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Recap – swara’s pehli rasooi and muh dikhaai and mrs.verma insults swara but sanskar supports swara and mohit comes there and reveals her true intensions

Here we go

ragini went out with laksh
swara is sitting on the bed whike sanskar is sitting on the couch and doing some work in laptop
swara sees the weather changing and says
swara – sanskar they didnot come yet see weather is changing its about to rain and u told me that lucky cant resist rain he had sinus problm na
sanskar – ha swara but relax they r coming by car so he will not get exposed to rain
Swara – ok ohhh shitt
sanskar – now wat happened ??
Swara – i didnot inform anyone at home about ragini and i think till now they gathered in the hall
sanskar – dont worry now inform
swara calls shekhar
shekhar – hello swara y did ragini not come home till now u said that she is with u
swara shocked and understands that ragini told them that she will meet her
swara – ha papa actually i called u to inform about that only as the weather is not good, i will send ragini later but dont worry i dont send her alone
swara – i know beta tat u will take care of everyone anyways tell me how is ur sasural ??
Swara – its very nice papa all are very gud here i am very happy
seeing swara happy shekhar also gets happy
shekhar – i am so happy tat u got a husband like sanskar
swara looks at sanskar and smiles and sanskar signs her “wat”
She nods in nothing

swara – ok papa u all take care i will njoy with her
swara cuts the call
sanskar – swara wat did papa say and u told tat u will send ragini with someons
swara – sanskar i dont leave them ragini told tat she is with me
sanskar – wat ??
Swara – ha and papa is asking me and if this mohit spills the truth means ??as he knew that ragini is not here
Sanskar – y will he do that ??
Swara – he will acha i hav to call him
sanskar sees a req for video call and its
from mohit
sanskar – swara lo ur bhai has called for video chat
she suddenly jumps on to sanskar i mean
she sits beside sanskar but a little on him too
swara ‘s hair are touching sanskar’s face
swara realises her position and says
swara – sanskar lets sit on bed it willbe more comfortable
sanskar – ok come

they both sit and talks with mohit
swara – hiiii bachuuuu
mohit – hi di hi jiju
sanskar – hii mohit acha listen ur di is thinking tat u will tell to papa and ma that
ragini tat she is not with swara
mohit – ha jiju actually i thought to tell them but as di also accepted it so i stayed calm
swara – acha mohit suno untill ragini
comes there u manage maa baba anyways i hav convinced them
mohit – di let it be na waise bhi no one is going to utter a single word against her even though they knows the truth
swara (with shock) – mohot u r fine these days with ragini na . U r talking with her normally trating her normally then y r u saying like that
mohit – di its just fun
swara – fun no something is there but…
mohit interrupts her
mohit – actually yesterday night she came to me and we fought alot and she slept in my room in ur place so i was angry with her
swara – i am so happy
mohit – di plzzz dont say ki…
swara – ha yes wat u r thinking is true
sanskar – excuse me wats going on here and wat is he thinking
mohit – jiju leave all that its not important
swara – are sanskar lucky is right u r really a dumbo actually i am saying yesterday ragini went to mohot’s room intentionally to trouble him so that he forgets me
sanskar – acha ohh hello by the way i am not dumbo how can i know about that if u wont tell properly
swara – acha ok ok waise mohit i am so happy ki finally everything is getting fine
mohit – ha di
swara – mohit close the windows of ur
room becozz it willbe raining in sometime and i know u dont like water coming inside so plzzz lock them now itself
mohit – ha ok ok u too take cars u hav fear for thunders
Sanskar – wat ?? But she is fine that day wen we went to exhibition
mohit – ha jiju actually di has a fobia for thunders diwali crackers but as she is studying mbbs she got treated now she can manage for a little bit and tat day if u remember it just rained no thunders alott
sanskar – ha ya so ur di is afraid of something Atleast
swara – hogay tum donk ka
mohit y did u tell me now he will tease me
mohit – but di wat if todat thunders are more and i cant leave u like that and i am not there to protect u.

both swara and mohit remembers the flashback
swara – mohit i am closing the doors so that water dont come in
mohit – di i will do that u come and sit
suddenly it thunders and with huge sound
swara gets frightened and hugs mohit tightly
mohit – di relax nothing will happen and the whole night mohit went on consoling her
swara comes out of thoughts wen sanskar keeps his hand on swara’s shoulder
mohit sees and gets happy
sanskar – swara shall i drop u to gm wen ragini comes u go along with her. I think u r missing mohit . Go i will manage here
swara – no sanskar it will not be good if i go there she sees mohit
mohit nods in yes
mohit – ha jiju di is right and anyways i am feeling sleepy di bye gud ni8 take care di
swara – gud ni8 mohit
u too take cars
mohit leans his head to laptop and swara kisses the laptop
she disconnects the calls and turns a side

sanskar understands her and goes near her to console her
meanwhile raglak comes there being wet
swara – lucky wat is this ?? U are completely wet u know na u hav sinus problm then ??
Ragini – di i too told taht but he hav not listened
swara – ragini u could hav stopped him
ragini – di dont blame me i tokd him
she tells everything wat happened
ragini and laksh are in car it starts raining
they stop the car for a while
ragini – laksh i like rain very much u plzz stay here i will go and njoyy and she gets down
laksh – ragini nl listsn ragini
she plays with water and she gets completely wet
then laksh also comes out and plays with her
ragini stops saying and starts thinking wat had just happened with them
laksh hugs ragini and they dances very romantically
they both come out from their thoughts
with swara’s voice
swara – wat happened aftr that ??
laksh – wat will happen bhabhi ragini dragged me to the car and we came home
sanskar – if ragini dragged u immediately then u hav not got wet completely
laksh – bh..bhaii wat r u saying
swara laughs
swara – sanskar plzzz stop laksh u go and change ur clothes and i will bring u khaada
laksh – bhabhi phir se nooo i am fine
then only he sneezes
swara – i can see how much u r fine do wat i say
laksh goes with a cute face
swara – ragini come i will give u my dress
sanskar – ha swara u take ragini to our room i will go to laksh
swara – ok
after that swara and ragini also come to laksh’s room
laksh is continuously sneezing and he got cold too
swara – i will make khaada immediately
laksh – no bhabhi i am fine plzzz i cant drink that plzzz
swara – par lucky its gud for
laksh – no no bhabhi plzzzzz plzzzz i cant drink bhai plzzz tell bhabhi na ragini plzzz he keeps on requesting
sanskar – swara leavs it if he doesnot want to drink then dont force him
swara – but sanskar i know if he doesnot drink now it will increase and due to cold his temperature also increases
ragini – di i know u r a doctor but let it be na if he cant drink then dont force him
swara still doesnot agree becozz she kmew wat will happdn but sanskar tells her
sanskar – swara plzzzz stop over caring
swara is hurt by his words
sanskar also thinks “ohhh shit wat i hav told her ”
Swara – ok lucky u take rest i will go now as i hav to go to hospital early tomorrow
laksh too feels that swara is hurt
ragini – di wait na
swara stops at the door and turns
swara – sanskar if u dont mind will u sleep here and ragini will sleep in our room
sanskar – ok swara acha listen i hav to talk to u
swara – not now sanskar i hav to sleep tomorrow i hav many appointments. i hav been postponing from 4 days
and she goes

swara sends sanskar’s blankets through ragini
swara lays on her side
swara to herself – i dont know y i feelthis much hurt wen sanskar says a little word to me. Ragini too opposed me but am i doing that for my sake ?? No na i am just doing for lucky. Is that over care ??
mohit i really miss u today. I always wanted that u shouldnot know that if anyone hurts me becozzz i know u will react very badly. if u shout at ragini wen she hurts me or behaves with me badly i used to stop u but today i am feing alone. I am missing that happiness that gets by seeing ur love and possesiveness

@ laksh’s room
laksh – bhai u shouldnot hav told that to bhabhi
ragini – but laksh jiju is right
laksh – ragini i pity u. That u r having a wonderful sister but u r still not able to understand her
ragini – but laksh u dont like it thats y i told di not to force u
laksh – ha toh u should hav said it normally
ragini – wat do u mean laksh ??
Sanskar – will u both stop it and ragini laksh is right we hav done mistake especially me i shouldnot hav said that to her
ragini – anyways jiju i came here to give u these blankets as di told to give u and she also told that if laksh has any problm at mid night to wake her up
sanskar – ok
ragini goes
laksh – hav u seen bhai bhabhi is so nice and u hav shouted at her that she is over caring
sanskar – ha lucky i know i was wrong but u r continuosly pleading tat u dont wanna drink and she us not listening
laksh – acha ok bhai leave it u aak sry to bhabhi

At mid night
laksh coughs badly and sanskar gets up
he reminds of swara’s words
sanskar to himself – omg lucky’s temperature has increased swara told me that due to cold temperature will increase but i havnot listened to her
sanskar comes to his room
sees swara sleeping
he tries to wake her up but he goes but due to some sound
she gets up
swara – wat happened sanskar ?? Any problm
sanskar takes swara to laksh’s room
swara comes and touches laksh’s forehead
swara – i knew it
laksh is continuosly coughing
due to the pain he gets up
laksh – bhabhi aap
swara – lucky relax
swara goes and brings thermo meter
she checks the fever
it is 102
swara – laksh its high fever u take rest i will bring medicines
swara is about to go
laksh holds swara’s habd and says
“Sorry bhabhi i shouldhav listened to u ”
Swara – its ok lucky i can understand but its not over caring its called experience as i knew this would happen ”
Sanskar understands that these words are for him
swara goes and gives him some medicines to reduce the temperature and cold
ragini also gets up
ragini comes to laksh’s room and gets to know that he has high fever
ragini – di woh
swara – ragini relaxx u make laksh’s face with wet with this cloth i will be back
she goes
sanskar also goes behind her
Sanskar – swara sry
swara – for wat ?? looking into the first aid box
sanskar – swara i told it just like that but i didnot mean it
swara – its ok sanskar leave it
sanskar – first tell me u forgave me
swara – hmmm i was angry with u but not now. I felt hurt that tine but after that i understood ur situation Its ok sanskar
sanskar – but i shouldnot hav told u like that
swara – its ok and swara goes
swara sanskar and ragini are with laksh the whole night

at morning
swara – ragini u go home.i will take care of laksh waise bhi now temperature is normal now
ragini – ok di
sanskar – come i will drop u ragini
ragini – ok jiju

Sanskar drops ragini and goes back to mm
he comes to laksh’s room
total family us in his room
swara is telling them that he is fine now but all are asking her “wat happened”
swara – badi ma mom no need to worry lucky is fine now actully he got a slight fever thats it
ap – from wen ??
Swara – from yesterday night
ap – from yesterday night ??
Swara how can do like that u hav not informed us dont u think its important to tell us ??
Swara – wo badi maa i thought not to disturn u
sujatha – are chori wat did u think how can think like that if laksh is not fine then how can we sleep peacefully
swara is upset and teary eyed
sanskar sees this and gets upset
swara goes from there
sanskar – wat hav dome ma ??
Ap – sanskar r u asking us ?? Go and ask ur wife
sanskar – ma swara thought about u all and she had not informed u infact even i too know that and the whole night swara me and ra…..i mean we stayed with laksh and she treated him. Ma there is no need for her to stay here. She can give the medicine and she can go but she stayed along with me the whole night but u all are blaming her. Do u know laksh has high fever yesterday but just becozzz of swara he recovered now
ap and sujatha – we r sorry beta we domt know thats y
sanskar – ma u no need to ask sry i just told for ur information
they all leave to hall

there swara is preparing breakfast ap and sujatha go to her
ap and sujatha – sry beta we dont know that u took care of laksh actually sanskar just told me
swara – nahi badimaa u no need to apologise its ok i hav not felt bad for ur words i can understand even i too will react like that if i was in ur position
ap and sujatha blesses her
sujatha – i am very lucky to hav u as my daughter in law
ap – she is not only ur but our daughter-in-law
sujatha – ha jiji
they all do breakfast and leaves to their respective places

Precap – swara is in hospital and she gets a call that laksh again got fever. She gets tests done and laksh is afraid of needle so swara helps him. Later swara see a necklace and sanskar makes her wear it

I am sry guys
I know u r bored but within two episodes mohit gets to know about laksh

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