Tanq guys and some of them commented that its too much attachment.I can understand ur feelings and i am sry for dissappointing u guys but aftdr reading todays episode u will get to know that swara is just acting to be strong and not to cry and even mohit is trying to make her sister strong by behaving normally but actually they wanted to cry their heart out

Recap – swasan shaadi and swara’s unique bidaai and after that they leave for mm

Here we go
in car
swara is sitting silently as if anyone just shakes her she will breakdown
sanskar – cry swara
swara is shocked and looks at sanskar
sanskar – i heard ma and papa’s talk. i know its paining u but plzzzz let ur pain come out
swara – no sanskar this pain is essential for me . I cant cry for badepappa. Becozzz….
sanskar understands that she is hiding something. He doesnot want to force her
sanskar – so swara who is saying to cry for ur badepappa. i am saying that doesnt it pain as u r going to stay in another house.now u cant take care of ur family. U cant talk with mohit. hav u thought about mohit. How will he feel (sanskar is saying her to provoke her)
Swara tries to control maximum but she cant (no girl can control may be how strong she may be but girls are gifted with tears and today swara is blessed with them )
Swara cant even hear a word hugged sanskar and cried hard
sanskar cant see her crying but he controlled and let her cry
swara while crying – sanskar i dont know how am i going to live without my family. I dont know can i adjust or not. sanskar wat about mohit how will be he reacting to it
sanskar calls her name with so much of love – swara….
suddenly swara realised wat she is doing and breaks the hug
swara – stammers… sanskar wo..mai ….
sanskar smiles – i am happy finally u did it. How r u feeling
swara – better (swara feels very much better after crying out her heart )
Sanskar – swara dont control ur emotions.i know u hav not shed a single drop of tear for ur badepappa bit trust me try it once u will definetly feel free
swara – Sanskarrrr a small request
sanskar – ha bolo na
swara – dont tell anyone that i cried she tells it by pouting her face
Sanskar to himself – omg she is damn cute yaar i cant control myself
he says her
sanskar – ok but first u wipe ur tears otherwise no need for me to tell as everyone will get to know by seeing ur face itself
swara laughs and wipes her tears
sanskar – yes now smile like this

mohit and all family members come to the hall from outside
mohit – ma i am going to my room as i hav a conference call
shekhar – but mohit right now we dont hav any conference calls or impo..
mohit – dad i am talking about my frnds. So bye guys
gud ni8 dadi daadu
sumi – mohit r u fine ??
Mohit – ofcourse ma
thsn mohit goes to his room and locks it
he goes and switch on the music keeps it in loud sound and he sits beside the bed and cries hard as he cannot hold more on his emotions
mohit – di i am sry i promised u to be strong but i cant
everyone listens to the music and thinks he is trying to divert his mind
ragini thinks something and smiles

Swara’s grih pravesh is done
they all are sitting and now its ring finding ceremony
swara and sanskar starts to find the ring
laksh – common bhabhi u can do it. U hav to win
sanskar – acha bachu now see wat i will do with u.
laksh – bhabhi see he is warning me infront of u only
swara just smiles as elders are also dare laksh understands and thinks that he should help himself
laksh – wat will u do bhai
sanskar – not now lucky wen u come to me and say “bhai ek problm hai ”
Then i will say actually u go to ur bhabhi
laksh – ofcourse i will go waise bhi meri bhabhi tho super women hai
ap – woh toh hai laksh
everyone smile
uttara – offo stop ur talkimg and let them concentrate on it
sanskar finds the ring but signs swara to hold it while swara refuses but he forcefully makes her hold it
sujatha – sanskar this not a river that u r taking hours to search a ring
then sanskar and swara smiles and takes their hands out and everyone see swara and sanskar are holding the ring together
rp – are wah sanskar this means u both take every decision together and be together always
everyone blesses them

later uttara and parineetha takes swara to sanskar’s room
sanskar is asked to sit with laksh in his room
laksh sees the video of their marg and swara’s bidaai and gets shocked
laksh – bhai till today i just like bhabhi for her attitude and her caring nature but today i became a fan of her aftr seeing her strength and really i am proud of bhabhi bhai
sanskar reminces swara hugging him and crying
sanskar’s eyes are watery
laksh observes this
laksh – wat happened bhai ??
Sanskar – nthng lucky. I was just thinking from where will she get all the strength from ??
laksh – dont worry bhai she will give strength to u too. See u r crying like a baby
uttara comes and says – who is crying ??
Laksh – utt..uttara tum
uttara – i asked who is crying bhai ??
Laksh – are my dear sister crying nahi tying. Bhai is tying his…. his…
uttara – acha tike tike she comes near to sanskar and says “ALL THE BEST bhai fir tonight”
Sanskar – shut up uttara
uttara – are wat did i tell ?? Acha ok sry but u go to ur room bhabhi is waiting for u
sanskar goes as he knew she did this marg for a cause and also for her he is just a frnd

Ragini knocks mohit’s door
mohit wipes his tears and asks
mohit – who is that ??
Ragini – mai hu bhayya
mohit – ye ladki zaroor mujhe se daat khane keliye hi aayi hogi. I will kill…
then he remembers sanskar saying that how swara and sanskar made plans to unite them
mohit thinks – di has made a lot of efforts for us cant i do this for her. Waise bhi di keliye mai ragini ko bardash kar sakhtha hu
there ragini thinks – i know bhayya u feel irritated and u will fight with me but u feel happy seeing me irritated and atleast then u will be out of swara di’s thoughts
ragini again knocks
mohit opens the door
ragini – bhayya how can njoy alone u r so mean
mohit – wat njoyyy here i am cr….
leave it tell me y u came here
ragini – becozzz i am not feeling sleepy
mohit – then wat shall i do ??
Ragini – lets fight na bhayya plzzz
mohit – wat ?? Hav u lost it
ragini – wat i know u dont hav brain but its ok i hav na come lets fight
mohit – hushhhh ek tho itni raat ko mere kamre mei aakar mujhse bolrahi ho ki lets fight and telling me that i dont hav brain. How ??
They both argue and fell asleep and ragini sleeps in that room only at swara’s place

@sanskar’s room
Swara is standing and walking thinking in her mind “wat shall i tell to sanskar i accept him as my husband but may be i am not ready for this and i think he is also not ready for this ”
Sanskar comes and smiled seeing swara’s cute expressions
sanskar – swara
swara turns and sees him and the room and then him and then the room which is decorated
sanskar sees this now he couldnot control his laugh but somehow controls and says
sanskar – swara dont worry hum dost the dost hai aur dost rahenge until u feel comfortable with me and untill u accept me as ur husband i will wait i mean even i need some time for all this (saying this sanskar fumbles)
Swara – nahi sanskar aise koi baat nahi hai. But i think we both need time And now i am happy to know that u too think like me
so mr.maheswari did u hav ur dinner ??
Sanskar – i think u hav sone memory problm first thing is i said u dont cal me mr.maheswari and the second is we both eat together as its a ritual or something i dont know
swara – ha sanskar i remember but i hav seen u . U didnot hav it completely. That is y i asked u if u r feeling hungry ??
Sanskar – no swara i am fine and wat about u. U too hav not ate ur dinner properly
swara – no sanskar actually i am fine
sanskar – ok then lets sleep
he is about to take the pillows
swara – sanskar y r u taking those pillows ??
Sanskar – woh swara u sleep on bed and i will sleep on couch
swara – no need sanskar i will sleep on couch
sanskar – no swara i will
they both argue
sanskar – ok fine lets comprimise. None will sleep on bed. If u dont hav problm i will sleep this side and u sleep on that side is that ok with u ??
Swara – ha sanskar ofcourse waise bhi tumhara bed tho bahut bada hai
we can sleep comfortably here
they sleep the other sides facing opposite to each other
but swara is not getting sleep
she is moving here and there
sanskar – wat happened swara ?? R u not feeling uncomfortable ??
Swara – sanskar soye nahi abi tak ??
sanskar – no first u tell me the answer
swara – sanskar actually as its a new place i am not getting sleep and most importantly ..
sanskar – mohit yaha nahi hai ??
Swara – sanskar woo actually i am tensed ki how will be mohit at this time ??
Sanskar – call him
Swara – if he had already slept and if i hav woke him up then he will again get sad
sanskar – hm yes thats true
swra u sleep i am sure he will be fine becozzz he is ur brother
swara – smiles and says tanq sanskar and sry for the disturbance
they both sleep

at mid night
swara slept in her position but sanskar came towards her in sleep but she too thought him as mohit
sanskar gets up for water and he sees his position he is about to move aways but swara hold his hand and then
swara placed her hand on his hair and rubbed his hair
swara – mohit how many times i told u that i hav kept water bottle beside u dont get up ??
Sanskar id njoying her touch but he gets up
swara also opens her eyes and sees sanskar and feels embarrased
swara – sanskar i thought u as mohit and…
sanskar – its ok swara
now sleep
swara – u sleep sanskar i am not getting sleep
sanskar – even i too am not getting sleep so lets talk by the way y r u telling that dont forget as i kept ur bottle beside and i heard u saying that even at the time if bidaai
swara – ha sanskar actually this mohit na i always keeps water bottle besude him but everyday he forgets and gets ready to go down for drinking water. Actually wen mohit is in sleep he walks closing his eyes thats y and u know wat one day he was getting up to drink water and descending steps and as he was closing his eyes he fell down
u know sanskar i was so scared oh that incident thats y i was used to wake up if mohit moves a little bit and now also i thought u to be him and i ..
sanskar – its ok swara by the way come lets sleep. Its already 2:45
swara – kya
sanskar – wat happened swara ??
Swara – sanskar this us the time mohit wakes up everyday and i make him sleep she gets tensed
sanskar wo phir se gir gaya tho ??

mohit gets up and is about to go then swara calls him
mohit – di tho yahi hai lar mujhe kyun cal kar rahi hai ??
Then he realises that swara is not there
then he picks up the cal
mohit – hello di iss time pe everything is fine na ??
Swara – ha everything is fine. Tell me one thing wat r u doing now exactly ??
Mohit – wo di i am feeling thirsty and so going down to drink water
swara puts her hand on her head
swara – offo mohit kab sudroge kitni baar kaha hai paani tumhare paas hi hai peelo
sanskar laughs at her
mohit – ohhh shit sry di i forgot ok by the by r u awake to tell me this
swara – nahi bachuuu actually sanskar is gettibg up…
acha ok leave it and ha sleep now dont think about anythin
sanskar – are darraogi kya bache ko ??
Swara gives angry look to sanskar
mohit hearing sanskar’s voice and laughs
mohit – di put the call in loud speaker i want to talk to jiju
swara puts it on
mohit – hiii jiju
sanskar – hai mohit waise agli baar yaad rakhna warna yaha tumhari behan pareshaan horahi hai
mohit – u can say directly that she was disturbing ur sleep
and laughs
swara – acha abb baatei band karo aur so jao and tomorrow until i cal u , u shouldnot wake up ok
mohit – ok di gud ni8,and gud ni8 jiju
sanskar – gud ni8
swara cuts the phone and says “to sanskar wat did u tell i am scaring him ??”
Sanskar – are i am just joking
swara – acha and they both run in the room and while running sanskar’s hand gets injured and starts bleeding
swara shouts – sanskar..
sanskar – swara kuch nahi hua hai
swara – sanskar wats the need to run see ur hanf got hurt
she makes him sit on the bed and searches for first aid box
sanskar tells her the place
she comes and does his first aid
swara goes on talking that u should take care abd all but sanskar is staring at her and he is happy for her care
swara also sees him. They hav a cute eye lock
swara and sanskar composes them selves and swara wishes him gud night
sanskar is about to sleep but he doesnot know how to place the hand so that it doesnot get hurt
swara sits on the other side and sees him
swara keeps a pillow and makes him keep his hand on that and she rubs his hand and cares him
swara while doing – sanskar dont worry it will be fine till mrng
sanskar smiles and says tanq
swara – acha someone is breaking the rules
sanskar – no give me my tanq wapas
swara – ok take it
she places her hand on her and he holds it unknowingly
for few seconds
aftr that they both realise and go to sleep

Precap – same as yesterday’s
swara’s pehli rasooi and muh dikhaayi

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