Recap – swara met that person.sanskar heard half conversation and got to know that he knows swara from childhood but feels bad as swara lies to him. he decides to find the truth. After that they both romance in room but laksh and mohit teases them

Here we go

all 4 headed to the restrnt. They had their dinner. As usual swara is feeding mohit roti. As they booked a special table which is a closed area. So noone can see them
sanskar – swara can i ask u something ?? U shouldnot refuse
Swara – wat ??
Sanskar – first promise me then only i will tell
swara – ok promise now tell me
sanskar – feed me with ur hands
swara shocked – WAT ??NO WAY
sanskar – u hav just promised swara
swara – no sanskar plzzzz (she signs him that mohit and laksh are there)
Mohit and laksh understands that and say – ok we will leave
mohit – ha di i am done we are going
swara – shut up u havnot done yet i know how much u eat. Now sit down u both are not going anywhere

sanskar – ha mohit u hav it i will hav later and only if ur di feeds me
swara – ok baba but let me feed mohit first. Pehle ek hi bacha tha abb do hogaye
laksh smiles – correction bhabhi theen including me
all laughs
mohit finishes eating
mohit and laksh – ok we will leave. U both njoyyy
while leaving
swara holds mohit’s hands and does some signs with her hands
mohit nods his head in yes
laksh – oh bhabhi u both know sign language ??
Swara – ha lucky but how do u know that we r talking in sign language
laksh – wo bhabhi actually wen i was changing the channels i found a news channel for def and dumb there i saw them acting same like u did
swara – ohh ha right its their language. We will talk sometimes in this. Just for fun
sanskar – so wat did u say him
swara and mohit stammers but finally swara says – i told him not to sleep until i come
and he nodded
sanskar -oh
swara – ha now ur questioning section is over shall we start
laksh and mohit – Nooooooo are yaar kya karre ho aap dono we r still here
all laughs. They leave
swara feeds sanskar
sanskar intentionally licks her fingers
swara – sanskar wat r u doing ?? Eat properly u r not a kid

sanskar – wat did i do ?? the food is tastey
swara – achaaa
sanskar – ha tumhare haath se jho khilarahe ho
swara – sanskar plzzzz stop this ok
sanskar – ok
they finish their dinner and go to their respective rooms
swara on the way – sanskar u go to our room. I will go to mohit and talk with him. i will sleep in his room most probably
sanskar – wat yyyy ??
Swara – sanskar its a new place. He will not get sleep and if he willnot get sleep. He will suffer a headache
sanskar – hmm ok only for today ok
swara – ok we will see

swara goes
sanskar also goes to his room and calls laksh to his room as he is alone
swara comes to mohit
swara – bachuuu
mohit – di w
y did u say that u wanted to tell me a important matter ??
Swara – ha mohit today i saw mr.malhotra
mohit – wat ??
Swara – ha
she tells everything
mohit – thankgod di jiju didnot get any doubt. And y did u talk to him.
Swara – just for his son mohit otherwise i wouldnot hav seen his face
mohit – ok di relax. We can find him through business
swara – ok now sleep
mohit – ok u go

swara – where
mohit – to ur room di
swara – this is my room too. And how can u think that i will let u sleep alone haa
mohit – but dii jiju…
swara – i told him ok
mohit hugs swara
Swara too hugs him and makes him sleep on her lap
they both sleep peacefully
@sanlak room
sanskar tells everything about mr.malhotra to laksh
laksh – but bhai bhabhi doesnot lie usually. But y is she lieing ?? I think she is trying to hide something
sanskar – ha lucky even i too feel the same. I thought to ask mohit but i hav not found time
laksh – bhai r u crazy ?? Do u think that he will tell u ??
If bhabhi doesnot want u to know anything tben y will he tell u ??
Infact if u ask him he will inform bhabhi and she will be more careful as u got doubt on her
sanskar – ha lucky u r right. We should find ot by ourself.she is calling him mr.malhotra so lets search in the net
laksh – yes bhai lets search
they start browsing in net
they find him
laksh – bhai he is a famous business man rakesh malhotra
sanskar – lucky u know him ??
Laksh – ha bhai …..

suddenly laksh remembers something
laksh – ohhh shit bhai we hav a meeting for all business delegates in london itself.we forgot and see but by our luck we are here. Lets attend tomorrow
sanskar – ha lucky see i too fotgot. We hav to inform mohit too as he will attend on behalf of gadodia grp of companies
laksh – ha bhai
lets sleep now
they too sleeps
sanskar informs mohit about it and also informs about the place
all four gets ready
swara and mohit walks front
sanlak are coming behind
sanskar – lucky along with thus meeting we can know about that person too as he too will come there and swara definetly will react to him

laksh – ha bhai u keep an eye on bhabhi and leave on me about mohit
sanskar – ha we hav not told them the complete details. I think we hav done right
laksh – ha bhai dont worry everything will be fine
(Actually sanskar doesnot give complete details about the meeting. He just tells that major business company heads should attend this meeting thats it)
They all leave
they reach the venue
they go inside and it is a very big auditorium which is sufficient for 3000 members

they four settle down
swara sees someone coming and she calls mohit
mohit too sees them
swara – mohit i think this a meeting organised by mr.malhotra.
Mohit – ha di i too feel the same. See them these all are his frnds only. If they recognise us then we cant do anything
swara – lets comfirm
mohit – ok i will ask jiju
mohit casually – jiju is this a meeting organised by mr.rakesh malhotra ??
Sanskar – ha actually he is one of the organisers. But its a meeting for all business heads mohit . Y wat happened
mohit – nthng just casually

mohit leans to swara and says – di lets leave from here
swara – ha come
sanskar we r leaving as we hav some important work
sanlak shout – nooo
swara – y ??
Sanskar – swara this is really important for gadodia grp of companies. U cant leave this place
swara – but sanskar we hav to leave
sanskar – wat is so urgent
mohit – jiju i am not feeling well
sanskar – wat happened to u till now u r fine
mohit – wo wo.. jiju
just then mr.malhotra comes there and gets shocked to see mohit and swara
mr.malhotra – hiiiii i think u r the person who got ur leg hurt right ??
Swara – yes
mr.malhotra – hw is it ??

Swara to herself – wat an actor
mohit – dii did u get hurt u didnot tell me wat happened where ?? (He gets worried)
swara – i am fine mohit mr.malhotra helped me at the right time and ya i am fine mr.malhotra tanq
swara and mohit are about to leave
mr.malhotra – r u guys leaving ??
Swara – ye…
sanskar – no mr.malhotra they will be back
mr.malhotra gets upset that they will be back
he leaves
mohit leans towards her and tells – di hav u seen him wat a great actor he is. He is behaving as if he doesnot know us
swara – relax mohit we too want dat only right ??
mohit – yes di

swara – now come we should leave before anyone recognises us
sanskar – swara plzz come back as i told him dat u both will be back
swara – we will try and she leaves immediately
sanskar – lucky wat shall we do now they are leaving ??
Laksh – ha bhai i too am not understanding anything
then they see mr.malhotra comimg towards swara and mohit
laksh – bhai look there mr.malhotra is forwarding towards bhabhi and mohit. I think he will talk to them if we hear their talks i think we can figureout something
sanlak both go
swara and mohit are stopped by mr.malhotra
mr.malhotra – i am glad that u r leaving plzzz dont come back. If anyone recognises u it will be a very big problm for me
mohit gets angry and closes his fist

swara holds him and says – dont worry mr.malhotra we are not going to come back here or to u. It will never happen
they are about to leave then they are recognised by someone
sanlak are shocked
they are thinking that y mr.malhotra asked them to leave
sanlak goes near the couple who are talking to swara and mohit. They are mr and mrs.khanna
mr.khanna – swara beta hw r u ?? I hav not see u for the last two years. Where were u ??
Mrs.khanna – ha mohit i havnot seen u too. Where were u both.
Mr.khanna – swara u r very attached to mr.malhotra and his son right ?? I think u r in contact with his son right ??
For everything swara and mohit are just nodding their head
as the meeting is about to start
mr. And mrs.khanna takes swara and mohit and makes them come inside
swara and mohit sit unwillingly

sanlak are shocked
sanskar – wat swara is close to mr.malhotra and his son. Now who is his son ??
laksh – bhai relax lets find out
the meeting gets completed
swara and mohit are happy that no one raised their topic
but suddenly their happiness vanished
mr.khanna comes to the stage and goes near the mike

swara – mohit i am really scared now wat is he going to do ??
mr.khanna smiles evilly – i am glad that mr.malhotra is one of the main organiser and i am happy that our frnd reached to a great heights but u hav to get to know about him. I think after knowing this thing u all will definetly backoff from signing with malhotra grp of companies
(actually mr.khanna is jeolous of malhotra grp of companies so he want to destroy that but its biggest strength is swara and mohit and their family )
Mr.malhotra gets up and says -wats thus nonsense mr.khanna
mr.khanna – let me finish mr.malhotra

mr.khanna continues – mr.malhotra lost his biggest strength but i got to know about the truth today itself
(fb shows that mr.khanna heard their conversation with mr.malhotra)
Mr.khanna – yes he broke up ties with his sister and her family. we all know that swara gadodia and mohit gadodia known as pride and backbone for mr.malhotra are no more with him. If u want u can ask them
i request miss.swara gadodia and mr.mohit gadodia to come on to the stage and disclose the truth
mr.malhotra is at the verge of crying as everything will be finished by today as swara will tell the truth afterall i hav broken the ties with them

swara downs her head
many people come to swara and ask her to tell the truth
person 1 – beta u know from the past two years we were asking about u but mr.malhotra used to tell that u are busy with ur profession and etc now we got it. He is a cheater all starts bashing mr.malhotra

Swara stands up and shouts – ENOUGH
Swara goes on to the stage and says holding the mike
swara – i request all of them to please be seated
all sits
swara – today i want to tell u many facts

but before that let me tell u. All which u hav just heard are fake news. Its not true. i and my family are always with mr.malhotra.nobody can deny the fact that he is our family. But wat if we dont suppprt him will he become nthng noo he is the one who is running this company with his talent. We are not responsible for his success.u cant judge the people by the money and power he have. And one.ore thing i hav to say those who dont know about my relation with mr.malhotra
i am his sister’s daughter swara gadodia and now i am swara sanskar maheswari. he is our family and always be
tanq very much

Everyone starts gossipping
swara and mohit leaves
sanskar and laksh aloso leaves
sansjar is angry as his wife hadnot told him anything and wen the time came she announced it publicly especially he is frustated for the thing that he got to know the truth along with other people
he is also thinking that y they are behaving like strangers wen swara is his bhanji
so many thoughts are running in his mind

Precap – swara tells the whole truth to sanskar and she also convinces sanskar in a cute way
I am sry guys. I think u may find this part as boring but it is necessary for the upcomimg part

Credit to: sam

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