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recap – mohit hearing sanskar’s conversation with laksh and gets glad that her sister wont be away from him he agrees for marriage
ragini gives laksh reply
sanskar sends a jewelery set to ragini gadodias praise sanskar’s choice and swara gets happy

Here we go

mohits room
after mohit sleeps swara makes him sleep on the bed and keeps his head on pillow and caresses his hair
after that she gets a call from sanskar
swara feels happy (usually she feels normal as he is her frnd before but now he is her wouldbe )
Swara goes out and lifts the call
swara – hello sanskar (she calls him actively )
sanskar – so u hav not slept yet ??
Swara – no i am just going to sleep
sanskar – r u feeling sleepy ??
Swara – no y ??
Sanskar – nothing i just called u to talk to u

swara – oh ok had ur supper ??
Sanskar – ya u ??
Swara – yes hm wat r u doing ??
Sanskar – i am talking to my fiance right now
swara feels happy and says
swara – oh so u r getting married very gud in between who is that lucky girl
sanskar – hai koyi someone special u know swara she is a very nice girl .
she is so simple at first i thought her to be a middle class girl but i was shocked as well as surprised to know that she is daughter of shekhar gadodia (sanskar goes on describing her he says her everything wat he used to feel about her wat he has gone through wen he had hurt her without her mistake and everything
swara gets tears of happiness from her eyes
sanskar – swara r u listening ??
Swara – ha sanskar so u know very well about ur fiancee
sanskar – ha one more thing about her actually most importanr thing.she loves her family alot especially her brother mohit
swara – then i am so lucky to have u as my life partner
sanskar thinks to tease her

sanskar – oh hello y r u lucky my fiance should say that word not u .u r just my frnd
swara smiles at his words – acha kk then talk to ur fiancee only i am going to sleep
sanskar – swara..swara…swara wait wait i am just kidding
swara – hahaha i know
sanskar – oh so u r not that much silent as i was thinking
swara – no not at all ok wat else
sanskar – nothing u hav to say how is ragini ??
Swara – she is very happy sanskar and excited to wear the necklace u have given her.really sanskar it is very beautiful . I must say u hav a wonderful choice
sanskar murmurs -that is y i hav chosen u
swara – wat r u saying . I cant hear u
sanskar – nothing swara I am haply that u like my choice now i hav no need to change my interior designs
swara laughs and says – no no sanskar there is no need of that . I like ur room it is so nice and colours are also very good
sanskar – tanq i hav desined it
swara – ohh so u are multi talented sanskar

sanskar – no not like that . The thing is that i like to keep my room clean if anyone messes my room i feel irritated
swara – oh so u r warning me ??
Sanskar – no i dont mean that
swara – its ok sanskar i am just kidding
they have a talk
sanskar – waise swara how did ur brother agreed to the marg
swara – i hav to ask u that quedtion becozz aftr meeting u oy he said yes
sanskar – but he didnot meet me swara
swara – wat ??
Sanskar – he had not come to meet me
swara – its ok sanskar i forgot to ask him . I will ask him tomorrow
sanskar – ok swara u go and sleep u hav to go to hospital na . If i wanted to sleep then i can sleep but u doctors dont hav that choice that too for u people
Swara – ya ok bye
sanskar – bye take care gud ni8
Swara – gud ni8
Swara cuts the call and goes to the room to sleep


Swara gets up early and gets ready as dp ap all wil arrive she see mohit sleeping
she sees the time
she thinks “i think he is tired.i will ask dad to handle the things for today or i will see another alternative ”
She goes down she wears a suit she is looking sinple and beautiful
dp and family arrives
swara goes and takes their blessings .
ragini also didnlt wake up till now
they all sit and start their talking
jyst then they hear two voices shouting at the same time
ragini from her room and mohit from his room

ragini – di mujhe coffee chahiye plzzzz made by u
mohit – di please come here
everyone laughs
sumi – sry wo actually kal theenom bache milkar bahut masti kiya hai
swara u go to mohit i will give ragini coffe
swara – par maa she asked the coffee made by my hand
sumi – u knlw ur sister . She doesnot even know the difference between coffee and milk while sleeping
all laugh
While swara and sumi are in deep discussion ragini and mohit descends the steps
mohit has the habbit of seeing swara first after he wakes up if swara is not there he will see her pic
mohit and ragini collide but still mohit is keeping his eyes closed
all see them

ragini – bhayya wat is this ?? Cant u see and walk now y r u closing ur eyes
mohit – shut up if i hav my eyes open i wouldnot hav collided with u na
i want to see di right now actually u dont know na the first person i see after waking up is di only without seeing her face my day dont get startup energy
ragini – dont tease me bhayya i know that but as u came down i thought u would hav seen her face and by the way even i also hav a work with di. i want my
mohit – ha ha learn to make coffee atleast now i dont know how will ur in laws bear u
swara is shocked
swara – mohit
just then ragini turns to swara and she sees dp ap rp and sujatha
ragini goes from there saying sry to all
everyone smile
mohit – di where r u
swara – i am right infront of u now open ur eyes
mohit opens his eyes and see swara smiling
mohit – when i see u smiling every morning my whole the remains the best for me
swara – i know but now stop ur talking and go to ur room
and get ready
and while saying this she shows him the maheswari family
even he gets shocked
mohit – namaste uncle aunty

i will come in 10 min
he runs to his room
swara smiles seeing him
dp calls sanskar
dp – sanskar come to gm now itself
sanskar – ji bade pappa
sanskar comes there and he sits just then mohit and ragini also arrive
mohit goes and gives a hug to sanskar
swara became happy seeing this
sanskar – hw r u yaar ??
Mohit – very fine sans…oops sry jiju
sanskar – hey no need to call me jiju and aap and all
sumi – sanskar beta let him call . He rarely follows the relations
swara – ma
sumi – swara this is too much i didnot even say anything to him u started ur defending
mohit – she is not defending but ….
swara stops him and says “ok maa ur beta u only see him i am not gonna interfere between u r ma and beta duo ”

All smile
shekhar – durga prasad ji wat hav u decided about marriages wen will we start our rituals
dp – not marriages only marriage Swasan marriage will only happen
all shocked
Swasan – wat ??
shekhar – dp ji i thought u hav misunderstood ragini actually she slept late in the night thays y she woke up lare and she will learn to cook
dp – shekhar ji listen to me completely i said for now becozzz as ragini is studying and raglak are young for marriage i feel so
thats y i thought to get married swara and sanskar first i mean within a month
mohit – within a month ?
Dp – ha beta i know that u can leave ur sis but pandit ji told that after this muhurat there is no muhurat till 7months
already sanskar is 27 now and we cant wait more. i think even swara is.
sanskar – badepappa its difficult for both swara and mohit to agree to this.
swara – its ok sanskar,i will be staying in this city only i can meet mohit anytime
am i right mohit ??

Mohit – ha di ofcourse
dp uncle we respect ur decision alot
shekhar and sumi are shocked to listen this even he is normal saying this .
even sanskar is surprised to hear this from mohit
mohit – ok di u all hav fun and discuss about the preparations. I hav some work i will do that
swara – mehta’s ke saath meeting hai kya ??
mohit – ha di i will finish it and come
he hugs her and goes some distance
he shouts “diii ”
Swara smiles and takes his mobile and guves it to him
mohit – mera wallet ??
Swara – in ur pocket
i know u will forget thats y i kept it in ur pant pocket . This is too funny Mohit even u didnot realise while wearing it
he scratches his head

she smiles
he goes
all maheswari’s think “mohit is so dependent on his sister how can he live without her”
Swara comes there
all discusses among them selves and
ap – shekhar ji maphi chachthi hu aisa poochne ke liye par shaadi ke baad swara hamare ghar aayegi na ??
Shekhar – ofcourse but y r u asking like this
dp – wo actually i think swara and mohit are too close to each other so we thought …
swara feels bad about their questioning but that is not their mistake this sister and brother share a beauriful bond
sanskar sees her sad
sanskar – so wat u want badepappa ki swara apna bhai ko bhool jaye aur hamare saath kush rahe right ??
Rp – sanskarr thameez se baath karo
dp – sanskar i didnot say that u r mis understanding me
swara interrupts in the middle

swara – maaph kar dijiye ga beech mai bolrahi hu but i hav to say this
uncle i know u r right at ur place everyone who sees us thinks that wat happens to mohit if i get married may be they r right thats y i hav decided not to marry but i got to know that i was foolish to make such decisions my dadaji made me understand that every relation has its own place and value . And today i promise u i will fulfill every responsibility of a daughter-in- law but i request u that plzzz let me stay as mohit’s di forever.
All gets impressed by her talks and agrees
ap – sry beta
swara – no badi ma u dont need to apologise to me
ap hugs her as she called her badima
dp – acha so u call her badimaa and me as uncle right ??
U all ladies are the same
all gets happy with dp ‘s comedy shade
swara – badepappa i am sry
and tanq for accepting me
dp blesses her

swara – i hav one more request
sujatha – tell swara
swara – i want a simple wedding
shekhar – simple wedding
swara if u r thinking about that person then i am telling u ….
swara – papa listen to me first if u invite all people then everyone keeps on questioning mohit that how will he manage and all so i dont want him to suffer. it is very difficult for him to agree for marriage
badepappa if u want u can invite ur side relatives but from our side its just our family thats it
dp – par beta har baap ka sapna hotha hai every father has a dream about his daughter’s wedding
shekhar – its ok durga prasad ji . Its easy for me as i hav never dreamt about swara’s marriage becozzz for her her bp is more than a father
shekhar says it with pain
swara – papa i am sry but
shekhar – its ok beta i can understand ur problm
excuse me

shekhar goes
dadaji – actually bp is swara’s badepappa . Shekhar’s brother and my elder son . He died 2 yrs back
swara loves him the most so he told like that . Anyways durga prasad ji as swara said its just our family from our side
dp – ok ji now we will leave inform shekhar ji that we r going
sumi – sry aap sab shubh kaam keliye aaye hai aur aap sab ko ye sab dekhna pada
ap – no no sharmishta ji we r a family u no need to bother about it
they leave
sanskar goes near swara
swara sees him coming near to her and gets tensed
sanskar – take care bye
he whispers
she smiles

Precap – swara and sanskar’s engagement but she already has a ring in her finger
all gets shocked
some raglak and uttara – mohit scenes

I am sry guys but it takes time to reveal the twists which i imtroduced at starting

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