swara i am sry for yesterday and i really want to repent my mistake thats why i came here
swara – i told u yesterday only that i can’t forgive u u please leave

sanskar – no and he sits in the chair moving it close to her
swara – wats this wat do u want
sanskar – u know
ok i got to know that u wont forgive me easily as i hav hurt u alot so lets hav a deal
swara – wat deal ??
Sanskar – i will unite ur brother and ur sister in the return u hav to forgive and accept my frndship
swara is shocked to listen that

swara – hw do u know about that
sanskar – actually i am sry i don’t want to listen ur conversation with ur brother but unexpectedly i heard every thing i just want to apologise u just then i saw ur brother and i stopped and….
he is cut by swara’s words
swara – look mr.maheswari there is nothing like that and u better stay out of it as it is my family matter
sanskar – ok ur wish i know u dont want to forgive me but not at the cost of ur brother and sister’s happiness

i can do anything and make possible the impossible things also ask anyone
so here is my card and if u want to accept my deal then cal me i can help u
saying this he leaves and thinks to himself now watch miss swara gadodia u will definetly accept my deal
after he leaves swara thinks about his deal and thinks “nonsense,he can’t to anything” and get back to her work

@gadodia mansion at night
when swara and mohit came all are staring them they didnot hav their dinner ( actually everyday all will eat together with ragini as she will feel happy)
but today they didnot had dinner becozzz ragini refused to do so
swara – wat happened to everyone today hav u not done with ur dinner ??
Shekhar – today i just wanted to solve this problem forever
Swara – wat happened dad its 10 pm

if u will not hav ur dinner ur health will get disturbed atleast think about dada and dadi they hav to take medicines
swara – stop it swara today becozz of u and ur stupid brother ragini had not had her dinner yet
mohit got angry as he is scolding swara
mohit – stopit dad y are u blaming di i hav taken her with me forcibly
shekhar – u just shut up u are a fool
sumi – shekhar please try to solve but dont make it complicated
mohit – to whom u r saying mom he just knows to scold me and my di and i am warning u dad dont dare to say a word against my di
swara stops him from saying further

shekhar – before ur di she is my daughter remember that
mohit – oh u remember that i thought u hav two more children than ur ragini
swara – mohit please stop this bahut hogaya ab aur nahi
dad i am sorry i am responsible for everything i will not repeat this mistake again
mohit – which mistake the thing u hav not committed u r asking sorry for that
shekhar – just shut up mohit i dont want to see my ragini crying
mohit – wow dad wat a wonderful person u are
2 yrs before ur ragini did alot to my di and becozzz of her di is suffering and cant get over that pain even today and becozzz of that blody ragini we hav lost ourrrr…..
shekhar is about to slap mohit but swara holds his hand

swara – not today dad u know i can tolerate anything but cant see my brother in pain
please dont do this again and
mohit u i shouldnot listen to this topic again so please stop it here itself
and swara goes to her room without having her dinner
mohit gets teary eyed and tells becozzz of me my di remembered everything
dadaji comes near to him and says she never forgot that so that she remembered now
so dont feel guilty go to swara’s room i will send ur dinner there

precap – shekhar enters swara’s room and apolgises to her they have a lovely talk
swara thinks to accept sanskar’s proposal

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