I am sry guys for dissappointing u all. i am not feeling well these days but i still i thought to update it but as becozzz of telly updates holiday i couldnot post it. I am sry once again and tanq for all who supported me and also tanq for all who scolded me for not updating . It shows how much u love my ff and i am taking it positively so dont feel guilty . We scold only the people whom we care about and once again tanq for supporting me

recap – swasan engagement and swasan mohit uttara cute conversation and swara explains mohit’s reason behind mohit’s disappearance in the engagement and at night sanskar drops swara at the hospital amd wait for her

Here we go
gm is completely decorayed with flowers and all
at the same time mm is also decorated very beautifully because ots swara’s mehandi
as sanskar assured swara that all the rituals are going to be simple that is only happening
sanskar convinced everyone to hav a simple marg functions but marg will grand
all agreed to him

all are arranging the mehandi bowls and designs papers and all
Sumi ,shekhar dadaji dadi mohit ragini all are busy in decorating
mohit is decorating some place with red roses
ragini comes there
ragini – bhayya eat r u doing red roses doesnot suit here keep yellow flowers here
mohit – ragini dont guide me ok mohit gadodia sab kuch janta hai apni behan ke bare me . Di likes red roses very much
ragini – offo bhayya i am not telling about di but this place . This place will be good with yelliw roses only
mohit – no ragini ..
they both fights with each other and talks with them normally
swara comes down sees them both and gets happy
ragini and mohit see her and both calls her
mohit and ragini – diii

mohit – di see na ragini is not allowing to decorate the place with red roses she wants the place to be decorated by yellow roses
ragini – di u oy convince bhayya tell him that red doesnot suit there as the background is also dark and both becomes dark di
swara smiles and hugs both of them
ragini and mohit – di wat happened
swara – nothing (realising the hug) mohit i support ragini . She is right yellow suits well
mohit – di but u like red roses na
swara – ya but sometimes the things which others like gives more happiness than the things we like
mohit understands her and says
mohit – ok di and smiles at her
ragini give me yellow flowers i will decorate with that
ragini – wowwww bhayya superb di tanq only u can make him understand
they both get busy in decoration
swara to herself – i am happy to see u both like this
if i knew before that my marg can bring u together then i would hav married earlier. I hav to tell this to sanskar. He will be happy

sumi comes to swara and says
sumi – swara y r u wearing casuals. Today is ur mehandi go and change
swara – ma actually i am going out as i am having some work and vaise bhi mehandi sham ko he na . I will get ready then ok maa bye i hav to go urgently
swara is going and mohit stops her
mohit – di are u going to hospital . Shall i drop u
swara comes nearer to him and says
swara – no mohit i am going to meet sanskar (she whispers in mohit’s ears as if ragini heard it then she will definetly tease swara )
Mohit – ohh ok shall i drop u
swara – no actually i hav not informed him so now i will call him and when we get decided i will call u or he will pick up me ok dont worry
mohit – ok di but dont go on ur scooty ok . If u want i will drop u
swara smiles
ragini – i am seeing u both from 5min wat r u both talking
mohit – nothing abb di ko jane de we hav to continue our work so u plzzz concentrate on that
swara is happy to see mohit getting normal with ragini ,even after her irritating him he was
respomding very nicely to her

swara leaves
sanskar is thinking about swara then suddenly swara calls him
sanskar – hello swara
swara – sanskar i want to meet u
Sanskar gets tensed
sanskar – y swara is everything fine at home ??r u fine
swara – ha sanskar i am fine and everything is getting fine. I just want to share something with u
sanskar gets happy to meet her
swara continues – but its ok sanskar if u hav any work then i will tell u later its not so important
sanskar – no no swara i am free now. where shall we meet
swara – same place where we met for talking about ragini and mohit
sanskar – coffee shop ??
Swara – ha
sanskar – ok swara i will come to pick up u
swara – no sanskar i will come there
swara and sanskar both start to the coffe shop

when sanskar us coming out laksh teases sanskar as he heard his conversation
laksh – where r u going bhai
sanskar – lucky woo… mai….
laksh – its ok bhai u go and meet my bhabhi she will be waiting
sanskar – how do u know ??
Laksh – actually i hav heard ur conversatikn . I saw how ur face filled with happiness when she asked u to meet her meanwhile where r u meeting her . Romantic date ??
Sanskar – shut up lucky i hav to go
and sanskar goes while smilimg (actually blushing)
@coffee shop
sanskar and swara are outside the coffe shop
swara gets down from a car after parking and sanskar sees her
sanskar thinks to himself ” everytime i see u i will fall for u i dont know y but i wonder how can be a person soo beautiful inside and outside ”
He comes to senses when swara calls him
swara comes to him and says
Swara – hi sanskar
(Actually both are standing outside the coffe shop where as sanskar parked his car and waiting for swara )

Sanskar – hi swara
swara – shall we go in
sanskar – yes come
they both get seated
sanskar – swara now tel me wat happened ??
Swara – lets order some thing
she orders cold coffee for both of them
swara – u like cold coffee na
sanskar – ha swara but how do u know
swara – thats not the matter ok i wanted to tell u something
sanskar – wat
swara explains him how mohit is behaving these days with ragini and how he reacted calmly towards her
sanskar gets happy and says
sanskar – wowww so finally ur wosh is goong to be true i am so happy for it . u wait and see mohit will definetly forgive ragini
sanskar says this by placing his hand on hers
swara smiles and says – i hope that it comes true
sanskar – it will swara dont worry
swara – i am sry sanskar.u may be thinking that i called u for such a small thing becozzz i can
tell it in phone also but i wanted to tell it to u directly. I dont know y but i wanted to share it to u thats it

sanskar – swara never talk like that. Its not a small thing infact it is a very very important thing for u and for me too becozzzz they r my family toooo
swara – sanskar i dont know whether i deserve u or not
sanskar – if that comes to deserving. may be i dont deserve u
swara – sanskar wat r u talking . U r the best person and every girl wishes a husband like u
sanskar – u know wat swara u r the cutest and most beautiful girl. U hav both beautiful face and beautiful heart
swara smiles she gets happy as her to be husband is praising her
meanwhile theur order comes they hav coffee and goes
swara – sanskar r u coming in the evmg to my place
sanskar – ya i am the bride groom right ??
Swara – ha (blushes some wat but she too doesnot know that she is blushing)
Sanskar smiles seeing her like that
sanskar – ofcourse i will
and ha swara call me aftr reaching home
Or msg me ok
swara is overwhelmed with his concern
swara – ok i will call u . Bye
sanskar – bye swara
they both go to their respective places
sanskar arrives with the family

swara and ragini comes there wearing beautiful lehenga’s
swara us wearing a purple colour lehenga and ragini is wearing a buiscuit colour with gokden border
both r looking so beautiful that sanskar and laksh looks them opening their mouths
ap goes near to them and tells
ap – sanskar laksh plzzz closs ur mouths if anyone see u it will be not good
sanskar and laksh both get embarrassed
mehandi is being put on swara’s hands
mehandi aunty asks swara wat shall we write in her hand
ragini says “sanskar”
Ragini – my jiju’s name is sanskar he na di
swara smiles but not wholeheartedly
becozzz when ever she used to put mehandi she used to write S A M
(S for swara A for arnav and…. M for mohit ,its not my nam guys it unknowingly matched i didnot do it intentionally)
So she is little upset
sanskar sees this and goes near swara and sits beside her
sanskar – dont write sanskar
all are shocked
sanskar continues

sanskar – write SAMS on her hand
swara – but sanskar how do u know ??
Sanskar – wat ??
Swara – that i used to write SAM on my previous mehandi’s
sanskar – so my guess is crct thats nice
swara – matlab ??
Sanskar – actually i guessed that by seeing ur face i got to know that u dont want to write my name .
swara – no sanskar not like that. I wanted to write ur now infact i am happy to write ur..
(she stopped and realised wat she said)
Sanskar smiles and he becomes happy as she is accepting him
sanskar – i know swara u hav no problm in writing my name but u wanted not to remove their names
swara – tanq sanskar for understanding me
sanskar smiles at ger
ragini – ahum ahum if ur talking is over then jiju u plzzx go from here. U hav to find out the name in di’s hand. But if u stay here u will get to know about it na
sanskar – oh ok salli ji i am going ok
he goes
swara telks mehandi wali aunty something in her ears . Mehandi wali aunty smiles at swara and finishes her mehandi
after some time all ladies washes their mehandi and swara’s mehandi is the darkest one
ap and laksh teases sanskar (becozzzz only they both knew that how much sanskar loves swara)
swara gets happy that her mehandi is so dark
all praises sanskar for his love towards her
but sanskar says

sanskar – no u all are giving credit only for me but the reason for this dark mehandi is mohit and her badepappa love her more than anyone else
swara gets very happy
laksh – ok bhai but lets start the ritual
sanskar looks questioningly
ragini – wat r u waiting fot jiju common search ur name in di’s mehandi
sanskar – ok cal mohit also even his name is in this
ragini – acha jiju dont be over smart. over smartness dikhane ki anjaam kya hothe hai ye aap apne bhai se puchiye
ragini says this seeing laksh
laksh understands and sats
laksh – bhai leave all that u plzzz search ur name
sanskar starts to search but he couldnot see anything in hdr hands except dedigns and lines
swara laughs
sanskar still searching for SAMS
finally he shows it to everyone
all smile and says sanskar wins
swara – but u hav to search ur name
sanskar – ha i hav found it na
swara – thats not ur name sanskar
sanskar – swara kya bol rahi ho SAMS me last s ka matlab hai sanskar hai na
swara – ha wo toh hai but u hav to find ur name too
and she gives him her another hand

sanskar searches in it and finds his name on her palm “SANSKAR”
he gets very happy to see his complete name on her palm
swara holds sanskar’s hand and says
swara – sanskar tanq so much
sanskar is very happy at that time
he knows that if he remains there for one more min he will definetly hug swara so he leaves saying swara bye
all leave (mohit is in upstairs as he was in conference with some clients he willingly chose that time so that he can be away from that as he cannot see his sister writing some other name in her mehandi )
swara shows her mehandi to mohit and asks him to find name
mohit searches for sanskar’s name but he finds SAMS
swara then explains about the incident where sanskar told to write that on her palm
mohit – i am so happy di Becauss i got the best jiju in the world really di he is the best
theh both sleep

sanskar is thinking about swara and how she wrote his name on her hand
he feels so happy
sanskar thinks to himself”swara thought to give surprise to me i know it ki every girl will do this but i feel special when swara wrote this. She left her bp mohit and wrote only my name in her one hand . No no sanskar dont give over importance to urself she has just done that to thank you ”
And he too sleeps

Laksh comes to give haldi to swaras family but mohit doesnot see him laksh talks with ragini and goes from there
Swara wears a white lehenga
everyone applies haldi to her
mohit ragini and swara plays with haldi
at mm also everyone plays with haldi. They apply haldi and swara sanskar are strictly warned not to meet each other but as sangeet is not over till now they were given permission

Precap – sangeet and shadi

I am sry guys i thought to write the sangeet part too but i dont hav time so plzzz adjust with this

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