Hiiii frndzzzz i am so happy with ur response. I am sry frnds i couldnot reply u personally. I dont hav time so i am sry once again

Recap – swara is heart broken to know that sanskar is also involved in that but she trusts him. Sanskar gets to know about her trust. He becomes very happy. Maheswari family asks laksh to tell truth but he refuses and says he will say first to swara

Here we go

Next mrng
swara wakes up early and gets ready and asks mohit to get ready
mohit – di y r u so eager to know the truth ??
Swara stammers – wo. Wo .. mohit any one will be eager to know the truth
mohit – no di but watever may be the truth badepappa wil not come back na
swara – mohit first get ready (she diverts the topic )
mohit – ok di
he gets ready

sanskar’s room
Sanskar to himself – swara today i will say the whole truth.watever may be ur reaction i willaccept it and after yesterdays incident i got to know that u too love me and u will never go away from me

After sometime
its still early mrng 6

Swara ragini and mohit enter there

Ap sees them
ap – swara tum sab itni subhe subhe
swara – badi… woooo i hav to talk to sanskar and laksh.
ap – ok beta i will call them
laksh sanskar come down
they both come down
all come down including them

Laksh – bhabhi r u fine ?? Ragini hw r u ??
Swara – i want to know the truth
ragini – ha laksh plzzz tell us the truth
Sanskar – ha ragini even we wanted to tell the truth and the main thing is UR BADEPAPPA IS ALIVE
mohit and ragini are very happy
mohit – jiju is that true i am so happy di i am so happy
ragini is also very happy
but swara is happy too but she is not reacting that much. She is just smiling and crying
swara – where is he now. I hav to see him
all are shocked to see her behaviour
mohit – di y r u behaving like that as if u know it before only
mohit – wat but y didnt u tell me
swara – i am sry mohit becozzz i dont want to give u all a false hope. After seeing the reports my medical knowledge is telling that he cant be alive but my heart is telling that he is alive aur tume kya laga tha mohit i hav stopped barsi until i catch the culprit. No mohit its just a reason to stop it.
mohit – bit di anand told that badepappa died. how can he do that di
sanskar – who is anand ??
Swara – who ever may be he is he died so leave about him and tell where is badepapa now ??
sanskar – in london
swara – london ??
Sanskar – ha swara dont worry we got the best treatment he is in the best hospital
swara – wat ever may be the hospital is mr.maheswari if the person is near his family he can get cured easily but i domt understand the reason y u took him away
laksh – bhabhi actually after i admitted ur badepappa in hospital. They said that he is recovering. i thought to ask for forgiveness to u all so i asked about u all but i dont hav courage. So i stayed outside. I thought to talk to ur badepappa directly after he gains consciousness but after few hours doctors informed me that he is getting serious and he got an attack and when i asked them the reason they told that he got to know about her daughter’s arrest
swara cries miserebly
Everything is becozzzzz of me. Anand is right.
mohit – di plzzzz dont blame urself plzzzz di
swara wipes her tears and asks laksh to comtinue
swara – phir kya hua laksh ??
Laksh – then i was very afraid so i called bhai
sanskar – ha lucky called me and i reached there. He told me everything. After sometime When we are coming to meet ur family to ask an apology. We got a Mms
swara – mms
sanskar – ha swara mms. In that the whole incident was recorded which indicates that laksh did the accident.
its recorded in the cctv photage
mohit – but wen i went to station to collect the photage it was deleted already
sanskar – ha i hav done that. I got the video deleted to save lucky
but someone got it and blackmailed us
swara – wat ??
Laksh – ha bhabhi the blackmailed us that if we hav not taken ur badepappa to londonthey said that they will leak this and get me punished. So bhai …
swara – so ur ideal brother took my badepappa away from me to save u right ??
Laksh – no bhabhi bhai didnot agree to it. He told them that he will not take him away but they again threatened us
swara – for wat ??
Laksh – they told us that if we hav not taken him away they will kill him
swara and mohit – kya
laksh – ha bhabhi they also sent a video in which three men are standing wearing masks and trying to remove the oxygen masks
sanskar – so we dont hav any other option so we agreed
ragini – but those reports
swara – miracles do occur ragini
Sanskar – ha swara miracles do occur but its not a miracle becozzz they changed the reports
swara – wat this cant happen
mohit – ha
sanskar – but how can u be so sure ??
swara – no nthng ok
ragini – ha di they can be fake becozzzz even the death certificate is also fake
swara – ha ragini may be u r right
and so u took badepappa to london. but y did u take him so far
sanskar – becozzzz they told us to do swara
swara – wat they told the place even but who can do this
laksh – we dont know bhabhi but we are sure that hospital staff is also involved in this so we tried to know about it but one of the hospital head told that he doesnot know anything
swara – can u recognise him ??
Sanskar – i just contacted him through a call swara
swara – ohhh but who can be that
mohit realises – ofcourse di uske alawa ye ghatiya harkat aur kaun kar sakta hai ??I wont leave him
swara stops him
sanskar – who is that mohit ??
mohit – that blo*dy vatsal
sanskar – ohhhh shit how can i miss this point infact he is the head of that hospital and if i am not wrong he is the person who tried to slap swara and told nonsense about her
swara – sanskar leave all that
sanskar – how can i leave swara he also tried to spoil ur reputation
ragini – diiii it means u are in touch with him ??
Swara – ragini how can u think like that ??
Ragini – ha di i can think becozzz if u dont mess up with him then y will he….
mohit shouts – ragini just shut up di hates him more than anyone else i know even today u feel he is innocent but plzzzz dont say it infront of me
sanskar – swara do u people hav any enemity with him ??
Swara – sanskar leave all that and i know u did this just to savr my badepappa and i am thankful for it but i need some time for everything and right now i hav to go to london as soon as possible and i can live even for a second without seeing him
sanskar – its ok swara i can understand and ha we r going to london tomorrow
swara smiles widely – tanq so much sanskar i am so happy for it
sanskar also smiles
Mohit – ok di we will leave i will book tickets
ragini – i too will come
mohit – koi zarrorat nahi hai no need to come
ragini – but bhayya
swara – will u both stop here we can talk later
u both go and i will come
they are about to go but laksh stops ragini
ragini – wat laksh ??
Laksh – are u still angry with me ??
Ragini – u r the one who saved him but i cant forget that u r the person who is responsible for my badepappa’s state
saying this she left
laksh felt bad
swara – laksh give her sometime. Everything will be fine
laksh – bhabhi how can u even talk with me. U must be the one who should be angry with me more but u..
swara – ha laksh but my bp told me to understand the situation and i am doing the same
u didnot do anything wantedly
laksh – thanks bhabhi and plzzz call me lucky as u always call
swara – hm ok i will leave now
badimaa maa badepappa papa i will leave now
sanskar – swara tell mohit that i will book the tickets for our five
swara – not five sanskar only four ragini is not coming
sanskar – but y swara even she has the right to see her badepappa
swara – some things are gud only if we neglect them
so plzzzz dont ask any reasons
and she leaves

Precap – london trip and swasan patch up

I am sry guys if its not up to ur expectations

Credit to: sam

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