Tanq guys for ur comments but i wrote a very long episode but due to my net connection it got deleted. I am very sad i sat 4 and half hours to write it. So plzzzzz forgive me if there are any mistakes in this part

Recap – swara realises her feelings for sanskar and sanskar gives a red saree to swara and asks her to come to dinner with him.mohit reveals the truth. Swara slaps laksh.ragini also scolds laksh

Here we go

Swara is crying sitting down.
Sanskar goes near to her but stops to make her open up her feelings
mohit tries to go but dadaji stops him
dadaji – abb kyun jare ho jho karna tha wo tho kar chuka hai na. Y are u so stubborn mohit. See wat u hav donr to her.
mohit – daadu i cannot see my sister huding her pain and dying every second. I ammissing my old di who used to celebrate for small things. who used to play pranks on everyone. Who used to laugh always. i did this to get back my di thats it
so plzzzz leave my hand
sanskar couldnot control himself more went to her and held her
swara jerked his hand
swara immediately wiped her tears and gets up and says
swara – mohit challo yaha se
sanskar – swara …
Swara – plzzzzzz mr.maheswari
mohit comes to her and says – di r u sire u want to go from.here
swara – ha mohit i want to come along with u. I cannot stay here plzzzz take me away
sanskar – swara plzzzzzzz listen to me
swara – ragini are u comimg with me or not (saying this she moved without caring towards the main door)
Dadaji – where r u going ??
Mohit – wat kind of a question is this daadu ?? To gm aur kaha
dadaji – but she cannot stay there
mohit – y daadu its her house too
dadaji – it was her house but its not her house now. This is her house
swara smiles slightly and says – chahe aap kitna bhi koshish karle daadu i am not going to stay here.
if not gm.then i will stay in that house which i made along with my bp
mohit – di u r not going ti stay anywhere u r coming to gm thatsit. I will see who will oppose u
dadaji – mohit u know u r spoiling ur sister’s future with ur own hands
laksh – bhabhi plzzzz listen to us once. Atleast to bhai
swara – ohhhhh so ur brother is also with u in this. Very nice
sanskar – ha swara i did this but plzzzz listen to us once
swara is broke down with that statement
she is broken down to know that her husband is also involved in this.
Swara is shattered completely
swara ragini mohit and dadaji moves towards the door
all wants to stop her but they couldnot. They dont know wat to say
sanskar fell down on his knees and says – if u hav trusted me atleast for once then please listen to me
swara stopped and turned back
swara – tell me sanskar
sanskar stands happily but just then dadaji falls down
all rush to him
swara checks him and treats him
they take him to the hospital
swara and sanskar together takes him.
mohit is driving the car
the reaches

swara comes out from the ward
mohit – di daaduuuuu
swara – dont worry bachuuuu he is fine
mohit – di i am sry this all happened becozzzz of me. I shouldnot hav informed him about this
sanskar – dont worry mohit if i were at ur place then i too hav done that
swara without looking at sanskar goes from there. He gets hurt
mohit – thanku jiju but i want to know the reason y u did this
just then shekhar calls
mohit – ha papa
shekhar – y hav u both not come tillnow u know that ur dadaji’s health is not good
mohit – papa relaxxx we r coming
he cuts the call and goes to swara’s cabin
mohit – diii
swara – ha mohit
mohit – di dad called me. I hav not informed him anything is that ok
swara – ya ya mohit waise bhi daadu is fine now we can take him home
i will ask dadu to not to tell anything at home and i will say that i came here to stay with u all for a few days
mohit – wat will u do afterwards di. kabhi na kabhi toh pata chalanahi tha ki urs and jiju’s relation is over (mohit says it intentionally to know about her feelings)
swara shouts – kya
(Sanskar is listening thus from outside and thinks kaisa saala hai mera he wants to break his own sister’s marg huuuu)
mohit – ha di even jiju is imvolved in this how can he do this to bp
swara – no mohit pagal hogoye ho kya ??
Sanskar and laksh cant do this. And do u really think ki mai sanskar se alag ho jaungi
wat do u think is marg a game for u ??
Mohit – di u only told that u dont want to stay in that house so i thought u will divorce jiju
swara – ha i dont want to stay in that house but i dont want to leave ur jiju too (realises wat she said)
Mohit i cant disrespect a relation like marg. So i will spend my whole life with sanskar only
mohit – r u sure di ??
swara – yes ofcourse and one more thing mohit i dont think that sanskar and laksh did this intentionally or to save laksh
I think there is something more than this
mohit – how can u be so sure about that ??
Swara – i can mohit becozzz i know them sanskar pati hai mera and i lo…
leave it we hav to finf out the truth where they took badepappa and wat they did and also the real person who is behind this
mohit – di one last question wat if there is no person who made them do like that and jiju only did on his own to hide the body to save his brother then wat ??
swara smiles slightly and says – this cant happen
mohit – itna bharosa hai toh ghar kyun chod diya ??
Swara – mohit will u ask all the questions here oy or shall we go home ??
I think we hav left ragini at mm. I know lucky… i mean laksh will drop her
then mohit goes from there
sanskar heard their conversation and he is on cloudnine as swara believed and trusted him.
She is coming outside wen a strong hands pulled her.
swara – mr.maheswari wat kind of a behaviour is this ??
Sanskar suddenly hugs her and says – tanq for ur trust
she wanted to break the hug but he holds her more tightly
he breaks aftr sometime and kisses her forehead. She is shocked
sanskar – ur trust never breaks. yes there is a reason swara and i will tell u everything tomorrow at mm come there
again he hugs her tightly and goes
swara is dumstruck
mohit calls her and they reach home with dadaji
they informs ragini not to tell anything to anyone
ragini nods and goes to her room crying
all asks swara y shecame here. she says that she came here as she misses everyone.
everyone go and sleep

@mohit’s room
swara – mohit i domt know wat is going to happen tomorrow but i want to know the truth and i wanted to know where bade papa is…
mohit – di wat do u mean by where is he ??
Swara – nthng u sleep
they all sleep

everyone questions laksh about the happenings
sanskar stands Still
laksh – ma papa chachi chachu i will telleverything but not now tomorrow mrng becozzzzzz the truth should be first revealed to bhabhi. she has the right . So i will tell everything tomorrow and he goes
ap stops sanskar
ap – swara ke dadaji kaise hai ??
sanskar – he is fine ma
ap – aur swara ??
Sanskar – she is trying to be fine
ap – tumse naaraz hai na ??
Sanskar – ha but u knowa she trusts me i am very happy for that and i am sure after knowing the truth she will definetly forgive me
ap – hope so beta

@sanskar’s room
sanskar to himself – swara u became habituated to me. Now i cant even stay for a secomd without u
he hugs a pillow and sleeps

Precap – truth revealation and swasan nokjhok

Sry guys i hav written avery long part reaveling the complete truth but it got deleted. I was at the verge of writing so as a compensation i wrote this at mid night hope u like it. I will try to make tomrrows episode much longer tanq

Credit to: sam

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