i am so happy today frndzzz that its my 25th episode. I am so happy and all the credit goes to u people who comment and encourage me with ur heart and i also want to thank all silent readers

Recap – ragini and mohit got to know about swasan plans to make them unite as uttara dials swara and swara keeps it in speaker and sanskar unknowingly tells about their meeting and all
later they all meet and eat pani puri and SWASAN sangeet and mohot sees laksh

Here we go

Finally the dat of marg came
swara is very happy but she doesnot know y but every girl feels happy on her day of marg
swara opened her eyes and got ready and she is staring at her family pics and mohit
she slowly goes near mohit and places her hand on his head
swara – mohit bachuuuu please wake up (she tells him slowly)
Mohit – di plzzzz let me sleep for 5 min
swara – ok and she gets up to go
mohit – di plzzzz sit near me. I will sleep in ur lap (may be i dont get this chance again
he cries
swara’s top becomes wet and
swara – mohit r u crying ??
Suddenly mohit gets up and hugs her
swara – bachuuu y r u crying ?? Hav u forgotten wat we hav decided
mohit – no di i remember and yes we will show the world that no one can separate swara from mohit and mohit from swara
swara – thats like a gud boy. Ok now u go and get ready i will keep ur sherwani here
mohit – ok di
mohit goes and swara’s phone rings
yes its sanskar
she lifts the call
swara – hello sanskar
sanskar observes swara’s voice and he understands
sanskar – swara is mohit fine ??
Swara is shocked and thinks how would he knew ??
Swara – ha sanskar y r u asking like that
sanskar – swara u dont even know how to lie acha ok take care of him. I just called u to make sure that u and mohit are fine or not
swara is overwhelmed with his care
swara – thanku Sansk….
sanskar interrupts her
sanskar – swara i told u that we shouldnot tell thanks and sry to our frnds
swara – but we r not frnds.
sanskar – swara wat r u telling ??
Swara – ha sanskar we r not frnds as our relation is more than frndship and we r going to be one family from today onwards
sanskar smiles and says – yes ofcourse
swara – and ha sanskar listen myself and mohit r fine so u plzzzz dont worry ok
sanskar – ok take care and ha KEEP SMILING ALWAYS
swara – ok and smiles

swara gets ready as a bride
she is wearing a red colour shaadi joda with her pallu on her face but as it is a net cloth everyone can see her face

@her room
swara mohit and ragini are talking
all family members come there and becomes happy to see mohit happy but at the sametime they all are worried
One lady comes and tells them that baarat arrived
sumi and everyone go
shekhar – mohit u too come as u also hav to perform a ritual
sumi welcomes them
all completes their rituals
sumi shekhar dadaji and dadi all are gathered
and even ragini also comes there
sanskar while passing from there sees them all and gets worried and tries to go to them but stops there
laksh also comes and stands near them but no one can see them
samlak are carefully listening(they know its not manners but sanskar gets worried to see their tensed faces)
Sumi – shekhar i am so scared pata nahi aaj bidaai ki time par kya hoga
i am not understanding how to console mohit and swara
shekhar do u remembdr how mohit reacted when swara got a seat in london university
shekhar – ha i remeber it. Even bhayya couldnot control both. swara is ready to leave the seat but not mohit
dadi – but ur bhai took both of them with him and made swara study there and also got an admission for mohit
dadaji – ha uss time pe tho arnav tha aur usne sab kuch sambhaliya tha but today i am so afraid
wat if swara cant leave mohit and go
shekhar – nai papa swara wont do that
ragini – yes daadu di wont do that but i am also afraid of that
shekhar – but i am happy that atleast she will cry today. I want her to cry loudly,bitterly.
sanlak are shocked
sumi places his hand on shelhar’s shoulder
shekhar continues
shekhar – every fatber thinks tbat he should prevent her daughter from crying but look at me i am wishing that my daughter to cry Par mai kya karta pappa . I dont hav strength to see my daughter like this. She is bearing the pain all alone. I am waiting to see atleast a tear drop for bhayya but she never cried from last two years. if she doesnot cry then how will the pain come out. But she never cried She stood still at bhayya’s dead body but not even a single drop came from her eyes.
i am happy that finally she wil cry today. As a doctor she should know that it will affect her brain if she hides her pain like that
ragini – dont worry dad. di will be happy from today.its a new start for her
sumi – as its her shaadi so stop this rona dhona now. Lets go its time to start the rituals
shekhar – ok
and they all disperse
sanlak are shocked
sanskar is slowly losing grip on his knees but laksh holds him
sanskar – lucky wats this yaar. I know she never cried infront of not even wen she is telling about her badepappa but i thought she would be sharing her pain with her family atleast but no she is bearing the pain all alone lucky. How could she ?? wat if anything happens to her.
laksh – bhai relax. I hav full faith on u. I know u will make bhabhi free from all this stress and one day she will definetly openup

@swara’s room
swara – i willnot openup untill i find that person who is responsible for all this
mohit – di dont worry we will find that person soon
swara – mohit be strong ok. dont even think for a min that u r alone. ur di is always with u .
mohit – i know di. The thought itself that i am the most important person in ur life makes me strong
now come lets go

sanskar – i dont know lucky but i cant see her crying and i cant see her pain wen she is coming far from her brother. I cant bear her tears lucky but she hav to cry today atleast
laksh – its ok if u want bhabhi to cry then i am there na. I will make her cry and laughs
sanskar – dont dare lucky
laksh – acha tho kya karoge aap ??
sanskar – i will show wat i will do
laksh runs and sanskar also runs but laksh collides with ragini and sanskar stops by seeing swara descending steps

laksh and ragini collide and they are having a eye lock
laksh is holding her by her waist.
they come to senses after some time
laksh drags ragini to a corner
ragini – laksh wat r u donig? Its my sisters marg we shoukd be there
laksh – nothing will happen if we get late
ragini – laksh plzzzzzz leave me na
laksh – no never and he starts his romance

swara sees sanskar
sanskar stares swara
pandit ji asks them to come to the mandap
they both sit
sanskar leans towards her and says
sanskar – u r looking beautiful swara
swara blushes a little and says
swara – sanskaar….
sanskar – ha bolo na
swara – actually i want to ask u something. U dont mind na if i ask u now ??
Sanskar – ha swara ask me
swara – do u hav any girlfrnds
sanskar – kya (he shoutd and everyone sees him)
Dp – kya hua sanskar ??
Sanskar – kuch nahi badepappa nothing nthng
swara – sry sanskar but u r looking handsome and only today i realised that. Thats y i asked u for my knowledge
sanskar smiles and gets happy too
sanskar – thanks for the compliment and by the way i dont hav any girl frnds infact i was not ready for any relationship like that ha girlfrnd nahi hai but i hav
frnds in whom some ofthem are girls. do u hav any
problm ??
Swara smiles and says – no
he smiles seeing her
pandit ji asks for gat bandhan
sumi – ha pandit ji ragini will do that by the way where is ragini ??
mohit comes there and says “can i do that ”
sumi – par mohit
swara – ma plzzzz let him do na ??
sumi and all agrees
mohit does the ghat bandhan
swara and sanskar take pheres
and after that sumi and shekhar does swara’s kanyadhaan and sanskar makes swara wear mangal sutra and puts vermilation
and pandit ji declares that u both are married
they take everyone’s aashirvaad
laksh and ragini comes wen they are taking pheres but they stand far way as all the guests are surrounded around the mandap
Swara – ma where are these both ??
Mohit sees ragini holding someone’s hand but he couldnot see the person due to the crowd
mohit – di domt worry ragini and laksh are standing there
swara – ok
swara and sanskar takes everyone ‘s blessings
after that everyone are having food
ap – uttara u , laksh and parineetha go to mm and see the arrangements for grihpravesh
uttara – ji badimaa
ap – where is laksh ??
Uttara – i think he is with ragini. Don’t worry i will tell him
ap – ok beta
after that swara’s bidaai starts
everyone stand there
swara is sad but she doesnot cry
swara goes to dadaji and
swara – daadu dinner abhi kiya hai na aapne ??
dadaji – ha beta par kyun (all are surprised by her act )
Swara – then ok take ur medicene aftr 30min
and ha daadi u hav to take two tablets today as u stressed
she hugs dadaji and dadi and goes to shekhar
shekhar cries and also waits for swara to cry but to his surprise sry to his shock she smiles
swara – papa look at urself u r acting as if u r a small kid. She hugs shekhar and says
shekhar – dont shout on mohit today ok
shekhar doesnot know wat to say
sumi – swara this is ur bidaai
sanskar is shocked and stood like that as he is not understanding anything and there follows the whole maheswari family
swara – ha ma i know
sumi – then y r u behaving normal sry actually acting to be normal
swara goes towards sumi and says
swara – maa so wat do u want ?? I cry now . Shall i shed tears . No ma i cant do that. I dont know y every bride cries at bidaai instead of being happy.
Shekhar – becozzzz she going away from her family
swara – seriously papa. Aapko aisa lagta hai. If staying in another housemakes difference in their relation and makes her away from her family then there is no meaning in their life. We are called humans just becozzz we know how to manage all relations at a time and papa u tell me y should i cry today
every girl gets one mother at her birth. If the girl is lucky then she will get another mother aftr her marg.so she should be happy. and see i am double lucky that i have 3 mothers at a time. So i should be the most happiest person in the world . I should jump with happiness but shouldnot shed tears
am i right ??
Everyone are shocked surprised happy and all emotions are in their faces
suddenly a two people clap at a time
that is our sanskar and mohit
everyone follows them
dp – shekhar ji thanks for giving ur daughter to us. We r so lucky to hav her as our daughter in law
ap and sujatha hugs swara
they r so happy to get swara as their daughter in law
swara then goes to ragini
ragini hugs her and cries
swara – ohhh hello just now i gav a long speech didnt u listen ??
Ragini – i hav listened di but u hav told about the bride not about her sister so i hav that right to cry
everyone laughs
ragini – waise di aapko kya lagta hai i am crying that u r goimg to ur sasural . No i am afraid that now who will save me from bhayya. Except u none can control him
swara looks at mohit and goes near him
swara – mohit drink milk before u go to bed and ha i hav kept the water bottle beside the bed so no need to get up in ur sleep for water ok
mohit – ok di and ha kal kitne bhaje jana hai aapko hospital
swara – no no tomorrow there r appointments from aftrnoon so sleep as much time as u want ok
they both laughs and mohit hugs swara
they both dont hav any sad feelings or anything . Just they r smiling and hugging casually
gadodia family is shocked as their last hope also lost as they thought atleast she will cry hugging mohit but no that didnot happen
maheswari family is happy to get a daughter in law like swara
swara and sanskar sits in the car and all leave to mm

Precap – swara’s rasooi and muh dikhai

plzzzzz tell ur views guys i will try to improve

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      Really Sorry if u felt bad

      1. I agree guys but i hav seen a person in reality and u can see swara and mohit’s real feeling in the next episode and how they were feeling wen they both are going away

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