Hiii guys tanq for ur support and i also want to clear some things .right now swara cares for sanskar and she will realuse her feelings aftr marg so plzzz hav patience and njoy it plzzz forgive me for my mistakes

Recap – swasan cute conversation and swasan marg fixed
Swara wishes for a simple wedding. Shekhar gets upset

Here we go
aftr 6 days engagement day comes
in these six days everything went normal . Swara and sanskar came more close i mean became very good frndsss

On engagement day
swara went for an important case to hospital
its evng
all maheswari’s arrived . Ragini is seeing whether all guests are comfortable or not
some guest asks shekhar
guest – shekhar ji why didnot u invite us for ur daughter’s engagement . I think no one is seen from ur relatives i can see only ur family

shekhar stands mum
dp – actually as we r one family wat’s the problm with who hav invited right ??
Guest – ha ha dp ji i was just joking
they all smile and shekhar says thanks to dp

laksh stares at ragini
he comes more closer
ragini – laksh wat is this ?? Its ur brother and my sister’s engagement so stop flirting with me
laksh – its not my mistake if u look so pretty then wat can i do
ragini says “haa papa”
Laksh – madam ur tricks dont work here
laksh hears dp calling he turns and gets shocked to see dp
dp – laksh stop this behave properly i know u both r getting married but still u should be on ur limits as everyone is present here
laksh nods in a yes
dp goes

ragini laughs loudly
laksh keeps funny expressions
laksh – y didnot u tell me
ragini – i hav told u but u get influenced by movies more than by me .wat can i do
laksh – ohhh stop it u said as if a heroin says when hero comes nearer to her so i thougjt u were trying to act smart Sooo
ragini – so u tried to show ur over smartness but unluckily it failed
ha ha ha ha
she goes while laughing

Sanskar comes there wearing a cream coloyr sherwani
laksh sees him and goes near him
laksh – bjai u r looking very handsome and if bhabhi sees u like this she will definetly fall for u
sanskar – now stop buttering me and search for ur bhabhi
just then they hear mohit’s voice
mohit – ma i am going to pick up di
sumi – go fast mohit . All guests hav arrived
mohit goes

sanskar goes to sumi and asks
sanskar – ma where is swara ??Is she not at home ??
Sumi – ha beta she got a call from hospital she immediately went
sanskar – dont worry ma thats important than this

All asks for bride

Sumi gets worried
sumi says to shekhar – she hav to get ready after she comes

Mohit comes along with swara
swara runs to sumi and says “ma i am sry i am going to get ready dont worry relax”
All guests whisper and some says to dp
one guest – durga prasad ji i think u hav selected wrong person for ur son. Swara is not ready for marg see now too she is trying to avoid this . I think family has forced her to marry as she is becoming burden for her

shekhar – stop it (he shouts )
If u r not a guest here i would hav treated u in another way i never feel my daughters as my burden. My elder daughter swara is my pride.
swara gets happy but she is also doing another thing . She is holding mohit’s hand to control his anger becozzz she knew if she left him he would hav hit the man by now
sanskar – vaise uncle u no need to worry for swara as she is not late . There is 15 more minutes for muhurat and ha one more thing swara is a doctor and she saved many lives and she will save many lives.if u cant appreciate her work then its ok but please dont comment on her . She may be listening to this quietly but next time i maynot
swara gets happy and goes to get ready
mohit also goes while
Uttara – where r u going ??
mohit – to hell my di to get ready
uttara – ur ma or ragini will help her
mohit – they r busy in attending guests and in the meanwhile i know everything dont under estimate me miss.Maheswari

she smiles and he goes
uttara to herself – how sweet he is
sanskar comes there and says
sanskar – i know he is sweet but dont eat him. swara needs him
uttara feels embarrase
sanskar – i think u hav forgotten something ??
Uttara – no bhai i remember. I will ask him sry today itself
sanskar – oh should i believe u . U were saying this from the past 8 days
uttara – no bhai i will definetly ask him today

@ swara’s room
swara wears a beautiful pink lehenga. Mohit helped her to wear all the jewellery .
mohit – di u r so lucky. Sanslar is very nice person . His name is perfect for him.
swara – hmm i know even lakshya is very good i think ragini is lucky too
mohit – hm but i hav never met him di
swara – wat (shocked )but mohit wen u used to go to ragini’s clg laksh used to come there for uttara right . I think u know uttara then y did u not meet lakshya till now
mohit – omg relax di . Its ur engagement today . I will meet him
swara – this is not gud mohit he is ur to be jiju .
mohit – di only sanskar is my jiju . now come lets go all r waiting for us
swara comes down

everyone blesses her
sanskar and swara stands infront of each other
raginj stands beside swara while laksh stands beside sanskar
mohit cannot see his di’s engagement as if he feels she is going away from him so he goes from there
everyone asks to start the ceremony but swara and sanskar at a time asks “Where is mohit ??”
swara thinks and she understands the reason
ragini – i will go and call bhayya
swara – no need laado i forgot to tell . Mohit got some important cal he informed me lets start
sanskar understood swara is telling a lie
sanskar – swara how can u get engaged without mohit
swara – its ok sanskar. Muhurat nikhla jaa raha hai so lets do it
she says
everyone agrees to her

swara puts ring to sanskar
when sanskar is about to put he sees a ring already there in swara’s hand
everyone watches this with shock while sanskar thinks “i think mohit kr her badepappa gave her”
He is about to put the ring on it
shekhar – swara wat is this . Atleast for today u should hav removed this
swara – papa but bp gave me how can i remove it
shekhar – i dont allow u to get engaged with that ring in ur hand remove it for today (he says angrily)
Swara remembers flashback
bp – hii maa had ur lunch
swara – ha bp (says with dull voice )

Bp – ohhh ma wat happened to u . Y r u soo dull
swara – becozzzz my results are out and i scored 98.5 % and topped the clg
bp – watt
he gets very happy and lifts swara and make rounds
after that he asks
bp – but maa u should be happy na then y r u sad ??
Swara – becozzz it has been 23minutes 47 seconds that my results are out but u were knowing it now thats yyy
bp – ohhhh so thats y U r angry with me . I am sry ma i hav an important meeting so i hav gone for it
swara – aise nahi manne wali hu mai u hav to give some gift
shekhar – bhayya leave her she will be set day by day she is becoming naughty
bp – shutup shekhar

anand give me the ring which i gave u
anand gives it and both anand and bp makes her wear it
bp – now happy and ha listen this is my ma ‘s ring i hav given u . Take care of thjs whenever u miss ma u wear thjs ring ok

Flashback ends
shekhar – swara r u in ur senses i said to remove that and give it. I will keep it safe
sanskar sees swara . He feels that she is attached with that ring so he says
sanskar – no papa plzzz let it be i will put the ring on it only
shekhar tries hard to make swara remove the ring As it is inauspicious but
sanskar – papa plzz i want her to be happy and she will be happy if the both rings on her hand
shekhar – ok but wear it in other finger
swara – no pappa waise bhi kehte hai na a father is daughters first love then y not this . She asks like a child

sanskar mesmirised to see her innocent and cute expression and makes her wear the ring
Everyone claps for them
mohit sees this from distance and gets happy for his di
uttara comes there
uttara puts her hand on his shoulder
uttara – wat happened y r u here wen ur sister is getting engaged there
mohit – i just came here to attend a call
uttara – even di told the same excuse
mohit – wat its not an excuse its the truth . Hm anyways lets go
uttara – wait i hav to ask u something
mohit – wat ??
Uttara – i am sry as i scolded u that day
mohit – its ok i hav forgiven u
uttara – y didnt u scold me back as u always do
mohit – becozzzz my di refused me to do so
uttara – i think u love ur di alot

mohit – yes my di is my everything. After marg u keep her happy plzzz make her feel comfortable
uttara – yes ofcourse i wil do that but not becozz u r telling me to do but becozzz i too love di alot
mohit – now she is not ur di she is ur babhi
uttara – ohh yeah i forgot
mohit smiles and they leave
here laksh is angry with ragini and goes to a side
ragini goes to him with two plates of meals in her hand
she gives it to laksh and says
ragini – have it laksh
laksh – no i will not
Ragini – laksh ok i am sry now hav it na i am hungry
laksh – but i am not hungry ragini u eat
she sits in chair and says
ragini – no i am not gonna hav until u hav
laksh turns to her and by seeing her innocent face he lost all his anger as he can only see pure love in her eyes

they two hav their dinner
swara and sanskar are having dinner together
swara – tanq sanskar for ur support. Actually badepappa gave me this ring and today i am missing him badly so i wore this i cant remove it today
sanskar -swara u no need to explain . I can understand.this ring should be ur first preference
swara tells sanskar about the scene when bp gave her the ring
sanskar – omg swara 98.5 %
This is too much . so u used to study well
Swara – ha ofcourse then wat did u think how i became doctor by paying donations ??
Sanskar – ha ha not exactly
thry both laugh
sanskar – y r u staring at the plateike that have it na
swara – waiting for mohit
everyday we both will eat at a time u know na
sanskar – ha but i think he wouldhav eaten rice atleast i think he must be feeling hungry like u
swara – how do u know ??
Sanskar – if anyone sees u like thus then anyone can understand look at u . U r continuosly stating at that plate as if u hav not eaten food from 3 days
swara – sanskaaar……
they both laugh loudly

mohit comes there
mohit – y r u both laughing tell me the reason even i will laugh
uttara also comes there
uttara – ha tell us too we will also hav fun
Swara – u can hav fun afterwards first hav dinner
sanskar – yes she is right but u hav to worry for ur brother becozzz he hav not eaten anything but this devil had 3 plates
uttara – bhayya plzzz i had only one plate and i am not like u
u know bhabhi bhayya is a bhukhad if he doesnot get his food at tine he will get angry and he shouts on everyone
swara – ohhh so sanskar u r not soo calm as i thought
mohit – di first eat and make me eat we both r starving na
swara smiles and says yes
swara first feeds to mohit
they both eat simultaneously

Uttara – so mohit aftr marg u will be having ur food at our house right ??
Mohit – i dont know (he is little bit sad)
Swara – no he will hav both breakfast and supper at gm only and lunch asusual at my hospital we hav decided na mohit
mohit – di but i should learn to eat di. Its not possible gor u to come here twice everyday
sanskar – y it is not possible haa it is possible and i will make it possible
swara gets angry
swara – no no sanskar let it be na . He will learn how to eat u dont worry
mohit understands that she is angry with him
mohit – so u r angry with me
sanskar remembers that he too is angry with mohit as he hadnot attended their engagement
sanskar – even i am angry with u mohit

mohit – ab aap ko kya hogaya jiju
sanskar – yhav u not attended our engagement ??
Swara and mohit looks at each other
swara – sanskar i told u na he has to attend some important call
uttara – yeah bhai mohit told me
sanskar – do u think i am a fool swara . I know that nothing is important than u for mohit
mohit – ha jiju buttt….
swara holds mohit hands and sats
swara – mohit can u plzzz check my mobile if anyone called me
mohit – sure di
after he goes
swara – sanskar he went becozzz he cannpt see my engagement. If he sees that he would feel that i am going away from him thats y
sanskar – i am sry swara i should hav understood that
swara – no no sanskar y r u saying sry there is no need to apologise but i reauest u that from now onwards every ritual like mehandi haldi and sangeet everything will happen normally plzzz can u make this happen

sanskar – ofcourse swara i will convince . He puts his hands on hers
uttara coughs and says “bhayya even i too i am present here ”
Swara – ya ya how can i forget that
mohit comes
mohit – di dr.anitha called u
swara calls her back
swara – hello Anitha is everyrhing fine there
anitha tells about the patient
swara – wat ok i am coming but ha dont worry everything is in control so just give the same injection for every half an hour
she cuts the call
mohit – di come i will take u
swara – no mohit u should be here to handle guests and give them gifts
mohit – do u think i will send u alone ??
Sanskar – mohit dont worry i will go with her
sanskar and swara leave
sanskar takes swara to the hospital
swara reaches there and she treats the patient
she comes out from the operation theatre and says everything is fine
they blesses her and she goes to sanskar . He is sitting on the chair
swara – sanskar y didnt u go ??

Sanskar – how can i leave u swara that too at night
swara – par sanskar u know na operation will take hours to finish . U couldhav gone na when it finishes i wouldhav called U
sanskar – ji nahi u will not call me becozz u dont want to trouble me
swara – acha u know very well about me
sanskar – ji doctor ji
swara and sanskar hav fun for sometime
swara – sanskar i think we should leave now its too late u should go to ofc tomorrow
All will be worried for u
sanskar – swara relax i hav informed bade pappa he said to drop u at home
swara – ok
they have some fun and sanskar drops swara at home and he goes

Precap – mehandi sangeet and haldi

tanq guys for bearing me

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