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Recap – sanskar proposes swara and swara accepts it. Mohit and laksh talk for the first time. laksh sanskar and mohit teases swara. Swara tells sanskar that she will show her complete dramebaaz avatar to him

Here we go
all are in car
laksh is sitting in the front
swara is sitting in between mohit and sanskar
swara is tensed and worried about badepappa
both sanskar and mohit notice this. They both keep their hands on swara’s hands respectively
swara smiles at them
sanskar – swara dont worry. He will be fine
mohit – ha di he may be in coma now but trust me wen he sees u he wil definetly wake up and see he will play with u and again u both will tease me
swara – i dont know anything. If he asks me that why did i not come to take hin in these 2 years then wat would i say him ??
i am selfish mohit. I lived happily leaving bp in this condition
mohit – no di its not lik…

mohit is interrupted by sanskar
sanskar – pagal hogayi ho kya ?? y r u thinking like that. Do u serously think that u were happy these years. Nooo its true that i hav not seen u in these two years but i could see the pain in ur eyes so plzzzzstop thinking so foolish
mohit – ha di jiju is right
mohit and sanskar side hugs swara
laksh – omg bhabhi u r too great. I thought my bhabhi is very strong
swara wiping her tears says – ha lucky ur bhabhi is strong and will stay strong always
they reach hospital
sanskar takes swara to the room
while going towards the room swara is fearing her whole body is sweating. She started walking slowly
holding sanskar’s hand tightly
at the door she stopped and turned back
swara tensed – no no i am having some work m…m..mai nahi aaungi andhar plzzz i am going
mohit – di where r u going ??i know u dont hav any work so come di u r sooo strong hai na just now u eaud right
swara – no mohit i cant i am afraid of seeing him in this condition. Noo i cant see him nooo
she cries
sanskar and mohit holds her

mohit hugs her
sanskar – mohit we both are going in. After sometime u come along with swara
(Sanskar goes in along with laksh as swara can talk freely to mohit and then she can feel free)
Swara – mohit plzzz take me home
mohit – di even i too am afraid but plzzz we hav to do this
swara listening his words and saw him and felt that she should be strong for her brother
swara – ok challo bachuuu see i am fine and u should be fine as we should make badepappa fine right
mohit nods in yes
both go inside and moving towards the bed
sanskar and laksh are stsnding either side of the bed
mohit and swara are holding each other very tightly
finally they went nearer
mohit couldnot stop crying. He cried sanskar and laksh tried to console him
swara is sitting near the bed and staring at her badepappa
after a long time sanskar broke the ice
sanskar – swara common react something talk to ur badepappa
swara – shhhhhh sanskar dont talk bp is sleeping he will get disturbed
sanskar mohit and laksh looked in shock
laksh and mohit are sitting on couch while laksh is consoling him but suddenly by hearing swara all got shocked
all understood that swara is in shock
mohit – diiii…
swara – shhh bachu dont talk
sanskar went towards swara and hugged her while swara is still staring at him
sanskar – swara he is not sleeping. He is in coma common talk to him
Swara hearing this started talking to bp
swara – bp see ur swara came. Ur maa came plzzz waje up and call me maa plzzzz bp wake up na i know u r teasing me plzzzzz

saying this she starts crying
sanskar hugs swara tightly and she is feeling comfortable in his arms
her tears fell on bp’s hand
swara cried holding bp
she cried harldly
swara (crying) – bp see only u can control me wen i am crying plzzz wake up and hold me
sanskar tries to hold her but he couldnot control her
suddenly swara observes bp moving his fingers
swara excitedly – sanskar doctor ko bulaaoo
Sanskar – wat happened swara ??
swara – plzzz cal the doctor fast
mohit goes near her
sanskar goes to cal doctor
doctor comes there
he checks him
dr.jhonson – wow dr.swara i think u already understood
swara – yes but i want to confirm it
mohit – di wat r u both talking
swara hugs mohit and says – he is responding to us mohit. My bp is responding to me
mohit – diiiii i am so happy. Only u can get him back
sanskar – tanq dr.jhonson that means he will be fine in few days right ??
Dr.jhonson – we cant say that mr.maheswari but ya we hope for the best. Its possible that he can get out of coma nowitself.we couldnot say anything.
now i need not tell anything to u as dr.swara is here
dr.swara – no doctor u r the best and tanq for ur best treatment
dr.jhonson – u know tat its our duty and by the way i am glad to meet a person like u. U hav achieved a lot at a very young age. I wanted a favour from u
swara – yes plzzz ask me without any hesitation

dr.jhonson – i want u to give suggestions to our university students.they really need ur advice. Its just like a seminar. Plzzz its a request. It will be very useful for them
swara – yes ofcourse its an honour for me. I will definetly come
dr.jhonson – tanq and he leaves
swara – u plzzz go home three of u. I will stay here
mohit – no u r not staying alome i will be with u
sanskar – mohit do u think i will leave her. I will be with her u both go to hotel and take rest
swara – par sanskar..
sanskar – shhhh stop i hav decided thats it
swara – ok
mohit sleep for sometime we will come after an hour ok
mohit – ok di bye
mohit and laksh leave
swara and sanskar are alome in room
swara sits beside bp
sanskar sits in the couch and stares swara
swara – y r u staring at me
sanskar – biwi ho tum meri
I can do anything
swara – achaaa

sanskar – ha
saying this she goes near her and holds her hand and sits beside her
swara – sanskar wat r u doing ?? We r not alone see bp is here
sanskar – i am sure that he is happy that his daughter got a very romantic husband
swara – sanskar…..
Sanskar goes near her ear and says – haaaa
swara goes to the couch and sits there
sanskar comes to her and sits beside her
swara hugs him
sanskar smiles
swara – i am so happy today and i am worried too
sanskar – worried y ??
Swara – so much of happiness doesnot suit my life sanskar. If i am so happy then something will happen that will give me pain
sanskar – shhhh nthng will happen i am there for u. I dont let u suffer any pain now. U suffered alot but not now
swara hugs him tightly

sanskar too reciprocates the hug
sanskar – swara….
swara – hmm……
sanskar – i think i had left some job incomplete in flight
swara – wat ?? (Raising her head Still hugging )
Sanskar – i didnot give reply to u right ??
Swara understood he is talking about her kiss
swara – sanskar.. not..
sanskar comes near to her lips. She is shivering. Sanskar understood and kissed her cheeks
swara looks at sanskar
sanskar – tit for tat
swara smiles and hugs him again
after 10min they were still hugging
sanskar – swara..
swara – ha bolo na
sanskar – i think we should leave for hotel
swara – not so soon

I feel good like this
sanskar smiles
swara realises wat she said
she breaks the hug and says – i mean here in hospital bp i mean …
sanskar comes near to her and kisses her forehead
sanskar – abb chale
swara – ha ok
swara goes to bp and says – u should wake up fast. U hav took rest more than enough. Now ur family ur responsibilities and ur company is waiting for u mr.arnav gadodia so plzzz wake up fast
saying this she kisses bp’s forehead and says – bye bp i wilk comw tomorrow mrng
they leave

precap – swara seeing a man and seems they know each other but doesnot talk to each other properly but wen swara gets hurt he will be hurt but who is he ??

* dont think something something there are lot more to reveal and these are new entries. I will reveal about anand and vatsal later . So plzzzz hav patience.

And i am sry guys i thought to update it yesterday. I even started writing it but suddenly i got some another work so i couldnot once again a very big sry

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