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Precap – swasan talking swara tells sanskar the truth behind her yes to marry sanskar.swara tries to convince mohit but mohit tells that he will say his decision after talking to sanskar

Here we go
@dining talble
everyone asks swara to say the answer
swara – he didnot tell till now but i know he will agree so cool down everyone
ragini comes near swara and hugs her
swara – ragini wat happened ??
ragini – di plzzzz dont marry
everyone are shocked
shekhar – ragini beta wat r u saying ??
Ragini – ha papa i want di to get married but not forcefully
swara – forcefully ! Ragini wat r u talking
ragini – di i listened ur conversation with bhayya
swara smiles and asks
swara – did u hear the full coversation

ragini nods in a no
swara – ragini this is a very big misunderstanding
yes its true that i am marrying for u also but u r not the complete reason for it i like sanskar i think he is perfect for me i know we dont love each other but i am sure tha one day or the other we will love each other and unseparable (swara is thinking that she was saying all this just to make ragini agree for marg but she is unaware of the fact that it is going to be the biggest fact in her life and she also wants that to happen)
Ragini – i am sry di by listening to ur half conversation i convinced my self to break ur marg but i am happy that u got a life partner like sanskar sry jiju
swara feels awkward to hear jiju from ragini’s mouth as it is the first time
swara – not only me u also got the best partner right ??
Ragini blushes
swara – ohhhhh so my sister is blushing ma papa dadi daadu see her once her face became red by hearing laksh’s name
ragini blushes more and runs to her room
everyone have a lovely talk
swara thinks to herself “i should msg sanskar about this but y am i tensed thinking about the breaking of my marg is it just becozzz i am doing this for ragini or something else ”
She comes out from her thoughts and calls sanskar again then also he doesnot lift the call as his phone is in silent and then she messages him “sanskar mohit is coming to meet u in ur ofc pls talk to him carefully its matter of laksh and ragini’s life plzzz mohit told that he will tell his decision after talking to u
@sanskar’s ofc
sanskar phone gets a msg but he dont see the msg
he is in meeting
meeting gets over and then sanskar searches for his mobile he sees swara’s missed calls and msg to him
he opens the msg but reply button gets pressed and a blank msg is sent to swara
sanskar – oh shit i hav to first read the msg then i will talk to swara he tries to read but just then laksh calls him he picks the call

laksh – wats up bro ??
Sanskar – lucky u r sounding very good i think u r in a good mood haa
laksh – ha bhai becozzz we both got our love i am so happy today sanskar thinks about swara
sanskar – ha lucky i am worried for swara yaar i am thinking whether she can leave her family or not
just then mohit comes he hears sanskar’s voice
Sanskar keeps it in speaker and goes to handwash
laksh – bhai y r u thinking like that i know it will be difficult for dr.swara to adjust but i know u will support her very well and u will take place of her family in her heart dont worry
sanskar – ha lucky i will always support her but i dont want her family’s place in her heart . I wish that her love for her family never changes and the brother and sister duo remains the same even aftr marg
laksh – i didnot get u bhai
sanskar comes and sits in the chair and offs the speaker and tells
sanskar – i mean swara always feeds mohit . she shares everything with him
infact they will do everything together.
laksh – but thats not possible bhai how can bhabhi go there everyday and feed his brother he should learn to eat its shame on him na he doesnot know even how to eat
sanskar – shut up lucky if swara heard u talking like this about her brother like this she will kill u even i wont spare u becozzz u r talking about my saala keep that in ur mind and coming to mohit. I will take swara daily to her house she will have her breakfast with her brother and she will feed her brother with her own hands and if comes to the place in the heart i dont want mohit’s place or her family’s place her brother and her badepappa should be her first preference even after her marriage

laksh – badepappa they hav a badepapa also but ragini never told me
sanskar – relax lucky he died due to a health problm yaar
but swara loves him alot acha swara matlab yaad aaya i hav to talk to her call u later bye
he cuts the call immediately without hearing to laksh
mohit hears everything
he gets glad he wanted to hug sanskar tightly and call him jiju but before that he thinks he should call swara
sanskar reads swara’s msg
sanskar – oh so she called me to inform this ok but y didnt he vome till now ??

Mohit goes out and calls swara
swara – mohit wat happened wats ur decision
mohit – di my decision is sanskar is perfect for u
u r right as always
swara gets very happy
swara – i am so happy mohit that u took a right decision in between wat did u talk to sanskar
mohit thinks “i wanted to ask so many things but without asking anything i got my answers di now i am not worried about our relation di”
swara – mohit r u there ??
Mohit – yes di i will be there in 20 min i will tell u everything directly
swara – ok take care

she immediately calls sanskar
sanskar – hello swara u told that ur..
swara cuts him and says
swara – sanskar my brother agreed for our marg
sanskar forgot evrything the moment right now he wanted to dance he composes himself and says
sanskar – wow thats a good news now there is no problm for raglak
swara – ha sanskar i am so happy for both of them ok sanskar i will talk to u later i hav to inform this to everyone
sanskar – ok even i too hav to inform to everyone
ok bye tc
swara goes running and tells everyone that mohit agreed
everyone hug her
shekhar becomes emotional
and hugs her and hides his tears but swara understands everyone so well that she got it
swara – papa dont cry like a kid i am not going far from u i will be in this city only
shekhar smiles and says – ya i know and i know that my daughter knows everything about her papa
@sanskar’s ofc
sanskar goes out and stands inbetween the staff
sanskar – gud evng frnds
staff – gud evng sir

sanskar – i am very happy to share this news to all I AM GETTING MARRIED
staff – congratulations sir
sanskar – ok tanq and i hav decided to give u bonus and also increase ur salaries
staff gets very happy anf says – tanq so much sir
sanskar – no mention now get back to ur work
sanskar goes to his cabin smilingly but he hears some conversation between two sraff members
member 1 – yaar i think boss lover her to be wife so much he gave all staff bomus and also increased the salary
member 2 – ha yaar i hav never seen him smiling like this before i think that girl has some magic in her
i want see madam yaar
member 1 – ha even i too want to see her
sanskar goes to his cabin and sits in his chair
sanskar to himself – swara u changed me alot i am so happy to hav u in my life i should thank ragini for this i think i should give her a gift
he calls laksh
laksh – ha bhai bolo
sanskar – laksh tu waapas kab aayega mumbai se
laksh – bhai plzz dont say this to anyone i planned to take ragini out for dinner so i told ma that i will reach lately to home as i hav some work i also convinced adarsh bhai even he will say that only u manege ma papa ok

sanskar – thats gud yaar lucky i will send u a gift for ragini give it to her tell her that her jiju gave it to her for bringing her sister into my life
laksh – ohooo bhai u r too genius ha bhabhi ko paatane keliye pehle bhabhi ki behan ko patere ho wow U r tok intelligent
sanskar – shut up and i was just joking give her the gift but dont say anything
i dont want her to know that i love swara
laksh – ok bhai i will give her i will manage u dont worry
sanskar – ok lucky bye
sanskar immediately rushes to jewellery shop and buys two necklaces one is for ragini and one is swara he sends ragini’s set to driver
sanskar – ye laksh ko de dena he will be in the restrnt where we will always go
driver – ji bhayya
he goes
then sanskar also buys a diamond ring for swara
driver gives diamond set to ragini and goes
ragini comes there wearing a white saree and red blowse she is looking very pretty
laksh and ragini sit
laksh – u r looking so beautiful
ragini – tanq laksh
laksh – i was waiting for ur reply
ragini acts as if she doesnot know about wat he is talking
ragini – which reply laksh
Laksh – ragini dont act smart i know u r acting

ragini stands up suddenly and keeps an angry face
laksh – ragini wait wait i am sry
she goes to stage and laksh follows her blindly
ragini – laksh u want the reply right ??
Laksh looks at her confused
ragini holds laksh’s hands and tries to sit on her knees but she cannot sit due to her saree
laksh laughs
ragini – laksh i am sry i thought to sit on my knees to propose u but my saree is not allowing me to do so sorry but i will say it like this only u imagine as if i am saying it sitting on my knees ok ??
Laksh smilingly nods yes
everyone smile seeing them.and cheer for ragini
ragini – i am sry guys but dont worry i wont bore u for a long time i will finish it in few minutes
ragini holding laksh’s hands and says
“Laksh i know u hav proposed me first but i was in a confusion till then when i hav free time in my college the first name comes to my thoughts is urs

if i feel hungry i dont want to eat alone i want ur company
If someone teases me the fiest thing that i think is if laksh would hav been here he would hav killed him
i dont know when i fell for u but it happened
I LOVE U laksh and yes i want to marry u and yes i want to spend my whole life with u
laksh cant control his happiness hugs her everyone clap for them
they sit in their table
laksh gives ragini a diamond ring
ragini – it is so nice laksh
ragini gives him a gift box he opens it he sees a beautiful watch she makes him wear
he gives another box which is given by sanskar
ragini – laksh how many gifts will u give
laksh – no no ragini this is not from me but from bhai
ragini – oh so my jiju is so intelligent he is trying to to turn me to his side
laksh – no no ragini bhai just thought to give u thats it
ragini – i am just jokimg laksh and ok can i open it
laksh – ya ofcourse even i want to see it
ragini – u too hav not seen it ??
Laksh – no ragini actually bhai told to give u and i said yes then he sent it with driver
they opens she sees a diamond necklace with a different shape its the latest model with ear rings
she likes it alot
ragini – wowww laksh my jiju’s choice is soooo nice its awesome

laksh – ya i know bhai’s choice us really good
they hav dinner laksh drops ragini at home
she goes inside
everyone sees her holding jewelery set and ring in her hand
dadi – laadoooo u cant do this u hav done ur enagagement without us she becones dramatic
everyone laughs while mohit says
mohit – dadi its not engagement its a type of proposal dadi u dont worry she is not engaged she willnot do that without us
everyone feels happy that for the first time mohit is defending her sister
swara smiles at him
mohit – y r u all looking at me i said it casually
he is about to go when swara stops him
swara – mohit atleast see ragini’s gift and go Which given by her sweet heart
ragini – di if u call the person who gave me this gift as my sweet heart then his heart will break
swara – matlab
All looks at her with confusion
ragini – ye jiju ne diya hai mujhe
swara – kya she asks with shocking expression
ragini – wat happened di r u feeling jealous ??
swara – no no y will i be jealous
he gave to u ??
Ragini – ha this is for me only not u ok

swara – i know laado ma u only take it
mohit – di lets open i want to see that
sumi – yes i too wanted to know my daamad’s choice
mohit – mom his choice is awesome thats y he chise my di
they all open
everyone likes it
everyone praises sanskar’s choice swara feels happy
they all have some family time
she gives medicines to dadi and dadaji and then she goes
@mohit’s room
mohit – di i am so happy that u got a life partner like sanskar sry sry jiju
swara – mohit wat did u call him ??
Mohit – jiju y ??
Swara – nothing continue she smiles and he feels happy he sleeps in her lap

Precap – dp and family comes to gm and inform about sanskar and swara’s marg will happen now and raglak’s marg after ragini’s studies swasan’s cute phone conversation

Tanq so much frnds hope u like it

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