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Recap – swara gets to know the truth. Mohit and swara realise that its all done by vatsal. ragini is still angry with laksh.they decides to go to london. Ragini also wishes to come but swara tells sanskar to book the tickets only for them four

Here we go
mohit and swaragini in their car
swara – ragini dont tell anyone that bp is alive
ragini – di wat r u saying
swara – ha ragini i hav my reasons right now its gud to keep it as a secret please try to understand
ragini – par di yy
mohit – ragini if u want to tell them then i will kill u for sure
ragini – bhayya why will u kill me ?? its their right to know it
swara – ragini we cant take risk if we say them it will risk bp’s life
Do u need that and for gods sake plzzz dont ask me any questions on this
ragini – ok di i will keep my mouth shut
they drive home

dadaji asks
dadaji – did u get to know the truth ??
Swara pretending that nthng had happend – wat truth daadu
dadaji – it means u 3 hadnot gone to mm
swara – no
dadaji – for how long r u going to stay here
mohit – hamesha becozzz its her house kyun aapko koyi problm ??
Swara – mohit keep quiet and ha daadu i will go there i and sanskar had sorted out everything now we r fine and we r going for a trip To lodon
dadaji – wat i am so happy beta (he comes and hugs her)
Par hw this all happened
swara – wat ever may happen now everything is fine and thats important
mohit – haa daadu
dadaji – i am sry mohit i shouldnot hav scolded u infront of others and that too in ur sister’s sasural
mohit – its ok daadu niw forget it
we r going to london tomorrow so we hav to pack the things so we will leave now
dadaji – wat r u too going with them waha bhi apni di ko akele nahi chodega kya ?? They r not going to any family picnic they r going to hobeymoon
listening those words swara blushes some wat but manages to hide it
swara – daadu no mohit and laksh r coming with us too as they hav a business meeting there
dadaji – oh ok
ragini – di i told u that i will also come
swara – ha but u hav clg na ??
Ragini – no di i am coming and thats final
swara in mind – ohh nook if she comes then i cant be able to meet and know ablut him….and if bp gets to know that ragini also came to see him then he will get angry as he knew that ragini was responsible for my arrest
dadaji – but no ragini ur di told na that u hav clg so u stay here u can go after ur marg (dadaji smiles at her but she goes to her room angrily)
Swara – its ok daadu i will manage her
swara and mohit go to their room
mohit locks the door and starts shouting
mohit shouts – di how dare he to separate u and badepappa. I will not leave him. I will kill him and after knowing the trith that badepappa is alive he blamed u and called u a murderer. I will kill him (mohit notices swara is in deep thoughts )
Diii wat r u thinking ??

Swara – about vatsal.
mohit – plzzz stop thinking about that scroundrel
swara – no mohit u r thinking abput wat he did but i am thinking about y he did ??
Mohit – di i dont know that but i will surely kill him
swara – relax bachu this time is not for anger ots a time for celebration
mohit calms down and swara takes a choclate and feeds him and she eats the whole choclate. Mohit is shocked and happy
mohit hugs her and says.- i missed my old di who used to eat choclates everytime
swara – offo mohot if i know that me eating choclates will make u happy then i wouldhav loved doing it
mohit smiles at her
swara – acha listen i hav to talk to the doctors in london and ask about bp’s condition
she calls sanskar And asks him the number of the chief doctor’s num
swara calls him

sanskar already informed the doctor that swara will call him so he recognised her
swara – hello am i talking to dr.jhonson
dr.jhonson – yes who is this ??
Swara – i am swara i mean swara sanskar maheswari i think my husband told u about me
dr.jhonson – yes mrs.maheswari he has just called me u can ask me anything i will tell u
swara – tanq dr. I wanted all information and all reports about bp i mean mr.arnav gadodia’s health condition
dr.jhonson – sure mrs maheswari i think u too r a doctor
swara – yes
dr.jhonson – ok i will send the reports to ur mail
swara – ok tanq and can u tell me his present condition
dr.jhonson – no improvement in his condition dr.swara
swara – wat do u mean ?? I didnot get u ?? can please make it clear
dr.jhonson – he is still in COMA
Swara – coma ?? (Swara’s eyes are filled with tears)
Dr.jhonson – yes dr.swara anyways i am sending u the details u just check and ask me anything
swara – ok tanq and she cuts the call
mohit is not here he went down to inform about their trip
swara locks the door and cries miserably
she sits down and cries hard she cant take it anymore but then she composes herself and gets up
now she is checking the mail.
She checked all the reports
in all those reports she is finding a specialist name and she reads every doctors opinion about this case
swara to herself – omg these many doctors treated bp i mean these are the best doctors in london they all checked him. Each one belong to one department
Sanskar is right he arranged tge best treatment for bp but i know the best treatment for bp is our family.
Swara again calls jhonson
swara – hello dr.jhonson i needu to ask some things
dr.jhonson – yes sure
swara asks him and he clears everything
at last he says
dr.jhonson – mr.sanskar maheswari took a very good care of mr.gadodia. He made sure that each and every doctor checks him and he wanted to make him fine as soon as possible. He treated hin like his own father
swara is in tears of happiness
swara – tanq dr.jhonson plzzz take care of mr.arnav gadodia
dr.jhonson – sure dr.swara
she cuts the call
swara to herself – sanskar is soo niceee and he is really a good person he fulfilled his responsibilities as a good husband now its my turn
just then mogit knocks

swara opens the door
mohit comes inside and asks – y hav u locked the door ??
Swara – nthng just like that
mohit – dont even try to lie me u cant. U clised the door so that u can cry right ??
Swara hugs him and says – u r the best brother
mohit – i know di and ur love made me like that and u know u r the world’s best sister daughter and a wife too as u loves jiju alot
swara breaks the hug and looks shockingly
mohit – dont stare me with shock. I am ur brother and i can feel that
swara smiles and says – acha bachu now come let Me pack the bags
mohit – i will help u
swara – no need go out and convince ragini
mohit – doing all the packing alone and cleaning the whole house ten times is better than comvincing her and u know i cant do it
swara – stop it and go. U hav to do it for me. Cant u do it for ur di
mohit – acha ok ok i will
he goes
swara is packing her and mohit’s stuff. she sees a shirt which sanskar wore on that night wen he got wet (guys do u remember wen sanskar laksh and uttara stayed at swara’s place mohit gave him his clothes to wear)
Swara to herself – u know mr.maheswari u r looking handsome in this shirt and she kisses the shirt
she thinks to call sanskar

at that time sanskar calls her. Shr picked it in one ring
swara – hello sanskar
sanskar – swara i hav called u to ask whether ur packing finished or not ??
Swara – ya almost and i was just thinking to call u
sanskar – me y (happy)
Swara – i too wanted to ask u about the packing (she covers)
Sanskar – ok bye (disappointed)
swara – bye
Swara in mind – i am sry sanskar but i wanted to confess my feelings infront of u not in phone

@ragini’s room
mohit enters
mohit – ragini (calls her sweetly)
Ragini – bhayya plzzzz if u came here to fight with me then plzzzz go from here
mohit – no i came here to tell my dream my wish
ragini – ur dream ??
Mohit – ha i used to hav a dream that i wanted to top the college but i couldnot fulfill it but i always thought ki if u will top the college then wats the difference. I would feel that i hav topped the clg
ragini – ok but y r u talking all this now
mohit – becozzzz i wanted to tell u the reason for not takimg u to london
ragini – wat is it ??
Mohit – i want to fulfill my dream through u
ragini – but its just a matter of few days
mohit – no ragini we dont know how many days it will take thats y u already lost so many classes becozzzzz of di’s marg
ragini – ha bhayya but i will manage
mohit – do u want to know my wish ??
Ragini – ha
mohit – i wish ki tum mujhe help karo business mein
I cant handle this alone and now a days pappa is not comcentrating on it and i feel ki only u can help me so plzzzzz i need u to manage the work here
ragini – but how can i. I havnot completed my mba
mohit – so what u r a graduate right u can do it
Mohit in mind – di its the world’s toughest job and if i scold her then u will not leave me huuu
ragini agrees
mohit gets happy and says – tanq and u know u r a very gud girl
ragini – then y do u hate me ?? (With teary eyed)
Mohit feels bad for her but he goes outside

swara feeds mohit and everyone completes their dinner
swara want to know whether sanskar had dinner or not
but she doesnot know how to ask him
same with sanskar
finally she gathers some courage and calls him
swara – hello
sanskar – ha swara bolo is everything fine u called me at this time ??
Swara – i i woo i want to ask u something
sanskar – wat
swara fumbles – wo actually i forgot to ask u about the flight timings
sanskar feels bad and says – be ready at 7am we will come and we can go to airport together
swara – ok
sanskar – ok
swara – ok
sanskar – ok do u want to ask anything more
swara hesitates – no nothing
bye. She was about to put the phone
but sanskar says – wait i want to tell u something
swara – ha bolo
sanskar – i had my dinner and i also took my vitamins
swara feels happy and says – how can u feel that i wanted to ask that question
sanskar – becozzz i already sent u the details about the flight
swara – hmmm sry
sanskar – for wat
swara – for hesitating to ask
sanskar – no sry and no tanq u r forgetting the rules and if it comes to that i should thank u for ur caring towards me
swara – its my duty h r my hus… i mean u r my frnd ok anuways bye gud ni8
sanskar – bye gud ni8
sanskar to himself – i cant wait anymore i hav to tell my feing to u
and he sleeps
next day mrng
swara gets ready in a pink colour chudidar she is looking so gud in it.
Sanskar and laksh comes there.
Laksh sees ragini she is drinking coffee. He stares at her. Shekhar comes there and says – no need to stare her u can go and sit with her as she is ur fiancee. I dont mind
laksh – no no uncle nthng like that.
Shekhar and sumi laughs
sumi – waise laksh sanskar u both sit i will bring coffee for u
sanskar – no maa we had it already
where r mohit and swara
sumi – they must be coming u know every where girls take time to get ready but in our house mohit takes much time to get ready but swara gets ready very fastly. She dont waste time
She will get ready in max 20min
sanskar smiles
swara and mohit dont know that sanlak are present there
swara chasing mohit
mohit – diii no i dont like it no
swara – bachuuuu plzzzzz drink it it is gud for u plzzz
they runs in the whole dining area
mohit is running like a kid and swara is running behind him like a mother holding milk
mohit – di u know i hate milk
swara – no bachuuu its choclate flavour its ur fav na plzzzz
mohit – no di
dadi – shona y r u troubling him if he doesnot want to drink then leave him naa
swara – noo dadi he hav to drink it. Its gud for him. He told that he will not hav breakfast so early i agreed to him but he had to drink it.
Mohit – no no and no
and runs
(they still dont notice sanlak)
Sanskar is smiling at swara’s actions
Dadaji is about to tell about sanlak’s presence but swara fell down
swara running towards mohit gets an idea in her mind. She keeps the glass on the dining table and runs towards him
dadaji – swara dekho ur hus…
swara fell down
swara – ouchhhh
mohit immediately went to her
sanskar was about to go then he saw her. She winks at sumi and dadaji.
sanskar is shocked to see this side of swara
both laksh and sanskar are looking at swara and smiling
mohit – di i am sry this all happened becozzzz of me i am sry
swara – no mohit its ok i am sry i shouldnot hav forced u
its ur wish u became so big and how can u drink milk now
mohit – no di see i am ur mohit only ur bachuuu i am sry now see i will finish this whole glass.
mohit holds the glass and drinks the whole milk
mohit – happy now smile and come it will be paining na ??
Swara laughs hardlyyyyy
hahahahaha mohit yes i know how to make u drink milk and ha i am sry bachu for making u tensed but u know na if u stay with empty stomach u will get vomiting sensation
mohit – ha di and i am sry i shouldnot hav made u run i am happy that u hav not fallen really.
Dadaji – u both will never change
acha swara if u finished pampering ur bhai then can u plzzzz attention there too
pointing towards sanlak
swara and mohit are shocked while sanlak are laughing
Swara fumbles – tum log kab aaye ho
aur y didnt u tell us
mohit – ha daadu
dadaji – now wat did i do u both are running and u r nlt in a position to listen to anyone
swara – ok ok maa we will leave now bye pappa bye ragini take care (swara goes to her and hugs her )
Swara – i hope u understand me
ragini – its om di i understang u go and come fast with badepappa
shekhar – wat r u both talking. Swara its getting late u go
swara – ok pappa
mohit leaves behind her saying bye to everyone
Everyone leaves to airport
they are sitting and waiting for the announcement
swara is sitting between sanskar and mohit
swara is little bit worried and irritated
sanskar – swara wat happened. Y r u looking tensed
swara – no sanskar i am fine. I will come back in 5 min
mohit – di r u ok ??
Swara nodes in yes and sighns him to come along with her
sanskar sees this
he thinks swara is hiding something from him
swara goes away and mohit follows her
sanskar too gets a call
so he goes to them but he doesnot want to go there but accidentally he goes to attend the call
he attends the call

@swara and mohit’s side
swara – i am trying his phone from 2 months. Y is he not atyending the calls.
mohit – di u got his msg 2 months back. He said that he was going to world toud
swara – mohit do u think i am a fool. till 2 months back he used to call me atleast once a day and suddey wat happened to him. do u remember i have gone to london 2 months back after i returned he called me once after that he left this stupid msg
mohit – di relax
at that time sanskar finished his call and was going to hus place the he heard someone shouting
swara shouting – relax my foot (saying this is ready to throw her phone but mohit stops her)
Mohit – di control urself everything will be fine trust me. U cant loose ur cool.stay calm ok
swara calms down and says
– ok mohit but i am really worried
mohit – dont worry everything will be fine
sanskar is shocked to see swara’s anger
he too goes from there
they hear an announcement. they get into the flight
swara and sanskar sit beside each other
sanskar gets up before the flight starts
sanskar – excuse me can i ask u a small information
air hostess – yes sir
sanskar – how much time is left for boarding of flight ??
air hostess – sir half an hour
sanskar – ok and he tries to go
swara – sanskar where r u going ??
Sanskar – i hav some work
swara – ok

Precap – Sanskar proposes swara and swasan mohit laksh in london

I am sry guys for late update but i am really very very busy

Wat do u think ?? Who is the person about whom swara is talking and for whom swara avoided ragini for coming to london.

Credit to: sam

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