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Recap – swasan mehandi. Sanskar asks mehandi aunty to write SAMS but swara gives him surprise by writing his name in another hand. Sanskar is very happy and after that everyone njoy haldi ceremony. all gadodia’s and maheswari’s celebrate haldi separately

Here we go
haldi day night
swara is looking so pretty as haldi is applied on her. Her skin glows more and she is looking fair
mohit and ragini come together and call
mohit and ragini – diiiiiiiii(they shout while swara is tying her pony tail and getting ready to sleep)
Swara – ha baba wat happened to both of u now. Y r shouting , u can talk slowly i am here only
ragini – di we r shouting becozzz its just 9 and u r going to bed so early
swara – ha toh mai kya karu ??
Mohit – come out with us lets enjoy together
swara is stunned
swara – mohit is that u who is telling ??(actually she is shocked to listen as mohit never wishes to go out with ragini )
Mohit – ha di . y dont u come ?? R u feeling tired ??
Swara – no nothing like that but where to go ??
Ragini – we will decide that he na bhauya

mohit – ha ofcourse ragini
swara is surprised to see a sudden change in mohit
swara – ok give me 5 min . I will change it and come
ragini – omg di plzzzz its nice come with it na
swara – ragini i am not a kid to wear t-shirts and come out. This is night wear ragini
ragini – ha thats y i am telling u to wear this as it is night
mohit – ragini dont insist di. U know na she is not comfortable wearing these type of clothes and go outside
di we will wait outside come and he takes ragini out
swara comes out wearing a patiyala (cotton type which we generally wear in summer)
she is looking pretty
they all 3 go
Sanskar , laksh and uttara sit and theu think
uttara and laksh plans to tease sanskar
laksh – bhai plzzz aapko jitna njoy karna hai na aap kijiye kyunki shaadi hogi aapki tho uske baad aap kuch nahi karpayenge.sab kuch bhabhi decide karegi
uttara – ha ha bjai laksh bhai is right
sanskar – nothing like that ok . swara will adjust with us and i am sure that she will mingle with us within no time

laksh – acha to aapko tho bada pata hai
sanskar – ha ofcourse mujhe pata hai
uttara and laksh talks in sign language and laksh asks
laksh – ok then tell something about bhabhi
in the meanwhile uttara calls swara from laksh’s phone and keeps in a side as swara could listen to sanskar’s voice clearly
swara ragini and mohit are walking on road as they want to spend more time and enjoy the climate they are walking
swara’s phone rings and she sees laksh’s number
swara – ragini. where is ur phone ??
(As swara thought that laksh called to talk to ragini)
Ragini – its with me di yy
swara – nothing actually laksh is calling me. I think he wants to talk to u take it lift the call
ragini – no di he wont call me this time. I think its for u lift it may be something urgent
swara lifts the call and puts it in speaker
swara – ha laksh bolo
but she doesnot listen any voice coming from there
then she hears uttara’s voice

uttara – bhayya tell us na. We are so eager to listen about swara bhabhi from ur mouth
sanskar – uttara shut up. U became so naughty these days. U all know very well about her
laksh – par aap ko tho kuch jyada hi pata hai bhai
swara – i think its mistakenly dialled and she is about to cut the call but ragini snatches the phone
ragini – no di lets listen wat will jiju tell about u
swara – no thats not the manners ragini
Mohit – its ok di lets listen plzzzz
swara unwillingly nodes yes
uttara – bhayya we dont hav hours
sanskar – are uttara wat shall i tell
laksh – ok bhai tell about ur meeting i mean first meeting and everything from there
sanskar starts to tell everything from the first. He also tell about how he and swara used to make plans to unite ragini and mohit.
laksh doesnot know that even ragini and mohit are also listening so he keeps the call continue
swara is about to cut but mohit stops her
mohit – plzzzz di not today let me listen
sanskar – swara loves her family alot especially her siblings. She always wants them to be together

laksh – but wat happened to them bhai
sanskar covers – nothing every brother and sister has problms in between them
and he continues to tell about swara
he tells everything except he loves swara
swara mohit and ragini are dumbstruck listening sanskar’s words as he knew very well about swara
they cut the call
swara turns to both of them and says
swara – ragini mohit i am sry. I know u both are angry with me but i want to see u both happy
mohit and ragini hug swara
ragini – no di. i should be thankful that i got a sister like u
swara turns to mohit
swara – mohit
but he turns to that side
he hugs her
mohit – di i am sry. I know ki aap chahte ho ki mai ragini ko appnau par i dont know that u are so determined to make it come true
swara – no mohit. I am happy that everything is getting fine now
mohit and ragini smile at her and they keep walking
Laksh and uttara teases sanskar more. Sanskar cant handle this more so he tries to go out
sanskar – i am going out so bye everyone
laksh – kaha bhai bhabhi ke paas ??
Sanskar – shut up laksh its getting too much (he was just acting to be angry as they both will keep silent and his plan worked)

Laksh – sry bhai we wont tease u anymore now come and sit here
sanskar – no laksh i am going out and u too go and sleep by the way we hav to practice for sangeet from tomorrow right ??
Uttara – ya bhai aapko to bahut achi tarah se yaad…
sanskar – uttara dont dare to tease me and he goes out
he sits in the car and goes out to eat something.
he stops at the pani puri stall
he sees swara in white dress there walking towards the stall
sanskar to himself – sanskar beta sambhale u love her too much that u can see her everywhere and u r imagining her also”
But suddenly he sees mohit and ragini too come there
mohit – di y u came here leaving us
ragini – ha di y ??

Swara – becozzz mujhe shanthi chahiye thi u know wat kids are better than u both
(actually ragini and mohit fight with each other for fun)
Ragini and mohit look at each other and holds their ears and says at a time “SORTY DI”
swara – how many times u told this but u never change
and she turns
there she sees sanskar
Sanskar comes out of the car and starts staring her
swara is surprised to see him there
he comes near to her
but swara smiles remembering his words wat he said abour her
sanskar – are wah just now u r angry with ur bro and sis and now u r smiling at me
ragini – face value jiju
everyone laugh
swara – shut up u both
sanskar – wat happened swara ??
Swara – sanskar see them they r fighting continuosly. I am fed up of them. Plzzz tell them to keep quiet
mohit goes near to her and says
mohit – acha i am sry plzzzz shall i do situps here . i hav no problm
he starts but

swara stops him
swara – rehnedo ur legs will pain
sanskar smiles at her cuteness
ragini – that means u hav forgiven us ?
Mohit – US??
Wat do u mean ragini. I hav convinced di so she hav forgiven me but not u ok if u want di’s forgiveness then uttakh bhaitakh karo
ragini – how mean bhayya
U know wat u r very cruel how can u make ur sis do situps that too in the middle of the road
mohit – middle no no if in middle i try to make u do situps then the vehicle hav problm na if they hit u then omg i cant imagine
ragini – ohhh so cute bhayya so u care for me
mohit – ha ragini yes i care but not for u but for that vehicles wat will happen to the vehicles if they hit u ohh no i cant even imagine their situation and i cant pay their hospital bills
swara – mohit ??
Ragini – di hav u seen him wat he said jyst now

swara – sanskar hav u seen them. They cant change
swara and sanskar goes near panipuri stall and starts eating pani puri
sanskar – swara as u r a doctor. I thought u will not eat ths unhygenic food
swara – sanskar its not unhygenic actually our bodies cant resist to it thats the main problm but i will hav these all infact i luv to hav these kind of foods specially pani puri and kulfi. I allow my family also to eat this as they all will hav health food so they r strong enough to hav them but i dont know about u. Will u like to hav it ??
sanskar – acha taht means u wanted to say me that i am weak ??
Swara – no not like that. Mere kehne ka matlab hai ki u dont hav any allergy with this na ??i mean it doesnot suit everyone
sanskar – ya bit i dont hav any problm infact i too luv pani puri and i like panner very much
swara – even i like paneer very much sanskar
they keep on talking

meanwhile mohit and ragini also come and hav food
sanskar – so hav u finished ??
Ragini and mohit – ha
sanskar pays money wen mohit is about to give
mohit – jiju wats the need to give. I will na ??
Sanskar – oh so i am not ur family tight ??
Mohit – no jiju not like that par
swara feels that sanskar will be hurt if discussion prolongs more
swara – mohit u differ me and u ??
Mohit – nai di par
swara – then u no need to differ u and sanskar also
sanskar is on cloudnine as swara referred him as her
sanskar to himself – omg day by day she is changing
mohit goes and hugs sanskar
mohit – sry jiju i didnot mean that
Sanskar – its ok by the way where is ur car

ragini – jiju actually di and bhayya like to go to long ealks at this time. Infact they used to go and eat ice creams and all at night by climbing walls….
swara – ragini can u plzzz keep quiet
ragini – ok di but i cant walk now lets cal driver
swara – no ragini drivdr must be sleeping at this time

mohit – di now u understand y will i not bring her out
swara -‘mohit plzzz now u dont start ok
ragini – di i cant walk anymore
sanskar – so dont walk my dear saali who told u to walk cone i will drop u guys
mohit – no jiju she is becoming lazy day by day Let her walk
swara – mohit let it be na . Waise bhi we should reach home early u know na we just informed dadaji and u know he cant manage for long time and if anyone gets to know then we r dead so come
mohit – ok di
swara sits in front seat and mohit and ragini at back
ragini sleeps on mohit
he feels irritated but controls

mohit – di see her she is sleeping on my shoulder
jiju how much time more ??
Sanskar – bus 15 min aur
mohit – oh noo
swara – wat happened mohit is it paining ??
Mohit nods in no
swara – pagal u cant say even that its paining now listen make her sleep in ur lap so that her weight will be balanced
sanskar smiles at their childish ness
he drops and waves bye ti them

the next day all keeps on practising for sangeet
uttara mohit and swasan are given a separate room and raglak are given separate room to practice
uttara – mohit come u also dance

mohit – no no i dont dance
swara – ha uttara he doesnot dance
uttara – omg if u dont dance in ur sister’s sangeet it will be not good for her (she says it teasingly)
But mohit takes it seriously
swara – mohit aise kuch nahi hota hai no need bachuuu
mohit – di its ok for u i will and let me njoyyy di
swara – ok and smiles
uttara -“ohhh wowww bachuuu is going to dance ha ?
Mohit – dont dare to cal me lik that oy my di calls me like that
uttara – ok sry bhayya bhabhi even u too come infact ur performance is the most important
swara gets tensed
sanskar sees this and asks her wat happened

swara – actually sanskar i dont dance.i dont know how to dance and i dont like to dance
sanskar – its ok swara now atleast u can try
swara – no sanskar wooo
mohit – actually jiju di dont like to dance.and she doesnot know also
sanskar – its ok swara wat will happen if we dont dance we can enjoy all performances right ??
Swara smiles at him

On the day of sangeet

first starts with raglak’s performance with ishq wala love song they dance very romantically
everyone clap for them
meanwhile mohit and uttara prepares for
the song inside (so mohit again misses to see laksh )
After that its uttara and mohit’s performance
they dance for dilli wali girl frnd

they dances very well but in entire dance they dont touch each other actually mohit is very shy type and he cant even see any girl and compliment her
swara claps for him hard
sanskar gets happy seeing her happy
swara – sanskar u know wat mohit like dance very much but he left it for me as i dont like to dance
i tried to convince him but he totally ignored but today i am happy to see my brother
actually i am missing my dancing doll
sanskar – doll and both laughs
next all family performs some old songs
ragini comes and dances on
didi tera dewar diwana song
swara gets shocked and angry too (comedy wala anger)
Swara opens her mouth and says hoooo
sanskar – woww my saali ji is awesome
swara – sanskar there is nothing awesome in it . See how she is acting like my devar. no lucky is not like that
sanskar – acha so u supporting ur devar . u dont know about ur devar completely
swara – dont dare to say a word against lucky
laksh comes and sits on the handle of swara’s chair and puts hand on her shoulder
laksh – tanq bhabhi i was afraid that this ragini and bhai makes a team and tease me
swara – dont worry laksh i am there for u na . I will see who dares to tease u
laksh – bhabhi but before that u should cal me lucky
swara – ok lucky. U r like my mohit only

Now i hav two little brothers
sanskar – hello dr.swara if u think that he is as cute and innocent as mohit then u were wrong.dont compare him with mohot
swara – acha sanskar dont tell me ok i know about my devar. I hav not seen such a brother who bad mouths about his brother
sanskar opens his mouth and says – hoooooooo
laksh – bhai close ur mouth. U no need to decrease the mosquitoes population
swara and laksh gives hifi to each other

sanskar – so u both became on team
swara anf laksh – yes ofcourse
sanskar – where is my saali
laksh – lagta hai aapki saali dar gayi hai
ragini coming from back – kya kaha aapne mr.laksh maheswari ??
Laksh stops and gets afraid some wat
swara – ragini dont look like that. We dont get afraid hai na lucky
laksh doesnot reply
swara – lucky ….
laksh – bhabhi rehne do na ur sister is not so gud as she looks
sanskar and ragini laugh at him
swara – lucky u r ruining our teams name
laksh – sry bhabhi
swara – dont get afraid be strong ok
laksh – yeah ok
they four hav fun while mohit is busy with guests from maheswari’s side
there laksh gets a call
laksh – excuse me guys and he goes out to talk
there comes
he is shocked to see him when he tries to go near him
swara comes tgere
swara – wat happened mohit

mohit decides not to tell anything to swara as its her marg and she will be tensed
mohit – nthng di. U go inside i wil come
swara gets suspicious about his behaviour but mohit somehow vonvinces her to go
he misses laksh somewhere
mohit to himself – i missed the person again shit. But let me think if that person came here then he must definetly be from maheswari’s side and if i ask them no no i cant do that as it is di’s sasural and i cant let anyone know about this but if he comes to sangeet then he would definetly come to the marg so i will search him then ”
He goes in
everyone sits together and eats except laksh and sanskar
dp – swara beta sanskar kaha hai ceremony bhi khatam hogayi hai
swara – wo badepappa laksh aur sanskar kayi bahar gaye hai they must be coming
Ap – all guest left . We also should leave now
sujatha – ha jiji ye dono chore baad me aajeyenge
they all bless swaragini and leaves from there

mohit to himself – i promise di bahut jald mai us aadmi ko aapke saamne lekar aaunga
swara feeds mohit and they both eat and this time swara feeds both ragini and mohit
After sometime
shekhar – chalo sab so jao 2 din me shadi hai aur bahut sari taayariya karna hai
Swara – ok pappa u all go ragini and me will stay here as sanskar and lucky didnot come yet
mohit – di par its so cool here atleast sit inside
swara – ok baba we will now u go and complete ur work and as soon as they come i will come ok
mohit goes from there
dadaji – swara let him sleep alone atleast he will get used to it
swara – no dadaji there is no need for him to get used to sleep alone as i will be always there for my brother.i hav thought a solution for it ok now leave that and u guys go and sleep
dadaji goes and kisses swara’s forehead and everyone goes
swaragini wait for them
sanlak arrive there
swara immediately goes to sanskar and says

swara – sanskar kaha the tum ?? U hav not taken ur dinner. U will get weak as marg functions are going on so please take care of ur health
laksh – bhabhi relax actually buisiness meeting thi thats y we went sry for the late
ragini – laksh u hav taken ur dinner but jiju didnot have his lunch so plzzz atleast u can think about him na ??
Laksh – are ragini i told bhai to eat but he refused wat shall i do ??
Swara – lucky leave all that sanskar come lets hav food
sanskar – wat didnt u hav ??
Ragini – no jiju she is waiting for u actually for bhayya’s sake she ate lightly
swara – ragini lucky u both go and sit and hav a talk we will hav food
laksh – ok bhabhi
they both go
swara makes sanskar sit and gives him plate

sanskar – where is urs ??
Swara – i dont like to hav food now sanskar waise bhi i already had my food with mohit so u hav it
sanskar – no i will hav with u
he gets up to keep the food but there r no plates
sanskar – oh so this is the reason ok no problm lets eat in that plate ok do u hav any problm ??If so u can eat first i will eat later
swara – actually i can bring the plate from kitchen too but i am not hungry so u hav it
sanskar – r u sure ??
Swara – yes ofcourse. Waise bhi doctor hu apni health ko neglect nahi karungi mr.maheswari
plzzzz phir se shuru mat karo yaar
swara – acha ok ok hav it now
sanskar eats and swara looks on
sanskar – thats y i told u to eat see hw u r looking at my plate
swara beats sanskar on his hand
latee sanlak goes to mm
swaragini also go to sleep
mohit and swara talk for sometime as everyday and go to sleep

Precap – SHAADI

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