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nskar was holding swara’s hand swara is looking into sanskar’s eyes there was a
deep eyelock swara’s eyes are filled with water but she doesn’t want them to come out she is about to say something she is interrupted by a ladies voice
sanskar saw them and wondered wat are they doing here they are supposed to meet another doctor no
sanskar thoughts are cut by the ladY’s
lady-tanq doctor for giving a very good treatment for my child if u would hav told us about not using the medicines
unnecessarily we would hav used so many medicines and there would be si many complications ,tanq once again
sanskar is shocked and surprised at a time he doesn’t know how to react
he is happy to know that she is the same person with whom his thoughts met

he was cut by swara’s words
swara – its ok its my duty give the best treatment for my patients
the lady leave
swara gives an angry look to sanskar and leaves
sanskar is still in his thoughts
he suddenly realises that swara is left
and follows her
suddenly he sees swara talking to someone
he is feeling jealosy but he couldn’t feel
anything becoz he have to ask her sorry and that is the only thing running in his mind
the person with whom swara is talking to is revealed as her brother mohit
mohit-di are u fine ??
Swara -yeah absolutely but y r u asking like that
mohit- i feel to ask u di

swara – ok leave it tell me about ragini
how is she how is her first day in the college.is she happy with the college
sanskar is still watching them and thinking so he is the brother of swara about whom the person on the phone talking about
so this man is the lucky boy for whom his sister can do anything by the way who is this ragini
he came out of thoughts with mohit’s voice
mohit-di relax ragini is fine and i know u are tensed for ur sister he is cut by swara’s words “our sister”she corrected
Mohit – ha ok our sister ya di she is fine and i picked up her from the college and dropped her at home and i came here and u know today she wants to eat panipuri so i stopped the car and she ate it

Swara becomes very happy and hugs her brother(becozzz she knew that her brother and sister don’t share a gud relationship between them)
swara excitedly asked him – so hav u had panipuri with her
Mohit- no di u know me right i will eat anything without u
swara is little dissappointed but still want to smile for her brother’s happiness
swara – u know wat mohith today i am so happy that after a long gap my brother became the reason for my sister’s happiness
mohit- Oooo common di u know that i am doing this only for u otherwise i wouodnot even seen her face

swara cloaes his mouth and tells him”please don’t say that we three are siblings and we should take care of each other”her brother nodded in yes
she kissed on his forehead and then due to air swara’s hair moves and mohit sees her bandage
mohit is tensed abd worried for his sister
Mohit – di wat happened how did u tet this wound wat happened did someone do anything she then remember sanskar pushing her and saying u desrve more than this she gets teary eyed but controls as her brother cannot see her crying
she holds him and calms him down abd says
swara – mohith relax nothing happened to me its just a amall scratch
mohit- that’s why i asked u are u fine y didn’t u tell me about this how this happened
sanskar was eagerly waiting for her answer actually he wants to hear his name from her mouth then he wants to go and apologise infront of her but to his surprise swara- i just slipped in my cabin
mohit-i told u not use this cheap chappals wat if something happened to u
swara – mohit nothing will be costly or cheap it depends on our thinking
she becomes emotional by his care towards her and says
swara – kaash,tum ragini ko bhi itna hi pyar de paathe
mohit gets angry and says

mohit- don’t compare urself with her
according to me she is not my sister
swara-shutup mohit she is ur sister and that is the fact y do u hate her so much we are the children of same parents she is not our step sister but y do u hate her ??
Mohit -ok i am sry di but lets leave the topic and lets move
swara – unwillingly says ok as she doesnot want to prolong the discussion and make him more angry
mohit left and swara is about to leave but sanskar holds her hand
without turning she says “please mr.maheshwari let me go”
sanskar- so how do u know that its me

swara stammers and thinks to talk to him
swara- leave my hand mr.sanskar maheshwari i am fed up with ur words
sanskar-i just want to apologize to u .i am sorry
swara-ur sorry doesn’t heal my wound ur sorry doesn’t maje my heart perfect which is hurt becozz of u
and final and most important thing is ur sorry doesnot make my brother as usual becozzz if u he is worried and i am sure he doesn’t sleep even
and its all becozzzz of u
i an sry to say this maheshwari but i xan’t forgive u
swara said those words and left from there
sanskar thinks to himself “i am sorry swara i hav hurt u alot,but how to rectify it”and some idea flashes in his mind

all are in the dining hall
laksh is thinking about ragini and sanskar is thinking about swara and how to make her happy
laksh reminces the scene
laksh sees ragini’s car at panipuri stall
laksh -uttara do u want to have panipuri
uttara -yes bhai tanq so much
laksh- then come lets hav
now also laksh cannot see mohit as he is inside the car
uttara,ragini and laksh are having panipuri
when laksh was eating pani fell on his coat ajd ragini and uttara were laughing
laksh thinks and feels proud that she is laughing just becozzz of him
ragini gives money and she goes and sits in the car
as soon as ragini goes laksh stops uttara from eating and snatches the pani puri plate from her abd tells her that he has an important meeting
uttara gives funny expressions and leaves with him
fb ends
laksh ajd sanskar still in thoughts
ap asks sanskar something and he says “swara”
when she asks laksh he tells”ragini”
Ap is shocked to hear those names she shakes both of them both of them comevto themselves and says at a time “wat hapoened”

Parineetha says “i think those are the names of ur girl friend’s am i right ”
sanskar asks “bhabhi wat are u saying ”
Laksh”exactly wat are u saying bhabhi we cant understand anything”
parineetha says”SWARAGINI”
sanskar and laksh shouts “WHAT”
Then sujatha asks them “wat if u both are not satisfied with our buisinesses u want to start another buisiness”
sanskar and laksh are surprised
laksh- chachi wat are u saying
sujatha – exactly ,u both are talking about swara and ragam so i thought u want to earn money by singing on the roads
All laugh while laksh and sanakar are embarresed
uttara is not present there otherwise she should hav understood everything

Precap – shekhar was about to slap mohit but swara holds his hand.sanskar thinks to meet swara and wanted to talk to her about her family

*thankyou guys for reading it
if it is boring then please tell me
give ur suggestions and tanq for encouraging once again
if there any mistakes in typing then please forgive me becozz i am updating it in my mobile

Credit to: sam

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