Tanq and sry guys u all know that i will be busy on sunday so i dont post it on sundays from next week onwards i will try to post it on subday too
recap – swara cries hugging sanskar and mohit also cries in his room , ragini goes to mohit and thinks to divert his mind so they both fight abd ragini sleeps in mohit’s room
swara and sanskar talk for some time and they hav cute moments

Here we go

@sanskar’s room
its 5 am
swara gets up and sees the time
swara to herself “its just 5 but i should get ready as i am not feeling sleepy too ”
She sees sanskar and unknowingly smiles
then she sees his hand
and cheks it
swara to herself – hm its good that it didnot swell much its fine now then she goes to wash room
sanskar is still sleeping
Mohit gets up and sees ragini
he gets angry as she is sleeping in swara’s place but he controls his anger and wakes up ragini
mohit – ragini utho
ragini in sleeping tone – kya bhayya subhe subhe aap mere room me
mohit – wat hello madam u slept in my room now go to ur room and sleep i hav some work
ragini opens her eyes sees the time in her mobile
ragini – bhayya its just 5 am y r u disturbing me abd wat work do u hav ??
Mohit makes her stand and takes her to the door and pushes her outside (slowly) and tells “i hav to sleep ragini ” he smiles and closes the door
ragini stamps her foot and then kicks the door and goes to her room and sleeps

Swara comes out of the bathroom with wet hair and she is wearing a green and pink half saree which is netted
and she comes near the mirror and puts sindhoor and sees sanskar
(By seeing sindhoor she remembers her marg, so she sees sanskar)
Swara to herself – he is looking very cute while sleeping and she smiles
she then turns and gets ready
she is trying to tie the dori of her blowse but she couldnot she is trying and trying but she cant
she gets angry on ragini
swara to herself (but she shouts and sanskar wakes up by her voice )- i told ragini to tell the designer that i want collar necks from now onwards as i know that i cant tie these but she didnot listen. How can she do that huuu i will call her right now but i think she is sleeping how can i disturb her but i dont hav any other option i cant ask anyones help. I think she will tell some solution
mean while sanskar gets up and he is mesmirised to see her wife with wet hair and in half saree. He keeps staring at her but swara doesnot notice as she was bhsy in calling ragini and ragini keeps on cutting
ragini to herself – ye di ko kya hogaya hai subhe subhe meri neend kharab kharahi hai. I know that she hav not slept the whole night and njoyed with jijh but y she disturbing me
ragini lifts the call
ragini – di wats ur problm ga plzzz let me sleep na ??
Swara – ragini listen naa i told u to tell the designer that ineed collar necks but y didnt u tell
ragini – di this is not the time to discuss about that jho bhi hai pehenlijiye na
swara – ragini plzzz try to understand na i am not able to tie it tell me any other way
ragini – ohhh i forgot ok there is only way
swara – wat
ragini – take jiju’s help
swara – wat u mean i should ask sanskad to tie dori. How can u …
Ragini – di he is ur husband anyways plzzz dont disturb me let me sleep and she cuts the call
sanskar hears everything but he pretends to sleep as swara was turning to his side
swara – how can i ask him. Wat will he think of me ??
Her inner voice tells – he is ur husband
but she is little bit shy
swara again turns to mirror and tries to tie it
then sanskar sees her cute expressions and smiles
he is completely falling for her especially for her wet hair and her eyes
sanskar camt control himself goes to swara and puts his hand on hers
swara is shocked to see sanskar behind her
she slowly removes her hands
sanskar by looking in to her in mirror ties the dori. Swara looks down and sometimes him in mirror
sanskar finishes tieing and he puts her hair backwards covering her back completely
Both swara and sanskar remembers the scene in exhibition wen swara is putting a chain in her neck by putting her hair front some boys are staring at her back but sanskar comes and puts his chain and moves her hair back they both comeout of fb and
sanskar – hogaya (slowly and romantically smiling)
Swara – ta…tanq (turns towards his side but couldnot face him)
Sanskar – u r forgetting the rules and laughs to better tge situation
swara also smiles – ok no tanq
sanskar again sitting on the bed to sleep
sanskar – time is just 5:20 swara. Y did u wake up so early
swara – actually sanskar as its my first day here and also its my pehli rassoi so …
sanskar – swara all comes down at 7 or 7:30 till then u sleep
swara – no sanskar i am not feeling sleepy u go and sleep ok i will go down
sanskar – akele kya karogi
swara – i will read news paper or..
suddenly her phone rings
she smiles and says “mohit ka call hai i will talk to him u sleep ”
She goes out while lifting the call
sanskar to himself – if u look so beautiful then how can i sleep
he smiles and lays down
swara in hall
swara – mohit i told u not to get up till i call u then y did u ..
mohit interrupts
mohit -shant hojayiye meri ma actually i am not feeling sleepy so i calked u i know u will be awake as it is a new place u cant adjust
swara – ha right but its nice and i am comfortable here
they talk sometime and swara asks mohit to sleep and she cuts the call
then she goes to kitchen and she first prepares pasta then she remembers sanskar telling that he like paneer very much she thinks to prepare paneer for lunch and she again prepares dosa idli aalu paratha very and finally poori
she prepares everything fast fastly
swara to herself “everything is fine but i shouldnot taste as i hav not done aarthi till now ok let it be i will arrange everything and i hav to inform ramu kaka to prepare pasta and prepare separately for mohit with little sous”
she calls ramu kaka (cook in gm and informs him to prepare pasta for breakfast and keep separateky for mohit)
Then she sees the time
swara to herself – its 7:30 am still no one got down
she thinks to give coffee to everyone to their rooms
then only everyone come except sanskar laksh and uttara
ap – are swara tum itni jaldi ready hogayi ho
swara – ha ma
and she goes to everyone and takes their blessings
then she brings coffee to everyone
everyone praises her coffee

then swara goes and brings her dishes and arranges in dining table
sujatha – Swara ye tum itni jaldi samay me itne saare khana bana liya hai but wats the need to prepare these many types of dishes
swara – wo actually ma i dont know any one ‘s taste so i prepared some of them
i am sry i hav prepared so early but dont worry they will be hot as i kept everything in hot packs
ap – swara u hav done everything thats gud u hav completed ur pehli rasooi so fast waise mithe me kya banayi hai
swara – badimaa i am sry i hav not prepared any sweet as i thought to prepare after asking u all
wat shall i prepare ??
Ap – jho bhi teri pasand hai wo bana le
swara – nahi badi maa aap bathayiye na
Dp – ok beta u prepare u know wat i like kheer very much
ap – ohhh tho isi bahane aap bhi kha sakte hai i know ur ideas
swara – y badi maa y shouldnot bade papa eat kheer ??
Ap – actually he has sugar beta
swara – ohhhh bade pappa u didnot tell me aur sanskar ne bhi nahi bataya anyways u should not eat kheer and badi maa can u please show me the reports of badepappa i wanted to see
ap – ok beta
dp – par beta i am fine i can eat
rp – bhaisa hamari bahu doctor hai hum nahi
everyone laughs

then only
laksh sanskar abd uttara comes down
laksh comes and hugs swara (side hug)
laksh – gud mrng bhabhi
swara – gud mrng lucky
ap – laksh see ur bhabhi she prepared so many dishes for all of us so u three of then go up and get ready we will start aarthi and then pehli rasooi ki rasam shuru karte hai
laksh sanskar and uttara – ji maa (sanskar is staring swara only all the time from the time he came down)
Uttara notices this
Uttara – bhabhi i think u should go and help bhayya in selecting his dress i think he has dome work with u thats y see him how he is looking at u
swasan gets embarrased
sanskar – uttara i think u hav to go to clg from today so plzzz get ready fast warna lucky tume drop nahi karega
uttara – kyun nahi karega mai kitna bhi late karu wo toh aayenge mujhe clg chodne
and winks at laksh
swara and laksh understands but sanskar us tube light
sanskar – wat ! Wat do u mean
laksh ti swara – bhabhi isse pehle ki ye uttara meri pol kholde kuch kijiye na
swara – ok laksh i will do something wait
swara goes to sanskar and gives him coffe
swara – sanskar hav coffe and then get ready
uttara – ohh bhabhi this is not fair special coffe for bhai and not for us
all laughs

dp – uttara stop teasing them.and go get ready
uttara – ji bade pappa
and she goes
laksh – tanq bhabhi
swara gives coffee to laksh
laksh drinks and says
laksh – awesome bhabhi
swara – tanq
laksh – bhai bhabhi has made a beautiful coffee but u hav not said a word
(Actually sanskar has not drunk the coffee till now he was busy in staring his beautiful wife)
Sanskar takes a sip and says – nice swara
swara smiles
sanskar and laksh also goes to get ready
everyone gets ready and comes down to aarti
ap – swara u do aarti actually sanskar and swara u both do aarti
they does aarti and swara gives prasad to everyone and takes their blessings
sujatha – jiji shall we start the ritual
Ap – ha sujatha Swara go and prepare kheer beta
parineetha go and help her
swara – no badi maa i will manage bhabhi u all go and sit i will come in 5 min
swara prepares kheer very fast in meanwhile all were adjusting at dining table
they all see the dishes
laksh likes dosas very much
laksh shouts sitting at dining table – tanq bhabhi u know wat i love dosas
swara smiles and comes there with kheer
swara – no need to say tanq if u want i can prepare it for u whenever u want
laksh – u r so sweet bhabhi and u know wat u r my best frnd from today
swara – hahaha tanq and same here
sanskar – oh hello madam ohh jaga mera hai
laksh – u r her husband not best frnd ok
swasan smiles looking at each other
swara feel gud to hear husband word
swara gives kheer to everyone except dp
sanskar – swara u didnot give to bade pappa
swara – ha sanskar i hav not given and i know that
sanskar – but y
ap – becozzz ur badepappa has sugar beta
sanskar – common ma if he eat once nothnig will happen
swara – nahi sanskar it will affect so badepappa plzzz no kheer
she serves everyome breakfast and everyone does it.everyone praises swara for wonderful kheer and breakfast except sanskar actually
sanskar is little bit angry with swara
after everyone gave nake to her its dp turn
she bends and takes aashirvad and dp is about to give nake to her
sanskar stops him and says – bade pappa u no need to give as she too has not given u
dp – par betaa
swara – sanskar is right badepappa
one second
swara goes in the kitchen and brings one kheer bowl and gives it to dp
sp is very happy
Ap – swara wat hav u done. U know na beta ki….
swara – badimaa relax its sugar free and it doesnot affect much
sanskar – then y didnt u give it him before
swara – kyun ki sanskar if i gave it before only then badepappa wouldhav eaten the completely and as i said before sugar free is somewat better but not the complete solution so if he have it now he cant eat more as he had done his breakfast already
sanskar is shoked and surprised
laksh claps and goes to her and keeps his hand on swara’s shoulder and says “wah bhabhi u rocked it u r so intelligent bhabhi kaash mera bhai bhi aisa hotha”
swara also looks at sanskar and says – ha but wat to do soo sadddd
and they both laugh and give hifi to each other
dp – swara beta today i am very happy ur kheer is very delicious this sugar free is more tastier that normal one
and gives her nake
she takes his blessings
rp – we r happy that we got a very responsible and intelligent bahu
sanskar u r lucky
uttara – ha bhai aapki toh lottery lag gayi hai
everyone laugh
sanskar feels happy to hav her
laksh – acha uttara madam now shall we leave or u will tease bhayya and bhabhi whole time
uttara – ok ok i am coming
laksh – ok go and get ur bag
everyone disperse
except sanskar laksh and swara
sanskar tries to go near swara to ask sry for his behaviour but laksh comes to her
laksh – waise bhabhi today ragini will come to clg na
swara – ha lucky she will definetly come
laksh – she will come alone or ur bhai will drop her
swara – no lucky mohit is sleeping so i think she will come by her car
laksh – ok thats gud then bhabhi can i take her out
swara – y r u asking me u ask her but ha u go aftr her classes due to marg she got a break And i think she hav lost interest in clg so make sure that she will not miss any classes
sanskar – common swara she is not a kid she knows wat to do. she is doing her mba . Let her go
swara -i am not stopping them and by the way i know about her sanskar she wouldhav lost interest by now
sanskar – how can u be so sure about her
swara – becozzz she is my sister
sanskar – no swara i dont agree with u
laksh – bhai bhabhi is right i will take her out after clg
sanskar – ohhh bhabhi ke chamche stop it
swara – lucky u wait, so mr.maheswari u wanted to say that she is interested in going to clg. She hav not loosen her interest, right ??
Sanskar – YES and dont call me mr.maheswari
swara – acha ok ok if i prove that i an right and u r wrong then wat will u do ??
Sanskar – i will do as u say
swara – ok then lucky cal ragini and put it on speaker
laksh – bhabhi par
swara – its ok lucky do it trust me
laksh – ok bhabhi
laksh calls ragini and says
ragini in a sleepy voice – hello laksh
laksh – ragini r u sleeping
ragini – ha lakdh y did u call me
laksh – ragini i hav called u to ask u weatger u r coming to clg or not
ragini – clg haa clg i forgot about it completely i hav to get ready fast
sanskar smiles in victory
ragini continues – but i am not at all interested
sanskar’s face expressions changes
ragini continues – u know wat laksh if i hav not gone to clg for a few days then i will loose interest thats y di takes special care of me that i always go to clg and about my health too (ragini is speaking but here swara cannot control her laugh but laksh keeps his hands on swara’s mouth to stop her from laughing but she cant stop but controls somewat)
ragini – anyways i am going to sleep so plzz dont disturb
laksh – wat sleep u just told me that u r coming to clg but now…
ragini – laksh i hav told a long story didnt u get that ?? I hav lost interest so bye gud ni8
Laksh offs the phone
and swara who is controlling her laugh now bursted out
Laksh also laughed seeing swara laughing and sanskar’s expressions
swara went and sat on the sofa
laksh too sat beside her and they both laughed while sanskar kelt cute expressions
all family members came there
laksh and swara goes on imitating sanskar and laughing
whike sanskar is getting angry (comedy)
Sujatha – are y u both r laughing like mad people
sanskar – not like mad mom they r mad
swara stops laughing seeing sanskar angry but laksh laughs and goes to sujatha and says “actually chachi wat happened is ..
Swara – nothing mom actually i told lucky a joke so we both r laughing
sujatha – then y is sanskar’s face becoming red with anger ??
Laksh slowly whispers – kyunki joker tho bhai hi hai na
swara listens and hits laksh
swara – lucky..
laksh -sry bhabhi
uttara – bhai if u r done with ur laughing section with bhabhi shall we leave ??
Laksh – haa wooo actually u go by urself (as ragini is not coming)

Swara goes near laksh and says – lucky go and drop her i will send ragini to clg she winks
Laksh – ok done ok challo uttara come fast
uttara – wat bhai r u mad sonetimes u will tell me to go by myself and sometines u say u will drop me ..
laksh shuts her mouth with his hands and takes her
laksh – bye ma bye chachi bye bhabhi’s
swara and parineeta – bye
Sanskar immediately goes to his room
swara sees him and thinks “i think it became too much . I should go and talk to him ”
Swara goes to his room
sanskar is seeing some files
swara comes there and says “sorry”
Sanskar without looking at her “for wat ”
Swara – u know it
sanskar sees her
she is holding her ears
omg anyone can melt to such cute expressions
sanskar makes her sits on bed and he also sits besids her
Sanskar – its ok swara actually i hav to say sry as i was little rude wen badepappa is about to give u nake
swara – sanskar its not at all a matter. Everyone will get angry at that time that too its not at all anger u know wat wen ma used to hide sweets from bp na then i used to get alot of anger. I used to throw the things and finalky ma gets irritated and she used to give . Dont think much at that time i dont know that bp shouldnot eat sweets i am a kid at that time
sanskar smiles at her
swara to herself – he is looking so handsome in this smile
at that time sujatha comes there and says “swara mohit came to meet u “and she goes
swara – sanskar i will go to him
sanskar – even i too will come
they both come down
swara cant control her emotions even mohit cant comtrol his emotions they both hug each other
they break the hug and
swara – i told u to sleep untill i call u then y did u come here
mohit – di how much time i should wait for u i am dying to see u
swara – acha baba breakfast kiya tumne ??
Mohit – ha
swara – kya khaya ??
Mohit thinks ” i am sure di must hav asked ramu kaka to prepare some breakfast which i can eat on myself so lets try this”
Mohit – upma di
swara – acha so u ate upma fromwhere u get upma babyyy from the neighbours house kyunki in our house pasta is made
mohit bites his tongue
sanskar ap and sujatha laugh
dp and rp come there
dp – hi mohit beta hw r u ??
Mohit – fine uncle
dp – gud to see u here beta wen u miss swara u can come here dont hesitate as it is ur home too
mohit- tanq uncle
dp and rp leave for ofc
sanskad comes and sits beside mohit and keeping his hand around his shoulder
sanskar – acha di ko dekte hi jiju ko bhool gaye tum
mohit – hugs sanskar and says ” no jiju never ”
They hav a gud time
mohit – acha di come i will drop u at hospital and jiju i will come to ur ofc directly we hav to discuss about our project
sanskar – ha ok mohit
swara goes to ap and sujatha and holds their hands and asks – badima mom u two are happy with my profdssion na , i mean i am doctor so i hav to fulfill my responsibilities towards my patients . R u ok with my working ??
Sanskar is amused and thinks “itni badi doctor hone ke naad bhi she is asking permission from my family yaar she is soooo nice”
Ap and sujatha – are swara we dont hav any problm beta infact we r proud to hav u as a daughter in law
swara takes blessings and aboit to go
swara’s phone rings
swara – hello
person -dr emergency is there so plzzzzz vome fast
swara while talking on phone and explaining something leaves from there
sanskar and mohit also leaves

Muh dikhaai

Everyone comes there and sees swara’s face and gives some gifts to her
everyone tells ap and sujatha that they got a very beautiful daughter-in-law
sanskar stands at the corner blushing
suddenly a woman comes and sees swara’s face and gets shocked and she is none other than Mrs verma (mr.verma who came to swara’s hospital to treatment but asked swara about the buisiness deals his father is making with maheswari companies and also says that shekhar wants to get married their daughters to maheswari brothers , if u guys dont remember then plzzzz see my chapter 15)
Actually mr and mds verma always wants swara to become their bahu as swara is one of the best doctors and daughter of shekhar gadodia and mostly owner of sunshine hospitals but swara always refused becozzzzz of mohit
mrs.verma – ohhh so she is ur bahu (tauntingly)
Ap and sujatha – ji ha we r really lucky to hav her
mrs.verma – dont be so happy ap ji she will show her true colors slowly
all are shocked
ap – wat r u telling mrs verma ??
Listening mrs.verma’s name sanskar remembered the incident in swara’s hospital
mrs verma – ha ya i asked her hand for my son she refused telling she cant leave her brother alone then how did she marry ur son becozzz of money yes becozzz sanskar owns a company and ur family has the top most two companies in ur hand thats y she doesnt deserve to be…
sanskar (shouts) – enough mrs.verma
sanskar moving front
sanskar – if u say a word against my wife i will forget that u r a guest and for ur kind information swara doesnot wish to marry me our family asked her hand for me by seeing her nature he removes swara’s ghunghat
once see her face do u see any proud feeling or any arrongance in her
she is one of the best doctors in the city and owner of a multi- speciality hospital and u think she martied for money
mrs.verma – par u dont know about her She is …
sanskar – i told u before only dont say a word against my wife now before i loose my patience just leave from here
just then mohit comes there and sees swara and sanskar shout then he understands the whole scenario
mohit comes near to mrs.verma and says “shaam nahi aati aapko ”
swara – mohit rehnedo sanskar ne sambhal liya hai its ok
mohit – no di now everyone should see this woman’s greedy face too
u know wat jiju this woman and her husband asked my di’s hand for their son
we rejected them vut they went on asking for my di’s hand to their son without any shame and now she is blaming my sister
Sanskar and all are shocked
sanskar – ohhh thats yyy ur husband was jealous when shekhar papa decided to deal with our company.am i right mrs.verma
mrs.verma stays mum
ap and sujatha asks her to leave
she leaves
swara tells mohit that she is fine
mohit – no di u r not fine aur jab unhone itne saare loogon ke beech mai aapki insult kiya hai toh mai unhe chodunga nahi mai unhe apni sahi jage par zaroor pahunchaunga ”
Swara – tum kuch nahi karogi sun rahe ho
mohit – par di everytime u will stop me
sanskar – ur di is right mohit
mohit – hm ok jiju now i will leave actually i came here to give these files to di
di dr.anith told that u hav two operations to perform tomorrow
swara – ok i will talk to her u take care and call me aftr reaching home
Mohit goes and everyone goes to their respective rooms

Precap – laksh and swara’s bond and laksh gets fever and swara and sanskar takes care of him
(Guys i want to improve swara and laksh’s bond and after that the truth revealation and lets see how will swara able to handle the things)

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