The episode begins with sanskaar us shocked to see swara
he sees the board Dr.swara gadodia he is mesmerised by her beauty he is standing still while swara is continuosly telling him to sit at last he heard her voice he sat infront of her
swara – hello mr.maheshwari i hav seen ur problm mentioned in the form
i just want to clear that i am ur doctor for todat itself becozzz as it is general checkup dr.anitha will handle the cases of fever abd general but she is on leave today so i am seeing ur case today you dont hav any problem na ??
Sanskar – as soon as she tells him he becomes happy and tells her immediately that he doesnt hav any problem and murmurs he is happy to be with her ( actually frndzz swara is a cardialogist )

so she continuous her checkup she comes near him and places a thermometer to check the temperature
sanskar informs her that he is suffering from fever for 1 week then swara tells him how can he be so careless and prescribes some medicines and an injection
sanskaar – omg these many medicines and injection too its unnecessary to use medicines for every small thing
Swara – Mr.maheshwari it would be a small thing if u would hav come atleast before 5 days now its too late to treat it normally because having fever for 1 week is not a small matter and that too a high temperature of 103 .I was wondered how could u work for so many days being ill
sanskar unwillingly goes out to buy medicines
while going he thinks that “i would hav seen that doctor’s face.she is so kind and so nice she avoided medicines for that child and told them to give their child health food so nice of her .if i would hav seen her face then i would hav went to her directly ( actually sanskar doesn’t know that she is swara only )
sanskaar goes and buys the medicines while coming he dashes one person that is mohith he says sorry and they leave .sanskar proceed to swara’s cabin but he sees someman outside the cabin crying he was shocked to see his face .sanskar calls mr sharma

@ college
mohith comes to pic up ragini from college as swara told him to do
ragini sees him and hugs him and says bhayya he too feels happy and says to ragini that he came to take her home
ragini- bhayya can we drop our frnd to hdr house as her brother didnot come till now
mohith – ok cal her and tell her to come here fast
ragini- oh bhayya she came
Mohith saw uttara and gets shocked
And he thinks something
the previous day both cars crashed ata a shopping mall and had a big fight
he comes out of his thoughts after hearing ragini shouting bhayya
uttara and rohith says UU??
ragini stands confused
mohith – is she ur frnd ??
Uttara -is he ur brother ??
Ragini tells yes to both and asks them if they kniw each other and they both replh yes
mohith says i won’t drop her
uttara tells even i too don’t come with u ragini wanted to talk but in the mean while lucky comes in between and wishes hii to ragini and uttara
mohith doesn’t see him as he turns back and gets in to the car
lakshya tries to talk to ragini but is interrupted by uttara
Uttara tells him”chalo bhai “and bids bye to ragini and they both leave
lucky gets angry but controls and goes with uttara

Mr.sharma is manager in sanskars company
Sanskar asks him why he is crying and wat happened
Mr.sharma – sir,i told u that i was getting my daughter operated as she has some complications
sanskar – yes but wat happened ??why are u crying ??
Sir these heartless people played with my daughters life sir she is too young too die sir
actually this swara gadodia has told me that my daughter has some complications and she has to get operated
after the operation also they told that she is fine but when my frnd suggested me to visit another hospital then they told that swara gadodia is just after money and they also told that my daughter doesn’t need operation.now if something happens to my daughter i can’t live sir
Sanskar is shocked to hear this ,the medicines in his hand fell down .his eyes became red becoz if anger
he asked his manager to accompany him
they both went to swara’s cabin
swara was shocked by their gesture
swara-is this a manners to enter into a doctor’s cabin
sanskaar – just shut up .u are not suitable to be called as a human also
Swara – Mr.maheswari mind ur language .why are talking to me like this .wat happened mr.sharma .
Sanskar – oh so u reallly don’t know wat happened and tells her everything.
swara is shocked to listen
no this can’t happen

swara – mr.sharma ur daughter is absolutely fine please trust me .
sanskaar- trust?? U are not supposed to use such words now i will get ur hospitals seized .sry ur buisinesses gets closed
swara is hurt to listen the word buisiness because hers us the only hospital which thinks abiut the patients benifits her eyes are filled with tears but she composed herself and asked mr.sharma to tell him the hospital which he has visited
mr.sharma tells the name and then swara understood the whole game
she thinks in mind that so this is done by u
she tells mr.sharma “nothing will hapoen to ur daughter “but sanskar gets angry and pushes her and she falls down he tells her “how can u be so normal its is about a life of a child”
swara was hit to the wall and she bleeds
sanskar swa this while swara was touching the blood with her hand
sanskar says “u deserve more than this”
Swara smiles slightly and calls someone and puts it on speaker thd voice says “hello miss.swara gadodia oops sry dr.swara gadodia how is my surprise .

Why did u do this ??swara asked
the voice says u know it to give u pain u know urs is the only hoslitals which see about the patients welfare first but if it is clised then ur heart breaks i just wanted to see that then u will come to me for help i want that
u know what u actually saved that child by doing the operation at the right time but i told them that u hav done that to get money .u know wat that child is alive just becozzz of u but i made them belueve that she is alive just becozzzz of me by giving her a fake treatment and i told them that i hav done treatment and she is fine now .
swara- this means u only hav sent that mr.sharma’s frnd to get his daughter admitted in ur hospital am i right
Voice -yes absolutely u are right
swara – just shut up u i would hav killed u if something happened to that child
if u hav any personel issues with me then u hurt me please don’t hurt the patients and my hospital they are innocent .
Voice- u only hav to lovable things for which u can give ur life one is the hospital and other is ur chota bhai for whom u hav left……..
swara cuts the cal and looks at sanskar and mr.sharma andniw u got to know about the truth
see mr.sharma i don’t want to give explanation but as u are my patients father i hav a responsibility to tell u that i donf play with patients life and money means nothing to me
she sees sanskar angrily
mr.sharma says sorry and about to go but she stops him and tells him”please bring ur daughter tomorrow and i will make her tests with the famoys cardialogists and u may feel relaxed then
mr.sharma tells that there is no need but she insists as she is hurt by their distrust on her
mr.sharma goes
sanskaar bows his head with guilty he sees blood on swara’s head he goes near her to do first aid but she moves back and says “i can do it myself mr.maheswari and thanks for wat u hav done”
as a doctor i hav one more responsibility i hav to give u inhection and medicines as u are my patient please bring them
sanskar brings them and she does the injection and she is about to leave but sanskar holds her hand
swara is shocked by his behaviour.she tells him to leave her at the time those parents came to whom swara told not to use medicines unnecessairily
sanskar is surprised to see them in swara’s cabin .he doesn’t know that he is going to get another shock
precap-sanskar comes to know about that doctor is no one but swara itself with whom his thoughts get matched
he feels guilty for hurting her and some swasan moments

* i am sorry guys today i couldnot update the brother and sister scenes but in the next episode i will definetly do it
tanq guys for supporting me please comment on it and let me know how u feel

Credit to: sam

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