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Recap – sanskar thinks to propose swara. mohit gets to know about laksh but dadaji stops him from telling it to swara

sanskar and swara slept peacefully but at night swara wakes up to drink water so she gets up.drinks water and comes back to bed. Now she is sitting and staring at her husband
swara thinking – wats happening to me sanskar,i was not able to stay a few hours without u in this room. I missed u badly and just few hours back i headed towards u to kisss…
she stops thinking and says DO I LOVE HIM
Swara again is lost in fighting with her feelings – is this love ?? yes i care for him and i like him i want him to be always with me it means …. she unknowingly smiles more and more. She finally realised her feeling towards her husband. If its not night and if she is alone she would hav jumped in excitement. Then she sees sanskar and says – but wat about u mr.maheswari ?? i dont know y but i feel u too love me.
she goes near to him and places a kiss on his forehead which she stopped a few hours back
as she is too close to him. Her hand was on him then he immediately placed his hand on hers and held her tightly and slept.
swara was uncomfortable at the starting but she is happy to be so close to him her love first and last love. Finally they both slept in hugging position


Swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar and realised their position. She starts to move but his grip is tight so she decided to stay back just then sanskar opens his eyes . He saw swara and as soon as he realised their postion left her and moved away
both are feeling awkward

Sanskar – swara wo i am sry i dont know wen i hug..
swara – its ok sanskar and went to washroom
sanskar too got ready in his formal
swara – sanskar come down fast hav ur breakfast and go
saying this she is about to then sanskar stops her by holding her hand
swara – wat happened ?? Do u want anything ??
Sanskar – kuch dena tha tume
Swara asks wat with her sxpressions
he goes to the wardrobe and takes a packet from it
he gives it to swara and says – we are going to dinner at evng so this is for u . I will come home to pick u up is that ok with u ??
Swara smiles and nodes her head in yes
sanskar goss down
swara opens it
its a red colour saree with a note “i love this colour and hope u like it”she smiles and thinks
swara to herself – wat is this sanskar upto ??
She also goes down they all have their breakfast and headed towards their respective places
@mohit’s room

he is sitting down leaning his head to the wall remembering the past

Flashback (a note guys i will reveal only the part which mohit knows and there is another part which sanlak knows and that will be after confrontation)

mohit swara and arnav gadodia reached india as they came to india for sometime as its swara’s vacation
the next day they came to india
bp – ma i am going out do u want anything
swara – no bp u are not going anywhere becozzz change in weather is not gud for u so u stay at home
bp – ma its urgent as i hav returned after long time i should see all the works
swara – a big no
bp – ok i will take mohit he too will get to know about the work wat do u say now ??
Swara – ok bp but take care ha
bp – ok dr.
all smiles and swara goes inside
at car
bp – mohit u go inside i will go alone as i can manage beta. U stay here ur di will get bored ok
mohit – but badepappa di told to go with u
bp – i will see that u go
bp goes alone
after sometime swara finds mohit at home and asks him
mohit informs her that bp refused him to go with him
then swara asks him to go and search for him as swara knows that he is not well and cant drive a car
mohit goes
swara also wants to go but mohit stops her. She knew that arguing with mohit is of no use becozzz he is not going to allow her as she is unwell too
mohit goes
at that time he sees accident of bp’s car with the other car
He stood there in shock
he saw someone carrying his badepappa to their car and then he came back to senses. The person was taming him to the same car which collided with badepappa’s car.
But its too late to reach there as he was far from them but he saw the person. And he was the person who was driving tbe car. He followed them in his car
he reached the hospital. He was feared of informing swara as how will she react he knew that she cant bear it so he called anand
he immediately came there and he helped him and anand only informed swara and all family members.
All reached there
all are crying hardly except swara
mohit was afraid that wat will happen to her
he went near her
mohit – dii…placing his hands on her shoulder
she looked at him
mohit – cry di plzzz
swara – no mohit these all dont know that nthng will happen to bp thats y they r crying but i know that he cant leave me and go. I knew
and she went and consoled everyone
anand shouted at swara for allowing bp to go alone. Even though mohit told anand that it was his mistake he had not stopped scolding swara. but swara didnot pay attention to his words the only thing that is running in her brain is her bp
after sometime doctor came and told that he is getting normal. Everyone sighs a relief. Swara asked if she can meet him. Doctor told not now but he will get conscious in a a couple of hours. So everyone went home and got freshen up and she reached the hospital first. Ragini is already there. swara thinks to meet his bp but ragini misunderstood swara that she is going to treat hi so she sent her to jai to prevent her from treating badepappa (i already mentioned this part in my 12th and 13th chapeters so i am moving a little bit fast)
Mohit takes swara from jail. She goes to hospital.wen she is about to go to bp she was stopped by a doctor and he handovers a paper which turned swara upside down
doctor looking down – madam i am sry we couldnot save him he died and it is the death certificate
swara – no doctor this cant happen let me check even i am a doctor
doctor again bowing his head and stammers – madam we made a big mistake
Swara holding his collar – wat ??
swara and all family members are shocked
all yelled at him – wat
and swara immediately went to anand followed by mohit
swara – anand u know someone took away bp
anand – dont take his name from ur mouth. U think he died no u killed him
swara is shocked by his words
mohit – wat nonsense r u talking
anand – does it look like nonsense for u mohit ??
and ha swara dont act now u know wat badepappa is recovering but he got to know about ur arrest and then he got an attack and hee….
Swara falling on her knees – plzzzz i want to see him. Lets go and search plzzz help me in searching
anand – no becozzzz i was behind this
swara – i dont understand wat u r saying
anand shouts – becozzzz i saw the person who did the accident taking away the body but i didnot stop and even i helped them they wanted to remove the case and they wanted to change the postmorton report so they took away the body and i too wanted u not to see him for the last time. I want to give u the pain which u deserve for killing him
swara – u left the persons who did the accident and who not even thought of the family to do the last rights just to save themselves from the imprisonment
anand – ha becozzz i want u to suffer for wat u hav done it all happened becozzzz of u .now u cant even see him for the last time. And this guilt will kill u slowly and i need that only.i always used to think that his love towards u is keeping him happy but today that love only killed him
swara holds her hands and falls on her knees to make her see him once but he doesnot allow and wen swara holdd his feet he jerks it.
mohit consoles her
swara wiping her tears and says – mohit hav u seen the person’s face who did this accident.
Mohit – ha di
swara – i willnot cry until i punish the person who is responsible for my bp’s death and also the person who hav not allowed us to see him for the last time
doctor handovered her all his case files and swara saw everything and concluded – after this much of pain he couldnot hav survived
mohit and everyone cries
after few days shekhar and dadaji decides to conduct barsi for arnav gadodia
swara stopped them
swara – wat r u doing ??
shekhar – beta bhayya’s barsi preparation
swara – nothing is going to be done hav u all understood and if u do soo i will go away from u all and thats my promise
dadaji – swara u urself concluded that after that major accident and the pain he under gone he cannot be survived but u still believe that he is still alive ??
Swara – did i say like that ??
Shekhar – but wat is the reason behind ur stopping this ??
Swara – the time wen i catch the actual criminal and punish him we will start conducting barsi till then no one should utter a word about this and she goes from there
every year on tbat day swara stays silent.she will not hav food the whole day. She will not meet anyone except mohit that too if any urgent work
mohit comes out of the thoughts and says – no di i cant hide this truth from u . U hav a right to know about this. and untill u catch that person u cant be happy and i know that and i hav to tell this to u and i know that u can handle it very well.
mohit goes to ofc he was involved in an important meeting
swara called him.but he was busy in meeting
so he messeged her that he will hav his lunch after meeting and asks her not to worry

@gm evng
mohit comes to dadaji
dadaji – oh so u came from ofc gud now go and fresh up and have something
mohit – no daadu i hav to meet di
Dadaji – meet swara for wat ??
Mohit – to talk something important
dadaji – dont even think about that ??
Mohit – y do u always think like that . Ok just leave it
dadaji thinks to stop mohit at any cost from meeting swara so he sits near the main door and keeps an eye on mohit
Swara comes from hospital.
She goes to her room and gets ready. She wears saree which is given by sanskar and wears the set gifted by him
she gets ready
at that time sanskar come to the room
swara turns and sees him
he is staring at her
swara – sanskar u came from ofc
sanskar – u r looking very beautiful in this saree swara
swara – tanq
sanskar – ok i will get ready in a few minutes
mohit gets ready to go but observes dadaji that he is looking at him only .
Mohit to himself – daadu wont allow me to go there and i cant inform this matter in phone as i should be with di at that time wat shall i do
at that time a idea flashes his mind
mohit goes to daadi – daadi u know na i cant even stay without meeting di atleast in a day and i am going to meet her but daadu is not allowing me to meet her and u know wat di too wants to meet me
dadi – acha ok come i will talk to him
mohit – no no daadi if u say also he wont listen and he will scold me u do as i say
dadi – ok
mohit tells her something and goes
sanskar gets ready and says
sanskar – swara shall we leave ??
Swara – sanskar u told that we will go for dinner and is this the time for dinner
its 7:15 only
sanskar – ha i know but as u got ready i thought to take u
swara – no problm we will leave after sometime till then i will help mom and badi ma and bhabhi in preparing food and ha dont worry i will inform them that we will not come home for dinner today
sanskar – ok
swara goes down
dadi shouts for hep
daadi – yeh maara ram ji kamar tut gayi aaaaa
daadu runs to her – are are wat hapoened
meanwhile mohit signs to her shows her thumps up and sighs wat an acting daadi and daadi smiles
mohit runs to his car and goes
as soon as mohit goes
dadi smiles and gets up and says – i am fine
daadu gave a confused look
dadi laughed
dadaji – y r u laughing
dadi says everything to him
dadaji gets shocked and he too leaves for mm in his car
now its 8:00 and sanskar and swara are ready to go
laksh and uttara and ragini too come there as ragini is in mm she came to mm after her clg
ragini – laksh i thing this newly wedded couple is going for a date ??
Laksh – ha ragini i too feel the same
swara – lucky ragini will u both stop teasing us ??
laksh – acha bhabhi if we say truth u r feeling it as teasing ha ??
Sanskar – acha lucky if u say a word now i hav to open my mouth and say about ur first date with ragini. we are going after marg but u went before ur marg if i say this to badepappa then think wat will happen ??
laksh – bhai this is not fair
ragini – ha jiju this is not fair
sanskar – everything is fair in love and war
uttara – are u talking about war between u and laksh bhai or love between u and bhabhi
sanskar – uttara dont even dare to..
uttara – bhai u are blackmailing laksh bhai and ragini bhabhi but u cant stop me ok so be careful with me
sanskar – acha mer maa maaf karde ab ijazat ho toh hum chale
uttara – ha ok permission granted
swara and sanskar headed towards the main door just them mohit comes there
swara – mohit ??
She saw him swetting and tensed
mohit ran towards her and hugged her
swara got so tensed and everyone also started thinking
ragini – bhai yaha ??
Swara breaking the hug – mohit wat happened y r u so tensed and y r u breathing heavily uttara bring some water come sit
mohit – no di i dont hav time i hav to tell u the truth
swara – TRUTH ??
just then daadi calls him
he picks up the call
dadi – mohit y did u go to meet swara is everything ok ?? Ur dadaji also started to mm by thus time he shouldhav reached
mohit shouts – wat
he cuts the call
mohit to himself but is audible to all – shit this cant happen
swara – mohit i am tensed plzzzz tell me wat happened
mohit – di woh actully its the most impirtant truth of our life
Yesterday i went from tge restrnt without talking anything and later i told u tat i went becozzz of a meeting but its not true actually i am not fine di i was shocked.
Swara – mohit u lied to me ??
Mohit – ha di i dont hav any other option i thought if i told u the truth ur marg will be in problm
sanskar swara and everyone are shocked
sanskar – mohit wat rubbish u r talking
swara shouts – sanskar plzzzzz
mohit – i am sry jiju its not ur fault u r very gud person but i cant hide this truth.
Actually di ..
just then dadaji comes there and stops mohit
dadaji – mohit
swara – dadu u here ?? Daadu wat is mohit saying about wat he is talking ??
Daadu – nthng beta leave all that u r brother got mad. Are u r looking soo beautiful are u going somewhere ??
Swara – thats not the question for my answer daadu leave it
swara again goes to mohit and asks him to tell
dadaji – there is nothing beta
mohit – no di dadaji wants me to hide this from u but i cant hide this thing its the most important thing and u hav a right to know about this
everyone gather there
dadaji – mohit stop it there is still time plzzzz dont spoil ur sister’s life
all are looking with blank faces
ragini – daadu wat r u talking bhai cant even think of it even in his dreams
swara – mohit tell me the truth
dadaji – uski shaadi toot jayegi tum jante ho apni behan ko wo sach janne ke baad ek second keliye bhi iss garh mei nahi rukegi plzzzz stop this. its not fault of sanskar and swara but it will spoil their lives plzzz mohit noo
Sanskar is shattered to listen dadaji’s words
but he still has faith in his love.
dadaji continues – and ragini think about her. I know u dont even care about her but if u dont want to think as a brother then think as a human being mohit
mohit closes his eyes in pain and tears fall from his eyes
swara sees this
swara wiping his tears says – no mohit dont cry bachuuuu u know na ur di trusts u . I know u never ever can think of spoiling my life. If u hav decided to tell me the truth then its obvious that its for my betterment and u no need to get hurt for anyone’s words giving an angry look to dadaji
mohit close his eyes and gains some energy and opens his eyes
he holds swara’s shoulders and says – di u shouldbe strong to hear this. U know i willbe always there for u and i will be with u in ur every decision. after knowing the truth watever may be ur decision i will be with u
sanskar – par mohit baat kya hai ??
Mohit – di jis insaan ko hum 2 saal se doondrahe hai he is none other than ur DEVAR MR.LAKSH MAHESWARI
swara is shocked to hear this
dadaji hits his own leg and clises his eyes
mohit stares angrily at laksh
swara cant even believe her ears. She remembers her every moment with laksh and gets startled . She is about to fall but sanskar and mohit hold her. she removes sanskar’s hand from her shoulder.
Sanskar is shocked by her this action
laksh shouts – about wat u r talking ??
Ragini – ha bhai kya bakwas hai. why r u searching for laksh from two years ??
dp ap rp and sujatha also asks them
sanskar shouts at all of them – cant u see her position y dont u understand
sanskar – uttara go and bring water for bhabhi
uttara – ji bhai
mohit makes her sit
dadaji goes to her and says – dekha beta sanskar loves u alot dont leave him.wat ever happened we cant change and mistake is not sanskar’s
swara is not in her senses – then mistake is not mine too daadu
mohit holds swara’s face – di relax u hav to be strong right ??
Swara – mohit i am fine . And r u sure becozzzz laksh cant do that
mohit nodes in yes
laksh – bhabhi can u tell me wats going on here
swara gives a disgusting look to laksh but still she cant believe that her devar whom she gave so much love whom she thought to be a pure hearted person can do this
swara goes towards laksh
laksh – bhabhi plzzz tell me Wats going on ??
Swara – i will ask u one question u hav to answer me in yes or no
ragini – di wats all this nonsense
swara – i will kill u if u utter a word now
swara’s eyes became red and ragini really got afraid becozzzzz swara never got this much angry
laksh – ok bhabhi
swara – did u do any accident of a man of 52 years old two years back ??
laksh and sanskar are shocked
both look at each other
sanskar tries to stop swara
sanskar – swara lets talk about this later now come u rest
swara – i am talking to ur brother not u mr.sanskar maheswari
sansjar is shocked to hear her.a tear drop fell from his eye
now sanskar understood everything
sanskar to himself – this means that man is swara’s bp but swara told that he died due to weather change. He is remembering everything
swara – answer me laksh
laksh – ha bhabhi
swara – did u took him just to save urself from the police and case ??
Laksh – ha bhabhi buttt …
swara slaps laksh
all are shocked
ap shouts swara
sanskar goes to swara and says – swara u dont know the entire truth
swara – u know wat mr.laksh maheswari if u hav just done his accident i wouldhav forgiven u becozzzz mistakes can be done by everyone ha but its true ur mistake had snatched my bade pappa from me but still i wouldhav forgiven u but u took away his body just to change the postmortem reports and to save urself. How can u do that ?? How can u snatch a family’s right to do the last rights of a person
saying this she falls on the ground crying
all are shocked
ap and sujatha keeps their hands on their mouths
laksh – bhabhi wat r u saying ?? Wat post mortem and wat all that ??
Dp – swara beta hum samaj sakte hai tumhari dard but believe us laksh cant do that. He cant stoop so level
sanskar – ha swara plzzzz let me explain
ragini holds laksh’s collar and says – how dare u ?? U killed my badepappa . U r a murderer
Saying this she cries
ap and sujatha also cry
as tbeir both sons lives became a hell with one truth revealation

Precap – sanskar asks swara to know the truth but swara refuses to listen then sanskar tells “if u hav trusted me atleast for once then please give a chance to explain” then swara agrees

* i know guys u people are going to kill me for this episode but trust me swasan will be swasan always and i willnot separate swasan and swara is mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

sry if its not upto ur expectations and coming episodes u will get to know about anand too

Credit to: sam

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