I am very thankful to u guys and as per request i will reveal the past in these two episodes

Recap – swara and mohit hav their lunch together. Later reports of laksh comes and everything is normal. Swara feeds laksh as he was not able to eat and at the same time mohit comes and see that and gets upset and swara in sanskar’s ofc.sanskar fires kavitha for talking bad about swara

Here we go
Swara is in deep thinking
sanskar goes near her and says – swara wat r u thinking
swara comes out of her senses and says nthng sanskar
sanskar – dont lie me ok
swara – i am not lieing i just…
sanskar – its ok swara if u dont want to share it then its ok and he pouts his face (anyone can melt by this words)
Swara – hoooo my husband nthng i am thinking about mohit (she lies as she doesnot want to tell him as she herself is confused)
Sanskar – wat about mohit ??
Swara – nthng just normally
sanskar – acha ok ok lets change the topic
swara smiles and they both talk
some lady comes there wearing a kanchivaram saree and keeping lilly’s in her hair
she knocks the door
sanskar – come in
she comes in

sanskar – mrs.swaminathan
lady – sir mr.sharma imformed me about kavitha so i came here to ask u wat to do to that post ??
Sanskar – ya well u give add in paper about the post
mrs.swaminathan – yes sir
sanskar calls her and says – mrs.swaminathan HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
she gets happy and says
mrs.swaminathan – sir u remembered
sanskar – yes actually (he sneezes becozzz of the smell of lilly)
Swara gets concerned about this
sanskar continues – u asked permission tat u will come late so i remembered (he again sneezes)
Swara – sanskar r u ok
the lady sees this and says – sir congaratulations for u marg
sanskar – ta…..tanq (he sneezes again)
The lady goes

sanskar continuosly sneezes
he gets cold due to sneezing
swara gets concerned and says – do u hav an allergy for lilly’s ??
Sanskar – ha woo.. he again sneezes
sanskar keeps his hand on head
swara – wat hapoened. U r getting headache ??
sanskar – ha i hav..
swara – ha i know now come sit here
she makes him sit and massages his hair
he feels sleepy
sanskar – swara stop i am fine now.and if u continue i will sleep
swara – then sleep na
sanskar – how can i sleep in ofc i hav lots of works to do
swara – kaam toh hamesha hotha hai so jao
sanskar – hmmmmm(he cant control his sleep so he sleeps )
After sometime he leans on swara
swara makes him sleep on her shoulder

@mohit’s ofc
mohot to himself – today i will definetly find u and bring my di’s happiness back. Punishing u is our main motive. Tum jo koi bhi hoo we will make u bear the punishment for snatching my sister’s happiness
someone calls mohit.
mohit – hello
person – sir we are from detective agency
mohit – ji kuch pata chala.have u found anything about him
person – yes sir as we made a sketch of that person and u know wat one of our staff saw him just now.
mohit – wat where is he ??
Person – sir at blue star restrnt.but sir we r trying to get the details of the person. We will get it within 5 min
mohit – tanq but there is no need for that. from here i will handle the situation. U no need to find the details
person receives a cover from his assistant
person – sir just now we got the details he is mr…
mohit – i told u na i dont need it and he cuts the call
person to himself – are wat kind of a person is this. Waise he is mr.laksh maheswari noooo

Mohit leaves from there
in car he calls swara
@sanskar’s cabin
sanskar is sleeping on her shoulder
swara’s phone rings and they both composes themselves
swara – sanskar mohit ka call hai
and she picks up
mohit while driving
mohit – diii come to blue star restrn immediately
swara – mohit wat happened u r sounding tensed
mohit – no di i am fine infact i am happy
swara – happy for wat ??
Mohit – jis insaan keliye hum doondrahe hai do saal se wo mil gaya hai
swara gets up and shouts – kya
mohit – ha di he is in that restrnt.come there
swara – i will be there in 10min.
swara cuts and says
swara – sanskar i hav to go
sanskar – but wat happened….
swara goes without listening him

swara reaches there first as it is nearer to sanskar’s ofc
swara goes inside the restrnt
she sees laksh there.
swara to herself – wat is he doing here.he is suffering with fever and he is eating outside food
swara goes to laksh and sees him and all his frnds there
he sees her holding hands and staring angrily
laksh – bhabhi…..
all his frnds looks at her
his frnds say – lucky is she ur bhabhi ??
Laksh – ha yaar she is my bhabhi,They r my frnds bhabhi
swara – lucky wat r u doing here
laksh – wo bhabhi i am getting bored of eating home made food. So i came to eat my fav dishes. Waise aap akhele aaye hai ??
Swara – lucky dont try to divert the topic. U are having high fever till yesterday and now u came here to eat. No its not good na
frnds – bhabhi let him eat na only for this time
laksh also requests her. She agrees
laksh – bhabhi y u came here . U came here alone or along with bhai. I mean ma told me that u went to bhai’s ofc
swara – ha i went but as mohit called me here i came here. Its urgent work
swara in mind – y mohit didnot come yet
Laksh – acha ok ok come u too hav food if he comes he too will join us.
swara – no lucky u carry on. i will do lunch in sanskar’s ofc as we promised his staff
i hav to call sanskar. He must be worrying
i just came in a hurry
just then sanskar calls her
laksh sees this and says – i think bhai has heard ur words. Kya connection hai bhabhi aao dono ki
swara – lucky…. and she picks up the call
sanskar without listening to her starts scolding her.
Sanskar – swara where did u go ?? Y are u in a hurry . Did u reached safely. I thought to stop u but u r a shatabdhi express. Now y r u staying calm answer me damn it
Swara – sanskar relax.If u give me chance to talk then i will explain na .I am fine. Actually its an important work. And ha we will hav lunch together with ur staff as we promised.
Sanskar smiles and cools down
sanskar – ok and take care did mohit reach there ??
Swara – no but he will be coming
sanskar – where r u ??
Swara – in restrnt and i met laa…
she is about to say but laksh stops her. He sighs through actions not to tell him. He catches swara’s legs too. Everyone laughs swara also laughs
sanskar – y r u laughing swara and whom u met
swara controls her laugh abd says – sanskar i met my old frnd and she is joking and thats y i am laughing
sanskar – acha u left me in a hurry and i was tensed here and u r enjoying there ??
Swara – sanskar i am sry for the tension
sanskar – ok ok take care and come fast .
swara – ok
she cuts the call and laughs
laksh – bhabhi tanq so much
swara – now tell y u told me not to tell ur bhai. Anyways he will always support u .
laksh – wo actually bhabhi today bhai only gave this idea to eat outside wen i was not able to eat here. He asked me too come with himbut u know i cant go to that business dinners and all. I am pretending enough in my ofc. Now atleast wen i am sick i can enjoy na.
swara – achaaa tohhh wo mahan ne diya tume ye idea . Anyways if he had called u. U shouldhav gone with him na. May be its not a business lunch
laksh – no bhabhi he told it will be in his ofc that is for wat u r going now. To do lunch with his staff. He told me to accompany him but i refused as to give privacy
swara slightly beats laksh on his hand and says – even i asked mohit to accompany me but he too told the sane reason
laksh – hahaha i thought ur brother wont leave u even aftr marg and i was worried for my bhai
swara gets a little bit angry – mohit understands everything lucky. Anyways i hav to go i will see him whether he came or not
swara goes
laksh to himself – ohhh shit i think i hav hurt bhabhi.
He tries to go but his frnds stops and they hav a wonderful time

At the entrance
mohit comes there
swara – mohit where were u ?? I was tensed for u ??
Mohit – di woo actually traffic
swara – Acha now come lets search that person and we can get to know the whole
mohit – ha di come

They searches.mohit tells some qualities of that person as he forgot the sketch
swara shows some persons with the same cuts

here laksh finishes his eating and all his frnds leaves
laksh searches for swara to ask her sorry.
he calls her she lifts and says
swara – ha lucky tell me ??
Laksh – bhabhi where r u ??
Swara – lucky actyally i am with mohit. I will talk to u later
laksh – bhabhi listen i hav not met ur brother till now.i hav not even talked to him. U know if ragini gets to know about this she feels bad so u come with ur brother. I will be near reception
swara thinks something and says ok
swara tells mohit to come
mohit – di but we hav to search himna ??
Swara – we cant get him now like this. If we search for him we can sit and wait then we may find him
mohit – ok di but anyways we found him
swara – how ??
Mohit – actually i hired a detective he found his details also he was about to say but i was in a hurry to reach here so i cut the call
swara – ok now come we can go to laksh
mohit – ok di u go and i will talk to the detective agency person and find the details
mohit calls him
mohit – hello its mohit gadodia
person – yes sir tell me
mohit – actually i wanted to know the name and details of that person
mohit keeps on walking while talking
swara finds laksh
laksh hugs swara and tells – i am sry bhabhi actually i didnt mean that
exactly at tbe same time
mohit sees him and gets shocked seing the same person with swara
and at the same time
the person tells – sir his name is laksh maheswari sir i mean laksh durga prasad maheswari
mohit loosens the grip on the phone. He is totally shocked
Swara sees him and goes near to him
laksh also goes behind her
swara – mohit wat happened hav u found ??
laksh – bhabhi introduce me
swara – ha ok
mohit he is mr.laksh mahedwari my devar and ragini’s to be husband and laksh this is my brother mohit
laksh forwards his hand and says – hi
but mohit doesnot respond
swara sees him and says mohit and sees his phone down
she picks up the phone and she is worried now seeing him in that condition
swara holds his face in her palms and says – mohit wat happened its ok if we hav not found him or wat ever it may be u leave it . I am tensed now plzzzzz respond
laksh – bhabhi relax he is fine
mohit gets into reality from shock and says – di i got an important work i hav to go dont take tension he kisses her forehead and goes
laksh and swara both are puzzled by his behaviour
Swara goes to sanskar’s ofc and they had their lunch there
sanskar saw swara upset and thought to ask her after going home

They reach home
@swasan room
swara comes and sits on the bed and list in thoughts
sanskar – swara i am observing u since afternoon. From the time u returned u r not at all here. u r in deep thinking wat happened ??
Swara – nthng sanskar plzzzz let me rest for sometime. I hav to go to hospital i hav an operation at night
sanskar thinks – omg she is really upset and i shouldnot disturb her
sanskar – ok swara u take rest and he goes
swara to herself -wah wat kind of a husband he is. I am upset here and he went from here without asking for the second time. May be i was rude to him
she waits for sanskar but he doesnot cone. She asks ap but she tells her that sanskar left to ofc. She missed hinm badly.
@dadaji ‘s room
mohit – how can i do that daadu ?? Y shouldnt i see him till now shit its my mistake i shouldhav seen him and then i never let this marg happen
dadu – y r u saying this ha its true that aat laksh has done is wrong but y should we punish sanskar for it ??
Mohit – i cant believe this he is brother of jiju. He is so sweet so humble he cant even think of hurting someone and see his brother. I know this ragini always brings problms to this house
daadu – mohit beta relax. Niw wat will u do ?? U will say this to swara ??
Mohit – ha daadu its di’s right to know about this.
dadu – but hav u thought about the result
swara cannot be happy after knowing the truth.u know how much she loves ur bade pappa. If she gets to know that the his ACCIDENT is done by her own devar. then wat will she think
mohit – but if i hide this from her oneday or the other she will get to know tge truth and wat then ??
Daadu – tabki baat tab dekhlenge now u just keep this matter a secret and now u call her and talk to her normally
mohit – ok daadu
he goes. He calls swara and talks to her normally he also tells her that he reacted becozzzz he coukdnot find the person
swara gets fine now and she thinks to herself – mohit is fine now i am happy but where is this sanskar ??
She misses him badly . She calls him but he doesnot pick up
swara – wat happened to him
@sanskar’s cabin
laksh is also present there
sanskar – i cant wait anymore lucky i will propose ur bhabhi
laksh – ha bhai i think its the right time i think bhabhi too have feelings for u
sanskar – if she says no Then ??
laksh – bhai relaxxxx she will definetly say yes and u both are married tgen wats the problm and i knew bhabhi definetly loves u
sanskar – hm ok but how do i propose her ??
Laksh – u think about that. I will leave now i hav to pick up uttara and meet ragini
sanskar – ok u go and ha ask ragini swara’s fav
laksh – i think u know better
sanskar – ha but even though u ask her too
laksh – ok bhai bye cu and ALL THE BEST
sanskar – aaj nahi kal batana yaar
swara leaves to hospital and leaves a msg that she is going to hospital and asks him to have his food and sleep
she goes
Sanskar comes to home and waits for
swara and later he sees swara’s msg and have dinner and he tries to sleep but he cannot . He sees the time its 10:30
sanskar thinks how can she come alone at this time and worries for her he decides to go to the hospital
just then swara comes he pretends to sleep
she sees him and sits near him
assuming he is sleeping
swara – i am sry i shouldnot hav talked to u like that
she puts her hand on his hair and rubs it gently then she goes and she gets freshen up and before sleeping
she sees sanskar
she talks to herself – he is sooo cute while sleeping. Looking like a baby and she goes to kiss him on forehead but stops herself and sleeps
sanskar opens his eyes and thinks – so madam too feels for me i got to know tge truth mrs.maheswari now see i will surprise u
he felt her hot breaths wen she came near her to kiss.so he got to know both slept peacefully

Precap – flashback and mohit decides to tell the truth to swara

Guys plzzz tell me u want flash back in swara mohit and sanskar and laksh point of views or general flashback.

Credit to: sam

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