I am very happy with ur response. tanq so much for giving me support

Recap – swara takes laksh’s blood sample and swara while arranging sanskar’s wardrobe finds a necklace. Sanskar makes her wear it. swara prepares lunch for sanskar

Here we go

After lunch swara goes to hospital
mohit comes there with lunch

Swara – mohit come i will feed u
mohit – Wat do u mean to feed me ?? I think u too not had ur lunch
swara – no mohit i already had it actually i went home as laksh was not feeling well again his temp increased again. So i prepared lunch too so i had it
mohit – di wats the need to go home. U know its a long distance from here to ur sasural. U can suggest some medicines na
swara – mohit i am a doctor and more over a doctor i am his bhabhi but he is like my brother. do u think i will leave him in that state

mohit – di he is ur devar not brother ok (mohit is little upset as he is insecure about his di)
Swara understands his meaning and goes near him and sits beside him
swara – bachhuuuuu y r u reacting like this ?? U know na u r the most important person in my life and coming to laksh he is soo sweet . I really like him . u know i thought that i cannot feel comfortable there but just becozzzzz of laksh i am enjoying there and u no need to worry as no one can take ur place got it ??
Mohit – hm ok
swara – now come i will give u food.
Swara makes him eat food
mohit and swara talks for sometime
swara – mohit tomorrow i am going to sanskar’s ofc
mohit – y di ??
Swara – wo actually u know as he is the owner of the company he should introduce his wife to his staff right ?? and u know watt as i am not comfortable with many people visiting my wedding he had not invited his staff for my sake how sweet
(Saying this she smiles unknowingly)
Mohit sees this and says
mohit – wowww di wats the matter. U r looking something special and i can see ur face lightening
swara – nthng like that acha i wanted to ask will u too accompany me there ??
Mohit – y me ?? Kabab me haddi ki tarah

swara – ohhhh wat did u say.never think like that
mohit wants to tease her
mohit – i know u wont think but wat about jiju he may be thinking to introduce to all his staff and to spend some time with u but if i accompany u all his plans gets flopp
swara – mohit stop it sanskar never thinks like that u know wat ??he cares for u. He thinks u as a brother and he will be happy to see u
mohit – di i know but i thought to tease u
swara – uuuuu…. mohit u became too bad
mohit – acha sry baba and ha di actually i cant come as i hav a meeting with mr.mehra and i dont think u will feel lonely there as jiju wont let u feel like that. I know he will be with u. If jiju got any important work then u call me i will come ok
swara – ok ok now u go i think u hav some pending work for tomorrows meeting
mohit – ha di i need ur help
swara – ha tell me
mohit explains the company’s present condition and profits and losses
swara gives him an idea
mohit – fantastic di u hav a very gud business skills. i must say u r an allrounder
swara – hahaha its in our blood

(Actually as swara’s family is business backrounded and she used to read mohit’s books to make him prepare for the exams so that she has a little knowledge about business too)
Mohit goes from there
swara comes home and sits in sofa as she is soo tired today.
She recieves a glass of water
she drinks it and sees the person’s face. It is sanskar
swara – sanskar wats the need to do this
sanskar – are its jusr humanity yaar. U r so tired so i brought it
swara – hm mean while how u came so early today
sanskar – ha swara actually as laksh is not feeling well so
swara shouts – haaa laksh how can i forget this. How is he now ?? Did u check his temperature ??
sanskar – swara relaxxx he is fine.wat about reports ??
Swara – ha sanskar i asked mr.vijay but he told it takes some time i think may be it should be delivered by this time
vijay comes there

vijay – mam here are the reports
swara – oh tanq mr.vijay par y did u take stress u couldhav sent someone
vijay – no mam its my responsibility and sry for the delay as u know today we hav lot of patients who got their tests done
swara – ya i know as today its free medical test in our hospital
sanskar – free medical test matlab ??
Vijay – wo sir actually madam has introduced a free medical test policy in our hospitals for poor as they cannot afford the medical expenses. She arranged this and it will be available for every 3 months
sanskar – wow thats nice swara
swara – hm tanq
vijay – ok mam i will leave now
swara – ok
swara opens the reports and sees everything fine
she sighs in relief
sanskar – wat happened ??is everything fine ?
Swara – ha sanskar laksh is absolutely fine.but becozzz of cold he is gerting fever
she calls to dr.anitha
dr.anitha – hello mam
swara – hello anitha actually i need a small information
swara informs her laksh’s comdition and dr.anitha suggests some medicines
swara – ya ok tanq bye

(All the time while swara is talking on phone sanskar is staring at her)
Sanskar’s pov
omg wat is she doing to me
she is so caring. I hate myself for calling her over caring. And she nkt only cares for her family but for others too. She is driving me crazy. I couldnot control my self. He stares at her lovingly

Swara notice this. She cuts the call
swara calls sanskar
swara – san….
sanskar suddenly hugs her
she feels strange for the first and then she too recilrocates the hug
sanskar – tanq swara for ur concerm caring and everything and i am sry for saying over caring
swara couldnot talk as his hot breaths are on her neck
swara composes and tells
swara – its ok sanskar. Its my family too
then he realises wat he is doing and breaks the hug
both are embarrassed
sanskarr curses himself for doing that
sanskar – wo swara i am sry actually as u r taking care of laksh…
swara – its ok sanskar
and she goes
sanskar to himself – how can u do this haaaa ?? Wat is she thinking of u ??
His inner voice tells”She is ur wife”
sanskar tells”but its nothing between us”

his inner voice tells “do u think like that ?? If that so she would hav tried to free herself or atleast shouldhav reacted afterwards
sanskar – but how can she tell anything as i am her husband ”
His inner voice “exactly ”
Sanskar smiles to himself and goes
everyone are doing dinner
all misses swara badly
dadaji – i miss my swara badly i cant able to digest the fact that she is married now
dadaji – haa just few daya back mohit shouted at me for talking about swara’s marg but see now how time has flew
sumi – ma pappa dont worry shona told me that she will visit us tomorrow
shekhar – ha papa ma she will come tomorrow
dadi – ha she told me wen i called her
dadu – oh so its only me who doesnot know anything. I am very angry with her.
ragini – ohho daadu u know na di is very busy with her cases and laksh is not feeling well so she is taking care of him

dadaji – ohhh i knew my shona. If she was not busy she would definetly called me
mohit comes then only
mohit – acha so if u know about ur shona so well then u wouldnot hav told like that and see after ragini told then u realised it
ragini smiles
ragini – ha bhayya see now how he is covering now
mohit – ha ragini acha listen u bring my food to my room i hav some important work
all are surprised and happy as he asked ragini to bring his food
mohit – wat happened to u all anyways bye ma dad bye dadi and dadu
ragini – ok bhaya u go i will bring it
mohit goes from there
ragini – ma u keep ready i will take dinner after finishing mine
sumi – ok beta and smiles
All are having dinner
swara laksh and sanskar comes down
laksh is very weak but he is willing to eat with his family so swara and sanskar took him down
ap – laksh y did come down. We would hav sent ur food to ur room.u r so weak.look at u
swara – badi maa actually laksh wanted to eat here and it is good for him.
ap – ok beta
sanskar sits and everyone starts eating
swara makes laksh sit and she keeps his dinner in his plate tgen she sits beside him actually in between sanskar and laksh
laksh is not able to eat

all notices this
ap gets up but swara says
swara – ma u sit down as u already started eating u continue i will make him eat
ap – but beta u too hav to eat na
swara – dont worry badi maa i used to feed mohit also like this only
swara feeds laksh and sanskar thinks
“Kaash mai tera jaga hotha lucky”
Laksh understands this and
laksh winks at sanskar making him more jealous
laksh – bhabhi see how bhai is staring at me plzzz u feed him too
all laughs
swara – lucky first u look at urself u are not able to raise ur hand and u r teasing ur bhai huu ??
Laksh – sry bhabhi I am done now u also eat
swara is standing and feeding laksh just then mohit comes there he cant see laksh’s face but feels bad as swara is feeding him

sanskar notices mohit
sanskar – are mohit come here y r u standing there and by the way wen did u come ??
Swara turns and sees mohit
ap and dp – mohit that too at this time
mohit – ha i am sry uncle i am missing di so much thats y i came
swara – mohit wait i am coming
(she keeps the plate down and ready to move towards him)
Mohit – no di its ok actually i remembered an important work so i hav to leave
and mohit leaves
swara – lucky u finished na or u want something
laksh – no bhabhi i am done
swara – ok u go and take ur medicines
laksh goes
swara – mom badi ma i will be back in few min
ap – but swara eat and go
swara – no badi maa i will eat later
she runs towards the gate
ap – wat happened to her ??
Sanskar – ma mohit saw swara feeding laksh and i think he felt bad i will go and see her
wen swara goes out mohit is sitting on bench outside
swara sees him
mohit sees swara and stands up
swara goes and hugs him

just then sanskar comes out
he sees them
swara – mohit y did u come outside like this ?? Laksh is not feeling well and everyone started eating thats y i ..
mohit – di did i ask u anything ?? Ha i felt bad seeing u like that but i understand that now u r a bahu too not only my sister and ha do u thought i really went home. Noo i just came out as its not gud to stay inside as its ur sasural and i knew u will come
swara – haaa my bachuuuu knew everything
they both hug sitting (side hug)
Sanskar comes there and says
“Can i too join in ur hug if there is a place”
Mohit – y r u asking jiju ofcourse u can
they three hug and after that mohit says – ok di i will leave now
swara goes and wipes his tears and says – drive safely and ha plzzzz cal mee after reaching home
mohit – ok di bye
Bye jiju gud ni8

Swara – acha gud ni8 only for jiju not for di
mohit – ha if he has gud ni8 then obviouy u too will ….
swara opens her mouth wide (becozzz her brother never talked to her like this)
Swara – i am callin u with wrong name. U r not bachuuuu mohit and she runs back of him
he runs and sits in the car and leaves

Next mrng
Swara and sanskar gets ready
swara wears a black colour saree and gets ready
sanskar also gets ready in his usual formal suit
sanskar – bahut achi lag rahi ho
swara – tanq and u r no less. U are looking handsome too
they both smile
sanskar goes near to her
she moves backwards. Sanskar moves front and swara goes on moving backward. Finally swara hits the wall
he comes very near to her and leans towards his ears and tells “swara shall i tie urr..”
Swara understands and keeps her hand on her blowse.she forgot to tie it .
Sanskar turns her back and ties it.
then he goes to the door and says “come fast i am waiting”
Swara smiles

sansmar goes and thinks “y cant i stop going nearer to her”
Swara also feels ” y couldnt i stop him just becozzz he is my husband orrr there is some other reason”
Swara goes. at the door she slips by hitting the pot.she hav not seen it she falls down sanskar cones there and sees her. He immediately goes towards her.he makes ger get up. Everyone come there due to sound. Swara is feeling pain.sanskar takes her in his arms and makes her sit in the sofa. He starts scolding her
sanskar – swara can u see and walk ?? How can u be so careless and is this essential to wear this stupid saree u can wear dresses na ok listen from tomorrow onwards no actually from today onwards u r wearing dresses is that clear ?? Ma mon do u hav any problm with swara if she wears dresses ??
They nodes in no

swara – sanskar relax i am fine and nothing happened and listen i hav not fallen becozzz of this saree..
Sanskar – now dont argue with me swara come to room and take rest
swara – no sanskar we hav to go to ur ofc right ??
Sanskar – no we r not going anywhere and first change this saree
swara – sanskar plzzz let it be na and i am fine with it and ha from tomorrow i will wear dresses and come we hav to go plzzz

sanskar – no swara
swara – sanskar u r more caring than my mohit.even he shouldhav accepted to me by this time
sanskar – becozzz he is younger to u thats y but i amnot going to listdn to u
swara – ok then if not ofc then i will go to hospital. I hav appointments
and she gets up
sanskar – swara..
ap – sanskar bus karo see she is fine take her to ur ofc.see just becozzz u told her tat u will take her to ur ofc she cancelled all her appointments
swara – badimaa how do u know ??
ap – i heard ur conversation beta
sanskar – ok ma
swara come
he holds her while walking
swara – sanskar i am fine i am not hurt i can walk
sanskar – will u just shut up and walk with me ??
Swara – ok
they reach their ofc

sanskar was holding swara
swara – sanskar if u hold me like this while walking ur staff think tat u married a physically handicaped girl
they both laugh
swara – Finally u laughed. I am happy
they both walk in
mr sharma greets her
mr.sharma – hello dr.swara
swara – hello mr.sharma hw r u ?? And hw is ur daughter i think u should come for her checkup next week
mr.sharma – yes dr.swara we will come and she is fine all thanks to u
swara – its my duty
all staff see them and standsup and wishes sanskar
Staff – gud mrng sir
sanskar – gud mrng
and i wanted to introduce my wife
sanskar keeps his hands on swara’s shoulders and says meet my wife mrs.swara sanskar maheswari sry sry Dr.swara sanskar maheswari
staff 1 – woww mam r u a doctor
swara – yes i am a cardialogist

staff 2 – wow u r looking beautiful in this saree
swara – well tanq miss.neha
neha – mam how do u know my name ??
Swara – actually last time wen i came here to meet sanskar i heard ur frnd calling u with that name
all staff says “wow “for her memory power
sanskar leans to swara and says “wow very gud memory power mrs maheswari i like it”
Swara smiles
sanskar – so plzzz everyone get back to work and today the lunch will be with us in company cantene and its a party from our behalf
staff shouts – tanq sir tanq mam
swara smiles and goes to his room
sanskar and swara enters his cabin
they both sit
sanskar – so wat will u take ?? Tea or coffe or any juice
swara – nthng
and she takes a glass of water and drinks it

sanskar – swara …
a girl interrupts them
she directly comes to sanskar’s cabin
sanskar stands seeing her.she comes and hugs him
swara is shocked
sanskar – kavitha
kavitha – sanskar u know wat our deal is done
they break the hug
sanskar – thats ok wen did u come back
kavitha – its yesterday evng but i thought to give u surprise
(guys kavitha is just sanskar’s pa and his classmate too thats all its a small role of her thats it)
kavitha sees swara and sees sanskar
swara is upset
sanskar – swara this is kavitha my pa
and kavitha she Swara and she is my ..
kavitha – is she ur cousin ??
Sanskar – no kavitha she is my wife

kavitha shocked – WIFE ??
(Actually kavitha loves sanskar its not love its a crush thats it)
sanskar – ha wife wat happened
kavitha – sanskar u hav not even informed me
sanskar – wo actually it happened in a hurry thats y i hav not informed any of our frnds not even our college mates
swara – our clg ??
Sanskar – ha swara actually she is my frnd
swara – ohhh anyways nice to meet u kavitha
kavitha goes from there
she comes out and shouts “how can sanskar marry that behanji. she is looking so ill mannered uneducated etc
sanskar who listens this shouts “KAVITHA”
kavitha turns
sanskar continues – how dare u insult my wife that too infront of the whole ofc
kavitha – becozzzz i love u sanskar i cant see u with anyone else
sanskar – wat the hell r u talking
swara is very sad and at a verge of crying
kavitha – ha sanskar and ha how can u marry her see her she is soo uncultured she doesnt deserve u ??
Sanskar – i dont deserve her kavitha and it is u who is uncultured and not her and wat did u say she is uneducated ??
She is doctor hav u heard it ??
Kavitha – but sanskar….

sanskar – shutup its all my fault that i gave u freedom thinking u r my frnd but no u dont deserve my frndship And listen u r fired
kavitha – no sanskar u cant do this
sanskar – stop calling me sanskar as i am still ur biss call me sir (he shouts)
All the staff members gets scared
swara puts her hand on sanskar’s shoulder to calm him
sanskar – mr.sharma i want her to be out of ths ofc now itself and plzzz make sure that all the paper work should be completed by today evng and all her money shouldbe transacted to her account and aaj ke baad yeh ladki mere ofc me dikhaai nahi chahiye
and he goes in
swara also goes to him
kavitha goes from there
swara – sanskar calm down y did u get this much anger ??
Sanskar – she is talking rubbhish about u and u are asking me the reason for my anger
now swara recalls all her moments with sanskar and she can see love in his eyes
she goes and sits in a sofa
she thinks – i can see hus concern care for me. But wat about me if concer and care shows our love then i too am concerned for him and i too care for hin then wat do i love him ??

Precap – swara realises her love. Sanskar thinks to propose her. Mohit gets to know about laksh and gets shocked as laksh is swara’s devar and ragini’s to be husband

Credit to: sam

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